tagRomanceMac and Me

Mac and Me


She had the most unusual name I had ever heard – Mac. It wasn't short for any feminine name or even a shortened patronymic (meaning she was named after her father or a favoured uncle). No; just Mac.

I first saw her at a business affair I was attending for my company in another town. She was across the room at the wine and cheese reception and I could hear her throaty laugh as she amused herself at hearing someone's witticism. My eyes were drawn to her from the first moment; she wasn't tall or what could be called sexy. Not your stereotypical 'California' girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and big boobs.

No, she was the direct opposite. No more than 5 ft or perhaps 5 ft 1 ", short red hair curly at the ends and mesmerizing green eyes that seems to sparkle across the room. I was entranced! As I ran my eyes wantonly down her figure, I could see that she was very small breasted, slim of waist and hips. She was wearing a floor length gown of some clinging green material. It was fastened over one shoulder with some sort of clip leaving the other shoulder bare. It almost, but not quite, hid her charms from view.

I had to meet this lady! After all, I was a divorced man for over two years; after finding my wife in the all too clichéd arms of my best friend, I swore off women and hadn't had sex since the divorce. Instead I buried myself in my work. I suppose the rapid advancement in my work was the reason I was told to attend this rather boring convention. After all, just how fascinating can lecture after lecture on economics be! I was ready to bail on the conference and fly home the next day until I saw her.

As I gazed at her with lustful eyes, she suddenly turned her head from the group she was chatting with and caught me in the act. Rather then be put off – I actually blushed at being caught – she smiled, winked at me and started towards me. Oh lord! Now what do I do? I am way out of practice in dealing with the opposite sex and really rather shy around them. She approached me until she was so close I could smell the faint aroma of her clean unscented skin.

She looked up into my eyes – I stood almost a foot taller than she – and said simply "Hi, My name is Max. Who are you?"

I almost forgot my own name I was so nervous but finally managed to stammer out "I'm Robert"

"Hi Robert" as her hand reach up for mine. "I am pleased to meet you. I couldn't help but see you watching me across the room. In fact, I could sense your eyes on me even before I turned around. Why were you staring?"

She certainly was short (no pun intended) and to the point. Still blushing somewhat, I finally had to answer and the best I could do was to blurt out "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"

As the words tumbled out of my mouth, I was sure I had screwed it up totally; one doesn't come out with that to a virtual stranger! Mac reacted very quickly; she stood on tiptoes and with her hands on my shoulders whispered into my ear "Thank you, Robert. I think you are a handsome man and would love to get to know you better"

Amazing! I must be living in a dream! I have always considered myself plain of feature and build (certainly my ex wife had assured me of that fact), so her words were like a fresh tonic to my bruised ego. Mustering all my courage, I asked her if she would do me the honour of having dinner with me. She immediately took my hand in hers and nodded her agreement.

Since I was new to town, I asked her if she knew of a nice quiet restaurant of that served the kind of food that she enjoyed. I was pleased when she mentioned an Italian bistro within walking distance of the hotel we were in (and where I had my room) and we decided since the night was so balmy, we would walk there to enjoy the night and each other's company.

We walked for about half an hour to the restaurant and chatted non-stop. Mac was a very well spoken young lady (I learned she was actually in her early 30's to my early 50's) and was a divorcee of some 3 years. When she surprised me by asking why I divorced, I surprised myself by telling her all the gory details of the acrimonious split. Apparently hers was a similar story and we commiserated through our meal about past woes and hopes for the future.

In the ensuing three hours we lingered over our dinner and wine (two bottles), we learned we had much in common including, but far from limited to, the fact that neither of us has been in a relationship or had sex since our divorces! Now that fact came out of nowhere – it must have been the wine lowering our defences to have become close enough to admit that.

We walked arm-in-arm along the quiet boulevard after we closed the restaurant and headed back towards the hotel. By this time, we were both well into the cups and were feeling a little frisky. As we passed a park bench, I turned suddenly and, placing my hands on her waist, lifted her up on the seat. As a result, we were face to face and I leaned forward as I cupped her soft cheeks in my hands to kiss her gently on her lips. I could taste the spices for our shared dinner as well as the recently imbibed wine as she pressed her lips against mine in return.

I felt that time had stood still as Mac moved into my arms and her tongue pressed against my lips until I opened them to welcome her in. We both moaned slightly as we felt the heat of our mutual need and arousal rising. I pulled away from her breathlessly and asked her "Would you spend the night with me, my love?"

"Oh yes, please! It has been so long for both of us"

I helped her down from the bench and we hurried back to the hotel. As soon as the elevator doors closed and we were speeding up to my 12th floor room, I pulled her upwards into my arms as kissed her deeply and fervently. I could feel her swinging slightly and I looked quickly in the mirror just before the doors opened to see that her feet were actually off the ground as she wrapped her arms around my neck! For some reason, this really excited me; it was like I was making love to a child but she was definitely a woman who knew what she wanted.

Rushing hand in hand and giggling down the hall, I fumbled to get my card key into the lock; finally we fell into the room and I backed her against the door raining kisses all over her face. She pushed me back until we were standing in the middle of the room with only the city lights providing illumination through the large windows.

