tagInterracial LoveLusting for Eva

Lusting for Eva


"Madam Kelly's Finest". Paul stared at the sign before entering through the doors. It had been a long two months and he was desperately in need of letting off some steam. He had never hired a prostitute and had never paid for sex his entire life. He certainly didn't need to with his charm and good looks. He was a prosperous business man who was tall and handsome with dark hair and an athletic body. It had been two months since Paul had had sex, though he had plenty of chances, if he wished to take up any of the offers that he received. But he realized that he was getting tired of the same tall blonde women whom he had often wined and dined. For years, he felt that he was having a growing attraction for something different. It dawned on him that he had an affinity for black women. There was just something about the skin tone and the curves of their bodies that drove him wild. But he realized that none of the women in his current social circle were minorities. Also, when it came to approaching a beautiful black woman, he felt his courage falter. Were they interested in white men? Would they decline his invitation for a date? He began to purchase several erotic videos featuring black women, which he found himself watching on nearly a nightly basis. But soon, it just wasn't enough. Finally he decided that he needed to fulfill his need for these women. After doing some research, he discovered Madam Kelly's Finest, a discrete business that offered its clients women of various ethnicities.

Paul walked through the doors and was greeted by a tall blonde woman in her 50's. This must be the madam, he thought to himself.

"Good evening, sir," she said with a beaming smile. "I'm so glad you could join us this evening. How may I help you?"

"Well, I'm looking for a woman..." he trailed off.

"Well, we have plenty of those," she said laughing at her own joke. "Follow me, please." She led him to a business office and offered him a seat. She settled in behind a desk and then folded her hands in a business manner. "Are you looking for a specific type? We have a variety of women. All different types. Also they are drug and disease free. They are tested on a daily basis. Please, tell me exactly what you are looking for."

"Well," he said, clearing his throat, "I'm looking for a black woman. Maybe a milk chocolate or caramel skin tone." He watched as the madam before him began taking notes. "Also, I like a petite woman who is in great shape. Long hair, large breasts, nice curved ass..."

"So, you are pretty much looking for a black Barbie doll. Is that it, sir?" the madam asked, looking up from her notes.


"Nothing wrong with that at all! I know the perfect woman who will fit that description. Her name is Eva. You will love her. Give me a few minutes and I'll have her ready for you right away."

*** Fifteen minutes later the madam led Paul to a closed door and handed him a key. "This is it," she said. "Eva in ready and waiting for you. You have all night with her. Enjoy."

Paul watched as the madam walked away and then turned to open the door to the room. He entered and nervously shut the door behind him. He looked around the room to find a large king size bed, a table in front of it, a dresser and mirrors on each wall of the room. He noticed there was no sign of a woman, but then realized there was a bathroom connected to room. He could hear water running, which stopped after a couple of moments. Quickly he ran his hand through his hair and adjusted the jacket to the suit he had worn to work earlier that day. He stood anxiously, awaiting for the woman to exit. The doorknob turned and out stepped the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on. The madam had made no exaggeration. This woman most certainly had the figure of a Barbie doll. She had large breasts with a tiny waist that spanned out into beautifully rounded hips. She wore a pink silk robe that was slightly open and loosely tied. It revealed the curves of the inside of her breasts, but covered her nipples. Also he could see she was wearing a matching pair of panties made of a gauzy material

She flashed him a perfect smile and introduced herself. "I'm Eva." She continued to walk towards him until she stood only inches from his frame. "You must be Paul."

He looked into her eyes, trailing down to her breasts and finally between her legs. Through the see through underwear he could tell she had a clean shaven pussy. He wasn't quite sure what do or say.

"Don't be nervous," she said, as if reading his thoughts. "You can do anything to me tonight."

Anything. The words reverberated in his head. He realized at that moment, she really was only his for the evening. His hands reached down and placed his hands underneath her robe to rest on her hips. "I'm looking forward to that," he said, leaning down and capturing her lips with his own. He kissed her gently and then maneuvered his tongue between her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth and caressed his tongue with hers. After several moments she broke away from him slowly and then looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I want to make you completely relaxed," she said, moving her hand up his chest. "Can I give you a massage? I bet you've never had one where the masseuse was completely nude, have you?" Her hand stopped to rest on his tie, toying with it idly.

