tagAnalM and H Ch. 05

M and H Ch. 05


The doctor's appointment was almost over, Mari just needed her temperature taken and reflexes taken and everything would be done. She was sitting on the paper on the padded doctor bed/table/thing. She had on a paper gown, back open, exposing her supple skin and new oroburos tattoo on the small of her back. That was a whim, NOT drunken, but an idea that came to her mind while watching an old X-files episode. Henry loved aiming her cum at the one-inch circle, which always gave her a giggle fit.

The doctor was female, in her fifties, but still looked pretty good...really, really pretty good. Obviously a doctor wouldn't be in bad health, but the woman would be what Henry called a MILF. Mari caught herself thinking in this way. Women, for whatever reason, had been more intriguing to her in the last couple months. Maybe the porn was getting to her. Maybe it was the heat of the summer.

Last month she jerked off a cop, almost a week later, the central air went out, almost a week after that, she was in a tattoo parlor, almost a week later, Henry got a small pay raise. They still, however, didn't have enough for a new central air system. She wondered how much of a discount she could get for giving a serviceman a handjob, or even, a blowjob. She wondered how a strange cock would feel in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, the deep groans of a man that wasn't Henry, who she was bringing to a finish, and what his--.

"Mari? Mari?!" a female voice said. Mari shook her head and looked up. The doctor had a hand gently touching Mari's upper arm, a concerned look on her face. The doctor said, "that's the third time you've been distracted like that today. Is everything fine, dear?"

"Uhh, yeah, I'm fine," Mari said, "just thinking if me and my boyfriend could afford to have the air conditioning repaired this month."

"Hm, well, I know a guy who will repair it for cheap," the doctor replied, "I'll can call you and give you his number later, if you want."

"That'd be helpful," Mari said.

"Well, just have to check your temperature and reflexes, and we'll be all done," the doctor said, pulling large thermometer out of the breast pocket of the white coat she wore, shook the mercury down. Breast pocket was a good term, Mari thought, eying the huge mammaries the doctor had. Mari wondered if they were real or--

"Okay, dear, I just need you to stand up, turn around, bend over, and think of England," the doctor said.

"Uh...okay," Mari said, put off. She did what the doctor asked.

"Okay, this may feel a bit uncomfortable, but won't last long," the doc said. She put one, rubber gloved on Mari's round bottom, and slowly pushed the thermometer into Mari's puckered hole. Mari just tried to not get aroused. She thought of as many boring things as possible: hockey, the weather, the movie Alien, the style of 50s living. She couldn't help but think of Henry the other night, though, he had slipped his little finger into her butt. It felt weird at first, but as she got used to it, it started to feel really good. She never thought of anal sex, but here she was with a large glass tube up her butt, actually liking the invasion of the solid object. Then, something came to her, couldn't you take a core temperature through the ear?

"Okay," the doctor withdrew the thermometer and checked it, "everything seems normal with temperature. You can sit back up now."

Mari didn't react at first, lost in the reverie, but when the doctor said her name again, she snapped back, and quickly sat back up, red-faced.

While checking Mari's reflexes with a tiny tomahawk, the doctor asked, "so, is your sex life alright? Is that what has been distracting you?"

Mari was embarrassed, but said, "oh, well...I have been thinking about it more. But, it is great, which is probably why it's been distracting."

"Ah, I see," the doctor said with a smile, and seeing Mari's embarrassment, just let the topic go. Mari actually wanted to talk about it more with this fetching older lady, but couldn't think of any way to broach the topic again before the doctor said, "alright, you can get dressed. Make sure you check with the nurse upfront before you go, see if you need to make another appointment or pay for anything."

'Pay for anything,' now that was something that got Mari's mind off of sex...for a few seconds.


Mari told Henry about the doctor when she got home. He asked for a few lurid details about the doctor's appearance, but aside from the large breasts and her face, you couldn't see anything past the white coat. The part with the thermometer was what got Henry really interested. The movies he showed most recently involved little girls having sex with multiple partners and lots of buttsex. Most recently, he showed her one with a tiny (4'10"!) schoolgirl, sucking and fucking three massive rods. Mari had to watch it in two segments, almost breaking herself with a vibrator the first time watching.

"So, did she like the tattoo?" Henry asked.

