tagErotic CouplingsMad Girl Ch. 01-04

Mad Girl Ch. 01-04


Part I

Shirley was not a happy camper this morning. She was frustrated and horny. Her lover had been absent minded lately and was not taking care of some really important needs. Like that itching and throbbing in her pussy. It made her want to kill someone. She decided to kill today in her favorite way.

Her dress this morning was all appropriate and lethal. Low cut blouse in a quarter cup bra, barely hiding her aching nipples. She spent a good bit of time squeezing and pinching and pulling on her nipples as she put her bra on, but that only made her need more desperate. She put on her black silk slip, then short skirt. No panties. They get in the way. Just to check, she hiked up her skirt, just enough to see her pussy lips poking out below. Yes, a good view. She lovingly spread a little lube on her fingers and gently pulled out each pussy lip, just like her lover does with this mouth, and then slid a finger in deep, moving it around until she could feel the walls of her pussy let loose with the first flush of cum. She still wasn't ready or satisfied though.

On the drive to work, she kept her skirt high. In her little car, she knew the guys in the big SUVs and semis could probably see in and catch a glimpse of milky white thighs leading up to a barely perceptible pussy. She took a quick picture of her thigh tops with her cell phone, and texted it to her lover, thinking "maybe this will get his attention."

Work that morning wasn't easy. Horny ladies are bitchy ladies. Little things kept annoying her, and she couldn't keep her mind off that aching in her pussy and nipples. Her new assistant, a nice young man, also couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts. He kept hovering over her desk, trying to sneak a peak down her blouse. Usually she likes this game, but not now. Now she was pissed off.

She deliberately looks up, catching him looking down her blouse. He is surprised, a flash of fear crosses his face. "Stand up," she tells him. He does. "Now shut the door." He does. "Come here." He does. She pulls out large tit neatly out of her blouse. "Now suck this nipple." He does. "Bite it." He does. "Now pull your pants down and beat your meat while watching me squeeze my tits." He does. She's watching him, a bit amused. Three or four inch cock, pretty enough but too small, she's thinking. "Now cum on the papers on my desk." He does. "Now go clean yourself up and get back to work." He leaves.

Part II

Shirley's still was very mad. He hasn't made her cum in over a week now, and he answers about half the questions she sends in an email. Very annoying behavior, "What part of joining the Please Fuck Me Now Club doesn't he understand?" Her needs seem extremely clear.

Later that morning she has to go down to the stockroom to check inventory. She's always quite popular with the stock room guys. The warehouse boys like looking up her skirts and down her tops as she moves around the aisles. Damn, they just like looking at her walk around the warehouse. She lets them look,even teases them a little, but never lets them touch her stuff.

Today only Hank was in the stockroom. He followed her around like a puppy dog. At one point she was reaching for a top shelf, and she could feel his eyes burrowing into the spot between her thighs and her ass. He gasped when he got a glimpse of her pussy. He put his hand out, tentatively squeezing her ass cheeks. That's further than she'd ever let a warehouse guy go before, but she was so hot this morning that she had to admit it felt good, and her pussy was getting all slippery.

She turned around and said, "Hank, you've been a good boy all these years, I'll let you be bad for just one more minute. Would you like to slide one finger into my pussy?" Hank couldn't even speak in surprise and lust, but he was able to stumble forward. She raised her dress with one hand, and he quickly put his hand all the way up, and one finger slid in up to his knuckle.

"You've got one minute to finger my pussy," she said and started counting. "one, two, three..." Hank wasted no time. At about twenty seconds, he slid a second finger in. "Bad boy" said Shirley, "I said only one finger." But she didn't make him stop. At forty seconds his thumb started rubbing around her butthole. "Very bad boy," she said, but didn't make him stop. At sixty seconds she came, fast and hard, juices were flowing and her pussy lips quivering.

