tagLesbian SexLynn's Journeys Ch. 05

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 05



The next few weeks flew by incredibly fast. Brie returned from London, and between her bed and Dee's, my sex life was wonderfully full at the moment. Thanksgiving was around the corner, yet another day to deal with the 'when-is-Lynn-going-to-find-Mr. Right' drama that is my family.

Walking into the mail center, my 'mystery blond' was at the standup table, sorting her mail. We had seen each other a few times since that Saturday afternoon, a couple of weeks back, nodding or saying a polite 'hi' to each other in passing.

"Milly's." I heard from behind me as I retrieved my mail. Turning towards her, I said, "Excuse me?" looking between her and my mail.

"I've been driving myself crazy-and that's a short trip-trying to figure out why so seem so familiar to me. It was at Milly's, a couple of weeks ago; that's where I saw you, why I thought I knew you," looking up from her mail, a bright smile on her face directed at me.

Walking over to the table, but across from her, I put my mail down. "Don't feel alone; I've been trying to place you as well since I saw you in here the first time." Extending my hand in greeting, I introduced myself, adding, "And yes, it was in Milly's; I was with a girlfriend and I also saw you, briefly, but your face must have stayed with me."

"I'm Natalie, but please call me Nat," taking my hand in greeting, softly squeezing it, as opposed to 'shaking' it, "I'm surprised you remember me, we didn't talk, did we?"

"No, just two ships passing in the night," I joked, and she laughed with me, her green eyes smiling.

"I haven't seen you back there since then, why?" she asked as she looked at her mail, as I was.

"Been incredibly busy; thought about going by myself a couple of times but just haven't gotten around to it," I said, stacking my 'keeper' mail and pushing the junk into the can next to the table.

"I was thinking about dropping in there tonight if you'd like to join me, my gal-pal bailed out on me tonight and I hate going out alone." She said, dumping her own trash mail into the can.

"So, I'm your backup date, huh? I jokingly said, snickering a bit

"Yep, I guess so," laughing, "so do you want to join me for a couple of cocktails and a bit of people-watching?"

I chewed my lip a bit, deciding; what the hell, I thought, it sure beat my planned evening of doing laundry.

"What the hell, what time?"

She'd drive, and pick me up behind my place, at the garage entry at eight; that'd work, give me time to shower and relax a bit.

Nat is a little package; she's no more than 5'4", I'd say, and maybe 110 lbs. Her blond hair is shoulder length and frames her face nicely, I'd say. Her age? I'd guess her to be between the late twenties and early thirties.

Those were the thoughts bouncing around my head as I toweled dry from my shower when the phone rang; running naked to my bedroom, I grabbed it on the fourth ring.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi, it's me, Nat-we had exchanged numbers-looks like we have to come up with a plan B," I heard her say, "Milly's is closed until the Monday after Thanksgiving for remodeling."

"Damned inconsiderate bastards," I joked.

"Bitches, actually," she corrected me, "Milly's is owned by Milly and Jackie, a couple of older butches."

"Bitches? Or Butches? Make up your mind," I joked.

"Well, they're all Butch who can be bitches, at times," she said.

"Got it. So's what's plan B?"

"Like movies?"

"Yeah, though my tastes tend to run towards the 'Indie' films," I said.

"Cool, there's a new bill starting at the Art Cinema tomorrow night, want to check it out?"

Confused, I sought clarification, "I thought you were talking about tonight."

"No, tonight I thought we'd grab a couple of 'pops' at another place I know since Milly's is closed."

"So the movies?" even more confused.

"Oh, tomorrow night? Sorry, that's a different date, a second date."

"Oh." I said.

The other place was a west side bistro in the arts district, called 'Lez's'. Yes, the name says it all. It was upscale, had a DJ working the small dance area, offered nibble fare and lots of beers. Nat and I chose a 'tall table' in the bar area, away from the dance area.

Toasting each other with our drinks, we both took a long pull.

"So, my story, huh?" Nat said when she put down her glass.

She had heard my 'story' on the drive over, when I answered her question about my orientation. She agreed with me that my newness means I'm at the exploration stage, personally. She also agreed with me that the fact I haven't really questioned the continuation of my explorations is very telling.

"You'll know," she said, "and you'll either accept the truth about yourself, or spend your life trying to hide it, but you will know."

"I had my first lesbian experience as a freshman in college, with a professor; she was very seductive in her quest of my chastity," she jokingly said, "but after one of our evening discussion group sessions, I stayed to help her clean up. She turned me on to pot and 151 Rum, and I woke up the next morning lying next to her in her bed, both of us naked."

