Lydia Ch. 06


Her mate offered the dupatta to his son and they chatted for a long time with Lydia serving them. She scurried several times to their bedroom to rearrange the bed and put on knickers : she dared not to go to bed with Amit and let him find she was wearing just a napkin shoved deeply in her ass! When they went to bed later, she wondered how she would cope with three very demanding masters who wanted to own and breed her while she wanted to keep her affairs secret! That was her major concern but her dreams were about a roman orgy with her three masters taking her repeatedly with two of them watching her while she was fucked by the last one! Just it was not a nightmare, just a very pleasant dream : Lydia would have no objection servicing the three men one after the other!

Lydia had always felt when she had ovulated and that strange feeling touched her when she was preparing their lunch. She whispered to Amit :

- Darling, I am quite certain that my eggs are ready to be fertilized... Do you want to knock me up now or wait for this evening?

He kissed her back :

- I think that we'll wait until we have finished our lunch. We'll have more strength to give you a good time! I intend to really fuck your brains out!

- Your wishes are my orders, Master!

Lydia removed the plates hastily : she couldn't wait to be fucked silly by her mate. Amit told her he wanted to strip down naked. A nude girl is so much more attractive for a man's eyes!

- Just relax, Lydia and let the flow transport you to heaven! It will feel real good for both of us!

His eyes caressed her body from her head to her toes but they kept trailing down to her crotch...

- God! I always thought you have a helluva nice looking pussy. I can't wait to stretch it wide open around my cock!

Amit told Lydia to lie on the bed and lift her legs as high as she could. He crept until he was positioned just between her legs. He placed her heels on his large shoulders and leant forward. She loved to feel his strong body pressed on top of hers. The pressure made her realize how deeply she belonged to him. He grabbed his cock in his hand and reached down to her crotch.

He playfully ran the tip of his cock on the whole length of her love lips. They were glistening with her juices and some was already sliding along her crack toward her ass hole. She was dying to be fucked and Amit wouldn't deceive her! He then pressed the head of his cock in tiny circles around her clit and she moaned in ecstasy.

He caressed her perineum with his cock and she whispered to him, that she wanted more, much more of him, that she wanted him deep into her pussy. With a big smile on his face, he adjusted his cock, aimed it toward her waiting pussy and bore down. Her lips opened wide to accommodate him and the tip of his prick gradually disappeared between the folds of her cunt. He then applied more pressure against it and she emitted a deep sigh. She was deeply enjoying being owned by her beloved. Sujeet, Sir Nigam, Vikash and any other man she had ever met had dissolved into an indistinct background. She was with her mate and they had decided to make a baby between them, that day! Was there anything more exciting for a couple?

She cast her eyes downward to see the large head of his huge cock moving up and down in her pussy. His magnificent prick gradually split her open as he ploughed his access into her body. She was moaning louder and louder but her hacked words just told him to get deeper and faster, that she wanted to be totally his again, and that her eggs waited to be coated with his sperm. He was enjoying this moment : a girl who wasn't so deeply submissive would never use so graphic descriptions of what she expected of their coupling. His first wife had been almost completely mute when he had sired Sujeet and it had left him a sad remembrance. Lydia's breeding would leave him a much brighter recollection!

Slowly the head of his big dick passed the corrugations of her pussy lips. The long shaft had less difficulty prying her open. She felt as if he had already entered her by two or three feet. They had already fucked every morning and evening and even occasionally during the night but she felt she was again so tight. He had started spreading her open just as if she had been a virgin again. Slowly, he worked his huge cock into her. One thing was sure : he was longer than Sir Nigam or Sujeet but Amit's son was bigger than him. The three men were able to fill her quite satisfyingly but she had always preferred Amit! He grunted as he pushed his cock always deeper into her until finally he could feel the head banging at last against her cervix. He had bottomed out.

Lydia braced herself for the fit of pain and vital energy demonstration she associated with the break through her cervix but it opened with the first solicitation and Amit resumed his progression.

- I told you that you would get used accommodating a cock that deep! Enjoy! It's nearly finished and there will be no more pain for you!

Finally her bald pussy arrived in contact with Amit's hairy crotch! He was balls deep in her sizzling hot and once tiny pussy! She had taken it all! She felt very, very full, more than she had ever been with any other lover before and she was fully satisfied, proud to have been able to receive every inch from him! Amit pulled out by two or three inches, just out of her cervix then sliding it slowly back in. He slowly increased his speed, letting her adjust to have this big log stretching out her pussy! It felt really heavenly, with just a little discomfort and no pain. Even that discomfort faded slowly out to be replaced by mind boggling pleasure. She had become addicted to being fucked by Amit!