"Hmmm, no I haven't" he replied, looking her body over. "You're gorgeous. You know that, don't you?" he asked, rubbing his hands towards her backside.

"Thank you," she whispered, bringing her hand up so that she could take his tie off.

"I love the color of you skin," he continued as she removed his tie and dropped it to the floor. "I especially love the way it contrasts with my own."

"I do too," she answered in a genuine tone, looking down at his hands that had disappeared in her robe. She looked back up into his eyes then leaned forward to give him a soft kiss on the lips. "Why don't you get undressed and lay on the table right over there,' she said, pointing to the one in front of the bed. "I'll go get some oil and start the massage." She stepped away and went back towards the bathroom.

With that, Paul hurried out of his clothes and laid face down on the table. Moments later he could sense that Eva was back at his side. "I'm going to sit on top of you, okay? It makes for the best massage." She lifted her self onto the table and sat astride his legs, rubbing hot oil between her hands. She leaned forward and started off with his shoulders. Paul watched their bodies in the mirror, enjoying the scene that was playing out. He moaned at the feel of her hands. Not only was she creating a sensual mood, but she was legitimately a great masseuse. He had been massaged by several lovers in his days, but this one definitely had the magic fingers.

Eva loved the feeling of Paul's muscles beneath her hands. So far her job at the brothel involved a lot of acting, but she knew tonight it would be unnecessary. Usually her clients included an older crowd who were not very attractive, but this man was beyond handsome. He was a sexy 30 something year old man, and certainly did not have any problems attracting the attention of any woman. Why he came to the brothel was beyond her knowledge, but she was going to enjoy every second of this experience while she could.

After finishing his back and rubbing his ass, Eva turned in the opposite direction so that she straddled his back. Her pussy was exposed and open, pressed against his naked flesh. She leaned forward and began to rub the tops of his thighs.

Paul smiled devilishly to himself as the beautiful woman rubbed his body. She was clearly enjoying the experience as much as he was because he could feel her pussy getting wet as she pressed against his back. After reaching the bottom of his legs, she breathlessly asked for him to turn over. He managed to flip over between her knees without her having to get up from the table. He was greeted by the sight of her naked beautiful body and her backside facing in front of him. She had had plenty of time to rub him down. Now he wanted a chance to touch her body as well. He reached forward and began to squeeze her deeply tanned cheeks which caused her to arch her back almost immediately.

"Damn, baby," he groaned to her. "This is what I've been missing out on." He rubbed in gently, delighting in the sight of her and his pale hands against her skin.

"Mmmm, I think I might have a lot more you might enjoy." She sat up and turned around to that she faced in his direction.

"Shit," Paul almost felt speechless. He could feel his mouth water as he took her all in. She had D cup breasts that were certainly large on a small woman her size. He had seen many sets of breast in his time and he knew these were the real deal. Chocolate chip colored nipples tipped her round globes. Further down he saw that she had a flat stomach with a silver ring dangling from her belly button. He sat up and reached forward to lightly swing at it. Then let his index finger trail downward. Her pussy was bare, revealing all of the glory of the cleft between her lips. He allowed his finger to continue downward between them, reaching down to her hot center. Eva breathed hard, spreading her legs slightly. Paul continued to let finger roam, and then joined two others with it, slowly penetrating her wet hole. He stroked them in and out, taking pleasure in the mewing sounds coming from the ebony princess's mouth. Reluctantly, he pulled them out and then settled on the budded clit, stroking it in circles. Eva shifted from side to side, gyrating her hips. Paul cold sense she was feeling like an animal in heat, but he was as well. He removed his fingers from between her lips and held them up to her face.

"Look how wet you are," he said, indicating her cum that was glistening in the light of the room. He brought it to his mouth and slowly licked the sweet juices from his fingers. "Sweet," he told her, when he had tasted the last bit. The massage on the table had been sensual, but Paul realized he was ready to roll around in bed with the delectate beauty before him. "Come on," he said. "Let's get in bed."

