tagInterracial LoveLynn's Picnic In The Park

Lynn's Picnic In The Park


It was a warm summer afternoon in southern California. To Lynn it seemed a perfect day for a picnic in the park. Picking up the phone, she dialed her best friend, Lisa. The two had met at a downtown club in LA and became more than friends. As the phone rang Lynn thought of her friend's sexy body and the possibilities for the afternoon.

"Hello," said the voice at the other end. "Lisa, whatcha doing this afternoon? I thought you might like to go to the park for a little picnic," Lynn said.

"Sweet!" Lisa replied. "I sure wouldn't mind something good to eat," she said suggestively. "What should I bring?"

"Just your bod, babe" Lynn responded, shifting the phone to the other hand. "I've got all you can eat and then some!"

The girls agreed to meet at the park entrance in an hour. Lynn busily gathered a quilt and iced down a few colas in a cooler and headed for the park. Sunday afternoon traffic was light so she arrived a little early. As the minutes passed by she realized she was getting pretty horny waiting for Lisa. She began to think of Lisa's smoothe ebony skin and her big round breasts. She loved to bury her face between them, then suck her nipples wildly! Lynn giggled mischieviously at her thoughts, her hand sliding between her legs and coming to rest on her crotch. She pressed her hand against her tight shorts and her pussy tingled. Her mind drifted to thoughts of their many sexual interludes over the last month.

Suddenly, Lynn was jarred back to reality by the sound of a car horn next to her. Getting out of the car was Lisa and another girl she didn't know. "You scared the shit outta me Lisa!" Lynn shouted as she opened her door.

"What were you doing anyway? You sure had a lusty look on your face," Lisa said accusingly. "Anyway, this is my friend CC. She came over after we talked so I invited her to come with us."

Trying to hide her disappointment, Lynn said politely "Hi CC, I'm glad you could come." As the girls began walking down the trail Lynn realized this would have to be just a social get together and not an afternoon of wild sex as she had wanted. She did notice, however, that CC was exceptionally beautiful, her dark skin contrasting exotically with the tight white shorts that were barely covering her sexy butt. "This is going to be torture,"Lynn thought to herself as she watched the two black girls' bottoms wiggle and jiggle as they walked.

"Did you bring sandwich's Lynn?" asked Lisa.

"Uh, no I forgot them,"Lynn stammered. She hadn't planned on THAT type of eating. "I did bring some cold drinks though."

"That's fine with me, I'm not very hungry anyway," Lisa replied. "How about you CC?" she asked her sexy friend.

"I'm good," CC said. "But I am a little thirsty."

The girls left the trail and found a small clearing nearby with rays of sunshine cutting through the branches overhead. Lynn spread the quilt and opened the cooler as the three girls relaxed. Lisa told CC about the night she met Lynn in the club. Lisa's brother had been dancing with Lynn and he brought her to the table to meet his sister.

"When they left I knew that white bitch was going to fuck my little brother," Lisa said as she pushed Lynn.

"Little my ass!" Lynn responded. "Your 'little brother' has the biggest dick I had ever seen!" Lynn exclaimed as she held up her hands to about a foot apart. "And let me tell you, he knew how to use it!" Lynn laughed and nudged Lisa playfully.

CC broke in "So you're dating Lisa's little brother? He is one hot brotha. How was he?" she asked.

"Oh CC, I can't talk about Lisa's brother in front of her," Lynn said with a smile. "He fucked me soooo good and hard and deep! Mmmmmm." Lynn continued on over Lisa's protests. "I had never been so stuffed in all my life and he only used about half of it on me! I came so many times it was running out of me like a river!"

"Lynn you crazy white bitch! Shut up! That's my little brother you're talking about." Lisa shoved Lynn back, spilling her cola. The three girls were laughing loudly when up walked a park ranger with a woman accompanying him.

The woman pointed to the three girls. "They are making too much noise. I bet they are doing drugs or something."

Lisa stood up and got right in the brunette's face. "We're not bothering anybody, bitch!" she said sassily. "Unless you want an ass whipping, you'd better get the hell outta here!"as Lynn and CC stood and walked to her side.

"Come on Miss," said the ranger as he took the arm of the brunette to lead her away. As they turned to leave, she took her bottled water and doused it on the front of Lisa's shirt. "Cool off bitch," she said as she prissed away.

Lynn and CC grabbed their friend to hold her back. "It's a good thing she left! I was just about to start whaling on her ass!" She began to peel off the soaked shirt revealing her large voluptuous breasts.

