Luv Letters 07


As she slowly awoke Saturday morning, she luxuriated in the warmth of her husband spooning her. It was chilly as they had not yet started the heat for the season, the crisp fall air surrounded them and it felt like heaven as his body radiated warmth into hers. A twinge of excitement ran through her body as she noticed his warm semi-erect cock nestled firmly between her cheeks. Her mind wandered into fantasy as she imagined what they might do with this brief opportunity of privacy since he had already fed the big boys who were busy with video games in the basement and the twins were not yet awake.

She imagined how his cock would look when fully hard, the proud purple head blooming like a colorful mushroom, a drop of thick moisture emerging from the excited tip, the ample fury balls bouncing happily as his strong hand stroked the long shaft. She began to ache. She could feel the warmth spreading from just below her belly button as the blood rushed to her vulva and her clitoris began to poke out from its tiny hiding place. She gently strokes his hand and pulls it to her body. He slips his under her nightshirt and places his warm palm between her breasts and hugs her body to him feeling her heart beat against his palm.

The feeling of heavenly intimacy increases as does her arousal as she turns her head to kiss him. She whispers in his ear "I need you" as she turns her body towards his and opens her legs. He begins to teasingly caress her body running his warm hands over her abdomen, her legs, the arches of her feet, her toes. He gently places his hot mouth and tongue over her excited nipple causing a jolt of electricity to arc between her aching nipple and now engorged clit.

Now his fingers gently tease across her silky panties using his finger tips. Then he pinches her labia between thumb and index finger, causing her slick puffy lips to slide across her aching clit over and over. She raises her hips and he removes the panties, repeating the fingertip teasing across her aching mound, then pinching her labia methodically jacking her off. He stops and she snaps into the awareness of the sudden inattention. He reaches into his drawer of tricks and comes back with a generous dollop of the new Excite Gel he had told her about. He places his warm palm over her entire mound applying the cool gel. She moans at the new sensation/lubrication grinding herself against his strong deliberate palm.

His middle finger finally finds the tip of her protruding clit and begins to lightly peck away causing waves of pleasure to spread throughout her body. She raises her hips begging for stronger stimulation and his other hand is suddenly beneath her massaging her perineum. He alternates stimulating her clit as she moves up the scale of one to ten knowing that she will orgasm when she reaches ten. Five, Six, Seven, Eight, then the bottom hand massages again dipping into the wetness forming at the bottom of her labia as her arousal slowly subsides, but at a higher Plataea than before. Top hand Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine - bottom hand - dips into the now dripping honey rubbing it around the rim of her anus as she settles into the next higher plateau.

Top hand Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine - bottom hand - gathers more sweet nectar on covering up to the first knuckle. She can feel him pressing the delicious, wet fingertip against the center of her anus. She feels some resistance as the pressure slowly increases. Then her hungry anus involuntarily opens and gobbles up the finger spasming uncontrollably once, twice, three times. She regains her composure at this next higher level of pleasure. Top hand "Oh God" Six, Seven, Eight, Nine TEN! TEN! TEN! The spasms rip through her body powerfully. She is floating within her mind, colors flashing. TEn! Ten! Ten! She is surprised at the duration and power of her orgasm as she slowly returns to earth. ten. ten. ten ... ten. Mmmm, she's back in bed with him holding her in his arms kissing her ear as she tries to regain her breath.

She is suddenly aching to be filled by his hard cock. She hopes he is hard! "Come here Daddy!" she says with a smile and open legs. He presses the shaft against the moist slit kissing her as her honey coats the shaft. Then he presses the head against her engorged labia and easily slides into her juicy hole, "I hope I don't get pregnant again!" she thinks in the back of her mind, but it feels too good to care now. He pumps into her strongly just as she wants it. She can feel her labia gripping his shaft as he his thick cock enters her from tip to base over and over. He is using her hot warm hole for his pleasure which excites her and she meets his thrusts with her undulating hips. She can feel him swelling then suddenly he pulls out decorating her belling with a spray of hot salty cum. A twinge of excitement goes through her mind knowing that he loves to anoint her so.

She feels deeply satisfied, sexy, and feminine as he embraces her his warm fuzzy belly smearing their juices between their bodies. She can feel his still throbbing cock rubbing against her glistening hole as they continue to kiss.

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