Lynn Confesses: Cheating Anal Wives


"Oh God! You're both licking my ass! That freaks me out!" Wendy hissed excitedly.

Meanwhile Lynn's eye caught the tube of lubricant. She picked it up and, after pulling Ken's face away from Wendy's crack, squeezed a big dab over her asshole and spread it around with her fingers. Then she forced a finger inside while Ken watched avidly, his eyes glued to the sight, inches away, of his married lover's finger digging into Wendy's greased bottom.

"Why don't you slide one in along with mine?" Lynn said to Ken, and Ken did. It was so nasty, to have their fingers jammed in together like this, probing Wendy's ass, reaming her out and getting her ready for the main act. Wendy pushed back wildly on their probing fingers, fired up now with unquenchable passion. She knew there was no turning back. Finally she was about to get fucked in the ass.

"Open me up! Get me ready!" she pleaded.

"I think you're ready now," Lynn said, lifting herself off of Ken, feeling his cock slip away from the grip of her slick but tight asshole.

"You are one lucky lady, Wendy. You're about to have a big cock buried deep in your tight ass for the very first time!!"

Lynn had Ken come around to Wendy's face so she could stare at the cock he had just pulled out of her ass and was about to bury up Wendy's. It was all slick and hard and alive, and Wendy gasped as her eyes locked on it.

"Can you believe it," Lynn said, making a big show of stroking Ken's penis right in front of Wendy's eyes. "You're going to take this up the ass, every last inch. And I know you can do it. Now raise that nice bottom of yours up high and hold those cheeks wide open!"

Ken got in position behind Wendy, his perfect cock erect, greased and poised. Lynn grabbed hold of the shaft and placed its tip against Wendy's asshole. Lynn was so excited that her hand trembled as she held Ken. And Wendy was so overcome with anticipation she seemed like she almost had trouble breathing.

"Do it!" Lynn urged Ken as he began to push it in.

"Oh shit!" Wendy howled as she felt it. "Go slow, please go slow!"

And so he did as Wendy accustomed herself to the intrusion. By now he had worked all of his fat cockhead inside her. Wendy's sphincter had never been stretched open quite like this and she did her best to relax her muscles, taking a few deep breaths and concentrating on the awesome new pleasure, relishing the fact that only moments ago she was still an anal virgin, and now she was one no longer.

"Okay, you can keep going," Wendy panted, turning back to look at Lynn and Ken, to give Ken the go ahead.

And so now, slowly, inch by thick inch, he slid his cock up Wendy's bottom, stopping and letting Wendy get accustomed to it and then pushing forward some more, until his full length, to everyone's astonishment, was buried deep inside Wendy's rectum.

Lynn now watched, utterly spellbound, as Ken fucked Wendy's ass with strong, smooth strokes. She held Wendy's buttocks open so she could savor the sight of her anal sphincter wrapped tightly around Ken's steely shaft. Did it ever look good wedged in there like that!

"It makes me so horny, Wendy, to see Ken's cock up your ass," Lynn said as she gazed at the scorching sight.

Gone was Wendy's anal virginity. She was so thrilled, so enthused by what was being done to her, her libido so charged, that pretty soon she had not only gotten used to the big cock plowing her ass, but was now eagerly pushing back on it, trying to get the full length of it inside her with each thrust.

Lynn got in front of Wendy now so she could look her straight in the eye, her face was contorted with an expression of savage, untamed pleasure.

"You like being on your knees, don't you, Wendy? Sticking out your tight little bottom like a horny slut so Ken can bury his big cock deep inside it, huh?"

They had come to enjoy talking nasty to each other like this when they had sex, calling each other 'slut' and things like that.

"Uh huh, I fuckin' love it!"

"How does it feel to have a dick up your ass?"

"It feels amazing-- it feels incredible!" she howled, then she turned back to look at Ken.

"Does it feel good having it in my ass?" she asked. "Does it feel as good as Lynn's?"

"Yours probably feel even better," Lynn told her.

But now Lynn needed to become part of the mix, she couldn't just watch. So she wriggled her way under Wendy's body until the two of them were in a '69' position. Instantly, she felt Wendy's tongue on her pussy. And locked into this embrace with the two of them, Lynn looked up at the most sublime landscape. Right above her face was Wendy's pussy, red, wet and swollen, nesting in its thick dark bush. An inch behind that, the ring of her asshole was wrapped tightly around the thickness of Ken's intruding cock, plunging inside her. Lynn's eyes followed that cock as it pumped in and out Wendy's butt, following it down to his balls, tight and full of spunk. And behind those balls, to his own asshole. This, then, was the spectacular panorama before her eyes.

First Lynn licked his ass and his balls, then paused to stare at his cock plunging inside her. Next she zeroed in on Wendy's pussy with her mouth. Wendy's clit was as big and swollen as a marble. Wendy was already nibbling on Lynn's clit and now Lynn reciprocated, while Ken never let up on the forceful sodomizing of Wendy's trim bottom.

The excitement was too much for Lynn. Seconds later she shook all over, bucking upwards, forcing her cunt against Wendy's probing tongue and lips as Wendy brought her to climax.

"Oh God! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!!!" Wendy now groaned.

And then it was as though a volcano had erupted in Ken's bedroom, the bed shaking in the wake of Wendy's explosive orgasm.

Now Ken began to hyperventilate, as men sometimes do just as they're about to cum. Lynn looked up and knew what she wanted. She grabbed hold of Ken's cock and tore it out of Wendy's ass.

"Come down here!" she said urgently as Wendy scampered down to join her. "Let's suck him off," Lynn said

"Suck him off?" Wendy repeated, stunned.

"Yeah, let's eat him up," Lynn said as she took his ass-glazed cock, dipped in moth the wives' asses, in her mouth. The shock over, Wendy now joined in and the two wives took turns sucking the thick, rigid cock until, suddenly, Lynn pulled back and, with a few last strokes, jerked him off over both their faces as he lavished them with his bountiful spunk.

Wendy and Lynn gazed at each other as Lynn held Ken's still big, but no longer quite so stiff cock in her hand. Spunk was splattered over both their faces. They were a mess, they knew, a beautiful, carnal, satisfied, and utterly satiated mess. Gazing into her eyes, Lynn drew Wendy towards her as they kissed tenderly, the musky taste of Ken's semen on their lips.

Later, in the elevator, after they had left Ken's place, Wendy pressed herself against the taller Lynn, a smile of pure contentment lighting up her face.

"My asshole feels sore," she confessed.

"It's the best kind of soreness there is," Lynn said. "It's a reminder of what you just had buried up there."

"Yeah, a big, hard, thick cock!"

"And you loved every inch, didn't you?" Lynn said, kissing Wendy on the lips.

"I sure did, in my mouth, in my cunt, in my ass! Everywhere!"

"I guess you just became a cheating wife, Wendy, big time. And not just a cheating wife, but a cheating anal wife!"

"I guess I did, and I fuckin' love it!"

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