tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn's Helping Hands

Lynn's Helping Hands


After a week of business in Denver, I was finally on my way home. I was enjoying the expectation of seeing my husband this evening and perhaps spending some time in our hot tub getting reacquainted. Needless to say I was a little horny. The men at these meetings always think we women are on the make so I had been hit on a lot. I had always been faithful to my husband, but the constant groping and sexual suggestions still gets me hot.

Let me tell you something about myself before I continue with my story. I am twenty-eight, 5' 8' tall, and weigh around 125. I am careful with my health and eat right and run five days a week when I can. I have a good figure, not one of those voluptuous women you see in swimsuit ads, but more of a lean version of them. I have been married for four years to a wonderful man, who kindles excitement in me with his touch.

We live in St. Louis, where he is a lawyer and I am a regional sales manager for a large software company. Once a year we have a big meeting in Denver, which had taken place in the past week. I was now on my way home.

You may wonder why I am driving. Our team meetings are always in the heart of the summer and if the forecast is good, I like to drive. The opportunity to get some sun is great, I drive a convertible, and I find the miles relaxing.

Now, back to my predicament. Everything was just wonderful. I was rolling along under bright blue skies, enjoying the sun on my bare shoulders and legs (I was wearing a short black loose silk skirt and, white silk halter top, along with a very sexy bra and thong panties in expectation of uniting/exciting with my husband this evening) when I experienced that bane of women drivers everywhere, a blowout.

Luckily it was on the right rear so controlling and stopping the car was no trouble. I pulled off the road, got out and surveyed my situation. No real damage, but I would need to pop the trunk and move a few bags so I could access the spare.

I was just considering how my sexy attire, meant for my husband's eyes, was exposing much more of me now than I wanted, when a semi pulled up behind me and stopped.

I was more than a little nervous about my situation, as a young man climbed down from the passenger side of the truck and asked me if I needed any help. I explained that I was trying to undercover and retrieve my spare. He quickly stepped forward and began to assist me unloading my bags from the trunk. As we talked about what had happened and he got my spare tire out and examined it, I found him to be very friendly and courteous and not the least scary. After all, it was the middle of the day, bright sunshine on a fairly busy interstate, and he seemed really helpful.

Then came the clincher. My spare was as flat as the tire that had blown out. The young man, whose name I had discovered was Bill, suggested that he install the flat spare, take the blown out tire to the next filling station and have it replaced and then I could get a ride back here to have them switched again.

Thinking more about getting this over as soon as possible and getting home and considering how nice and gentlemanly Bill appeared, against my better judgment I agreed.

Bill wasted no time switching the two wheels and throwing the blown tire in the back of the cab of his truck. He then held the door to his rig open and motioned for me to climb aboard.

Once again, I was acutely aware that the clothes I had selected for my husbands pleasure were suddenly causing me more than a little embarrassment. As I climbed up into the cab of the truck I am sure that Bill was staring up my short skirt at my mostly naked legs and behind. The sexual tension combined with still a little anxiety had my juices flowing to say the least.

As I entered the cab I immediately met the gaze of whom I soon discovered was Bill's driving partner. He had not appeared until now and turned out to be just the opposite of Bill. He was old, perhaps 60, and as dirty as Bill was clean and had a mouth full of rotting teeth. To top it all off he was busy staring down my now too revealing blouse.

As I settled into the passenger seat all he could mumble was "Jesus, Bill. She's fine."

Bill climbed in beside me, much too close in the small confines of the passenger seat and we started down the road.

Soon Bill introduced me to his partner, Mike.

Mike and Bill seemed to be in a state of constant running commentary about what had taken place with my car, and where they were going, interspersed with comments on their CB regarding the pretty young gal they were helping. I relaxed somewhat realizing that they were making these public statements about helping me.

As Mike shifted up through the gears though, he seemed to take every opportunity to brush against my naked thigh only inches from his and uncovered now by the shortness of my dress almost to the level of my panties. In addition, as Bill and Mike were very animated in their stream of talk, they each occasionally took the liberty of touching my legs to make a point. It had started very innocently at my knees, but as their conversation continued they had become bolder and bolder and moved higher and higher up my thighs until I had to keep constantly brushing them away to maintain any sense of decency, finally asking them to quit touching me, in as friendly but yet stern a voice as I could.

We had made it down the road several miles when Bill, very non-chalantly, reached over, and grabbing the front of my halter-top pulled it out and looked down onto my breasts, commenting, "Those are some nice lookin' titties you got there darlin'." I pushed his hand away and tried to slap him, but he caught my arm and twisted it gently.

He said, "Now look here lady, we stopped to help you out and we mean to do that. We don't want to hurt you either. But it's been a long ride in this rig with nobody but Mike to look at, and besides I'd wager we ain't the first to look at your titties. So you just relax and let Mike and I have our fun and you'll be back in your little car before you know it. If not, maybe we'll just take your clothes and let you out here."

I was terrified. All I could mutter was "Please don't hurt me."

As this had been going on Mike had put his hand back on my thigh and had steadily been raising my skirt up to reveal my panties. Now he said to Bill, "Hey buddy, I want them panties as a souvenir. How bought getting' em' for me?".

Bill responded, "Well, dear, I guess you heard Mike there. Get those panties off and give 'em to Mike, and while you're at it you might just as well get rid of that bra too."

"No, I can't. I can't let you..."

This was followed by a slap across my face and Bill advising me again that they didn't want to hurt me but that I had to comply with their demands.

I slowly and carefully removed my panties trying carefully not to show too much as I did.

I turned and handed them to Mike who I swear was now drooling.

