M. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 02


She took hold of Christian's cock and then wrapped her lips around the tip, keeping her eyes locked on its long shaft as she surrounded his head with suction. Christian then let out a loud moan when he felt her tongue swirling around it, then pressing into it as if were a piece of candy she wanted to eagerly finish.

The other Christian grabbed a handful of Madame Pumpkins' dark black hair and tugged on it. The busty woman pulled her head off his counterpart's dick as Christian guided her over to his by the hair as if he was holding the reins on a horse.

Christian felt disappointed, but was easily won over again as Madame Pumpkins reached up to stroke his cock.

The other Christian was busy thrusting his cock in and out of Madame Pumpkins' mouth as she formed a perfect "O" with her lips. He shoved his cock into her mouth as far as he could, until not an inch was seen.

Madame Pumpkins then pulled her mouth away from both cocks. She took hold of each one and tugged on them. The boys immediately began to enjoy the handjob, but then they realized that Madame was actually pulling them closer to her. They complied with her and stepped forward, pushing their cocks into her face.

She held each cock so that their heads were almost touching, then she tried to take both heads into her mouth at the same time.

Christian and Christian both thought it was a beautiful sight watching this busty Goth woman trying to suck both their cock-heads at once.

Madame Pumpkins' cheeks were bulging with each head. Both boys could feel the warmness of her mouth as the tips of their cocks collided with her inner cheeks.

She promptly pulled their cocks from her mouth and lifted her head as she smeared their saliva all over her pale neck with their hard pieces of meat. Both Christians moaned in pleasure as the tips of their cocks were being guided downward; sliding along her smooth white skin into her naval, and finally to the swell of her magnificent bosoms. Madame Pumpkins started to whack her breasts with their cocks, and the huge orbs of flesh began bouncing and jiggling from the treatment.

"Uuuhhhhh...." Moaned one of the boys. "Yeeeeah...that's it baby...just like that..."

The other boy pushed his cock forward so that it slid over the top of her huge jug. He moaned to himself as he felt the flesh of Madame Pumpkins' big boob pressed firmly against the underside of his cock, sliding.

The other Christian stepped in front of her and quickly shoved his cock into her cleavage before he could be beat. He hurriedly seized her by the jugs and began pumping his cock between her massive boobs.

"Aw shit yeah!!" he bellowed as he increased the pace of the titfuck.

Christian watched in envy as his parallel counterpart partook in his favorite act of sex. To his immediate satisfaction, however, Madame Pumpkins took him by the cock and guided it to her cleavage where his counterpart's cock lay. She pulled her giant breasts apart and forced his cock between them, driving a wedge between them and the other boy's slightly disappointed rod.

"Be good boys, and play nice." The busty shopkeeper said as she pressed her boobs together around their cocks. The action actually caused one of their cock's to pop up as it was smothered and pushed by the huge amount of boob-meat.

Both boys began to tittie fuck her simultaneously; their cocks rubbing against her jugs and each other. They continued this act for about ten minutes before one boy finally pulled his cock from her cleavage and began stroking it over the top of her huge breast.

"Oh fuck!" He said. "Oh yeahhh...ohhhhhh..."

Madame Pumpkins took hold of his meat for him. She also took hold of the other boy's and pulled it from its romp through her rack. She started to jerk both cocks over her big tits, stroking one faster than the other.

"Ohhh....ohhhhhhhhhh...here it cummmmmms!" the boy said.

The other boy stood silent and wanting as his cock began to explode as well.

There was moaning and heavy breathing as Madame Pumpkins jerked both cocks to simultaneous climax over her giant tits. Cum splattered all over her breasts and nipples as she emptied their balls of their seed. As their spurting came to a close she kept their rods poised over her cum-splattered chest, letting what was left of their lust ooze out over her massive orbs.

The boys humped their cocks through her hands; forcing their dicks to expel whatever semen their testacles could muster.

She brought the two cocks closer to her tits and pressed them firmly against her tops. She began whacking her own tits with their cocks, spanking them with the two hard-ons in an effort to make them excrete every last drop of semen.

"Oh fuck...yeah." One Christian said as Madame Pumpkins looked up at him with seductive eyes. "That's what I'm talking about. Big breasts. My big fucking cock..."

