tagChain StoriesLustful Lyrics Ch. 08

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 08


My Thanks to Robert Nix and Billy Gilmore, who wrote this song and to Billy Joe Royal who recorded it and made it a hit in 1969.

Cherry Hill Park
(R. Nix/B. Gilmore)

Mary Hill used to hang out in Cherry Hill Park
The games she played lasted all day till way after dark
All the girls they criticized her
But all the guys just idolized her
'Cause Mary Hill was such a thrill after dark
In Cherry Hill Park
Mary Hill sure was fun down in Cherry Hill Park
Playing games with everyone till way after dark
In Cherry Hill Park, Cherry Hill Park

All the girls in the town where I grew up criticized Mary Hill and called her a slut for the way she acted when she was hanging out at Cherry Hill Park and the games she played 'til way after dark. If they had to be honest, all the guys, or most of them, probably would have grudgingly agreed about her sluttiness. Even so, all of them I ever heard talk about her actually idolized her for it, because she was such a thrill to us, especially after dark.

She was probably more of a thrill to me than any of the other guys around our small town. I knew Mary Hill ever since she was a very young girl, because her family and mine were next-door neighbors, and we went to school together, all the way from Kindergarten through high school, graduating a few months after our eighteenth birthdays. It happened she was exactly one day older than I and, with our families living so close together and being such good friends, we always celebrated our birthdays together.

Mary Hill and I had so much fun together so many nights in Cherry Hill Park that the individual times tend to run together in my mind, but one afternoon and night do stand out. It was the last time we got together there, and it was certainly one of the best times, but still just one of many. Other guys can probably say the same thing, but I always thought of myself as something special to Mary Hill, and I will always remember this one time, in particular, the last time we played games 'til way after dark in Cherry Hill Park.

It was late afternoon of a hot day in late August, and I went to the park hoping to find Mary Hill. As usual, the first place I went was the merry-go-round that she really loved riding on. In the daytime, that is. At night was another matter entirely. She was there, just where I expected to find her, and she was wearing a white t-shirt and a blue mini-skirt and sneakers, and she had an old leather purse sitting between her feet.

Like I said, we were really old friends, so I greeted her. "Hi, Mary," I said. I was never much good at small talk, but Mary Hill didn't care about that, which was another thing I liked about her.

"Hi, George," she answered me, sticking out her chest to give me a good look at her breasts.

I got a really good look, because, like I said, it was a hot day, and Mary Hill was sweating, and the t-shirt was skin-tight. She wasn't wearing a bra – she never did - and the thin fabric was plastered against her, so tightly I could see her boobies right through it. They were big and succulent, and were topped by dark brown nipples. She had dark brown hair too, and blue eyes and really fair skin. I think she was mostly of Irish descent, but I never worried about that. To me and the other guys, she was a hotsy, but really sweet.

"Wanna ride with me?" she asked, but she didn't wait for an answer.

The merry-go-round was slowing down, and she jumped off, holding onto one of the vertical rails. This wasn't a carousel like you see in amusement parks, with music and horses and lions and stuff like that. It was made of a fifteen foot tall steel post that was imbedded in the ground and had a steel ring that turned in circles around the top of the post. Radiating out from that center ring, like spokes on a wagon wheel, were steel supports, and there was a big steel ring connected to the ends of all the supports. Hanging down from where the outside ring was fastened were rails, and Mary Hill was hanging onto one of them.

The bottom ends of those rails were bolted to the ends of wooden planks, with each rail fastened to two adjacent planks. There was no power source; the merry-go-round was started by people running alongside it and pushing on the rails and, when it was going fast enough, jumping onto a plank to ride until it slowed down, followed by jumping off and pushing and riding again. It was very low tech and cost nothing to operate, except occasional greasing and, once in a while, some other maintenance.

