Lustful Lyrics Ch. 08


As we fucked in the bushes, Mary Hill's movements became more and more erratic as she slid back and forth under me on the smooth moss. She was moaning too, but I knew they were happy sounds, because she kept telling me how good my cock felt in her pussy, until she was ready to cum.

"Start fucking my clit, George," she told me. "Make me really cum."

I knew what she meant. I had been plunging straight in and out of her pussy with very little action between my cock and her clit. It felt great to both of us, and it was making our fucking last a long time, but she had reached the point where she needed that more intimate contact to get off. I moved up slightly higher on her body so I was driving my cock more down into her, and I could feel the difference right away.

"Yeah, like that," she told me. "Fuck me faster too. I really need to cum."

I did start fucking her faster like she wanted, because I was almost ready to unload into her too. Her movements started getting wilder and, just a couple of minutes after my cock and her clit started massaging each other, her body was thrashing under me and fucking up to meet me just like she did when she started cumming while I was eating my pussy.

This time she was a little louder. "Yes! Yes!" Mary Hill cried out joyfully. "I'm cumming! Don't stop."

She grabbed onto my shoulders as if I might stop, but I had no intention of doing anything of the sort. I kept plowing my cock into her as hard and fast as I could, until she sang out again. All her muscles clenched; she dug the tips of her fingers into my shoulders and rammed back to meet me for the last time. After her orgasm, Mary Hill relaxed under me, but I didn't stop. I kept driving my cock in and out of her pussy until my climax, which had been building up for a while, welled up and burst out of my cock. I shot a big wad of my cum into her, but I didn't stop even then. I kept fucking her until I ejaculated again, and sprawled on top of her. It had been great, but I knew it was some other guy's turn, so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and moved out of the way of whomever she would choose.

She must have made up her mind when she was giving them head earlier. "I want you now, Pete. Bring that nice big cock over her and start fucking me like George did. I need you to make me cum again."

By that time, it was so dark in the bushes none of us could see what we were doing, but that was alright, because we all knew where Mary Hill was lying on her back, and that was all that really mattered. I felt Pete brush past me, and I know he felt around until he found her feet, so he was able to get on his knees between her legs. We heard her giving him directions, and then there was silence for about half a minute.

"Right there, Pete. Yeah, that's it," we heard her say. "Ooo, yeah, give it to me now. Stick your big cock all the way in my pussy."

For the next ten minutes, even though we couldn't see anything, we could hear quite a bit. Mostly it was Mary Hill telling Pete how good his cock felt, the way she had spoken to me, and we heard her go from happily murmuring to cooing to moans of bliss. Pete was less noisy, but we could hear his deep breathing as he moved back and forth, plunging his cock into the wet pussy he and I knew so well. Finally, Mary cried out in joy that she was cumming, and we heard them thrashing on the ground until she climaxed, and murmured to Pete how good it had been with him. A few minutes later, I heard him getting off her and moving away. It was Andy's turn then, and I wondered again what Mary hill would do with his small cock.

After I found out, I kind of envied him. "It's your turn now, Andy," she said. "I want something special from you. I want you to fuck me in my ass."

"In your ass?" Andy was pretty surprised at hearing that.

So was I. I had heard of people doing that, but I never had, at least not with a woman, and I had never heard of Mary Hill doing it, but I knew I wasn't the only guy playing games with her 'til way after dark in Cherry Hill Park.

"Yes, in my ass," she answered him. "These other guys are too big, and I'm afraid it would hurt, but you're just the right size. Let me get something out of my purse."

I heard the soft sound of a zipper being opened, her purse I suppose, and I heard another sound, like a bottle of water or other liquid being shaken. Mary Hill continued giving Andy directions.

"I've got a bottle of baby oil here and I'm lying face down. I want you to pour some of the oil into my asshole and spread it around and cover your cock with it too."

I moved back to let Andy find Mary Hill, and Pete probably did too. A minute later, he must have succeeded in finding her in the dark, because we heard her talking to him some more.

"Here, Andy, take this and pour some into my ass and spread it around with your finger. Use a lot of it. Okay, you got it? Good. I'm spreading my ass cheeks for you now."

It would have been interesting to see but, just from hearing what Mary Hill was saying to him, we knew what was happening. It was really dark that night; we got some light from the stars but not enough to see what was happening between her and Andy.

"Ooooo, that feels good," she murmured. "I'll bet your cock will feel a lot better. I'm really anxious to find out. I'll keep my cheeks spread for you."

They were quiet for about a minute, before we heard Mary Hill again. "Oh, god, that feels good," she said. "Give me all of your cock now. I want every inch of it, all the way in my ass."