He looked over at his counterpart, who was still breathing heavy and recovering from his recent ejaculation. The two looked at each other in acknowledgment.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" he said.

"Uhhh..." the other boy said. "Of course."

"Good." He replied, as he guided his cock from Madame Pumpkins' tit to her mouth. He forcefully shoved his dick into her mouth, then pulled it back and out and dickslapped her face. "Let's get out of here. We've got stuff to do."

The other Christian stepped back and began stuffing his cock back into his pants. Christian remained slapping Madame Pumpkins' face with his dick for a few moments longer before he, too, started to zip up.

Madame Pumpkins watched from down on her knees as the two teenage boys zipped up. She reached up and placed a hand on each of their dicks through their pants, coaxing the boys to freeze for a moment as she rubbed their bulges.

"Yeah, you busty slut!" Christian said as he stepped forward and shoved his bulge into Madame Pumpkins' face. Her mouth immediately opened and she could taste the fabric of his pants as the horny boy tried to shove his fully clothed dick into her mouth repeatedly. "I'm definitely coming back here again...by myself!"

He held her by the head and ran his fingers through her hair as he humped her face with his pants.

"Those big pumpkins of yours have been calling my name all my life, and now that I've finally found them...they're all mine."

Madame Pumpkins could only let out muffled moans as the boy filled her mouth with his pants.

"You got that, you big-titty slut? Next time I come in here, you'd better be topless. No bra, no blouse...I don't like my pumpkins all dressed up. And you'd better be ready to suck my big fat cock!"

The busty shopkeeper let out a few more muffled moans.

"What?" Christian said. "You like sucking my giant cock?"

He stopped as he turned to his counterpart and realized that he'd been watching him.

"Hey, bro." he said to him, still holding Madame Pumpkins' face against his bulging crotch. "I've got some stuff to take care of in here first. Why don't you go wait in the car? It'll just take a few minutes."

The other boy nodded, and then turned to leave. As he did so, Christian quickly reached down to his crotch and forced his hand between Madame Pumpkins' face and his zipper. The sound of him unzipping echoed in the shop, followed by smacking sounds. He then spoke up.

"Hey bro..." he said, stopping his counterpart from leaving. "You'd better make that an hour. Yeah...that's it, you big-titted whore...uhhh...yeah...that's a good whore..."

He could hear his counterpart muttering as he finally reached the door.

"What's that, you busty whore? You wanna take a look at yourself in the mirror? Well why don't I take you back there?"

The doorknob turned, and Christian stepped outside.

"...busty sluts....two.....pairs of big, bouncing.....rubbing.....my giant cock......four..."

As the door swung closed Christian caught a small glimpse of his counterpart leading Madame Pumpkins back into the mirror room. He reached to open the door in desperation just as it shut. He heard a familiar clicking sound as it did so, and he knew there was no use in trying to open the door.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Uh! Uh! UH! FUCK!"

Christian could hear the sounds of moans and yelps coming from inside the shop, even as he sat in the car on the street a very short distance away. He wondered if the people in the neighboring vicinity could also hear.


He crossed his arms impatiently and banged his foot against the floorboards. He had half a mind to leave...but his newfound twin had conveniently kept the keys. And with the door to the shop locked there wasn't a thing he could do besides listen and wait.

His ears perked up as he realized there hadn't been a sound made in quite a while...the sounds of sex had ceased. He almost strained himself as he listened on, and when nothing happened a smile of relief crept across his face and he positioned himself a little more comfortably in the car. But then he heard the unmistakable sound of his counterpart-Christian bellowing at the top of his lungs.

"Bounce 'em!! Two big-boob whores...fuck yes!!!"

Christian immediately jumped out of his seat and out of the car. Things were quiet once again. He wasn't sure if he had heard what he heard or if he had simply imagined it. He didn't even want to imagine the things his counterpart was doing in there...it only angered him.

"Fuck yes...shove those boobs in my face...all those big, juicy boobs..."

A few minutes went by and he began walking back to the car. But a second later he thought he heard something and he walked up to the door and slowly pressed his ear against it. He could make out general sounds like kissing and smacking, but it wasn't until his counterpart made exclamations that he could really hear anything.


"Fuuuuuuck yeeeessssss...TITTIE-FUCK ME BABES! Ohhh...shit yeahhhh...it's like a big-boob party around my cock!!"

