tagNon-EroticLynn and Bobby Ch. 05

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Bill Returns

Princess broke the news as gently as she could. Lynn and I were sitting on the patio with her and I had just poured our second round of Glenlivet on the rocks when she said it gently.

"He's back."

I looked at Lynn and neither of us had any doubt who she was talking about. I last saw Bill that horrible night over a year ago when he walked off this very patio and never came back. Lynn was lying on the mat next to the hot tub, naked, with her legs spread, after Bill had fucked her for the last time. She cried when she knew he had left her. She was desperate to get him back, but their four-month affair was finally over. I had stayed with her through it all, because I loved her. I did it because staying with her was the only way to save our marriage. It had hurt me, but I had no regrets. I wanted to keep her and that was the only way to do it. We were happy now and I'm glad I saved our marriage. Still, I was worried about how Lynn might react to seeing Bill again.

Lynn looked at me reading my thoughts. "Don't worry honey, I'm over it now."

"It's not you I'm worried about," I said to reassure her. "It's me. I want to kill that son-of-a-bitch and I'm afraid I might try to. I couldn't touch him before because you were so wild about him that I knew you would do something really crazy if I hurt him. I was afraid to get him then, but now ..."

"But now nothing!" Lynn interrupted me. She was almost shouting. "You leave him alone. You do what your anger tells you and you'll end up in prison or worse!"

"I know, I know." I was getting angrier by the minute. Still, I knew there was really nothing I could do.

I turned to Princess. "What's he up to?"

"Lynn's right Bobby, leave him alone. He's still doing his development thing. Something on the south side, I think. He dumped that gal he left town with last year. He's in the hunt. He asked me out."

Lynn looked surprised. "Are you going out with him?"

"Couldn't this time. Busy. But, yeah I'll go out with him. I want to find out what he's been up to. Of course that ten-inch dick doesn't turn me on like it does you." Princess looked at Lynn and chuckled.

"Not does – did," said Lynn sharply. "I'll admit it did turn me on but now it just makes me sick to think about what a fool I made of myself and what I did to Bobby. And without Bobby, I'd be just a ... well, you know."

"Yeah, I know," said Princess. "I just wanted you two to be ready to see him. He'll be back at the club as a regular."

Lynn and I talked about it after Princess left and reassured each other. That's about all we could do. We would meet him sooner or later.

A few days later Lynn came home from her bridge game. "I met him," she said, "and guess what that bastard did."

"What did he do?" I asked.

"He propositioned me. Asked if I was interested in seeing him again."

"He what? What the hell did he say?" I started to get mad.

"He asked me if I wanted to fuck – not in those words, but almost. He invited me over to his apartment for the afternoon."

Lynn was laughing but I didn't think it was funny. She had made such a fool of herself over him and I guess I was still not sure of her. She must have read my thoughts again – she was always doing that.

"Bobby, you can trust me. Face it Bobby, you have to trust me. I went shopping after bridge, but I could just as easily have gone to Bill's place and fucked him and you would never have known about it. You can't be with me every minute. You have to trust me. I know what I did to you. It was awful, but I never lied about it. I hate that bastard now. And I'm over him and you know it."

"I know, baby I know."

I remembered the talks we used to have when she still had the image of that big dick in her head. Sometimes Lynn and I would sit and talk for hours about what Bill had done to us. Early on she'd figured out what her fetish did to her, but she had still seen that dick in her head and it had caused sexual arousal. And worse, it took her months before she figured out a way to get control of it. Even hating Bill the way she did, sometimes it seemed to take over her mind.

"I know what you're thinking," she said.

She was reading my mind again. God! She knew me so well. "Yeah, I guess you do."

"You're thinking about how I had the picture of Bill's big dick in my head and I couldn't get control of myself. How I made a fool of myself chasing after him. It was humiliating - what I did to you. It was unforgivable."

"You're over it now," I said. "It's all in the past."

"Yeah it's in the past but it's still in your head! I can't blame you, for wanting to kill him," Lynn said.