"Well, she didn't mention it, but she gave it a slight stroke when I was bent over," Mari replied. Henry smirked and said, "did you like having another woman stroke your back?"

Mari rolled her eyes, but she blushed deeply.


"Wow," Mari said, "I didn't know it looked like that afterward."

She and Henry were laying on their bellies next to each other on the bed. They had a large, illustrated book of sex open in front of them, holding it up like too children reading a story book. In the middle of the page in front of Mari was a young girl, tan and well-muscled, with her legs thrown back in a splits, holding her butt cheeks open, showing a hugely gaping asshole.

"You should just watch the porn I have," Henry said, thinking of the video "guides" he downloaded.

"I will," she said, rubbing her shoulder against him, "but this is far cuter."

They tuned the page, saw the girl getting the cock slipped back into her butt, an exaggerated moan on her face. The next page had the guy standing over her and a ton of bright white cum on her face and tits. This caused Mari to exclaim, "yeah, that's real cum!"

"Well, the way your rubbing you leg's together tells me you like it anyway," Henry replied. She giggled and kissed his cheek. She said, "I think I'm ready to try this. It'll be a nice anniversary gift for the both of us."

Henry smiled wide, this meant that, not only, would he be getting to tap Mari's ass, in the literal sense, but that she'd get to turn the tables on him. So far, she'd used her finger on him, working his prostate with a pressuring swirl, and he'd got to finger her tight orifice. But, then he asked, slightly confused, "which anniversary?"

"Uhhh," she thought for a second, "our second week in near-stifling heat together?"

"Hmm," he said, "that's works for me!"


They picked a night that wouldn't be overly hot, carefully paying attention for an eighty degree evening. Hot enough to stay warm while naked, but not overly hot and uncomfortable. They did all the prep work around 7 P.M., taking turns in the bathroom with the anal douche. It looked like a large turkey baster, only it wasn't clear and made of flimsy plastic, it had a shiny black tube and pink water container. Henry, being the brave male heroic person that he was, went first.

He did it a few times, once with cold water, which was incredibly unpleasant. Once with hot water, which felt good, but was a little irritating. And, once with a medium water, which felt best. Soon, there was only clear water shooting into the bowl. He came back into the room, Mari's eyes alive and bright, wanted to know the results.

"I feel," he paused to gather the terms, "surprisingly light and clean. I guess all those commercials were correct in their descriptions of a douche."

Mari giggled, "okay, guess it's my turn."

"Yep, I ran it through some really hot water for you, so it should be ready to fill-in-go."

Mari went into the bathroom and repeated the process Henry did; hot, cold, and medium. She found the medium to be the most comfortable, but liked the sensation of heat that ran up her back from the hot water. She'd have to try this again.

When she came back into the room, Henry was sitting on the bed. He was wearing some leather jeans, large black boots, and a black-and-red shirt, which was light, clingy, and semi-transparent. Even though he wasn't in perfect shape, she still felt the pangs of heat in her stomach over the outfit.

She sat naked next to him, rubbing his leg, "now, that I like," she said, referring to the costume.

"I figured I'd dress up for you tonight," he said, "give you a little icing on your sex cake."

"Mmm, sex cake. Go out to the living room for a bit, I'll get dressed and get the room all ready, baby."

He smiled and scurried out of the room.


"Okay honey, you can come back!" she shouted to him from the bedroom. Henry came back into the room, found that it was now lit with about two dozen candles, the shades were up to let the evening breeze in, though the airy curtains were still closed, a plethora of toys were laid out across the far side of the bed, and Mari said on the near side awaiting him.

She had a long, sheer dress on. It scooped low down her chest on spaghetti straps that tied behind her neck, and it had a slit up her left leg almost to her hipbone. Visible underneath was a black garter belt, holding up her black thigh high stockings, and it was abundantly evident she had on no panties. Her feet were in a pair of shoes, which Henry had bought for her as a graduation gift, but she'd never found the perfect moment to surprise him with them. They were glossy, black, stripper shoes with a six inch spike heel and a two inch platform. Seeing her sitting there, leaning back on her arms, her legs crossed, foot dangling, eyes screaming at him to come-hither, he thought he might lose it right there.