He tried to shake the thoughts of his counterpart from his head as he listened on. He thought he heard two women (presumably Madame Pumpkins) talking and cooing, apparently giving his lucky son-of-a-bitch counterpart all the encouragement in the world in an effort to coax him to pleasure with tit-talk. It must have been Tit Heaven for the lucky bastard.

"Tittie-fuck my cock with those big pumpkins! That's it you big-titty sluts!! I'm gonna jizz!! Here it cums...FUCK!! HERE IT CUMS BOOBS! BABES!!"

Christian couldn't help but listen in; still, even though he knew what was coming next. He heard the moans building and building until they reached their climax, and a second later his twin made one final exclamation.


He heard grunting and women moaning for the next minute or so, and then there was silence once again. He pressed his ear against the door and heard a small tap-tap-tapping sound; he knew it was the sound of flesh on flesh. A second later he heard more kissing and smacking noises which caused his counterpart to moan and sigh in relief.

Another silence fell over the shop, and this one felt different from the last. He quickly walked across the pavement and jumped into the car; shutting the door behind him as quietly as he could.

About one minute later the door swung open violently and his parallel twin stepped into the doorway, his hands poised above his head on either side of door's outline. He brought one hand down to his crotch where he readjusted himself, and then he stepped through the threshold and onto the sidewalk. He stumbled slightly as he made his way to the car; walking as though he was drunk; his hands constantly adjusting his pants. He was taking big breaths and sweat was pouring down his face, and as he sat down in the driver's seat his breathing grew even louder. He then turned to his look-alike in the passenger's seat and tossed him the keys.

"Here." He said. "You drive."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Things were quiet in the car as the two Christian's drove home. It was awkward, but at last the Christian behind the wheel broke the silence.

"So...er...what went on in there?" he asked.

Christian turned his head in shock. Apparently he had been lost in thought.

"What? Oh..." he said. "Nothing. Not much at all. We just talked a few things over...a few very BIG things."

He smiled and licked his lips as a look of memorable bliss came over him. But he snapped out of his daze when his twin spoke once more.

"Oh. Okay, cool." He said.

"Yeah." Christian answered. "This is weird. Does this feel weird to you?"

"A little." The one behind the wheel said. "But it's not like...freaking me out or anything."

"Yeah?" Christian said. "I know exactly what you mean! It's pretty cool, actually."

"Yeah, I guess it is." The parallel Christian shrugged.

"So." He said. "I've got a few things on my mind. Can you read my mind?"

The other Christian threw his partner a weird look.

"No I can't." he said. "Can you read mine?"

"Nope." Christian said. "I guess you and I really aren't so different."

"So anyway." The other said. "What are your ideas?"

"I need your help with a couple of things." Christian said. "See, I'm dating these two girls -- Allie and Rebecca..."

"I know." The other said.

"You do??" Christian said, slightly baffled. "But I thought you said you couldn't read my mind."

"I know because I'm dating them too."

Christian thought for a second.

"Whoa." He said. "So you are dating them in your world, too? That's weird. It's like we are living the same life."

"Yeah, I've kind of figured that out already." The other Christian said. "That's why this is all kind of weird and kind of familiar...it's like being inside a mirror."

"Because where you're from...this IS a mirror." Christian said. "You're like a mirror-me, and I'm like a mirror-you!"

"Yeah. Exactly!" the other said. "I literally stepped through a mirror to get here. Madame Pumpkins showed me this 'Mirage Mirror' and said I could step through. She said 'on the other side lies exactly what I desire.' I didn't believe her at first...but, well...here I am!"

"And hey...!" Christian exclaimed. "You were there when she said that this Mirage Mirror brings people's desires to life."

"Yeah." The other Christian said.

"So I guess that means that in my world the mirror does just that, and in your world you have to get on the other side of the mirror."

"Yeah..." The other Christian said.

"I guess what we both needed...was each other!"

"Yeah." His twin said. "I guess you're right."

There was another silence as they pulled into the driveway to their mutual home. As he parked the car, parallel Christian spoke up again.

"Wait." He said. "Won't this pose a problem? I mean, if people see me they might get freaked out."

