Luv Letters 06


Note from author - I chose voyeur category because its a peek into my life. Feedback appreciated.


As I sat there watching the game next to my exhausted wife, I was proud of her. She had really accomplished some things today. She went for a run first thing this morning. She organized the garage in such a way that I was able to park my car there for the first time in a year. And as usual, she was very patient and loving mother to our children. She even played catch with our oldest son while I was grilling dinner. After dinner she cleaned the kitchen while I bathed the twins and supervised the two older boys' showers. Then she changed the sheets for the older boys. No wonder she was snoozing next to me.

Despite all of this rational knowledge, my growing cock had other ideas as I gazed at her beautiful ass.

"Mmmm, look at that, why don't you just pull those panties down and rub me between those luscious cheeks?" It suggested.

"No, she's too tired, I don't want to wake her up." I reasoned.

"Oh, come on! Didn't you see the way she was looking at you today? She'd probably love it if you woke her up by munching on her delicious pussy, don't you think?" It persuaded.

"No, look at her face. She looks so peaceful. We shouldn't disturb her." I declined.

"Yeah, and look at those nice full lips. Mmmm, they were just made for sucking cock!" It commented.

Not having succeeded, my now hard cock took a different approach, "Look buddy, you have to do something! Whataya say we go down in the basement, pop-in a porno and get down to business?"

"No, its too cold down there, and I'm too comfortable here in bed. How about we just do it right here? We can look at her ass too ..."

"OK, but turn off the game, there's something just wrong about having a bunch of sweaty football players on TV during a wank session."


As I started to slowly masturbate my excited cock, she began to stir. She must have noticed when I turned off the TV and the gentle rocking motion. Soon she turned over and looked at me and smiled. "Can I watch?" she asked.

"Sure!" I said as I slowly stroked my long hard shaft, first with one hand, and then the other. The head look happily engorged as I deliberately pumped it. Teasing her with my show.

"Just don't cum on my face!" She said in a baby-doll voice.

"Look at her! Methinks she doth protest too much!" It said as some pre-cum began to ooze from the tip.

"You know buddy, in a way you're right. There's part of her that's afraid to get cum on her face, and there's another part that wants me to hold her down, hear my excited grunts, smell my excitement, see the white-hot cum shoot from your bulbous head, and feel her face, tongue, and lips being covered with hot, salty seed."

"Well, I think that second part is emerging right now, look at her!" It exclaimed.

She was transfixed by the sight of happily-hard cock as my strong hand traveled up and down Its length over and over. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and sensuously licked her beautiful lips in an unspoken request for me to fill her mouth with my throbbing meat.

I tantalizingly pointed my hot cock at her open mouth and continued to stroke it mere inches from her face. This was too much for her to resist and she moved forward and gently sucked the head and teased the hole with her hot tongue.

"Mmmmm, now that's what I'm talking about!" It encouraged as she ran her luscious lips along the underside of my shaft, gently cupping my balls with her warm right palm.

Her mouth feels wonderful as she lovingly slides her lips along my shaft. I can tell she is enjoying the feeling of power she has over me. She's in no hurry for this to end. It seems she is savoring every sensation, changing techniques from rhythmic sucking, using her hand to pump the shaft while teasing the glans with her tongue, rubbing her lips, nose and face over the underside of my shaft. I savor the emotional connection we have knowing that her entire being is focused on expressing her love for me. That her attention to my body and its reactions are an expression that she values me as a man, lover, husband, father.

My cock is basking in the bliss of pleasurable sensations it is receiving, "Yea, that's it baby! Suck me like that!" It quivers and is rewarded with the vibrations caused by her moan.

I watch excitedly as her movement becomes more insistent. It is wonderful to watch the movement of her lips us they milk my hard cock. It feels like she is fucking me with her mouth and as she relentlessly pistons I can't help but imagine that it feels like her warm juicy pussy. At this thought, I grab her hair direct the tempo as my cock feels the vibration of an excited "MmmmHmmm!" from her mouth.

My cock begins to lose control as It shouts obscenities, "That's it you little cum slut! I'm gonna fill that hot little mouth of yours with a twin-load!"

I grunt sharply as my cum erupts into her needy mouth. She expertly eases-up to prolong my pleasure. I growl in contentment as she continues to milk every my cum into her mouth. She removes her mouth, squeezes her hand around the base and firmly milks toward the tip ejecting the last drop which she licks off. "Ughmm!" It moans before loosing consciousness.

I immediately place my hands around her face and kiss her passionately to express to her how much I value her as a woman, lover, wife, mother. She turns over offering me that alluring Babootra to spoon. As we spoon I feel a complete sense of well-being spread over me as we drift off to sleep. I hope that she will let me return the favor soon.

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