He controlled himself, but was just looking at her for a long enough time that she spoke up, knocking him out of his reverie, "honey, um, aren't you supposed to sidle up next to me, touch me, and kiss me."

He smiled, his face slightly pinkened. He sidled up next to her, moved his fingers lightly up her leg, his lips gently pecking her's. Her small hands gently touched him, one on the small of his back, one on his cheek. The kiss deepened, lips sucking on each other. His hand found her small, firm breast, his fingers squeezing it and gently pinching her nipple through the soft dress. The kiss deepened, tongues swirling together.

She pulled away with a smile, stood and twirled across the room in front of Henry. Well, she kind of twirled, not used to the shoes, and she quickly braced herself by grabbing the dresser so she didn't tumble over. She giggled, redfaced, picking up a couple of the towels stacked on the dresser. Henry stood, took her hand, letting her use him as a balancing aid. He said, "you look gorgeous. You've truly reached a higher level of sexiness."

They embraced and kissed, his hand running down her bare back and firmly squeezing her little round butt. They moved back to the bed, she laid out the towel and fell back onto it, pulling Henry down with her. Her small yet strong legs wrapped around him, her hips ground against him, their mouths locking. He moved his kisses down to her neck, her collarbone, outlining it's bow shape.

Her hands went up to his shoulders when his lips landed between her breasts, a soft moan escaping her lips. He kissed her belly button through the shear fabric of the dress, she squirmed, ticklish even though the kiss wasn't direct. His lips met her pussy's through the fabric, she let out an appreciative "mmm".

He threw the dress aside (but left it on her, he just threw the lower parts aside), exposing her hot pussy to the hot air. His mouth wrapped around it and she let out a throaty hum. Her body relaxed, unstiffened as Henry did his work. She heard Henry rummaging around with something around the sex toys, looked down just in time to see him snap a rubber glove on his right hand. She twitched at the snap. Henry's eyes were predatory.

He was generous with the lube, covering nearly the whole glove and drizzling it on her pussy. Mari moaned and smiled as the cool liquid hit her hot area, the sweet smelling (water-based) gel rolled onto her tiny, puckered butthole. Henry continued his pussy eating, but now his finger gently swirled around her anus. Mari gently stroked his hair, enjoying his massaging finger and tongue.

She stiffened, winced, arched her back, her mouth agape. Henry slid his finger into her butt up to its first knuckle. He pressed it forward slightly, Mari lost in the invasion. The second knuckle popped in. She bit her lower lip. The folded fingers on his hand met with her small, round buttocks. His finger was fully inside of her a-ring.

She looked down at him red-faced, she licked her lips, spoke slowly and breathily, "that feels good. Hold it there."

Henry smiled up at her wolfishly. He held his finger, gently moved it around, probing her incredibly tight rear. Her entrance squeezed his finger, past that was naught but silky, velvety insides. He slowly withdrew his finger, Mari gasping. She was surprised by the empty feeling, surprised it was only caused by his single finger.

Henry held up a buttplug, the smallest they had, about a half-inch in diameter. He said, "you wanna give it a try?'

She gently rubbed the side of his face with her heeled foot, said, "go for it!"

He was generous with the lube again, coating the toy in strawberry slickness. It took time to get inside her. Her tight, little hole resisted every millimeter of the toy. It spread her though, her face a deep red, eyes shut tightly. At the widest point, her legs stretched straight, then the plug was pulled inside of her, her tight hole wrapping around the narrow neck of the toy. She came.

She looked up at Henry through half-closed eyes, her body glistening with a sheen of fresh sweat, the dress clinging to her. She slowly sat up, the plug still in her, Henry stripped naked in .02 seconds and took his place on the towel, which was practically soaked through with lube. But, neither of them cared about that.

She knelled between his legs, took his rigid cock into her mouth, barreling past cock foreplay and straight to taking as much as she could in her mouth. Henry was used to prostate play, but never took anything larger than her finger. She now slid a latex clad digit inside him, curling it up to search for his male g-spot. It was obvious when she found it, his face turned red, he arched his back like a woman. She quickly pulled her head up, off his now saliva slicked standard.

"Ready for some more, honey," she asked, her finger moving around in his butt, his face was red and shiny.

"Yeah, use a vibrating one," he said, weak and breathless, "I'll return the favor."