Anyhow, Mary Hill started running beside the merry-go-round, and I grabbed the next rail after the one she had, and ran and pushed right behind her. When it was going fast enough, we jumped on, and stood on the planks holding onto the rails. I was standing upright, but Mary Hill was bending way over, and her mini-skirt was riding high up over her hips. She was wearing skimpy white panties under the skirt, not much more than a thong, and they were wet with her sweat and were plastered against her body. I had a good view of her ass cheeks and I could even see her cute little brown rosebud, because the material of her panties was thin and they were pressed tightly against her. All us guys agreed, in the daytime, Mary Hill was a teaser, but neither I nor any of the others objected because, after it got to be dark, she was such a pleaser.

After a couple of short rides like that, two more guys, Pete and Andy showed up, and they got eager eyes watching Mary go round, just as I had. We all knew each other. I had even played games with Mary Hill and Pete before, but not with Andy, and we all said hello. They joined us on the merry-go-round, and got the same view of her ass through the wet panties as I had been getting. After a couple dozen more rides, we could all see night was getting closer; the sun had gone down, and the street lights had come on.

"Do you think it's dark enough yet?" she asked.

We knew what she meant, and all the guys were in agreement and said it was dark enough to start playing the games we all loved.

"I think you're right. Okay, follow me. George, you and Pete know the place." She picked up her purse and started walking to the spot where we all wanted to go.

Having been there before, neither Pete nor I would ever forget, but we let her lead the way. We followed Mary Hill to a thick growth of bushes, turned sideways to go between two of the biggest, turned left and right again, and ended up at a nice mossy area in the middle of the thicket. The circular clearing was about eight feet across, and there was still light enough overhead for us to see what we were doing, but the bushes were so thick we couldn't see out, and nobody could see us. This was the place where Mary Hill liked to play games 'til 'way after dark, and she stopped and smiled at all of us as we clustered around her.

"You know what I want first," she said. I want George to eat my pussy."

Nobody had any objections to that, least of all me. I knew Mary Hill to be prime eating stuff from my tongue having frolicked all over her pussy before. The other guys had no objections either, because Pete knew they would do more than just sit around and watch, and he had probably told Andy. While I had my face buried in her crotch, they would be kneeling beside her and getting head. She wouldn't actually suck them off; she never did that, unless she was in her period, and that was not the case that night. Mary Hill much preferred fucking to sucking, but she also liked the feel of a cock in her mouth, and she would be fondling them with her lips and tongue while I was bringing her to her first orgasm of the night.

After that, we would take turns fucking her, with Mary deciding who went first, although I was sure that would be me. After everybody had cum at least once, with her cumming at least four times, she would decide what else we would do, if anything. Playing games with her in Cherry Hill Park was so much fun, none of us objected to having Mary Hill deciding who did what with her and when.

When playing those kinds of games, we all like to get naked, so Pete took hold of the hem of Mary's t-shirt and started pulling up. It was so wet and so tight that Andy put his hands under it and cupped her breasts to keep them out of the way. When that pair of beauties had been cleared, she raised her arms, and the two men pulled it all the way over her head and off. Mary Hill shook her hair back into place, making her lovely breasts sway and bounce enticingly in front of herself, but we had already been enticed.

I knelt in front of her, unbuttoned and unzipped her mini-skirt and pulled the short strip of cloth down. Mary Hill leaned on my shoulders so she could step out of the skirt and Andy hung it on a handy branch next to her t-shirt. She kept leaning on me while I took off her sneakers and sox. From anticipation of the games we were starting to play, she was really turned on already, and I could tell by the delectable aroma of her pussy. She lay down in front of me, with her leather purse under her head and her legs spread, so I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and off, so Mary Hill lay naked on the moss-covered ground.

She stared, unspeaking, at me, and I took the hint and unbuttoned and peeled off my shirt. I tossed it aside and quickly divested myself of my pants, jockey shorts, shoes and socks. Pete and Andy did the same, followed by kneeling on either side of her face. Mary smiled at the sight of the three of us, all as naked, as she, and reached out to fondle the cocks of the other two men. They were fully erect, as was mine, but she couldn't reach mine because I was between her legs. I already knew Pete was pretty well hung, about the same as I, but Andy's cock was much smaller. Mary Hill liked nice big ones in her pussy, and I wondered what she would do about Andy, but I also felt it was no concern of mine.

