tagIncest/TabooLust for Daddy

Lust for Daddy


It was midnight on a cold January day and I had just gotten home after a long day. The lights were off in the house so I assumed that dad was already asleep in his room. Mom had left us shortly after I was born and dad had never remarried so it was just the two of us in the house.

I decided to take a shower before heading to bed. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off when suddenly the door opened and my dad walked in. We both stared at each other for a few seconds before he turned and walked away. I didn't think anything strange had happened. It was just an accident. I would soon find out just how wrong I was.

I put on my nightshirt and went to bed, thinking about what I wanted to do the next, which was a Saturday. I drifted off about 5 minutes later only to be woken by hands roughly grabbing me and dragging me down the hall. I was thrown on a bed and then quickly tied so that I was spread eagle. I looked up and finally realized that it was my dad who was doing this to me.

"Ha-ha dad. You can stop now, it's a funny joke."

"This is no joke. I'm sick of you parading around here in skimpy little outfits. You're a slut just like your mother. You can't keep your legs closed for any man so I'm taking what should rightfully be mine."

"Daddy no! You can't do this! It's wrong!"

"Shut up bitch. I don't care what people think. I want you and I'm going to have you."

At this he grabbed a pair of scissors from the night table and began to cut my nightshirt off of me. Once the shirt was gone he grabbed my tits and began squeezing them and twisting my nipples which had become rock hard in the cold air. He lowered his head to my chest and began suckling on me like a baby. But this didn't feel like a baby would. This felt like heaven. Well, heaven as far as my innocent body knew at that point.

Soft moans escaped me even as I tried to muffle them and dad began chuckling against my boobs.

"My little slut likes that doesn't she? I knew it. You are just like your mother. How many men have you been with? At least into the double digits I'd bet."

He started to lick lower and lower until he reached the joint of my legs. He slipped his hand down my slit, feeling the growing wetness that showed him just how much I was enjoying this.

I tried telling him no again but he just laughed at me and then got angry.

"What I'm not good enough for you to fuck? I've clothed you and fed you for the past 18 years and you won't even fuck me?"

This shocked me and I lay there crying, repeatedly saying no even as my body betrayed me. He looked up at me, telling me that if I didn't stop crying he would skip the foreplay and go straight to the main entertainment. I tried, really I did, but I couldn't stop crying. He moved up my body and without hesitation he drove his huge cock into my tight virgin pussy. He pulled out and then thrust right back in. He kept on thrusting and thrusting until suddenly my body betrayed me even more and I reached my first ever orgasm.

Once the tremors stopped rippling through my body he pulled out. He made short work of untying me, flipping me onto my stomach and retying me. I had no clue what he was planning to do but it scared me very much. He re-entered my pussy for a few strokes, then suddenly pulled out again. I thought it was all over, that he would come on my back and ass then leave me alone.

The next thing I knew, I felt the blunt tip of his dick rubbing my ass. He felt around for the opening of my anus and then lined himself up. He shoved his cock deep into my ass until I could feel his balls slapping against my slit. I cried out in the agony of having my ass reamed for the first time by this giant cock that belonged to my father.

Again he told me to shut up and began pounding his dick into my bleeding ass. My ass was tighter than my pussy so it didn't take long for him to cum, squirting his hot load deep into my bowels.

He untied me and let me relax, telling me how he was going to move all of my clothes into his room and we would sleep together every night and I would do everything that he asked whenever and wherever he asked it. Also, he told me that in the next few years he expected me to produce three children for him. He then promptly fell asleep, completely missing the satisfied smile that was on my face. I had wanted him so long that I thought I must still me dreaming.

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