"Wow!" exclaimed a wide-eyed CC as she stared at Lisa's ample chest.

"Huge aren't they, CC?" Lynn asked the amazed black girl. "And they taste so good!" she sang as she bent down and took one of the nipples into her mouth. Sucking it playfully, she watched for CC's reaction.

"Mmmm, feels so good," Lisa moaned as she looked at CC while stroking Lynn's blond hair. She motioned for CC to join them.

CC walked slowly over to Lisa and Lynn, all the while watching the blond kissing and sucking on the growing nipple of her friend.

At that moment the brunette returned, quietly peeking through the bushes. Her mouth dropped open at the sight in front of her.

Lisa took her other boob in the palm of her hand and offered it to CC as their eyes met. Lisa licked her lips as CC lowered her head to Lisa's other tit, flicking her tongue across the nipple. Feeling it jump at the touch of her tongue, she kissed it and took it into her mouth.

"Mmmm that looks good," Lynn cooed. "Does that nipple taste good CC?" CC nodded in the affirmative as her lips caressed Lisa's sensitive nipple. Standing upright, Lynn removed her shirt and pressed her smallish tits against Lisa's large mellon.

"Damn," the brunette said to herself,"if I was that white girl I think I would put my top back on," she giggled at the sight of the black tits completely dwarfing the white tits.

"Don't forget my itty bitty titties," CC said in a little girl's voice. She removed her top displaying her perfectly shaped breasts, not nearly as large as Lisa's but substantially larger than Lynn's.

"Come on Lynn, suck this tit girl," Lisa urged her white friend, pulling her head down to her super-sized bosoms. Lisa threw her head back in pleasure as her two friends sucked greedily at her excited nipples.

The brunette could feel her own body becoming very aroused. Sliding her hand inside her shorts, she wiggled a finger against her clit and sighed in pleasure.

The girls moved over to the quilt and Lynn lay back, her legs spread and her excited pussy exposed. She groaned as she felt Lisa stroke her clit with her finger and thumb.

"Have you ever seen a white pussy before CC?" Lisa asked her curious friend. "Stick your finger in there and feel how tight it is."

"Damn!" CC exclaimed as she worked her finger inside Lynn's tight white pussy. "I don't see how Fason (Lisa's "little" brother)ever got his big dick in there!" she said in amazement. She moved her finger in and out, feeling Lynn's hot cunt tighten around it.

Reaching into her purse, Lisa said "I brought you a surprise baby," pulling out a small rubber penis. She wiggled back and forth as she smiled wickedly at Lynn. Sucking it into her mouth like a tiny white dick, Lisa slid it back and forth between her lips until it was very wet. Replacing CC's finger with the little dick, she slid it all the way in, twisting it as she went.

Lynn moaned loudly, her eyes closed to protect against the sun's rays.

"This is what she wants," Lisa said to CC as she lowered her face to Lynn's wet pussy. Hungrily, she licked at Lynn's clit while working the rubber penis in her cunt.

"You like that Lynn?" CC asked. "Lisa licking your clit while she fucks that little white pussy with that rubber dick?" CC looked at Lisa and said "I'm getting so fucking horny I can hardly stand it."

"Have you ever had a girl eat your pussy before CC?" Lisa asked. "Its like nothing you've ever felt." Lisa could tell her friend was more than a little unsure. She wanted to find out what it is was like but to do it with another girl is a big step.

CC stood up, tugging her shorts downward over her shapely ass. She looked down at Lynn who was staring at her smooth shaven pussy. Then she looked anxiously at Lisa.

"Go ahead, sit on her face. You'll love it and I KNOW Lynn will." Lisa resumed licking Lynn's clit as she watched CC step carefully over the white girl's body, her feet on either side of her blond head.

Meanwhile in the bushes, the busy-body brunette could not believe what she was seeing! She knew the black girl was about to sit on the white girl's face. At first she wondered how a girl could let another girl do that. But as her finger worked furiously in her heated cunt she was really getting turned on.

CC looked down at Lynn to see her reaction. The lusty smile on Lynn's face answered her question. Giddy with anticipation she knelt atride Lynn's face, planting her blazing pussy on her new friend's mouth. Her whole body trembled as she felt Lynn's tongue slowly licking her slit. She had never had a sensation like that before! The chirping of birds in the forrest, the warm sun on her back, sitting dominantly on the face of a pretty white girl. Instinctively, CC began to undulate on Lynn's face, feeding her black pussy to the willing white girl.

