tagInterracial LoveLynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 07

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 07



He was on his way to her home. He had a case of that Pabst beer in his hand, and he wanted to bring her something nice. Flowers seemed like too much. Hell, he'd love to buy her flowers, but he thought it would scare her off, the way she was.

But, when he walked past the bakery, he saw the perfect gift for her. He wondered if she liked cookies. He bought half a dozen sugar cookies, because they reminded him of her complexion. And he was going to tell her so, and hoped that it didn't offend her. He loved her soft, pale black skin, he found it intriguing, and didn't see why he should hide it. Her soft skin was sexy.

With the sugar cookies and beer in hand, he called her on his cellphone, to let him know he was in the building.

She told him that her apartment number was 605, and he went up the stairs, carrying the beer and the cookies.

She opened the door, and he couldn't help smiling at how cute she was. She'd dressed up in a cute, white, silk blouse and a little peasant skirt. The silk blouse was a lovely accent for her small but shapely breasts, which he glanced at furtively, though he was a bit disappointed that the peasant skirt obscured those gorgeous shapely legs, and her wonderful ass a little bit, because it was so loose fitting and flouncy.

But she was adorable. No doubt.

It made him feel special that she thought enough of him to dress up that nicely for a dinner date around the house.

It also made him glad that he'd chosen a nice jeans and sweater, so he didn't look like a bum.

"Pizza is in the oven," she added softly.

"Smells really good. So here's the beer. And I got these for you. I hope you like cookies," he added handing her the bag of sugar cookies.

"Leif, that's really sweet. Who doesn't like cookies? We can have them for desert," she added smiling.

"Sounds good. I...the sugar cookies. They remind me of you. They are the same color as your sweet complexion. Please don't mind me, but I think that pretty, honey colored complexion of yours is super hot," he added softly.

She chuckled and blushed.

"I...I guess it's not bad that we are attracted to each other's differences. I'll be honest too. I think your blue eyes are pretty dreamy. I could get lost in them. The differences are intriguing. But even more than that, is...seeing how much we have in common and how much the color shit really doesn't matter..it's a curiosity, we can admit it, but when it gets down to it, we are really just people on the inside," she added softly.

"I agree. Let's drink to that," he added.

They popped the tops on the Pabst beer, and sipped the cans eagerly.


She was a great cook.

"Best pizza ever," he added after he'd taken a few bites.

"I think you're just being kind," she said with a soft chuckle.

"No, I'm not, it's really good," he added softly.

"Some of the stuff came from the farmers market up the street, and some of it came from my own garden...right out there on the stoop when you came in," she said.

"You grow your own garden? My family owns a really small farm. Just outside the LA city limits. I.....Maybe when we get to know each other better I can take you. It's not so much the farm stuff like the farmer's market, it's more like a bit of produce, and Linda, or...my mother makes handmade soap and Garret...um, my father does Jelly and stuff like that. It did well for them. Maybe a little too good for Linda and Garrett, you can't really be a good hippie if you make a lot of dough," he teased.

"You call your parents by your first name?" asked Lynne.


"It's just...I can't even imagine calling my parents by their first name...we are way to formal for that. I'm still scared of them in some ways...not scared of them...I'm just not all the way myself around them...I know they don't approve of the lot of the things I do. The singing and all that..I...I think in some ways I'm a disappointment to them, and what they wanted out of me," she added softly.

"Yeah...that's a shame. It's like that with a lot of parents. My parents were always more like friends than parents. Not a lot of structure growing up. And in some ways I envy you. I....I'm very close to my parents, but in a lot of ways, they treat me like a friend, a trusted friend, and so I find myself now...now that I'm older, and trying to get established...kinda hungry for a more traditional arrangement, when I start my own family. I want my children calling my future wife Mommy, and me Daddy...none of this first name shit, like how I was raised," he said.

He leaned over the beer bottle and looked straight into her eyes.

"Oh Leif, you're scaring me honey, I mean...I don't really know you, but everything you say, feels so right...it can't be this right so soon. You scare me,"

"But we are getting to know each other. More and more each minute. Everything about you drives me crazy....even that crazy little Brooklyn accent. I need to kiss you so much I feel sick, and I'm not gonna wait anymore," he muttered softly.