She pulled up the vibrating butt plug, considerably larger than the one in Mari at the moment. She flexed her muscles, down there, feeling the hard object inside her. Her heart began to race again as she poked the lubed toy below Henry's testicles, thinking about fitting something this size up her chute. It was on low, but Henry still let out a moan as the tip penetrated him. Mari thought of her lover receiving penetration, her loins heated up higher.

The invading probe gave Henry a fuller feeling than any finger, the gentle vibrating sent waves through him. Mari's small hand jerked his hard vieny cock. She worked it slowly, gently, not wanting him to suddenly cum. She teased it. Soon, the buttplug's maximum width stretch Henry's asshole almost a full inch. It popped in and she let go of Henry's cock. He moaned, gritting his teeth, resisting the urge to let his cum fly. His back arched, his hands gripped the sheets, he was practically screaming.

Mari rubbed her pussy, watching her boyfriend's willpower attempt to beat out his orgasm. He came back to reality and looked up at her through his wet and red face. He looked so cute like that, helpless and twitching from holding his powerful sexual climax down.

She spoke with a high, alive voice, "I want to experience that!"

"That's why I got two of all of these," he said, his voice distant. He lay there for another view seconds, letting some strength return to his arms and legs. He sat up, carefully, the toy making it a little more complicated for him to move. He and Mari traded spots again, she reached around him, dialed up the vibration of the toy, smirking at him.

The plug up her butt resisted being pulled out. Mari groaned, growled, moaned, and snarled with each pull Henry gave it. Not that he was giving it hard pulls, but the resistance shot waves of shuddering pain and fantastic pleasure up her spine. Eventually, it popped out, and easily slide from her little anus.

Henry held up the toy that was in her butt next to the clear, vibrating one. The vibe was about twice the width, though it was only a little longer. He asked with a smile, his voice a little strained, "you ready for this one?"

She looked up at him with a smile, accepting his challenge, "anything you can do, I can do better, lover."

Lube, vibe-on low, positioning, pressure. It was an extremely slow journey. Mari had about half of it in, told Henry to hold it, as she got used to the entering toy. The vibration tickled her, sending subtle waves through the nerves in her butt into her pussy. She urged him on, wanting to feel more of it.

The widest part made her silent, but her gaping mouth betrayed her second orgasm. The plug was fully inside her, the fullness of it was incredible. She never felt this full by anything and especially not from a toy that was a shade smaller than the average penis. Henry sat between her legs, moving the plug in his butt by grinding against the bed underneath him, he stroked his cock, watching her.

When she looked up at him, riding the wave of pleasure from the vibrating toy, he said, "you look like you could use a drink."

Her eyes shot open. He said, "I think we should go get some water."

Now, she was a little hinky on those heels, and the vibro-plug made her walking to the kitchen comical, the sexy kind of comical. He held her on his arm as they made slow progress out there. The rest of the house felt so much cooler than the bedroom, all of the windows were open, curtains drawn back, gently rippling in the breeze.

They got ice from the fridge and water from the faucet, standing in the kitchen sipping it, silently eying each other. They moved to the living room at the front of the house. The old couch was under the large front window. They didn't bother closing the curtains as they sat on the couch, kissing deeply. Mari crossed her legs, throwing the top leg over Henry's nearest leg. Sitting on the plug applied pressure to it, a welcome feeling, now that she was used to the full feeling. They both kicked the plugs to the highest vibration setting.

Mari laid back on the couch, pulled her dress aside and spreading her legs far apart, Henry positioned his cock at the entrance of her womanhood. He pushed in, let out a loud groan, "uurrrrgh, so tight."

He held himself there, letting Mari get used to being so filled with stuff. Her legs were shaking, so much pleasure running through her. Henry could feel the plug in her, through the thin membrane of her pussy. The combined sensations of the two toys shot through him, driving him to thrust.

He picked up speed, animalistically stabbing his cock, a wanton act of pure fucking. Mari threw her arms around his neck. She'd never felt sex like this, the double penetrative act was so perverse, so impure, so beautifully, gorgeously craven and sexual, it drove her insane. All she wanted to feel was penetration, she begged for it, whined for it, demanded it. Henry gladly obliged.

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