Tilting her head to one side, "The strange thing is I clearly remember being not as much shocked, as I was disappointed that I didn't remember what happened between us."

Taking another sip, she added, smiling, "Thankfully, she woke up and gave me a refresher course that morning," laughing a bit.

Now, Nat's a professor herself, at a private college in the city and at thirty-four, she's pretty much okay with her life, "Nothing winning the Lottery wouldn't make better," she had joked.

"How did you know that I was 'in the life', as you refer to it?" I asked, sipping my own Scotch over rocks.

"Well, being at Milly's was a clue, though 'straights' do come there for the calamari, but you and your friend just looked like you were on a date."

"Hmmph," was all I said.

The night went well, for the both of us it seemed, with a lot of laughter and generally, just a good time. Signaling our waitress, we paid our tab and left.

As we drove home, she said, "Just so you know, I don't put out on the first date," laughing afterwards.

"I've told you of my introductory three weeks so, clearly, you know that I do," I joked.

Laughing with me, she retorted, "But, since our second date is tomorrow night, I'd like to prolong the mystery for a night, if you're okay with that," looking at me sideways.

"I'll suffer through it," I said, "but it won't be easy," laughing again.

We shared a very nice goodnight kiss when she dropped me off. "Sure you don't want to come in for a while?" Kissing me again, this time longer, she answered, when her lips left mine, "Ask me again tomorrow night."

I had just rolled and lit my doobie when the doorbell rang. "Shit, she's early," rushing to put out the joint, fanning the air as I answered the door. It didn't do any good because she stopped and sniffed the air within her first three steps inside.

"Well, if you don't offer me a hit, there'll be no pussy for you tonight, my dear," looking at me with a mock, stern look.

Picking up the joint from an ashtray, "Well, we can't have that can we?" lighting it, and passing it to her. I had switch suppliers to the lady that Brie uses and the herb was so much better.

"I know I'm early," handing it back to me and letting a bit of smoke out of her mouth, "but that's who I am; an early freak, sorry." I assured her that it wasn't a problem and that, now, we can both get a buzz on before the movie.

We did, and it was splendid.

Nat is a popcorn freak, and so am I, especially when I have the munchies, and I did. The seats were comfortable at this complex, able to swivel back and forth a bit, and very plush. The popcorn was gone in a heartbeat, both of us wasting no time satisfying those herb induced cravings.

The theater was only about half-full, and the movie, engrossing. A story of a young woman coming of age in the deep south during the depression, and of her battle with herself about her 'feelings' for best friend, who was also her cousin.

We were both into the movie and plot line, but when a love scene, a long love scene, came onto the screen, Nat picked up my arm and put it around her as she scooched closer to me, leaning her head against my upper chest. I reacted by squeezing her closer and stroking my fingers up and down her arm.

I had a dress on that night, loose and comfortable, and as the love scene progressed on the screen, her hand moved to my lap, pulling my hemline to mid-thigh. Tilting her head up to me, I turned and kissed her, her hand slipping between my legs, her fingers moving my panties to the side. I moaned into her mouth when her fingers separated my nether-lips, and she slid two fingers into me, two knuckles deep.

I moved my hand from her arm, letting it drape over her shoulder and caressed her breast as we kissed even more passionately, her thumb rubbing my button as her fingers fucked me. I shuddered when I came, breaking our kiss and holding my head against hers as I shook with pleasure.

Stroking my face with her fingers, she whispered softly to me, "My place or yours?"

"Mine," I said when my breath returned.

Using the remote I carry in my purse, I opened the garage door for her to drive in and park. Entering into the kitchen, she took me into her arms when I closed the door behind us, kissing me hard, pressing me against the door, her hands on my breasts. She was shorter than me and my head was bent down to her upturned mouth. My hands found her breasts as well, her nipples hard, feeling very good in my hands.

We didn't make it to my bedroom for that first time; the couch in my TV room was christened by us in a delicious sixty-nine, our clothes all over the place. We rested, snuggled and, recovered, we moved to my bedroom.

For whatever reason that night, I was the aggressor; laying her on her back, I crawled over and straddled her small body, my pussy brushing her belly, holding her arms above her head with my hands. Bending I sucked her breasts, teased her nipples with my mouth and tongue, her hips moving, begging.

Sliding down her body to her pussy, I teased her unmercifully, bringing her to the brink of orgasm, then backing off, letting it ease, and then I'd start all over again until she was begging me to let her cum.

I did. I let her finally climax, her juices nearly drowning me, she was so wet.