He leaned over close to her.

She meant him halfway, and said, under her breath, her tone so sweet and husky.

"I...I want to kiss you too," she murmured.

She was so sweet, and shy, he asked for permission to kiss her, and he found it adorable that she responded giving him permission.


Lynne hadn't been kissed by anyone except her ex. But she wanted this kiss. She was ready now, and she actually turned her chair forward, towards him a little bit, because they were at an angle that would make it awkward for him to kiss her.

He smelled so good, and his thin, but full lips, looked so kissable, and even, the outline of his slightly rugged jaw, she wanted to grab him and seal the deal, but she was also too shy to reconcile her actions, with her thoughts.

"You're lips are so pretty and sexy," he added leaning forward.

He traced her lips gently, very gently with his index finger, and she whimpered. It felt so intense, the way he explored her, moving the pad of her lip so delicately, as though she was wonderful, and beautiful and something exotic, that he needed to explore.

She understood. It might be crazy, after all, men were men, but she felt the same curiosity, looking at his own pale skin.

She hadn't meant for that whimper to escape though, and after she whimpered, he looked at her with wide eyed shock.

And his nostrils flared, she saw them flare, and she was embarrassed, that she had such an effect on him. She hadn't meant to sound so wanton, and lustful, he hadn't even kissed her yet.

"Mmm, you're so damn cute Lynn," he muttered huskily.

He just lightly, ever so lightly leaned in and very gently sucked the bottom pad of her full lip, pulling it slightly.

A small husky groan escaped her lips, and she felt him pull her close to him by the small of her back, he squeezed her so tight it hurt her, as though he was consumed with lust and afraid that if he didn't squeeze her as tightly as she could, she would disappear into a dream.

She squeezed him back, more as an anchor.

Damn it, he had not even put his tongue in her mouth, and already she felt herself getting moist and tingly. She hoped that the thin peasant skirt was an okay choice now, she would die if he knew she was already lubricating down there, because it leaked on her thin skirt. But she'd never been kissed like this before.

It felt so good, like he wanted to tease, and explore and memorize every inch of her before moving in to try something new, even deeper exploration. He was sensual, oh god he was so sensual, she felt herself melting.

He still hadn't put his tongue in her mouth, he was now gently tracing the outline of her small but full lower lip with his tongue ever so lightly.

He separated his lips from hers, and placed a soft peck on her lips, the cool air drying the moistness of her lips, shocking her.

"I was wrong earlier. You aren't just cute. You're beautiful," he added.

He placed one hand gently on her knee.

Then, he moved his lips closer to her again. Her breathing was shallow, she ached with passion. This time, as soon as his upper lip made contact with hers, she whimpered again, a little more loudly.

This was after all, the man that she couldn't stop thinking about in the evenings. Every night he gave her such a fit that she masturbated to orgasm, imagining him doing all sorts of things she felt much too shy to actually do with him in real life at this point.

He very gently began sucking her top lip now, teasing it, suckling the shape, and even the cute little indentation at the top of her lip.

When she moaned, he started licking her slightly under her upper lip, and over her teeth.

Then, it was as if a dam burst forth deep within Lynne. She wanted to feel his tongue so bad. So this, she concluded, was what passion felt like, and she tangled her fingers in his dreadlocked hair, and pulled him down in closer to her mouth.

Lynne showed him none of the tenderness he showed her earlier, she just murmured,

"Wanting to kiss you so bad is making me sick now too," before covering her lips forcefully with her own, angling her head this way, and that way, and none of the ways seemed to let her kiss his full sexy lips enough.

He had great lips for a white boy!

She felt him chuckle into her mouth, and she was worried that he was laughing at her, but he pulled his chair forward, lowering his head to give her better access and squeezing her possessively around the waist.

She now licked her tongue around his outer lips, tickling his lips with a hunger and lust that made her embarrassed and yet she felt helpless to stop the tide of her passion.

He moaned too, and finally he opened his mouth for her exploration. He gently rolled his large tongue around her own smaller tongue, teasing her sensually, slowing down her eager pace, pushed her tongue back into her mouth with this teasing, and then, he started suckling her lips again, before forcefully pressing his tongue into her own mouth.