"Hold on," Eva said. "I haven't yet finished your massage. Haven't you ever heard of a Happy Ending? I have to give you one in order to make this a proper massage."

Paul smiled, realizing what she was referencing to. "How could I pass that up?" He watched as Eva settled back onto his knees and then took his 8 and a half inch shaft in her right hand.

She examined it closely, amazed by his size. "You're so long," she whispered, rubbing her fist up and down on it. "And thick too," she said looking back up at him with a naughty look in her eyes.

"Do you like white cocks?" he asked.

"I love them," she admitted to him. "I especially love to watch them enter my black pussy." She looked back down, concentrating on the size of his cock. He was amazing thick which left her to wonder if she would have difficulty accepting him into her depths. Nonetheless, she would need to feel him inside of her. For starters, she wanted him in her mouth, right then and there. She leaned down and licked the purple tip of his shaft. She circled the mushroom tip with her tongue and then gently licked the hole on top that was slowly leaking pre-cum. He tasted great already and she couldn't wait to have even more. Eva formed her mouth into an "o", and then leaned down to accept all of him into her mouth.

Paul groaned, watching her thick lips pass over his white cock. Her mouth was warm and wet, much like he knew her pussy would feel. She bobbed her head up and down slowly, squeezing his length with the side of her cheeks. Her hand reached out and stroked the underside of his balls. Paul began breathing hard. She was good. So good. He could feel himself coming close to climax already. He placed his hands on top of her head urging her on.

"Come on, baby," he whispered hoarsely to her. "Keep doing it." She sucked him harder and bobbed her head faster. He sensed he was going to cum and he could tell that Eva knew too. She began to lift her head up, but Paul begged her, "Please, swallow it." And that she did. Three seconds later, Paul' cum spurt into the back of her mouth and she quickly swallowed it all down.

It was the best head that Paul had received in a long time. He leaned forward pulling her to him in a deep embrace. "That was so good," he told her. "Thank you." She didn't say anything but remained quiet. Paul leaned back to look at her and noticed a sullen look on her face.

"What's wrong?" he asked her, lifting her chin up so that she was looking in her eyes.

"I swallowed it," she said. "It's...it's kind of one of my personal rules not to do that on the job. It's too personal. And a risk too. It was my first time doing it with a client though. But, I have to admit. I really liked it."

Paul nodded at what she said. He could understand her point. It almost seemed that she was trying to keep some sanity on the job to make herself feel like less of a prostitute. Paul got off of the table and reached for Eva, picking her up in his arms. "Come on," he said. "Let's get into bed."

He laid her down on the goose down comforter, following behind her. They lay side by side, facing each other and looking into each others eyes. He placed his hand on her hip and traveled down the back of her leg, pulling it over his own. Then he leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Eva threw her head back in lust. Not only was his mouth suckling her breast, but his dick was pressed between her legs.

"Ohhh," she moaned. "You're getting hard already."

"You like that baby?" he asked, between his mouthful. "Do you want me to give it to you?"

"Yes...Hold on a sec." She leaned to the side of the bed and opened the drawer to pull out a foil package. She then moved back into the same position, except he lifted her leg higher up onto his hip, exposing her even more to him.

"Put it on," he ordered to her, referring to the condom. Carefully she removed it from the package and then rolled it down his 8 and a half inches. She then sat back and looked up at him expectantly.

"Take it," he said. "It's yours."

Tentatively, she reached forward for him with her hand. She stroked it lightly and then guided it towards her mound. Eva felt a bit shy. For the first time since she started working at Madam Kelly's for the past two months, she was as excited as her client to fuck. Not that she wanted to think of this man as a "client". If she learned that she wouldn't get paid for this encounter, it wouldn't matter. It was more than worth her while.

"Come on, sweetheart," he encouraged her, giving her nipple an encouraging lick. "You can fit it in. Our bodies were made for each other."

