tagLoving WivesLynn and Bobby Ch. 06

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Lynn Meets Sandy

Princess set the whole thing up. It was her idea. Her husband, Gene was just back from Saudi Arabia and wanted to talk to Dave about what was going on there. So Lynn and I entertained both couples at our place for dinner. Gene was no slouch. He brought over a couple of bottles of Château Pétrus '89 to go with my steaks. The six of us had a wonderful evening. Lynn knew Princess and Gene of course, but this was the first time she had met Sandy and Dave.

But, perhaps I should start at the beginning. I was four years out of college with a beautiful wife Lynn, a good job, and a nice house in San Diego. Princess was a thirty-something knock out gorgeous blonde whose husband Gene, thirty years her senior, was a successful petroleum engineer who was on the road a lot. Princess had slept around when Gene was traveling and had been branded as the club whore by the ladies at our golf club, who suspected their husbands were fucking her. The ladies were right, at least until Princess joined Lynn and me in a wonderful threesome that left the club wives angry and their husbands frustrated.

I had met Sandy a month or so ago when Lynn was out of town and I had enjoyed a delightful weekend. Dave was a voyeur-cuck and Sandy had successfully managed his needs since they left college a dozen years ago. Like Gene, he was big in petroleum. I had told Lynn about the weekend I spent with Sandy and Dave but She had not had a chance to meet them. Gene's return from the Middle East with big news about some new leases provided a good opportunity for us all to get together.

After dinner the six of us shared drinks on the patio. I poured Baileys all around and we had the usual small talk. It was clear that Dave wanted to hear what Gene had learned and it was not long until the two of them retired to my study to talk petroleum, leaving me with the three girls.

"I'm glad they left," said Princess, "that's pretty boring stuff."

"Except, that it puts caviar on our dinner tables," said Sandy.

Princess laughed. "Yeah. I love him, bless his heart, I really do. But, he can be very boring sometimes."

"Same here," said Sandy. "Lynn, it's good to meet you at last. I've heard so much about you. Princess tells me that Bobby here has a free reign on any woman he wants, but she won't tell me why. Will you?"

That was direct enough, I thought. I looked over at Lynn. She was not shocked, she just smiled at Sandy and said, "Someday I may tell you. For the time being lets just say I treated him worse than any man could be expected to tolerate. He tolerated it and now I owe him my life."

The three lovely ladies concentrated their eyes on me and I shrugged, "Hey, I'm just an ordinary guy."

Sandy smiled, "I'm sure whatever you did to him it had nothing to do with another guy. Bobby's the best fuck in the county. No woman in her right mind would want to screw anybody else."

"You're right about that. No woman in her right mind would want to screw anybody else," replied Lynn, looking over at me and emphasizing "in her right mind" when she said it.

Princess turned to Lynn. "I told you about that threesome. Sandy was more than impressed and she said Dave 'just went into orbit' watching Bobby fuck her."

Lynn nodded and then looked at Sandy. "I've heard about voyeur-cucks, but I've never met one. I'm not sure I understand that whole scene. How does it work?"

Sandy took a sip of her drink, thought a moment, and then answered. "Well Lynn, it started right after we graduated from college and got married. Dave asked me about guys I had fucked and at first I thought he was jealous. I was honest with him, because I loved him, and when I told him about other guys I was surprised to see that he got turned on. Finally he told me he wanted to watch me fuck another guy. I went on the net and did a little reading and figured out what was lighting his fire."

Lynn looked puzzled. "He just wants to watch?"

"He gets turned on and jacks off. He wanted me to fuck his buddies. But I was worried because you never know what kind of guys he might meet. Dave was very successful. Made a lot of money. I loved him. I had to be sure he didn't get himself in trouble with the wrong kind of guy. So I took charge and started to select guys that were safe, like Bobby. Over the years I was able to find a couple each year and he fantasized about them for months between encounters. We've had a good marriage. I love him, he takes care of me, and I take care of him."

Lynn shook her head and sighed. "Wow! That's hard to understand. How he could get turned on I mean. Turned on by watching his wife fuck another guy. Do you understand it Bobby?"

"I'm not exactly the right guy to ask that question Lynn, but no, I don't understand it. I could understand feeling angry or angry and helpless watching another guy fuck you. But turned on? No, never turned on. No way!"

Lynn immediately realized what she had done and looked embarrassed, glancing back and forth from Sandy to me. Princess started to chuckle, realizing that Lynn had asked the question without even thinking about her disastrous affair with Bill and what it had done to me. Still, Princess didn't miss a beat.

"Lynn," she said, "a lot of guys get turned on by watching two people fuck, but for a few of them being in love with one of the partners seems to make the sexual stimulation very intense - much, much greater. It's a combination of jealousy and a voyeur turn on -- some kind of interaction between the two. I don't think anybody understands it, except maybe a psychologist, but it's real and it happens more than you might think."