I just nodded my head.

"You still think about it," she said. " I'd known Bill for over two years as a friend. He was your best friend. But the first time I saw his dick in the hot tub that night, I went crazy. He was big. He was hung. So big even when he was soft, that it drove me wild. You remember that."

I nodded. "Yes I remember that."

"And you still think about it. You still think about when you went in the kitchen, and looked out and saw us in the hot tub and me playing with his dick. You remember me telling you that Bill was something straight out of my fantasy. Like I saw in my mind when I was in high school laying in bed and playing with my pussy. You remember me telling you that I couldn't keep my mind off of his dick."

"I remember! I remember!" I was starting to get angry. "Why are you talking about it again?"

"I'm talking about it because I want to get it out in the open. I don't want it smoldering inside of you and driving you to do something stupid to get even with that bastard. Something that will send you to prison."

"I can control myself," I said.

"And I propositioned him," Lynn continued, "that very night while you were in the kitchen. And I fucked him. And after I fucked him, I had to fuck him again. It was my fetish, I was crazy in my head, but I fucked him for four months. And you put up with it to save our marriage, because you knew that if you didn't let me fuck him I'd leave you, our marriage would be over, and when he dumped me I'd just be the town whore. You knew what was going to happen better than I did. That's the truth isn't it?"

Hearing it was bad, but surprisingly not nearly as bad as having it burn inside of me. He had left her, as I knew he would, and she was devastated, as I expected, but after a period of months she had recovered. She even learned to control that fetish for big dicks that had driven her to such crazy behavior.

"Yes it's the truth," I said.

Lynn walked over and put her arms around me. "You were strong enough to save our marriage. You were strong enough to help me get through a nightmare. You were strong enough to help me get that psychotic behavior of mine under control. And I've told you how much I love you for what you did. And you know I mean it. Now you and I have got to be strong enough to deal with seeing Bill again and not lose our self control."

"I know. You're right. But that bastard propositioned you!"

"And he'll probably do it again. And I'll say no again. Bobby, we can't pretend I didn't fuck him. We can't pretend I didn't chase him for four months. You can't even count the number of times you saw me on my knees blowing that bastard. And you had to just stand there and watch me swallow a big, thick, creamy, mouthful of that bastard's hot come, and then hand me your handkerchief to wipe the overflow off of my chin."

Lynn was right. It was better to hear her say it out loud than have the pictures fester inside my head driving me crazy every time I thought about him. It still hurt but it was over now and I had to learn to control myself. Pretending it didn't happen just made it worse. After all, I had kept myself under control when she was fucking him. I could do it now.

"I don't know how the hell you could have put up with that. I really don't know how you could have stayed with me. But you did and I love you for it. I respect you for it. Now we both have to learn to live with it. And you've got to keep yourself under control. You'll probably never have a chance to get even with that bastard, but that's life. Shit happens. You have to deal with it. Both of us have to deal with it."

She was right of course. I had to deal with it. But, if the opportunity ever arose to get even with that bastard I was going to take advantage of it. But I wasn't going to go to jail to do it.


In the next few weeks I saw Bill several times and he was always friendly and gracious. He must have known that Lynn had told me about his proposition but you would never have known it from the way he acted. On occasion he would look at me with a shitty smile that said "I fucked your wife," but I expected him to do that. Then one day I saw him talking to the new bar manager at the club – Cara Giuliano. Cara was a very attractive thirty year old with a knock out figure. I had met her husband Tony at a gun club target range where I practiced from time to time, but I didn't know him all that well. Seeing Bill with Cara gave me an idea.

The next day I called up a friend of mine at the gun club who knows Tony real well. I asked him about Tony and the story I got was the one I hoped for and it made my mouth water. It seems Tony is apparently unemployed but always has enough money. He travels a lot. Short trips "on business." There are rumors of Mob connections but nothing concrete. He's good at the target range but, according to rumors, he is better with the switchblade he always carries. Everything you hear about Tony, it seems, is a rumor. The only thing about Tony that is not a rumor is that he's Sicilian.