He reached around, cupped her thigh, and she heard him groan into her mouth, the vibration sending shocks through her.

Then she felt his husky fingers start to trace her chin, and he opened her lips further. Then she felt those delightful fingers start to trace her neck, even as she gripped his own neck.

She felt delirious with joy now as he sucked, and teased her tongue by tracing it with his own in ways that felt equally parts lusty, and loving.

Then she felt his hand slowly and gently trace over her the curve of her breast, headed towards her nipple.

She felt the hot searing fire travel from her breast straight to her nether regions.

"Oh God!" she cried with pleasure.

"Oh Leif, I can't yet. I like you too much. I need to stop! I need some air. We don't know each other," she murmured sitting up in her seat and quite literally fanning herself with one of her hands.

Lynne's panties were wet and sticky, with just those simple kisses. And she wanted Leif so bad, but hardly knowing him, made her ashamed that she was slutty for wanting him so desperately, so early on, because of her religious upbringing. She couldn't want him already, and this was her first time alone with him.

And also, she didn't want to make a bad name for her race in his eyes. She didn't want him to think that all black girls were easy. Well, she wasn't easy, but she didn't want him thinking that about all women based on her wanton behavior.

But most of all, due to the rough behavior of her first boyfriend, she was frightened by the thought of full on intercourse. And she knew enough about men and women to know that, even though she'd been reared conservatively, most men, if she kept kissing them like this would expect full on intercourse.

The way Martin had been so rough with her, forcing it on her, when she didn't even like the feeling of it, made her afraid of penetration, and, even though she enjoyed kissing, and making out, and even dreamed of Leif stroking deep inside her, the reality of it, frightened and repulsed her, understandably so, her first experiences with sex were very negative.

"Okay. Okay. I told you before, we'll go at your pace. I like you. Getting to know you. I loved kissing your sweet mouth, but if that's too much for you right now baby, I'll ratchet it back a bit. I think you liked that kiss too, so I don't think you'll resist me forever. It's fine. What do you want to do now," he asked.

And Lynne looked at him.

She studied his face for a long time. Even though she didn't want to kiss anymore he didn't seem the least perturbed or angry. He still seemed soft and gentle. She wasn't sure if she was inadvertently testing him or not. But, he was passing with flying colors.

"You sure you aren't mad," she asked softly.

"Why the hell should I be mad? I like getting to know you. Kissing is one way, and that was a fun way. But, it's cool just talking to you. So....you got any good DVDs to watch, anything on your DVR that you like to see...anything, I'm up for it," he added.

And he shocked Lynne by leaning in and kissing her forehead as though she were an angel.

And she felt so special she wanted to cry. Because he seemed so patient and kind. Maybe what she was feeling was even love. And that scared the hell out of her. It was only three dates, so how could it be love. Did the other two times they spent together count as dates? How could she love him already.

"I....I got some ideas. Lets go to the living room," said Lynne


"You ever watch Jackass," she asked tentatively.

"What, you mean that show where white boys make fools of themselves doing dangerous stunts? I mean, I think it's hilarious. Is that why you're dating me? Think I'm gonna pull some Jackass stunts for your entertainment, just because I'm a white guy? You think I'll be your own personal jackass?"

Lynne collapsed into giggles.

"No, I mean...I'm just saying...that it's funny...I didn't think about the fact that they really are all white men acting like jackasses. Until you said that I never noticed that there are like no other race jackass representatives. They are some silly ass white boys, and they make me laugh until I cry, but I wasn't making fun of white guys when I said it,"

"I'm just giving you a hard time. I actually laugh at Jackass quite a bit. It's funny, put it on," he added.

He liked that she had a great sense of humor...he didn't know any chicks cool enough to sit and actually watch Jackass, let alone, store the old episodes on their DVR, since the show no longer came on.

After they watched a few episodes of Jackass she said,

"Now let's make it fair. Time to watch a black man making a fool of himself. My favorite one anyway," she added.

So they watched this Chris Rock program that she'd taped on the DVR. For the whole first thirty minutes they cracked up laughing.