Lynn shot a look of gratitude at Princess for getting her out of a tight spot. Gene and Dave coming back to the patio interrupted our discussion.

"Your husband," said Dave to Princess, "just showed me how to make a few bucks on this new oil deal he's working on. I'm glad we got together."

Gene grabbed Princess' hand. "Time for us to get going, honey. It's late."

We said our good-byes and when Dave and Sandy made no effort to leave I offered them another drink. I could tell by the way they were acting that they were interested in more than just another drink. Lynn and I had talked about them before dinner and decided that if they were interested we might try a foursome. Lynn had never seen a voyeur-cuck and she was curious.

"How about the hot tub?" As soon as I asked I could tell by the expression on Dave's face that this was exactly what he had in mind.

We didn't bother to retire to put on robes. We just stripped down, throwing our clothes on the furniture and getting into the hot tub holding our drinks high to keep water from splashing into them. We moved around a bit enjoying the water and sipping our drinks. Lynn knew what was going to happen and she had told me that she was very interested in watching Dave when it happened. I could see Lynn watching Dave's face. Dave was staring at me as Sandy moved over closer to me. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close. Then I began to play with her tits. She had big tits with that sexy sag of a thirty-five year old and a bush that was thick with curly hair. I had eaten that delicious morsel when Princess brought Sandy over several weeks before while Lynn was still visiting her mother.

I was getting turned on playing with those big tits, but then I made the mistake of thinking about it and I almost laughed at what was happening. Lynn was not turned on -- she was curious, watching Dave. Sandy was not turned on -- she was trying to please Dave by letting me play with her tits. I was doing my best to look interested -- but I was worried that my pecker might not rise to the occasion. Dave was the only one getting turned on and it was hitting him big time -- you could tell by his face and his breathing. This was the first time he had seen me with his wife since that torrid weekend he had been fantasizing about for weeks.

Well, I thought, I better get started. I got out of the tub and pulled Sandy out with me. I kissed her, played with her tits, and then laid her on the mat by the tub and began to caress her body. Her skin was white and creamy where her bikini had kept the sun from giving it the rich tan that showed on her flat belly right down to that thick curly haired beaver. Lynn was watching Dave and Dave was watching me play with Sandy. Sandy spread her legs wide showing the wet gaping lips of her pussy and I got down between her legs on my knees.

"David," Sandy called. "Get up here and do your job." Her voice was firm as if she were giving a command, just like that night at their place. Lynn looked shocked at Sandy's tone of voice and she looked quickly from me to Dave and back again. She had trouble believing that Sandy was giving orders to Dave like that. I could see she was surprised that this take-charge assertive executive about to invest megabucks in a big oil deal had suddenly become a submissive obedient cuckold.

Dave got out of the tub and kneeled beside us. He took my cock gently in his mouth and started to suck it. I heaved a sigh of relief when my sturdy companion responded on cue. I glanced at Lynn who was watching with a look of complete fascination on her face. She had never seen, perhaps never imagined, a man sucking my cock to get me ready to fuck his wife. It was completely new for her. Lynn seemed not to understand it at all. She got out of the tub and sat on the mat next to us watching Dave suck my cock, a puzzled expression on her face. When my cock was hard, Dave took it in his hand and gently put it into his wife's pussy as I mounted her. Then Dave moved over and sat next to Lynn and watched me fuck his wife.

I began fucking Sandy and she began to make the appropriate noises, but I could tell that she was no more turned on than I was. A glance at Dave showed him playing with his erect dick and watching intently. Lynn was looking back and forth from Dave to Sandy to me, obviously aware that Dave was turned on and that Sandy and I were just acting for Dave's benefit. She caught my eye and made a puzzled expression as if asking me what the hell was going on. I could see her wondering, "Is this all there is to it?" I remembered that night in Sandy's living room when we fucked for Dave's pleasure in much the same way. Neither Sandy nor I was turned on then -- we were just acting. But now that Lynn was watching us do the same thing, somehow that just made the whole damn business seem ridiculous.

Finally, Lynn moved over closer to Dave and began to play with his cock, stroking it. What was she up to, I wondered. Was she going to jack him off? Then she put her hand on his cheek and turned his head toward her and leaning over she kissed him. She pushed him down on the mat beside us on his back and mounted him, taking his hard dick and putting it into her pussy. She started to fuck him cowboy style. He turned his head to the side so he could watch me fuck Sandy. Lynn bent down putting her mouth to his ear and started to whisper to him as she fucked him. He kept on watching us and Lynn kept on whispering in his ear.

This went on for several minutes. I could tell that Dave was getting more and more turned on as Lynn whispered to him. What the hell was she saying to him, I wondered. She was on top of him fucking him very slowly. Lynn was clearly up to something, but I wasn't sure what it was. Finally Dave nodded his head vigorously and then a very surprising thing happened.