That night I invited Princess over for cocktails. Sitting on the patio before dinner, I asked her about Cara and Tony. She knows them both. Most of the women at the club are too snobby to talk to a club employee like Cara, but not Princess. She makes friends with everybody.

"She's a very attractive gal and Bill's been hitting on her," said Princess.

"What do you know about Tony?" I asked.

"The same thing everybody else knows," said Princess, "which is nothing for sure plus a big bunch of rumors."

"Does Bill know about Tony?" I asked.

"I don't think so. He hasn't been back long enough."

I persisted. "But Bill's been hitting on Cara?"

"Yeah," said Princess.

Lynn chuckled. "He'd have to have a screw loose in his brain to even think about hitting on Tony Giuliano's wife."

"That's my point." I said. "Bill doesn't think with his brain. He thinks with his dick."

"Princess," I said, "Do you think we could get Cara to go out with Bill?"

Princess thought for a moment. "Well, Cara is good looking but not too bright. Tony takes care of her but he's often gone for days at a time. What's he doing? It's all rumors. Who knows? Cara always notices good-looking guys and asks me about them. She even asked me about you, Bobby. I guess she might sneak out with Bill."

"You said Bill asked you out. Have you been out with him?"

"Not yet, but we're going to dinner Saturday. I really want to learn more about what he's been up to."

Lynn shook her head. "And you're gonna' fuck that bastard to catch up on gossip?"

Princess started to laugh. "Lynn, get with it! He's not a bad fuck – not nearly as good as Bobby here" - she pointed to me – "but he's good. Hubby is still in Saudi Arabia and you and Bobby don't want me here every night."

"Well girls, here's my idea." I outlined what I knew about Tony and what I thought Bill might do. I finished with "And so when Tony finds out about Bill and Cara, what do you think he might do?"

"I think it's called a Sicilian vasectomy," chuckled Lynn. "Bobby, if you can pull this off it'll be a miracle. But it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy."

A few days later Princess went out with Bill. She let Cara know that she did. Then they had a down and dirty "girls talk" where Princess told Cara about Bill. She talked about Bill's unusual endowment and as it turned out, Cara said she had never seen anything like that before and thought it might be a very interesting experience. The next time Bill asked her out she went to dinner with him and then to his apartment. They went out several times when Tony was out of town on "business."

All I had to do now was wait. Tony was sure to find out. But, somehow I wanted to play a more direct role. It would make me feel better. This was personal. I knew about a place out in the county where you could get a little serious action with roulette and a craps table. It was fancy and expensive and I knew it had to have Mob connections to stay open. I mentioned it to Bill one night at the club. I figured that if he took Cara for a little excitement someone there might notice and tip off Tony. It turned out that I was right.

A week or so later at the club, I noticed that Cara was not working and when I asked where she was I was told she had suddenly quit her job that morning and left town with her husband. I sat at the bar having a drink and wondering what happened.

Princess came into the bar, saw me, and grabbed my arm. "Let's get out of here. Let's go to your place. You gotta hear this."

She got Lynn and me out on our patio and I poured the Glenlivet.

"A toast," said Princess, raising her glass, "to Bill and what he once was."

"What the hell's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"Bill is not the man he once was," said Princess.

Lynn started to giggle. "You mean Tony got to him?"

Princess nodded and Lynn started bouncing up and down, "Tell us about it, Princess. Don't just sit there."

"It happened last night. All I know is from a nurse friend of mine at Memorial Hospital. Everything is hush-hush because the cops are involved and the CEO is very nervous about publicity. It's not a pretty story. But the story as Phyllis tells it is that some guy whose name she didn't know - but I'm sure it was Bill because he was picked up in the parking garage of Bill's apartment complex – anyway some guy got cut up pretty bad and was taken to the hospital ER. Now Cara had told me that Tony was going to Vegas for a week and she expected him back in town yesterday. And he and Cara left town this morning and Cara quit her job. That's another reason I think it was Bill."

