tagInterracial LoveM Chan Ch. 02

M Chan Ch. 02


Chapter 2—Our second encounter!

I told you how I met M Chan in the last chapter. This time I'd like to tell you about the next time I had the pleasure of trying M Chan's special charms.

I emailed M Chan the next day after our first encounter. She emailed me right back and told me how horny she was and that we had to get together real soon so she could try and get my big hard cock into her tight little pussy. Now this kind of email from M Chan made my cock immediately hard and got me to thinking about how I could get together with her again.

I emailed her back and we decided that because of our jobs, schedules, and other things we would get together later in the week, which was in the middle of January. Waiting would also make the two of us extremely horny.

I told my wife that I was going out to meet a private student, and that I should be home before midnight. I drove to M Chan's studio and picked her up in my Kei-car (these are very cheap and small cars made for the Japanese market.). When she came out of her studio, I knew that she had fucking on her mind.

Even thought it was the middle of January, and it can get very cold here in Nagano, M Chan was wearing the shortest skin tight skirt I had ever seen. Her legs were clad in black fishnet stockings with high heeled black shoes. I couldn't tell what she was wearing under her coat, but I knew that no matter what it was, I'd be happy.

When she jumped into the passenger seat of my car, the first things she did was lean over, grab the back of my head and slide her tongue down my throat. "I am so fucking horny, I could do you right here." M moaned.

"Do you want to go to a Love hotel?" I asked. "Or do you have something else in mind?"

For those of you that don't know, a Love hotel is a special hotel in Japan that is rented by the hour. These rooms are made for couples to have sex and nothing else. Rooms have lots of mirrors everywhere, a bed that turns in circles or vibrates, a two person shower, a hot tub. X-rated movies on the TV, sex toys that you can buy from a small vending machine, Polaroid cameras and movie cameras for rent, and lots of other things to help people enjoy sex. Most rooms are themed in some way. I once had a Jungle room that had a sex swing in the middle of the room.

Anyways, M Chan tossed her carry bag into the back seat and told me to drive and follow her directions, and that I would enjoy where she was taking me.

M Chan's skirt was so short that it when she moved her ass forward on the seat it moved up around her waist showing me that she was wearing a beautiful black garter belt and no panties. When she leaned back I could tell that she was excited and very horny. Her sweet bald pussy was shining. She opened her legs and started to rub her wet pussy so slowly up and down from her clit all the way to her asshole, dipping her fingers into her hole ever time she passed, moving her pussy juice up to her clit. Watching this as I drove was making me crazy. My cock was as big and hard as it could get and there was no way for me to make myself more comfortable while I was still driving, and keeping my eyes on the road and not on watching M Chan was torture.

I knew she was getting close to coming because a couple of times she closed her eyes and forgot to tell me to make a turn. "I can't let myself cum yet." M Chan said. Then she reached across the car and undid my pants and slid her hand in and around my now very hard cock. She couldn't get my cock out of my pants while I was driving, but that didn't stop her from trying.

M Chan had me pull the car off the road onto a small dirt road running between one of the many rivers that run through our city and the main road. As soon as I had the car stopped and in park, M Chan had my pants pushed down around my ankles and my cock in her mouth. "Put your fingers in my pussy, please." M Chan almost begged.

With M Chan taking all of my 7 inch cock down her throat, I knew it wouldn't be long before she would have me shooting my hot sticky cum into her mouth. My three fingers were going in and out of her tiny pussy with ease and I could hear the wet sounds that they were making. I told M that I was going to shoot if she didn't stop sucking my cock so good.

"Not tonight, you don't! Not yet anyways." M Chan moaned. "I need to try and get that big thing in my hot tight pussy!"

She released my cock from her mouth and hand and then climbed into the back seat, where she pulled the handles and made the seats flat like a small bed. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out a blanket.

It had started to snow heavily so M told me to leave the car running. She then told me to get into the back with her quickly because she wanted to cum so badly. Pulling off each other's clothes was easy because M Chan was wearing just a sweater with no bra underneath and a short skirt with only stockings and a garter belt. Once I got my pants and underwear off nothing else mattered to M Chan because this gave her free access to my rock hard cock.

"Lie down on your back!" M Chan commanded me, "I want to get on top and suck your cock while you lick and tongue fuck my pussy and ass."

As soon as I was flat on my back, M Chan threw her leg over my head and pushed her wet, dripping pussy into my waiting mouth. At the same time I could feel my big hard cock sliding into her warm wet mouth. I stayed away from licking her small hard clit because I knew the minute I touched her there she was going to cum very hard. I wanted to wait and tease her a bit before letting her explode. I moved my tongue to her asshole and started licking all around her little butthole. When I started to slide my tongue into her asshole, M Chan nearly swallowed my cock and balls into her throat, she was moaning so hard that I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself from shooting my load down her throat.

"You're not cumming yet!" M Chan groaned as she released my growing cock from her mouth. "I love having my ass played with as much as I love having my pussy fucked." That's when she started reaching into her carry bag again for something, and pulled out this little pink butt plug and passed it to me. "Slide this in and out of my asshole while you lick my pussy, and when I tell you, suck on my clit and watch me shoot my pussy juice all over you!" M Chan groaned.

After wetting the butt plug with my spit, I watched it slide into M Chan's tight little asshole with so much ease, that I was a little surprised at first. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before, but had heard lots of stories about how much it could hurt if not done right. When I knew that it wasn't hurting her, but giving her so much pleasure I started to slowly slide the plug in and out, while at the same time I slide two fingers into M Chan's super tight pussy. That got her going on my cock again, only this time she wasn't using her mouth, but her cute little hands. While she was stroking my cock up and down with one hand her other was playing with my balls and rubbing my asshole.

