tagInterracial LoveLynne's Beautiful Day

Lynne's Beautiful Day


Lynne awoke in the morning as Rex slipped his cock into her cunt. She looked at Jennifer and began to finger her pussy. Jennifer kissed her and told her "Good morning. I see Rex has already been awake" she looked at her husband as he rocked into Lynne's pussy. Her hand found Jennifer's pussy to be a little caked with the remnants of last night as she started to finger her clit. Jennifer moaned as Lynne's fingers pushed her pussy lips apart and slid into her moist hole. Jennifer scooted closer held onto Lynne and kissed her as their tongues explored each others mouths.

Rex groaned that he was going to cum, and deposited his cum in Lynne's pussy, then said, "I've got to get ready for the conference" and went to take a shower. Jennifer ran her hand down between Lynne's legs and stuck her finger into her cunt. She smiled as she felt her husbands mess between the blondes legs. Lynne spread wide and Jennifer stuck three fingers into her, then she pulled her hand up and let Lynne lick them clean. They kissed deeply as Lynne told Jennifer, "Why don't you clean up the mess he made?" She watched as Jennifer slid down the bed between her wide spread legs and did exactly that. Lynne moaned as the raven haired beauty ate and licked her clean. She had her first orgasm of the day, and watched when Jennifer lifted her shiny face and laughed. "That's a nice way to eat cum."

They lay in each others arms when Rex came from the bathroom dressed in a business suit. He leaned over to kiss Jennifer and tasted his cum on her lips. He said "Damn girl you know I have this meeting this morning." She laughed and told him he made the mess all she was doing is cleaning up after him. Lynne told him, "That's true, it wasn't Jennifer's fault." He shook his head and went out the door.

After he left, the girls started talking and Jennifer asked Lynne if her tattoo hurt when she got it, if she liked her tongue pierced and what it was like to have black men?

Lynne answered, no it didn't hurt, she liked the pierced tongue and fucking black men was wonderful. She wondered if Jennifer had ever had the opportunity to be with a black man, and Jennifer told her no, but her husbands boss was a very nice black man and he had been to their home before for dinner, and he had stared at her often as they ate and later as they sat on the couch talking about work. Jennifer told Lynne that he was very tall, and very black and his name was Robbin. Lynne smiled to herself as she thought how much she loved having Robbin fuck her with his 15 inches.

She asked Jennifer "Would you like to try a black man?"

Jennifer told her, "I might, I don't know how Rex would like it though."

Lynne told Jennifer "Maybe you shouldn't ask him then."

Jennifer thought for a minute and then looked at Lynne and asked if they could do it together. Lynne nodded and told her "Definitely".

They jumped out of bed and went to shower. They spent 40 minutes in the shower, mostly because they couldn't stop touching each other and giggling as they talked about getting fucked by a black man. They each had two orgasms while they played. Lynne stood next to Jennifer and reached up to kiss her as she gripped her pussy and ran a finger into her ass. The she pulled her finger free and told her that they had better get going. She wondered when Rex would be back, and Jennifer told her it would be at least 7, because he and a couple of associates had to meet some clients for drinks after the meetings today.

They dressed and went to the elevator, Lynne wore her same dress, but figured that the panties were soiled and left them off. She talked Jennifer into a pair of shorts and a blue blouse she had, and convinced her to leave the bra in the room. She loved the way Jennifer looked without her bra, and off they went. They entered the elevator and started down, but stopped to let Jerry on. He looked at Lynne, and told her "Hi baby, what you doin' today, and who is you friend?" Lynne introduced Jennifer told him they were going shopping and asked what room his boss was in. Jennifer didn't realize that Jerry must work for the same company as her husband and told Lynne what room Robbin was in. He smiled and asked if she had something to give him and she told him "You might say that, and Jennifer wants to meet him." He laughed and told her the room number and told Lynne to mention him when she gives him her gift. She told him she would. When they got to the lobby, Lynne went to the hotel phone and called Robbin's room but there was no answer, she left him a message with Jennifer's room number and they went to get something to eat.

While they were gone, they stopped by a couple of shops and looked over some of the curios that they were selling, but Lynne's mind couldn't keep itself on anything but Robbin's big black cock. When they returned to Jennifer's room it was 3 and they only had until 7 or so and when she saw the light flashing on the phone, she was thrilled. Jennifer checked it and heard a man on the phone saying he had received Lynne's message and was curious if she was hoping to have some of his cock again. Lynne said she would call him back and see if they could get together. She called Robbin and when he picked up the phone, she felt her pussy begin to dampen. She asked if he would like to see her and her new friend and he told her to come to his room and they might be able to work something out.

When she got off the phone, she told Jennifer that he wanted them to come to his room. She wondered if Jennifer was ready for a big BLACK cock, and Jennifer told her yes, now or never, and they laughed.