"Anyway," Princess continued, "according to my friend Phyllis, who is a friend of the head nurse in the ER, the cops were there asking questions while this guy was getting blood transfusions and the ER guys were controlling the bleeding."

Lynn chuckled. "Was it a Sicilian vasectomy?"

Princess nodded her head. "Yeah, but it was worse than that. He arrived in the ER with his genitals in a paper bag. And Phyllis said all of his genitals. So Tony must have cut everything off."

Lynn gasped, "Oh my God! His cock too?"

Princess nodded. "Everything. And the ambulance guys put the pieces in a sterile paper bag. He got several units of blood in the ER and they stopped the bleeding. Then the ambulance took him to a big deal plastic guy up in LA. His genitals were sent along on ice."

"Jesus," said Lynn. "The bastard deserved it, but that's pretty ugly."

I hadn't said anything. Lynn looked at me, "What do you think Bobby?"

"I think he got what he deserved and I'm glad I had a part to play in seeing that he got it. And the only thing I'm sorry about is that somebody besides me had the pleasure of cutting his balls off."


A couple of months went by before we found out what happened to Bill in LA with that plastic surgeon. Bill showed up at the club acting as though nothing had happened. He was still working on that construction thing south of town. Princess couldn't go out with him because her husband was in town but she checked with her nurse friend at the hospital and found out that Bill was seeing a urologist on staff there and still saw that plastic specialist in LA. When she got the scoop she came over to our place on a sunny Saturday afternoon and we sat on the patio drinking gin and tonic and listened to her story.

"Phyllis says the plastic guy in LA sewed his dick back on – at least sewed part of it back on. Several inches were cut so bad that they had to be thrown away. Phyllis says that his dick is only about three inches long now and he can't get an erection. The surgeon plans to insert a little plastic thing that he can pump it up to get his dick stiff enough to screw with. There was no way they could sew his balls back on so they put in two prosthetics."

"What the hell is a prosthetic?" Lynn asked.

"In Bill's case it's two plastic imitation testicles in his scrotum for cosmetic reasons," said Princess.

Lynn started to laugh. "You mean he's got plastic balls?"

Princess chuckled. "Well, yeah, I guess you could say that."

Lynn was laughing so hard now that she couldn't talk. There was a moment when I started to feel sorry for Bill, but then I thought more about what that bastard had done to us. He got what he deserved, I thought.

Lynn was getting control of herself, but she was still laughing. "So he's got a short little dick and plastic balls. What happens when he comes? Does he shoot out gel foam?"

Again she bent over in convulsive laughter.

"I can't wait to see that bastard," Lynn said. And from that moment she spent so much time at the club that I thought she'd left me. She came home smiling several days later.

"I saw Bill at the club today," said Lynn and I could see she was eager to tell me something. "You'll never guess what I did to that bastard."

"I can't guess what you did and I'm sure he deserved it. But I'll bet he didn't proposition you."

Lynn started to chuckle. "No, he didn't. But, I propositioned him."

"You what?" I said surprised.

"I saw him in the hall with nobody else around. I walked up to him, cupped his crotch in my hand, and said, 'Honey, lets go over to your place and fuck.' You should have seen the expression on that bastard's face. He just stood there and looked helpless. I started to laugh at him and he didn't say a word. He just hung his head. Then I said, 'Bill, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.' And then I just kept laughing at him until he turned and walked away. He never said a word."

"Jesus Lynn," I said, "you sure as hell know where to kick a guy."

"I'd have kicked him in the balls if they hadn't been plastic. After what he did us – to you I mean – that bastard got what he deserved. And, honey, in case you think I might still be interested in Bill's dick, remember it's only three inches long now and he can't get it up until he gets a pump installed. You got even with him in exactly the way he deserved. I love you, baby."

I fucked Lynn that night, like old times. She grunted as we fucked and had one of those big trembling orgasms. I loved her and I knew that I wasn't going to think about Bill nearly as much as I had thought about him before.

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