As Amit increased his pace, the pleasure grew and grew until she screamed as loud as she could. The neighbours may have heard her... In fact they had certainly but she didn't care : They could listen to her advertising that her mate was shagging her brains out! Amit picked even more out of her pussy, just leaving the head inside her before plunging back with a very short halt when passing past her cervix! His cock was shining under the sun each time it was out in the air before being pushed back into her very soft and very wet sheath...

Lydia fiercely gripped Amit's body with her arms and legs as she howled in total rapture. She had never screamed so loud, even with Amit! Was it the perspective of her imminent breeding? Whatever the reason, it had never felt that good! Lydia just thought she had been so wise moving to India : no Canadian logger or European guy could have given her so total pleasure! She was totally unable to focus her eyes, lost in a limbo with just sex, ultimate pleasure and the incessant pounding of Amit's cock in her pussy. She shrugged and closed her eyes to concentrate on the feelings emanating from her pussy. Her clit radiated just as if it was about to explode...

Lydia's toes were curled in a desperate grip and she drew blood from Amit's shoulders as she had planted her nails in his back! She would have loved to continue for hours but a human body had its own limits. Her former boyfriends would have finished a long time before. Amit finally told her in a feverish tone :

- Brace yourself, luv! I'm getting close.

Amit changed his pace once more : he switched to fast, short feverish thrusts. A last, very big climax rocked her body when Amit pushed his cock to the hilt in her pussy. He froze and she could feel his cock throbbing wildly in, her pussy, swelling and pulsing. It twitched even wilder deep inside her. She couldn't really feel anything down there but she imagined his cock, deep in her womb, disgorging gallons of sizzling hot, very potent white cream directly on her eggs! Was impregnation taking place at this very moment or would it require a short delay? Lydia had the firm intention of offering Amit to take her again later in the night, just to ensure the impregnation had occurred! Now she would have nine months to enjoy the recollection of this night!

Amit pulled out but placed a pillow under Lydia's ass to prevent his seed from leaking out. There was surprisingly little oozing from her pussy but she understood that her cervix had closed when his cock had vacated her womb and his seed was trapped there. Her only regret was that there was probably just a single egg ready to be inseminated. She would have loved the idea of expecting twins or even quadruplets... Amit wanted a large family. She would have loved to grant his wish immediately...

They fell asleep, locked in a tight embrace. Just Lydia had been wrong : they didn't play a repeat performance around midnight but two : one shortly before 1 AM and a last one around 6.30. Lydia's pussy was quite sore then but she straddled Amit's cock and forced him to cum again in her pussy... It was almost a rape if a rather groggy man could be raped by a sex crazy woman!

Dalits were too poor to afford a pregnancy test, so they had to wait for the ancestral test : Lydia had to wait for her next scheduled period and she missed that date! Amit was delighted but Lydia was not surprised at all : she knew intimately that a new life was developing in her womb. As he had announced it, Amit stopped any control on his wife : he was travelling repeatedly and keeping an eye on his mate was almost impossible!

Sir Nigam was the first to offer Lydia a little job for his company : there was a commercial fair in Mumbai and he offered her to be a hostess there. She would register the coordinates of interested people, distribute flyers about the company and its products. Of course, the hostesses needed to appear high class and speak perfectly Hindi. Lydia was better than that as she spoke fluently English and she could have a discussion in French and in Gujarati (a language spoken in western India). The manager of the exhibition was surprised to find a Dalit girl speaking fluently several languages and able to transcribe what visitors wanted. He even left her alone on the stand during lunch hours. She was just a Dalit and could handle tasks that were disliked by the other employees! Lydia made also great impression on many visitors, wearing her saree like a princess...

Sir Nigam spent four days in Mumbai to meet important customers. The manager, Sonu, made very nice comments on Lydia but he was a bit surprised when he offered her to have dinner with him with the firm intention of asking her to spend the night in his bedroom : she declined the offer, telling him she would find it difficult to have dinner with some high caste man.

He would have been also dumbfounded if he had known that when she exited the fair for the night, she covered her head with her dupatta and scurried toward the door of Sir Nigam's bedroom. He opened it at the first knock and she would not exit from it until the next morning!