She was ready, so I started by leaning forward, and Mary Hill raised her legs and rested them on my shoulders so I could wrap my arms around her sexy, plump thighs. There was nothing coy about Mary, or skinny either, because her body was built the way heterosexual men, except for fashion designers, fantasize about. Andy and Pete and I weren't fantasizing that day, of course, because we had the very sexy young woman surrounded in the bushes, and she and we three men were all ready for an evening of great sex.

Night had almost completely fallen, and I couldn't see very well, which was kind of a shame, because I knew Mary Hill's pussy to be one of the most beautiful sights in the world. However, I was able to smell the heavenly aroma, the most delectable scent I knew of, and I pleased my taste buds by licking the fresh juices off her legs and crotch. The flavor was even better than their scent. Mary Hill was already murmuring happily as I started licking one of her outer lips. Her light brown pubic hair was soft and sparse, and the skin of the lip felt even better to my tongue than the soft texture of her inner thighs had. Very slowly, my tongue meandered all the way to her Mount of Venus, where I kissed her, followed by bringing my tongue back down to her lovely pink hole again.

She had produced another large quantity of delicious juices, and I carefully licked all of them from her, not wanting to waste any. After my tongue had cleaned off Mary Hill's pussy, I started licking her other outer lip, and treated this one the same as I had the first one. Her body was starting to squirm under me as my tongue slowly worked its way to her mons again, and I kissed her there and raised my head to see what results my ministrations were having on her.

It was too dark for me to see much, but I could feel the movements of her body, and I could see her face moving back and forth between the other guys. I knew she was sucking and licking on their cocks, the way she liked to do, and both of them were fondling a big, luscious breast. She only used her tongue or lips for a few seconds on either one. Later, after she got more excited from what my mouth was doing, she would stop doing even that much, and concentrate on cumming, which would be almost as much of a thrill for me as for her.

Being a lot more interested in eating Mary Hill's pussy than thinking about what else was happening, I brought my mouth back down to her pink hole and feasted on all the delicious juices she had just produced. Their flavor was to die for, and I made sure I got it all before starting to lick between an inner and an outer lip. Her pussy was a lot more sensitive there than most other places, and her movements became more strenuous; she even started fucking up into my face while my tongue traveled all the way to the end of her inner lip.

It was too dark for me to see, but I knew her inner lips merged there to form her clit hood and, when I delicately touched that sweet little cutie with the tip of my tongue, I could tell it was so swollen it had pushed its way out from under its protection. I looked up toward Mary Hill's face again, and I could see she had stopped giving head to the other guys and was concentrating on what she and I were doing. Like I said, she knew what she wanted, and she let me know what it was.

"I love that, George. Keep eating me 'til I cum."

"I love it too," I told her. "You are delicious and you smell great." That wasn't any kind of flattery; she really did taste great, and the aroma of her pussy was almost as good.

I could have brought her to an orgasm then by sucking on her clit, but I didn't want to, at least not right away. Most women, including Mary Hill, have their best climaxes from having their pussies eaten if the guy keeps going until she is at the peak of her arousal before he starts sucking her clit. My intention was to wait until the best time before wrapping her man in the boat in my tongue and lips and sucking on her, and I knew that was what she wanted too.

Besides that, we were really having a great time getting her there. By that time, it was too dark to see her body, especially because the lights in the park didn't penetrate through the heavy brush, but I could feel her legs thrashing against the sides of my face and her pussy when it started thrusting up against me. Besides those movements, she was sighing and cooing in bliss from what I was doing, which has always been one of the most delightful sounds I have ever heard.

Mary Hill started expressing even more joy when my tongue began to caress between her other pair of inner and outer lips. I treated this pair of labia the same as I had the first ones, and she started moaning from what my mouth was doing for her pussy. Her body became more active too, and I could feel how she was rocking from side to side from the intense pleasure I was giving her. Once again, when I reached the end of her inner lip, I touched the tip of my tongue against her clit, and she responded by starting to thrust her legs out and back past the sides of my head.