"Yeah I was thinking about that." Christian said. "But, I mean, we'll be moving out soon. And until then it will be totally okay for you to stay here at home. You know as well as I do that ever since mom left dad has been drunk 24/7. He's always seeing double!"

"Oh." Christian said. "Right."

It was late, so the house was totally quiet as the two made their way upstairs. Once inside their room parallel Christian was dumbfounded at how identical and different this was in comparison to his room in his world.

"Alright man." Christian said, collapsing on the bed. "So about my ideas..."

"Right, right." The other said, still looking around. "Shoot."

"See...I was about to call it quits because it's getting way too risky, but with you here now I might be able to milk this a little longer."

The other Christian nodded in acknowledgement.

"We can use each other to put in some serious face-time with Rebecca and Allie; that way they'll never suspect that I'm cheating on them!"

"Yeah, I get it." Christian said. "Sounds good."

"And if you ever decide you want to go back to your mirror-world, then Rebecca and Allie will be there waiting for you."

A look of fright fell across the other Christian's face, but he quickly shook it off and went about the room once more.

"Hell," Christian went on. "I might even go back with you. It'd be kind of cool to see another world."

"Yeah," Parallel Christian said, a small smile sweeping across his face. "Yeah, I think you'd like it."

"We should get some sleep, man." Christian said, yawning from his recent genital exercise. "Because tomorrow I want to get to it."

"Yeah." The other Christian said. "I agree. I'll sleep on the floor."


He pulled some blankets form his closet, exactly where he knew they would be. As he shut the door he noticed the mirror hanging on the outside. He took a pillow from the bed and stared into the mirror. He kept his eyes on it even as he prepared his sleeping area. He crouched so that he was sitting down and then slowly fell back so that his back hit the floor, pulling the blanket with him and staring into the mirror the whole time. He shut his eyes, and the last thing he saw before drifting off to sleep was his own reflection.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Allie's left leg was strewn across his chest; her dainty foot with the painted toenails resting upon his right shoulder as Christian drove his cock inside her again and again.

Allie herself had her left arm draped across her own womanly chest, the skinny limb covering her nipples as she gripped her right breast in an effort to keep her ginourmous jugs from bouncing too much. She always hated that she had big boobs whenever she was having sex. She felt they got in the way, and she hated their bouncing in particular. Not only did they obstruct her view of things which made it difficult to tell if she was doing a good job in pleasing, but they often threatened to hit her in the face; and sometimes they succeeded. This made her all the more self-conscious, and on those instances when her boobs did manage to brush, tap, or even hit her own face she felt extremely foolish and embarrassed.

She could just imagine what people would think:

"Poor, big-boobie blonde...can't even control her own chest...doesn't even know her own body..."

They were the very reason she prided herself and her trivial accomplishments like homecoming queen. She was constantly aware of what people thought about her. If they saw her own self-image they might think her weak-minded, shallow, emotionally inept.

She'd had to stay ahead of them; one step all the way. But with all her regular irregularities of looking beautiful all the time and winning contests of beauty and sex appeal among her peers she had come to realize that she'd dug a hole too deep to get out of, and she was in over her head. Every accomplishment was just another stroke from her shovel, but if she were to fail she wasn't sure if she could survive the fall.

At the moment she was succeeding in keeping her boobs at bay; the two luscious orbs were jiggling in her grip, her titflesh rippling vibrantly from the vibrations exerted upon her. Her glorious chest bounced and heaved repeatedly; her boobmeat overwhelming her small, girlish arm as it struggled to restrain the two bouncing melons and maintain them within the confines of her personal bubble.

"Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Fuck!" she shouted, her eyes closed tight as she took the ramming her boyfriend was giving her.

Her boobs were getting more and more difficult to restrain, and she feared the two mountainous hooters would soon break the barrier her arm was creating if things kept up the way they were. The weight of her giant gazongas was much too overwhelming for her small, skinny arm; and she hated herself for not lifting more weights during her workouts.

On the other end of their sexual spectrum Christian had her leg poised across his body; her petite foot on his shoulder beside his face. He had her legs almost completely split so as to give his pelvis more room to thrust. He was grasping her lovely, girlish limb in a bear hug; his fingers trailing all over her smooth skin as he occasionally caressed it with his lips, kissing her leg as he fucked her.

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