Then he made a few jokes about racial politics, and Lynne put the DVR on pause.

"We don't have to watch anymore here Leif. He says some pretty wild things on that tape and I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I don't want you to misunderstand and think I'm some kind of racist black woman when he starts talking about politics, and white black relations...Especially with the two of us getting to know each other. I really forgot that shit was on there," she added softly.

"Hey, I like you, and if we are going to date, well, we gotta be comfortable with that type of shit too. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, and I kinda think that's where his head is at. I mean...I never thought about what it must be like to grow up...as a black person...but then...now that I'm liking you I thought about what it might be like a little bit, and it must suck. People make their stupid racist comments, some people just don't want to see you get ahead for no reason, people look down on you for no reason. So...if you gotta poke a little fun at those folks who are doing it, or even crack a few white guy jokes, that's cool by me," he added with a smile.

"That's....that's a heavy thing to say. And It's sweet and well meaning. But I like being a black woman. It doesn't suck growing up black, it only sucks because we live in a racist world. I won't lie, it hurts when people target you, or say dumb things. But most of it is cool. There's a rich culture there, a heritage, and I'm proud to be a black woman. But that having been said, people are people, and I like everyone...People are more alike I think than they are different. The differences are the cherry. They make it interesting...like those blue eyes of yours...I think it's safe to celebrate the differences, as long as we know we are all people under that skin," she said.

"I...I....love...damn it Lynn, I love how you think," he added softly.

"I have been liking how I think for years, and I gotta say that I like how you think too," laughed Lynn.

"You want another beer," she asked.

She got him another cold beer from the fridge. He liked that she was so thoughtful, bringing him treats from the kitchen. He wanted the chance to wait on her as well. Maybe next time they could do it at his place.

"Time to do something a little less serious," she called, coming from the kitchen.

He'd gone over to her book shelf and he was looking at her books. He knew that he could tell a lot about a person by the books that they had, and since he wanted to know everything about her, it seemed logical to take a good look at her collection. She had books by black women authors, mostly he recognized them because they'd be on PBS or some other station talking about their books, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison. She also had Shakespeare and Wordsworth. Some books by some Asian authors, hispanic authors, white authors. She had more women authors then men authors, but she definitely had some male authors. He liked seeing the variety. That was probably why she was so broad minded, and witty.

She seemed damn smart with all these books, and with her shy nerdy ways and those adorable little glasses he bet she'd probably read most of the books on her shelf.

There were also so many history books on her bookshelf, he was overwhelmed with the depth of those books. He was familiar with the English books, mainly because that had been his favorite subject in high school. He thought he needed to understand literature to be able to write good songs.

"Lot of history books on this shelf...you gotta be pretty smart Lynn," he added, his voice thick with infatuation, when she returned to the room.

"I do okay I guess. I guess a lot of folks would say I'm smart. I might be a little smart, but mostly, I just kept taking more college classes after everyone else got bored with it. I majored in history, so that's the reason for all the history books. The other books are authors that mean a lot to me. I did minor in English though," she said.

"Well you seem smart to me. You even look smart, with your glasses on, but not in a bad way...in a real cute way. Where did you go to college?" asked Leif.

"Ugh, I hate saying. People expect more from me then," laughed Lynne.

"I just want you to relax and be yourself, all day, everyday Lynne, I love that side of you...when you are bubbly, funny, and completely yourself. Where did you go to school?" he repeated warmly.

"Yale," she added softly behind her hands, as though she were hiding because she was ashamed.

"Damn, you must be smart," he added softly looking at her with quiet awe.

"I guess. What about you, where'd you go," she said.

"Nowhere...absolutely nowhere. I graduated high school okay. I got B's and C's mostly. A's in English. That was my favorite subject. But I knew college wasn't for me. I had other plans. I wanted to become a musician," he said with a grin.

"Hey college is not for everyone, and at least you found out early what it was you wanted to do. You were different than me, wasting time getting a bachelor's and master's only to find that you didn't want to do any of that shit to begin with. That you wanted to be a singer. I'm not using any of my history degrees, what a waste, at least that's what my parents think," she said, sighing so heavily she blew the fringe of her hair with her breath.

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