Eva looked at Paul in the eyes and nodded her head. She thrust her self forward and impaled herself with his cock. "Ooooh!" she cried, when he entered her body. He stretched her insides like no one else had before. Paul grabbed her hips and began to take control and thrust inside of her. He leaned forward and took her lips with his. He kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She accepted it and began to rub his tongue with her own. Soon Paul rolled over so that she was on top. He knew that most women loved riding a man and he wanted to allow her to set the pace. She quickly took the reins and began to ride him hard, bucking up and down. She ripped her mouth away from him and threw her head back to cry out. Paul let go of her hips and reached forward to squeeze her bouncing breasts. He massaged them gently then reached down to squeeze both nipples with his fingers.

"P-P-Paul," she stammered. "I think I'm going to cum soon." He decided he would help her along with her orgasm, especially because he felt as if he was about to cum as well. He brought his right hand down between her legs and began to circle her clit. His efforts soon paid off because before he knew it, she was bucking her hips wildly, crying out his name. She squeezed his member with her pussy, bringing him to one of his own. He sat up and grabbed her to him, kissing her passionately as they continued to grind against each other until they fell back into the bed in exhaustion.

Reluctantly he pulled out of her and looked down to see their cum, which had filled the condom. He reached down to pull it off and then placed it on the dresser next to the bed. He then rolled back over and pulled Eva to him, kissing her on the head, basking in the after glow.

Out of nowhere she asked, "What did you come here?"


"Are you married? I know a lot of married men come here because they want a break from their wives." He looked down to see her watching him closely.

"Actually no," he answered, rubbing his hand along her hip. "It's kind of embarrassing why I came."

Her eyes brightened. "Oh, oh, oh," she squealed. "Tell me!" After much persuasion, from her, he finally decided to tell her the truth.

"Well," he started. "I really have this thing, for black women. I have never dared to really approach them so....I pretty much ended up here at Madam Kelly's."

"There's nothing embarrassing about that," she said. "I can relate. Truthfully, I actually prefer white men. But it seems never to work out," she sighed. "I don't think they're that interested in me."

"Are you kidding?" he asked. "Of course they're attracted to you. Have you looked in a mirror lately??"

She smiled and patted his chest. "Thank you. You know, I don't know you, but I can already tell you're a really nice guy."

"So," he said slowly. "Why don't you tell me something? What made you decide to get into the profession?"

She froze against his chest. She looked down, away from his eyes. "It's not important," she said.

He pulled her closer to him, sensing a total change in her mood. "Baby, you can tell me," he murmured to her. There was something about her, but he couldn't put his finger on it. She was a beautiful woman, though he could tell that she didn't quite feel the same way about herself. "I won't tell anyone," he promised.

Eva swallowed hard. Everyday, she wanted too scream out about what she was feeling. It seemed he genuinely was interested. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to tell. In fact, it might make her feel better. "I'm not like the other girls here," she said slowly. "I don't want to be a prostitute. I don't want to sleep with all of the men who come in here. Not that I don't love sex...I really do. Especially with you." She hung her head down and then continued, "I had this boyfriend...he was a complete jerk. It started off good, but then he got really controlling about my life and would just say horrible things to me all the time. He told me I was stupid, ugly, and that I had nothing to offer another man. Finally, I got sick of it and told him that I didn't like the way he was treating me. Well, he got real mad. He started throwing things around and then started knocking me around. He beat me real bad that night. Called me ungrateful and told me if I talked back again, he would kill me. He went to bed and left me lying there on the floor. So after I had the strength, I got up, went out to my car and just drove. Drove as far away as I could. I had no money, no friends or family to turn to. I started freaking out, wondering what to do. Well, one day I was sitting in this coffee house, crying my eyes out, after I ran out of gas and the little money I had in my wallet. This woman approached me and asked if everything was ok. Before I knew it, I was spilling my guts out to her. She told me she could help me out. That woman I met was Madam Kelly. She offer me a place to sleep, food to eat, money, and a job that would make me feel more beautiful than any woman in the world. Well, the first three things were accomplished, but not exactly the last one. I'm still trying to save up enough money to get my apartment. Then I'll get out of here....get a respectful job."

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