She was really excited sexually, and almost ready to cum, so I started below her dripping pink hole again. After devouring all the fresh juices, I probed the tip of my tongue against the bottom edge, relishing the drops of Mary's pussy juice that flicked out to please my taste buds. From there, I licked up the sides of that hole, thrusting my tongue against the sides and dipping the tip into the bubbling cauldron of nectar. When I reached the top of the wet pinkness, I knew she was ready for her first orgasm of the night.

She knew it too. Her whole body was thrashing under me and she was begging me to make her cum. "Suck my clit," she pleaded with me. "Suck my clit and make me cum."

Mary Hill was at the apex of her sexual excitement, so I moved my face up and enveloped her clit in my mouth. With my lips acting as a seal, I sucked while my tongue stroked the engorged sides and top. After less than a minute, I heard her soft cry of exquisite joy, and she started cumming.

Her thighs clamped tightly onto the sides of my head, and Mary Hill's hands grabbed onto my hair, which was long and thick back then. She rammed her pussy into my face, which was the nicest place in the world for it to be, and her legs began swinging wildly from side to side, carrying me as a very willing prisoner. I kept a tight grip on her thighs and kept my mouth wrapped around her clit and kept licking and sucking for as long as she was cumming. When she climaxed, it was with another shut of ecstasy; all the muscles in her body convulsed and she rammed her pussy into my face for a final time.

After her great orgasm, as good as she usually enjoyed while playing games in Cherry Hill Park, Mary Hill relaxed completely onto the ground. I licked all the nectar off her thighs, crotch and the outside of her pussy. Although it was hard to pass up something so delicious, I left the fresh juices inside the place that had produced them, because I knew they would be needed for lubrication. After eating as much as I would allow myself, I stayed on my knees, backed out from under her legs and let them fall to the ground.

"That was great, George," she said. "I hope you can give my pussy as much fun with your cock."

That was my intention. It was too dark to see much, so I put my hands on Mary Hill's legs and crept up until I was close to being in position to fuck. I felt forward, and discovered her hands were between her legs, spreading her pussy lips, so I leaned forward, supporting my upper body on my left hand while my right hand guided my cock until I felt the tip between her fingers. I was aware she was taking birth control pills, and I also knew nobody had ever caught the clap from her and, even if I did, it was easy to cure. This was long before AIDS was even heard of, so fucking without protection was not such a big deal, even with a girl who had as many partners as Mary Hill had.

"Right there," she murmured as she felt the end of my cock pressing against the hole it was about to start stuffing.

Still holding my shaft, I moved it up and down to spread some of the plentiful wetness that was available, and Mary Hill guided it so the tip was in place. Once I was fully ready, she moved my cock ever so slightly so it was perfectly positioned.

"Right there," she whispered, and I thrust forward and felt the head of my cock wedge into the wet, warm place we both wanted it.

Mary Hill breathed in sharply. "Yeah! Yeah! Like that!" she urged me. "Give me that nice, big cock."

I started giving it to her, just as she wanted. I'm not all that well hung as Mary Hill was implying, but I reacted to her flattery the way she wanted. When I thrust forward the second time, another two inches of my cock slid into her wet pussy, eliciting moans of joy and more urging me on. Enough of my cock was inside her that I no longer needed to guide it, so I slipped my arms under hers until I was resting on my elbows on the mossy ground. She felt me lying atop her, but leaving her room to move under me, and Mary Hill reached her hands up to grip my upper arms.

"Give it to me, George," she whispered into my ear. "Give me that big, hard cock. I really need to cum again."

I gave it to her, slowly and plunging it in more deeply with every thrust. Mary Hill spread her thighs wider, allowing an additional fraction of an inch of my hard cock to plunge into her pussy and wrapped her ankles around my legs. The next time she felt it surging into her, she flexed her thigh muscles to pull herself forward and pushed against my arms to fuck back to meet me. All the rest of my cock drove into her pussy, and I could feel her pubic hair mingling with mine.

We lay like that, her pussy squeezing and releasing the entire length of my shaft, and I know pleasure was washing over her body too, from the presence of my cock. After a few seconds, I drew most of the way back, paused briefly and drove all the way into her pussy again. She fucked back to meet me, and our bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound and mutual sighs of pleasure. The next stroke was just as good and just as wet, and so were the many that followed that one.

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