Placing a finger across my lips to signal silence, Mac stepped back a few steps and, reaching up to the shoulder where the gown was clipped and with a deft twist of her fingers, the gown rustled into a pool at her feet. She stood before me as if bewitched; she was totally nude except her sandals that she kicked aside. Her small breasts were tipped with dimpled aureole and small pink nipples that were growing hard as I watched. Her flat tummy led to a tuft of reddish hair pointing down to her slightly protruding outer labia.

"My God! You are perfect!" was all I could manage to say. At that she smiled, came forward and lifted her hands to my face and pulled me down to her lips as we kissed long and tenderly. She then, without a word, proceeded to undress me until we stood close together feeling the heat of rising passion flow between us.

I fell to my knees to worship this goddess who was giving herself to me. As my lips found her turgid nipples, she twisted her hands in my hair to pull me harder into her. My mouth almost was able to swallow her tiny breast as I sucked and tongued every sensitive surface. My hands cupped her perfect tight bum and I pulled her body tightly against me. As I did, I could feel the dampness and heat emanating from between her legs and I slipped my finger between the crack of her ass to slide against the slickness of her excited pussy. She cried out my name as she rode my fingers.

I stood and lifted her easily into my arms – she couldn't be more than 100 lbs! I felt so blessed that this woman was to be my first in so long. I carried her over to the bed and, throwing the sheets aside, laid her in the centre of the king sized bed. I found some candles in the bedside table (blackouts were so common in this city that all hotels supplied several candles and holders along with matches in case of emergencies) and lit them to better see this glorious creature.

She stretched her arms out to me and purred, "Come here, darling!"

With dispatch, I climbed into bed beside her and we wrapped ourselves together in a close embrace with her legs wrapped around my thigh. As we kissed over and over, her hips were humping my leg and I could feel her cum and it gushed from her hot core. She cried out again as an orgasm – her first she told me later – overcame her. It seems that her husband was a selfish man who was quick in/quick out the few times they made love. I kissed my way down her body, pausing to make love to each breast and their crowning hard nipples.

As I neared her molten centre, She raised her legs to her chest and I lay between those delicious legs and blew gently into the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Her pussy was opening like the petals of a rose and glistened with the dewy drops of her arousal. I could smell the musky odour and could no longer wait to feast on her offering. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit, across the sensitive perineum and circled her anus. She gasped as she felt my tongue where no man had ever touched her.

I moved up her slit – so open and wet – sucking on her outer lips as I moved towards that most sensitive of prizes; her clit. I could see it protruding invitingly from its hood and my lips found it as I drew it gently into my mouth. As I sucked on that little nubbin, I slid two crossed fingers slowly into her open pussy as far as they would go. She gasped with the fullness in her tightening cunt. Her pussy walls clamped down on the invading fingers as she convulsed in yet another wrenching orgasm. Her cum soaked my hand and I pulled my fingers out to noisily suck the sweet nectar in my mouth.

I needed to taste her first hand and my tongue drove repeatedly deeper into her or so tight pussy; it must have been in direct proportion to her small frame since I had never experience someone so tight before. I hungrily lapped up every copious drop she could deliver as she bucked her hips and cried out that she was cumming again.

All this time, my cock was painfully erect and needed some immediate satisfaction. As soon as Mac moaned that she wanted me inside her, I grabbed a condom from the nightstand drawer and started to tear off the seal on the package. Mac looked at me with glazed eyes and whispered "No condom, babe. We have both been celibate long enough to be safe and I need to feel you cum inside me" Please. Now?"

She hooked her arms through her knees spreading herself even more open. As I moved my cock to her hot opening, she reached between her legs to guide me. She was so tight that I was glad for the first time in my life that I was built slim and only 7 ½" instead of thick and long like I thought women wanted. There was no way I wanted to hurt this amazing woman!

As I slid slowly into her tight canal, I leaned over to kiss her lovingly. She was breathing quickly as she felt me going deeper and filling her fully. As I reached the end and our pubes were rubbing together, she started to rotate her hips as she moved herself around my cock buried deep within her. Her clit was rubbing against my coarse pubic hair and this only heightened the intensity of her climax. As she moved faster, I started to meet her every thrust with my own until we were perfectly enmeshed as we drew close to the final explosive orgasm.

We cried out together as years of pent up needs forced themselves to the surface live a lava flow and we came together over and over again! Our mixed cum seemed to flow forever as we released all that desire simultaneously.

Mac's legs slowly unwound until she had them wrapped around my waist and she used this newfound leverage to continue to move her hips around and around my still hard shaft. Although I knew I couldn't cum again for some time, just the feel of being held inside her made me want to stay there forever.

We whispered, "I love you" to each other as we slowly eased apart and then fell into each other's arms. We spent the next two hours alternately talking about the wonder of what had just happened and our feelings for each other and kissing. The sense of belonging with one another was so strong at that moment that I knew, as did Mac, that we were going to take things slowly until we decided, if that was to be, to become seriously involved.

As we slipped into a dreamless slumber in each other's arms, we both felt that we were meant to be.

Instead of flying home the next day, Mac and I spent the whole day, and the next night, without leaving the hotel room.

It turned out to be the best conference I ever attended!

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I have to agree

Thumbs down as far as I can do it. 1*

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Not Romantic at all.

Grunting sex, no more.

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