tagInterracial LoveLynn & Party of Nine Men Ch. 1

Lynn & Party of Nine Men Ch. 1


My wife Lynn loves to fuck. We decided we would become swingers as the thought other people made us very horny. Lynn has never had sex with anyone else before. I on the other hand have and thought if I was the only one she ever fucked that she would be missing out on great experiences for the rest of her life. She has always had a thing for black men but never admitted it to me. I would always catch her staring every time a black man was near. It never upset me because the thought of her riding a black cock was very exciting to me. She never has really answered what turns her on so much about black men, but I imagine it is because it seems like it is not supposed to be normal.

We then got online to a swingers site and she picked out some black guy named Allen she would like to fuck. We chatted with Allen a few times before we decided to meet. We were supposed to meet at a hotel just us 3 but Lynn had mentioned she wanted to try a gangbang one day, so I asked Allen if he had a few friends who would like to join him. He said he had a few that would come to our little party and we decided it would be a surprise for Lynn and we wouldn’t tell her.

The day finally arrived. Lynn was excited all day long that she was gonna get black dick for the first time. I casually mentioned to her that it would be nice if Allen were to have some friends that could join in the next time we met with him. She said that she couldn’t imagine having lots of black dick in front of her. Little did she know that I had reserved 2 rooms with a door that lead to the other room and there was 8 well hung black men in there waiting to fuck the shit out of her.

At 7pm there was a knock on the door and I got up and answered it. It was Allen. He shook my hand and gave Lynn a hug and kissed her on the cheek. We sat around for a little while talking. Allen said he had to use the bathroom real quick. While he was in there Lynn took of her clothes so she was only wearing her thong and bra. When Allen came out he looked shocked when he seen her 46f tits inside her bra. He immediately sat down next to her. You could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. Lynn said he should not keep it caged up and she unzipped his pants and pulled out an 11" cock. As she sat there stroking his massive dick we started talking about it would be funny if some people were on other side of the door fucking right now. I gave Allen a little smile and we dared Lynn to go open the door and look. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to go look and finally she did. She opened the door and there were 8 black men in the other room and all were completely naked. She just stood there for a minute staring at them when she finally realized it was all planned.

One by one they walked into the room and Lynn looked at each man's cock as they passed through the door. She was in total disbelief because no one was under 9". She knew this was gonna be a night she will never forget.

She asked Allen to come to her while she was on the bed. When he got over she grabbed his dick and started licking it very slowly. She had a wild look on her face like she wasn’t even herself anymore. While she was sucking Allen she ripped her bra of and held her tits for whoever wanted to suck them. Right away 2 men walked over and attached their mouths to her nice hard nipples. She was soaking wet now and needed some dick in her. She stood up and put her tongue in Allen’s mouth while I slid her panties down to her ankles. Lynn then got on all fours and said she wanted to be filled up. Allen was under her and slid his cock into her wet pussy.

This sent her over the edge as she had previously only had my what I thought was decent size 8" dick in her before. She kept on fucking him while another man put his cock in her face, which she gladly put in mouth. She then took one black dick in each hand. She was fine with that but what came next took me by suprise. She didn’t like anal but said that she still had an opening if anybody wanted to take it. The man with the 9" dick went over n rammed his cock into her asshole. I thought she would be n pain but the moaning was apparently out of satisfaction. She now had one in her pussy, her ass, mouth and each hand and two men playing with her nipples. The man in her mouthed tensed up and shot his load all over her face. She tried getting as much as possible with her tongue but still had a lot of cum on her face. That man was immediately replaced by on she was stroking and she eagerly sucked him too.

The one in the ass started writhing as he pulled out and put a load all over her asshole and butt cheeks. Allen who the whole time had been underneath said he was gonna cum and if she didn’t want her pussy filled she should get up. When she heard that she started riding him harder and faster. As soon as he let his load go she yelled out that she too was cumming. After everyone finally blew their load and started getting dressed she looked up with a slutty smile and said she was still ready for more.

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