"Feels good, don't it hun?" Lisa asked her friend. "White bitches really know how to lick pussy!"

"Oh God yes! Or at least this white bitch does," CC grunted. She wanted to take her time and enjoy the ride but her body betrayed her. "OH FUCK!" she screamed. Grasping handfuls of Lynn's blond hair she pulled the young white girl's face up into her exploding black pussy.

Miss busy-body was writhing uncontrollably on the ground watching the hot black girl face-fuck the sexy white girl. Her pussy gushing into her shorts soaking them completely. Weakly, she got to her feet and stumbled away down the trail.

"Damn girl! Fuck her good!" Lisa urged CC. She had a perfect view of black ass pounding Lynn's white face furiously. "Cum for her baby! Cum in Lynn's mouth."

Lynn grabbed CCs bouncing tits, squeezing them tightly as she felt cum splashing across her lips. She opened her mouth to catch her reward which was now gushing out of control. Swallowing quickly, she could feel the black girl's cum coating her throat as she sucked her pussy dry.

The pretty black girl screamed as she collapsed onto the quilt, shaking tearfully. "Oh my God!" she gasped. "That was incredible! I've never came like that before!"

Licking her lips, Lynn crawled over to CC. "Want a taste CC?" Lynn put her lips on CCs and kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwined.

"Hey what about me," Lisa said as she crawled over to her companions. She stood and pulled Lynn to her knees. Placing her hand behind the blond's head, she pulled her forward against her aroused cunt.

"Is this what you need baby?" Lynn purred as she inserted her tongue into Lisa's phat black pussy.

"You always know exactly what I need Lynn," as she pulled Lynn's flowing hair into a bunch, pumping her cunt against her mouth. "Mmmm so good," Lisa hissed. "What do you think CC?"

CC looked at the white girl on her knees, pleasing the buxom black girl with her eager tongue. "Thats where every white girl belongs...on their knees for us sistas," she laughed and swatted Lynn hard on her bare ass.

"Ouch!" Lynn squealed. Lisa then pushed her onto her back and straddled her face in a 69.

"Got to eat some of this good white pussy!" Leaning forward, Lisa spread Lynn's lips began to lick her pussy. "Mmmm Lynn you taste soooo good baby."

Raising her legs, Lynn clamped her creamy white thighs around her black friend's head, wiggling her pussy against Lisa's mouth.

Not to be left out, CC grabbed the small rubber cock and shoved into Lynn's cunt. The sensation of penetration and Lisa's tongue on her clit made Lynn begin to cum. "Cum for me Lynn but don't stop licking that black pussy," CC ordered.

"Whoa, you're really getting into this, aren't you, you horny little bitch!" Lisa said to CC approvingly. Lisa sucked at Lynn's little white pussy as her orgasm rocked her body.

Sitting up majestically on Lynn's face, her own face glazed with white pussy juice, Lisa began to ride Lynn's tongue, breathing heavy, her breasts rising and falling. "Oh fuck Lynn! Mmmm yeah, oh fuck baby! I'm gonna cum Lynn. Lick me out baby!"

CC took the opportunity to use her tongue on Lynn's juicy pussy. Lynn exploded into another orgasm, her white pussy fucking CC's black face just as Lisa's black pussy was fucking her white face.

Lisa was cumming like mad as she rode Lynn's face into the ground. Thrusting wildly, her spasming pussy covering Lynn's face as Lynn licked frantically at Lisa's honeypot. She gasped for breath as the crack of Lisa's ass captured her nose again and again. Totally spent, Lisa leaned forward to keep from toppling over, her fat pussy lips oozing cum.

Wrapping her arms around Lisa's black ass, Lynn pulled herself up and began to lick the excess cum from Lisa's smoldering pussy. Back and forth she slid her tongue along Lisa's slit, savoring every drop.

After being satisfied that Lynn had gotten it all, Lisa pulled her exhausted cunt off Lynn's sticky face. CC laughed aloud as Lynn's blond hair was practically glued to Lisa's inner thighs and her ass.

Splat! Lynn gave Lisa's ass a hard swat. "You're pulling my hair bitch!" It hurt but she also thought it was funny.

Lisa sat down on Lynn's face again as she untangled her hair from Lisa's body. She also took the opportunity to suck Lisa's cunt for a while longer.

As the three girls collapsed in a heap, completely exhausted, they heard a noise in the bushes....

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