Lynn quickly rolled off of Dave and putting her arms around me she pulled me off of Sandy and mounted on top of me shoving my cock into her pussy. Dave moved between Sandy's legs and mounted her and, in a harsh voice that I had never heard him use before, he gave her a loud command.

"Its my turn bitch! Spread you legs!"

He immediately began to fuck her hard and fast. Lynn leaned down close putting her cheek against mine and fucked me slow and easy as we both watched Dave pound Sandy's pussy like a pile driver. When Sandy started to hump and moan Lynn kissed me and giggled. We were enjoying a nice leisurely fuck but we were also turned on, watching this voyeur-cuck fuck his wife.

"What the hell did you say to him?" I whispered to Lynn as we fucked. "How did you get him to do that?"

"I asked him what he was going to do to Sandy when he got her home," Lynn whispered, "and when he answered he was going to fuck her and think about you fucking her, I said why not fuck her now. He was so turned on that the more I talked to him about fucking Sandy, the more turned on he got. Then I asked him if he remembered how you fucked her that Sunday morning and he said he'd been fantasizing about it for weeks. So I said I'd pull you off of her so he could fuck her the same way you did that morning. Finally I said 'Lets go' and moved over to you and he followed me. I wasn't sure he would do it, but he did."

"Jesus!" I said, "look at him pound her. Sandy's as turned on as he is. Watch her hump that ass." Lynn laughed, kissed me, and picked up the pace.

Dave was pounding away. His arms under Sandy's legs held them high in the air and he was pumping deep into her causing her to grunt with each thrust. She had her eyes closed tight and her back arched up to meet his pounding body and she pumped her ass hard. Her pussy was dripping and making the wet sounds of a horny pussy getting what it needs. Her legs were bouncing up and down as Dave fucked her. He began to grunt. He was clearly no longer the submissive voyeur-cuck we had seen a moment ago. I marveled at the transformation Lynn had made by changing the picture in his head, merely by whispering in his ear.

"Turn me over and fuck me hard," Lynn said.

I turned her over and began some serious fucking. Lynn arched her back pulling me down so my chest rubbed her tits. She closed her eyes and started to hump and take me deep. It was not long before she began those animal grunts that told me she was headed for nirvana and I pumped harder and faster. She got there first, trembling, and I felt her pussy grab my cock like a strong hand and begin the rhythmic squeezing that lasted a long time until I pumped my load.

When we got back from La-La-Land we looked over at Dave and Sandy. They had obviously both had their orgasms and they were laughing and kissing and loving each other like two newly weds.

"Lets get back in the tub and finish our drinks," said Lynn. The four of us got into the tub laughing, splashing around, and grabbing our glasses.

Lynn lifted her glass in a toast. "Lets drink a toast to a four-way nirvana."

"What the hell's a nirvana?" Dave asked.

"A nirvana is what you just felt happen to your dick a couple of minutes ago," Lynn answered.

"I'll drink to that anytime," said Dave.

Lynn moved over close to him and whispered softly, "You learned something tonight, Davie boy. Talk to that bitch the right way and she'll get very friendly. Remember, what you did to her is she wants."

We soaked a while and as we got out of the tub I heard Sandy whisper to Lynn, "Thank you. I can never repay you for that."

We dressed and, after they said their goodbyes and left, Lynn and I sat on the patio and had another Baileys. We were silent for a few minutes as I thought about the transformation I had seen in Dave.

"He's not cured, you know," I said. "He still gonna need to see her get fucked or at least think about it to turn on. He's still a voyeur-cuck in his head"

Lynn nodded. "Yeah I know. But it's a start. We need to do some more foursomes with them. Maybe he'll gradually get better."

"What are you? Some kind of therapist?" I laughed.

"Look Bobby," Lynn said seriously, "I know what it's like to have a picture in your head that makes you do things you don't want to do. It's not good. Sometimes you need help to get rid of a picture like that. You helped me get rid of mine. Maybe I can help Dave get rid of his. In a foursome he can watch Sandy get fucked and then take care of her himself. It's what she wants. She loves him."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I said.

"Look at it this way," Lynn said. "Sandy does what Dave needs. No way could she prefer a submissive voyeur-cuck to the dominant, take-charge guy we saw walk out of that meeting with Gene. Or the stud we saw fucking her tonight. You heard her thank me. Hell, maybe we can make him better."

"Then he won't ask me to fuck Sandy any more." I said in mock sorrow.

"You bastard! You enjoyed fucking her that weekend didn't you?"

I laughed. "Yeah, I sure did, that is after that act we put on for Dave. But Lynn, you know you're a better fuck than any woman in the world as far as I'm concerned."

"Thank you, baby. Oh, and I'm sorry I asked you that question about watching. I ... well, I just forgot all about what had happened to us. I forgot about Bill." Lynn looked at me and smiled an apology.

"That's encouraging," I said. "Forgetting I mean. Maybe, now that we've gotten even with Bill, we can both start to forget that nightmare -- or at least remember it only as a bad dream and not a real memory."

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