She pulled me to her after a while, kissing me, baby-talking to me, thanking me for the absolute best orgasm of her life, kissing me all over as she gushed about my lovemaking.

Damn! You're somebody's best time; you've never been anybody's 'best time'.

Yeah, I know, isn't that crazy?

You want me to leave you alone, don't you?

Yeah, I do.

Nat stayed the night.

Nat ate me until I was sore and asked her to stop.

But I wasn't too sore to eat Nat.

Nat was very happy the next morning and showed me her appreciation by waking me with a climax.

Lying in bed, in each other's arms, the morning light was sneaking through my windows, and bowing to the inevitable, I asked if she'd like coffee. She would, and showed her the toothbrush, in its unopened package-I learn things!-and the toothpaste. Grabbing a wrap from the clothes hook on the door, I told her to feel free to use any one of the others.

"Mmmm, is that a Kona blend?" she asked, walking into the kitchen. Grabbing the cup I had out for her, she took hers straight, no sugar or cream.

"It is," I answered, "I reward myself every January with a trip to Maui for a couple of weeks, and I've become addicted to Kona coffee from the Islands."

"Lucky you, what a great time to be over there," she said, sipping and blowing on the hot mug of coffee.

"I have a great real estate gal who finds me deals on rental condos over there, and she's yet to disappoint," I added.

"I should do that one year when we take our winter break instead of visiting family; they live in fucking Montana. Do you know how cold fucking Montana is in January?" taking a long pull at her cup.

I don't know why, I really don't; it's that fucking impulsive gene I've inherited I guess. That fact understood by me since I was a kid, I opened my mouth anyway, no surprise.

"So, come with me this January," I heard myself say, "it'd be fun to have someone with me for a change."

Her eyes, over her cup, narrowed and focused a bit, her brow scrunched a bit as well. Lowering her cup to the counter, where we were sitting, she said, "Are you serious?"

"I usually go in January when the colleges are on break," I said, "most of my 'techies' are students and during their break, most work full time which gives me a chance to take some time off."

"We'd split the cost of the condo, rental car, and all expenses?" she asked

"We would, air fare included if you'd like; I can get you my corporate rates on that as well."

"And you're fucking serious with this invitation, you're not just blowing smoke up my ass," her eyes narrowing as she said it, as if waiting for a punch line.

"Up your ass?" I joked, "Nat, I'll blow your pussy but your ass is safe from me; and yes, I'm serious."

"Why? She asked, serious now.

"Why not?"

Why not, indeed.

We finished our coffee, and jumped into my large shower together. Shower sex is much more fun with a woman, I thought as Nat was on her knees, sucking on my clit; much better, I thought as I climaxed, than with a guy.

In retrospect, I thought, as I waved her out of my garage, letting the door down as she drove off, this trip in January with Nat should be a lot of fun. I mean, we look like Mutt and Jeff, standing next to each other but she's fun; she gets me, I get her, and it'll be a nice change of pace from my solo trips.

Look, it's not like I don't have straight friends, hell that's all I had before I met Brie. Now though, 'I have options' that I didn't have before. All of my straight friends were mostly married with a gaggle of kids, or in 'relationships'; so now, 'I have options'.

Options, huh? Is that what you call all that pussy you've been eating, 'exercising your options'?

It's not 'all that pussy'; it's only really been three women that I've been with.

Yeah, and a lot; you've been with their pussies a lot.

What's your fucking point here?

I'm just saying...

"Hey, girlfriend," I heard Dee's voice say when I answered the phone. Besides becoming lovers-did I just say that?-we've also become very good friends, talking almost daily.

"Hey, babe, what's shaking?" I say, happy to hear her voice.

"Got something to ask you, but you're under no pressure to agree, okay?" she said, hesitantly.

This should be fucking good, I thought, but curious anyway.

"You remember Ling, the Chinese beauty I hooked up with, when she answered my ad? Well, I think I told you but it doesn't matter; we've been hooking up quite a bit the last couple of weeks and she asked me something last night, and, you're were the first one to come to my mind" pausing, as if waiting for me to ask 'the question.'

I 'out-paused' her.

"She wants to have a threesome," Dee suddenly blurted out, "she asked me to give her a threesome, with someone that I absolutely trust, and, I thought of you."

"Lynn? Are you pissed at me?" she said after listening to the silence from my end for about a minute.

"No, not at all," I said, "I was just thinking about whether or not I want to do this."

"She likes for me to sit on her face when she eats me," Dee offered.

"When and what time?"

My sister is right about me.

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