There had been a few complaints emanating from nearby bedrooms about the noise from this particular suite but Sir Nigam was so important that nobody dared antagonize him with such petty problems!

Sir Nigam always started to strip Lydia naked. He stayed fully clothed to emphasize his natural undisputed superiority. He just freed his Lingam (cock) and ordered Lydia to suck him like a pro. She revelled in her submission, taking the full length of Sir Nigam's cock in her mouth and down her throat. She used all her art to make him cum faster in her mouth. Her enthusiasm was patent with her frantic sucking. She wanted to make Sir Nigam cum the sooner the better!

- That is my good young Dalit girl! Suck me even harder! Take my big dick deeper, slut!

Lydia obeyed, completely mesmerized by the steady flow of erotic orders! Sir Nigam really knew how to obtain total obedience from a simple lowly Dalit girl like her! He soon started to spray pre cum in her mouth. She sucked him even harder as he fucked her harder too. She finally could feel him squirt in her mouth and she swallowed his cum as if it was the sweetest nectar. When he had emptied himself down her throat, He just changed position and shoved his already hard again cock in her pussy. Sir Nigam was well endowed, marginally less than Amit but quite well, indeed! That was the moment Lydia enjoyed the most! Since her breeding by Amit, she had discovered she had become extremely horny as some pregnant women can be and Amit was not able to satiate her any more! She now needed to be fucked six times a day at least and she was almost sure, she could fuck until she passed out and fuck again as soon as she emerged from her slump!

- Yes, Yes!!! Fuck me!!! Don't dare stopping! Fuck me hard!!!

Lydia was so hot from her continuous sexual activities that she was now willing to do anything any of her current lovers wanted. Sir Nigam just happened to be the only one available, here in Mumbai! On the previous day, they had walked in the street near the station. They had passed in front of a swimming pool. A man just went out. Sir Nigam had started a discussion with him and Lydia had realized they were speaking of her. The man waved to her, telling her to follow him. He led them toward a building under construction. The man had a key. He entered, followed by sir Nigam and Lydia. The man closed the door behind them and climbed the stairs to the highest floor.

The man just sat on a low wall. Sir Nigam pulled Lydia toward him. He just uttered a short peremptory order :

- Suck him!

Lydia had not even the idea of declining the offer. Her pussy was dripping once more and she wanted a man, this man, Sir Nigam, anyone in fact! She couldn't understand how pregnancy had transformed her into some sort of a nymphomaniac! At the dispensary, she had been told that such a reaction was often transitory! She couldn't wait for things to settle down at last!

Lydia knelt down at the feet of the unknown man. She took carefully his balls in her hand and made her tips in a tight ring. She kissed the tip of the man's cock and let his cock slowly slide into her mouth. When the head was rubbing her palate, she started to twirl her tongue around his cock head, exploring all the asperities of the man's cock. When the man was deep in her throat, she turned her eyes toward Sir Nigam. His eyes were bulging, his mouth was gaping and he seemed fascinated by what he saw her doing to that stranger! He was just a few feet from them, trying to catch every detail...

Sir Nigam then told her in his commanding tone what he wanted her to do. She took one of the man's balls in her mouth and rolled it very carefully with her tongue then she took the other ball and offered it the same treatment... Her next order was to lick the shaft from the tip to the balls. It was so strange to be ordered to do things she would have done quite naturally from her free will. She found acting as a puppet for sir Nigam extremely exciting. She was just wondering what would happen next...

Under Sir Nigam's command, the man knelt behind her and rubbed a finger along her dripping pussy. He transferred her juices to her ass. She immediately understood he was preparing her to be buggered. The man parted her ass cheeks wide and inserted his fingers in her puckered hole. He repeated the action several times until her ass hole was well lubricated. The man then to her complete surprise moved to face her. He spread her ass cheeks wide, exposing her ass hole to the view of Sir Nigam. She wasn't really surprised when she felt Sir Nigam's cock entering her butt hole. She sighed and moaned as he entered her without too much care. Sir Nigam pushed harder and she started to scream really loud. In a sign from Sir Nigam, the unknown man shoved his cock into her mouth, muting completely her screams. She was just a sex toy for the pleasure of her master and they played a long time with her making her cum three or four times in a row. Then they left the building to return to the Taj Mahal hotel. Sir Nigam fucked her again taking her pussy then her ass before finishing in her mouth. She slept naked and hobbled on the carpet. She had never been happier in her life!

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