Lynne and Jennifer went to the elevator and up to the 17th floor and knocked on the door, it opened and when Robbin saw Jennifer and vice versa they both stood silent. He had wanted this white cunt every time they had dinner together, but didn't ever believe it would happen, now here she was standing in his room with the whore he had worked over the other night and he smiled and told Jennifer, "Hey, Jennifer, small world isn't it?" Jennifer looked down and told him, "Robbin, I didn't know you were Lynne's friend also." Lynne walked over to Robbin and stood next to him and reached her hand to his cock. Robbin said "Well girl you aren't shy are you?" Lynne looked at him and said "Well, since you have been in every hole in my body, except my ass, I guess I shouldn't be."

Lynne looked at Jennifer and said, "Look, think of it as not only a way to get laid, but a way to make your husband's boss happy."

"You do want to fuck Jennifer, don't you Robbin?"

"I shouldn't have asked, I feel your answer already."

Jennifer walked over to Robbin and he leaned down and kissed her as Lynne unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down over his hips. She kneeled and undid his shoes and helped him step out of them and his pants. Then she reached in front of her face, and slowly pulled his jockeys down to reveal his glorious cock. She told Jennifer to look at him, and Jennifer did and gasped. Lynne had both of her hands on his cock and there was still 7 inches left over. Lynne took Robbin's cock in her mouth and started licking around the head. Jennifer stepped back and took off her shorts and blouse and Robbin gasped as her tits came into view. He said "I thought your tits were fine but I didn't know they were this beautiful." She pulled her panties down revealing the mass of black pubic hair surrounding her pussy. Her clitoris had already begun to push through and Robbin thought to himself that he was going to enjoy fucking his employee's wife today.

Lynne let go of his cock and stood up. She asked if Robbin would like to lay back on the bed. He nodded and lay back with his cock hard and laying back against his stomach. Jennifer stared at him, and she marveled at the size of his black cock. She looked at Lynne, who was stripping and Lynne told her that she was about to go to heaven. Lynne led her to the bed and helped her climb onto Robbin. Jennifer lifted up and Lynne took Robbins cock and placed it against her cunt and told Jennifer to sit down. She watched as the head disappeared into Jennifer's body until she hesitated and told her that she couldn't take it all. Lynne laughed and told her that it might be a little uncomfortable at first, but it would all go, and with that she grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down. Jennifer let out a little cry and came to rest against Robbin. The pain had been terrific, when he passed her cervix and his cock slid into her womb so she sat quiet for a minute as Lynne reached over to kiss her.

Robbin said "Jennifer, you my slut now baby? Bet no one has ever been there before have they?"

Tears streamed down Jennifer's face as her cunt seemed stretched beyond repair. Lynne leaned over and kissed Robbin and whispered to him that he was the first black man in Jennifer's life. "What do you think of your first black man, you whore?" Jennifer began to ride Robbin's cock, she couldn't believe the amount of movement she was having to do. Robbin looked her in the eye and told her she was doing great. Lynne looked at Jennifer and told her she looked great with a big black cock buried in her pussy. They kissed and Jennifer rode harder. She was beginning to enjoy Robbin's big black cock buried in her, and she wanted show him how much she appreciated him. She started throwing her head from side to side as she rode his cock and he looked at her and said "Jennifer, you're a wild bitch, aren't you?" Jennifer had a far away look in her beautiful green eyes as she told him "You feel so good in me Robbin, thank you."

Robbin thought to himself, god this is one hairy slut, looks like her cunt has an afro. Jennifer screamed as she came and she let her pussy grind against his pubic hair, Lynne told her, "It's my turn Jennifer" and they changed places. Lynne hovered over Robbin, reached down and put his cock against her pussy, then lowered herself onto him, and she began to ride his beautiful black cock. Robbin smiled and said "You are a cockhound you fucking whore. Your cunt is big as a garage after having Jennifer there. I haven't fucked your ass yet and I bet I'll just slide into it too, won't I?" Lynne pouted and reached down took his cock from her pussy and positioned it against her ass, she pushed down and the whole 15 inches slid in until she rested against his balls. He told her "Well, that is a little tighter you slut, now ride my black cock you bitch." Lynne began to ride and she moaned loudly. Jennifer looked at the big black cock appeared and then disappeared from Lynne's asshole, as she played with her pussy. Lynne announced "I'm going to cum again damnit" and she felt her cunt open and the cum gushed onto her lips and onto her thighs.

Robbin looked into her eyes and told her, "I'm going to cum you whore, put it in your mouth."

Lynne gladly jumped off and dove on his cock, as he began to pump his cum. Jennifer came over and Lynne took his cock and offered it to her, Jennifer opened her mouth and as she went for it, another spurt of cum hit her in the face, and they took turn sucking his cock before he began to soften, them Lynne looked at her and told her to clean his pubes of the cum that had escaped, which Jennifer gladly did. Robbin loved watching as the two women sucked his cock. He thought about how nice it would be when they returned to New Orleans and he would continue to find ways to be alone with Jennifer. He still had some work to do with her.

Lynne told Jennifer she had to go home and change into some other clothes and hoped they would meet again someday.

She gave Robbin her email and told him to write, and look her up when he was in town. She put on her clothes and left as Jennifer began to suck Robbin's cock.

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