"This feels so fucking good. Fuck my ass faster, that's it, I'm almost there!" M Chan was moaning. "I love the way your fingers are rubbing my G-spot and the plug is fucking my ass at the same time." "Suck my clit, now and watch me explode my cunt juices all over your face!"

As soon as I sucked M Chan's hard little clit into my mouth I could feel her body start to shake and her moans were growing louder and louder by the second. The first sign that she was getting ready to shoot was from her asshole, it tightened up so hard that I couldn't move the plug in or out anymore, then her pussy starting squeezing my fingers and a white cream started flowing out and down my hand and onto my cheek. When I used my hand from the butt plug to pinch her nipple, M Chan really let go. Her body was convulsing, and M Chan was screaming, "FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!" , that's when she started squirting pussy juice like it was coming out of a water gun. She was shooting so much juice all over my face and hand that I thought that I was going to drown. I had seen it in videos before but never in real life like this, it was so amazing and such a turn on.

As quickly as I could roll M Chan off of me and onto her back, I grabbed one of the condoms she had taken out of her bag early and slide it onto my cock. Without waiting for M Chan to come down from her orgasm, or to take the butt plug out of her asshole, I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me, then put her legs up around my shoulders. I put the head of my big hard cock to the entrance of her hot wet pussy and then drove into her as far and as fast as I could.

I thought that I had made a mistake at first because M Chan screamed and then it seemed like she had passed out, but it was only for a second and then she turned into an animal. Her eyes were as wide as two saucers and she was grinding her teeth. "FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!"

She started to use her legs around my neck to fuck her tight wet pussy onto my cock as fast and hard as she could go. On every out stroke of my cock from her pussy she would squirt more pussy juice. The blanket that she had put down was soaked with sex juices.

I knew that I wasn't going to last more than a minute so I started to drive into her wet box as hard and fast as I could go. The sounds of our moaning and the wet slushy sounds coming from our fucking were driving us both into a frenzy.

"M, I'm going cum." I moaned. I could feel it coming up from my toes threw my legs and into my tight balls. I knew I was going to shoot a huge load and that it was going to be a powerful shot.

"Cum on my face. Shoot your sweet hot cum into my mouth!" M Chan was groaning.

I yanked my Cock out of her tight pussy and climbed over her legs onto her chest, pulled the condom off just as my first shot of cum rocketed towards M Chan's face. It landed across her cheek and up into her hair. M Chan grabbed my shooting cock just as the second load came out, landing on her sexy lips and nose. The third shot went right into the back of her waiting mouth. And she just managed to get her beautiful lips around the head of my still shooting cock for the rest of my cum.

I don't know if I had ever had such an intense orgasm before but my cock just keep shooting cum and my balls just keep pulling up into my body every time I shot another load. Finally my legs just gave out and I fell off of M Chan onto my side next to her. She still had my cock in her hand and her mouth around the head. She made sure that she got every last drop of my hot cum before releasing me. I watched her rolling my cum around in her mouth and then swallow all of it.

"I love the taste of fresh hot cum. Yours' has a kind of cheesy taste to it, very delicious!" M Chan was moaning. I was ready to pass out, all my energy was gone.

"I know you're finished, but I'm going to cum one more time and you can watch, that'll give you something to think about for our next encounter." M Chan said.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a dildo about the size and shape of my hard cock. "Next time I'm going to fuck your hard cock like this!" M Chan told me. She was squatting on her hunches and I noticed that the pink butt plug was still in her ass. She slowly pulled it out and after putting a little oil on the dildo started to slide it into her tight asshole.

After she had buried all seven inches in her ass, she started to fuck it in and out slowly, and also rubbing her clit hard and fast. "I'm going to cum in about a minute doing this." M Chan moaned. "This is how we are going to fuck the next time, I know you're going to be hard thinking about this all the time."

That's went she started squirting again and fucking that big dildo in and out of her asshole as fast as she could. After squirting for about 30 seconds, M Chan fell back and slowly let the dildo slide out of her little red asshole.

The two of use just lay there trying to get our senses back and enjoy the afterglow of cumming so hard. That's when I noticed where we had parked the car. It was right next to a busy road with cars passing about ever thirty seconds or so. It was snowing pretty hard, but I'm sure people had to have noticed the car with the fogged up windows rocking and rolling by the side of the road.

M Chan started laughing as we got dressed. "I also love fucking out in public, it's so intense knowing that people maybe know that there's sex going on right in front of them." M Chan smiled.

After I dropped M Chan at her place and got a final goodnight kiss and feel. I headed to my place. I don't know how many accidents I almost had because I was too busy replaying the images of the dildo fucking in and out of M Chan's tight little asshole and that the next time we met it was going to be my big hard cock that would be doing the fucking of that sexy tight little butthole.

When I got home I went straight to take a shower and get ready for bed. I thought that everyone was asleep, but found my wife was still up and watching TV in our bedroom.

"How did it go?" she asked.

"It was great!" I replied.

"I can't fuck you tonight, because my period has started, but if you get in bed I'll suck your cock off before we go to sleep." My wife said.

What a day, I thought as my wife sucked me to another orgasm.

That's how the second meeting with M Chan went. And I had a preview of what was in store for my next meeting with that sexy ballerina.

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