"You'll get it," Andy answered her. It feels terrific to me already, and I've just got the head in you."

We heard more sighs and murmurs of joy, from Andy and Mary Hill, and both of them were breathing deeply. "Ooo, that keeps feeling better every time you shove your cock in farther."

"My cock is all the way in your ass," Andy told her a minute later. "It feels like nothing I've ever felt before."

"I'm glad you like it. It feels wonderful to me too. Let's just lie here for a little while and enjoy it."

They were quiet after that, until Mary Hill was ready for more. "Okay," she said. "Start fucking my ass now, but real slow. "Put your hands on my shoulders so you can stick it in me harder and deeper."

After that, there was no more talking for a long time. Pete and I did nothing but sit there, wondering if we would have another turn at Mary Hill's pussy, or if we would get a chance to fuck her ass too. We could hear her and Andy moving around, and we could hear them sighing, and we could hear Andy grunting, probably every time the lucky guy drove his cock into her ass. We heard Mary Hill too, and her sighs turned to moans, like they had when I was eating her pussy and when she was fucking me and Pete. She must have really liked getting fucked in the ass, because her moans of bliss even started ending in whimpers. I guess she couldn't cum from what she was doing, because she told Andy what else she wanted to do.

"Keep your cock all the way in my ass," she told him. "I want to get up on my knees so I can fuck back to meet you." We heard more moving around then, and she must have gotten into the position she wanted. "Okay, now really give it to me," she told him. "Put your hands on my hips so you can fuck me good and hard and deep, and make me cum."

For a few minutes, there were more sounds of movement and of pleasure, but Mary Hill needed more. "I need to cum, George, and I can't do it like this. Play with my clit and get me off. Please."

I had no problem doing that. I liked playing with clits anyhow and, even back then, I always did anything a lady friend asked me to do, within reason, and that was within reason. I reached out and felt around, touching her leg first, and running my right hand from there until I was feeling under her pussy. She was really wet. I kind of hated to waste all that pussy juice, but my cum and Pete's was mixed in with it, so I didn't want to lick it off her or my hand. After finding her clit, which wasn't hard to do because it was so swollen, I gently pinched it between two folds of her inner lips and started stroking it in the same tempo as Andy shoving his cock into her ass.

"Yeah, like that!" she said. "Keep doing that, and keep fucking my ass, Andy."

We both did what she wanted and, after a minute or so, she sang out that she was cumming. While I was pumping her man in the boat, I could feel how she was rocking from side to side, but her movements got even wilder when she started cumming. I didn't want her falling over, and maybe hurting herself, so I wrapped my other arm around her waist while I kept stroking her clit with my right hand. Andy was probably helping keep her on her knees too, but he was concentrating on his own climax too much to do much of anything else.

A couple of minutes after she started cumming, Mary Hill sang out again, more ecstatic than I ever heard her before, and she had reached her orgasm again, the fourth one that evening. Andy grunted extra loud too, and sighed loudly, and I guess he must have cum too. Mary Hill wanted to sprawl out on the soft ground, so I let go of her clit and helped her fall forward slowly, and Andy stayed with her, ending up on top of her back. They stayed like that for quite a while. My cock was stiff again, and I hoped she would want to fuck some more, maybe in her ass again, but that didn't work out.

"That was just terrific, you guys," she said to the three of us. Maybe the best I've ever gotten, but I'm too tired to do any more, and it's late anyhow. Andy, I think your cock is soft enough to take out of my ass. You can put it back in there the next time we get together, because it was really great."

He must have done what she asked, because Mary Hill located her purse and took out a flashlight. We used it to help us find our clothes and put them on. When everybody was dressed, she used the light to help us find our way out of the bushes again. It was way after dark by then, but the light from the stars and the moon and a streetlight helped us find our way back to the street that led away from Cherry Hill Park. The other two guys went their own way, and I walked Mary Hill home. On the way, we talked about how much fun we had, and how we would be getting together a lot in the future.

However, that's not what happened. I didn't see her for a couple of days, and then my mother told me Mary Hill had eloped. Her mother had told my mother about it. Apparently, a rich guy had fallen head over heels in love with her, maybe at first sight, and asked her to run off with him, and she had said "Okay." I never saw her again, and I never heard from her, and I don't think any of the guys did either.

I guess she must have gone away to play a one-man game. I envy that one man, because she's really a hotsy, and I hope he can keep us with her. I wish her luck and nothing but the best, but things just haven't been the same without her, partly because I really liked her, and partly 'cause Mary Hill was such a thrill after dark in Cherry Hill Park.

Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories:

I hope you had as much fun as Mary Hill and I and a lot of other guys used to have in Cherry Hill Park. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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