Removing my bra was another question though. I could only remove it by first removing my blouse. I hesitated and Bill threatened to slap me again. I slowly pulled my blouse above my head and removed my bra. As my breasts came into view both of them whistled and hooted about my "Great titties." Bill took my bra and hung it from the rear view mirror. I started to put my blouse back on but he stopped me saying, "I don't think you need to cover those beauties up darlin'. Just stay like you are."

Over the next few miles Bill played with my exposed breasts gently at first and then using more and more force to massage and tweak them. This, combined with the air conditioning in the cab had caused my nipples to engorge and they were now standing an inch long, exciting Bill to ever rougher play with them. More than once I am sure a groan escaped from my lips as the constant attention and my own horniness caused me to become more aroused than I wanted.

Mike would occasionally reach his hand over and rub my exposed pussy and sometimes try to insert a finger into me. Each time sending little jolts through my sensitive clitoris. My pussy was now very wet and enlarged, which Mike did not hesitate to announce to Bill and occasionally on the CB.

Many times as other trucks passed us they would hail them on the CB and tell them to look into the cab at what they had found. I was thus exposed to dozens of truckers over the course of the next 100 miles.

Finally I felt the truck begin to slow down and we exited the interstate and entered a truck stop. Bill handed me my blouse and told me to get it on. I reached for my bra and he said, " No sweetheart just the blouse, no bra. We want to show off those titties."

Bill got out and helped me out, managing to rub my bare pussy in the process. As Mike came around to our side of the truck Bill told him to watch me closely and went to the back to get my tire. Mike wrapped his arm around me and proceeded to grab my breasts while sucking on my lips and trying to get his tongue into my mouth. Finally he gave up and just rubbed my pussy and inserted a dirty finger inside of me. I shuddered.

Bill had retrieved the tire by now and said to me, "Look you can still get hurt, so don't try anything in here. We're going to get something to eat while they fix your tire, and then you can be on your way. But we have lot's of friends here and it will still go bad for you if you start squawking."

I nodded agreement as Mike removed his finger from my pussy and licked it clean, mumbling "Hmm, hmm good" as we walked.

As we entered the diner, it seemed as if everyone in the place turned around to look at me.

My breasts and nipples were surely in view through my sheer blouse and I knew it must be obvious that I was wearing no panties. In addition, Mike and Bill took turns grabbing my ass as we walked. We proceeded to the back of the diner, where six men were sitting around a table for eight, all of them also truckers by their look.

Bill and Mike took the remaining seats and Bill pulled me to his lap. I was introduced as Bill's new playmate as he proceeded to play with my breasts and pussy in plain sight of the other men. This again, against my conscious will, had the effect of making he extremely horny. It was explained that I had had a blowout and Bill and Mike were helping me out and that I had agreed to make their trip less monotonous in repayment. When Bill concentrated on squeezing my breasts, Mike was steadily trying to get his finger back in my pussy.

Bill continued to the group, " Now guys I know she wants to meet you all but keep in mind that she's a fine and sensitive lady and try to treat her as such. "

With that he turned to me and said, "Why don't you just walk around the table and get to know the boys. One of them likely has to take you back to your car so try to be nice to them." With that, he stood me up and pushed me toward the guy that was next to him.

I stumbled and almost fell but the man next to him caught me and held me up, albeit with one hand under my blouse. He sat me on his lap and introduced himself as Jim as the rest of the guys chuckled.

Jim proceeded to squeeze my breasts and rub my pussy a couple of times while saying he would love to help me back to my car if only I was going east. He then passed me on to the next guy. Each guy took is turn examining my naked body. Some stuck their fingers in me; one just squeezed my breasts and passed me on. One black guy inserted a sausage link into my pussy and then proceeded to eat it commenting on how delicious it was dipped in my "special gravy".

This went on from one guy to the next until I came back to Mike. By now my pussy was involuntarily wet from all the attention it had received from the men. My nipples were again hard and sticking visibly from my blouse. Mike pulled me onto his lap and quickly pushed two fingers into me and sat there talking to the others while he slowly pumped them in and out of me.

It seemed that only one set of guys was heading west from here. They were two black guys, one the guy who had stuck the sausage in me, from California who agreed to take me back to my car. All I had to do was lose the rest of my clothes. I asked, no begged, them to just let me go here at the truck stop, and they said they would but I'd still have to lose my clothes. Feeling trapped, I agreed to ride back to the car with the two black men.

As the men finished eating and readied to leave, they would walk around the table to me, squeeze my breasts, kiss me, most trying to stick their tongues in my mouth, and say bye to Mike and Bill. During all this time I don't think Mike missed a single beat with his two fingers in my pussy.

Finally it was down to Bill and Mike and the two black men. We all walked out of the diner together and back to the black men's' truck. At that point Mike asked for my skirt and Bill indicated he wanted my blouse. I slowly removed my last pieces of clothing and

hurriedly tried to get into the cab of the truck.

"Not so quick baby", said the bigger of the men. "We haven't said goodbye yet."

Bill came over first and said, " Thanks for making the trip and breakfast so much fun."

Then he kissed me hard and forced his tongue into my mouth. I didn't mean to but opened my mouth and held him in a long soulful kiss.

Then Mike walked over and said, "I want some of that too, missy."

I responded as I had with Bill. I couldn't believe I was standing here totally naked, in front of three strangers, kissing this ugly, dirty man like he was my long time lover. As we kissed he again inserted his finger into my pussy and finally moved away licking his finger as he and Bill went back to their truck.

The two black men finished their cigarettes and then I was told to climb aboard.

As I climbed the ladder to the truck I could feel my pussy squishing to the delight of my newest captors.

...To Be Continued

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