When she started to recover, she realized she had stopped counting. She looked down. He still had three fingers buried in her pussy and ass, and he also had his cock out and was stroking it with his other hand. Shirley was a bit surprised. "Damn," she thought, "that's a big cock. Maybe 10 inches. Too big, that would hurt!"

She smacked his hand that was in her pussy and and he pulled it out. "You were a very bad boy, staying in longer than the 60 seconds, and using more than one finger. Now you need to be punished. First you have to lick you fingers so they do not have any of my pussy juices on them." He waited a little to long, she was getting impatient, "I said, lick your fingers, suck every

drop of my pussy juices off of them, NOW!"

When he had finished sucking his fingers she said, "Good boy! Now I want to watch you jack off and spill your cum on the floor ." He did as told, his massive cock seemed to grow grotesquely large. When he came he dropped to the floor, almost seeming like he was in pain as his sperm fell on the floor. He looked sad. She liked that, he was bad and needed to learn some discipline.

Shirley reached down, took his chin in her hand, and pulled him up to look at her. "I enjoyed that Hank, but you were very bad. What happened here will not happen again. When I come down to the stockroom in the future, you can watch me. I may flash quick look at my pussy, but that is it! Do you UNDERSTAND? After I leave you'll go into the men's room and jack off thinking of me. This will be just our little secret. From now on I will be your favorite fantasy, only! Now get something to clean up this mess." "OK," he mumbled, collapsing to the floor. Shirley smoothed down her skirt and walked out. He could do nothing but listen to her high heels clicking as she walked away.

"Now where is that boyfriend of mine," she was thinking, "he'll be lucky to get any pussy, if he doesn't show up soon."

Part III

Two hours later, Shirley's cell phone vibrated. Text message, media content attached. A picture of Timothy's car in the parking lot. "About time," she grumbled. Her nerves were getting jangly again. She logged off and checked out as soon as she could, explaining the sudden personal emergency that required taking the rest of the afternoon off.

She opened the passenger door and looked in to see his smiling face. He was happy to see her and relaxed. "Grrr," she said, "I need you, where have to been?"

"I know baby, it'll be okay. Get in here." She was hardly in her seat when his lips were on hers. She wanted to yell at him but he slipped his tongue between her lips and at the same time, slid his hand up her thigh. Over the silk stocking, garter, and then a finger tickling her trimmed pussy hair. Her legs parted slightly, enough for one finger to slide from her pubic bone, over her clit, and then sink quickly between her pussy lips.

"Hmm, you've started without me," he said, feeling her warmth and wetness.

"You're late, I couldn't wait." No apologies offered.

"I'm glad you're ready for me now." No apologies needed.

Timothy withdrew his finger. There now had to be a necessary interlude – getting from Point A to Point B, from office to hotel. This was a problem with an obviously overheated woman in the car. But Timothy was prepared. He reached under the seat and withdrew a silk bag, with his "emergency kit" in it. He withdrew a nicely shaped dildo.

"Sorry baby, it's all you'll get for about a half hour."

She sighed, but took the offered toy and slid it into her pussy as Timothy put the car in drive and pulled onto the highway. She wasn't happy, but she did like this particular toy, so with her right hand she started rotating it and sliding it deeper into her pussy. With her left hand, she reached over and felt between his legs. As usual when they met, his trousers were thin and he was going commando underneath. He always got hard quickly whenever she was near him, and this was no exception. She may be mad at him, but she couldn't help but be pleased he was glad to see her, and could express it in such an concrete way. She was also glad to feel this particular cock again. She liked its seven inch length, just the right size to fill her mouth, her pussy from clit to cervix, and she could fully take it in her ass without pain in the right situations.

Timothy was a responsible guy, so he kept both hands on the steering wheel, even though she was making his pants very tight, and he had a hard time keeping his eyes off the sight of this pretty lady next to him, sexy skirt pulled up, legs spread, and glistening pussy lips. He turned on the air conditioning, and directed a stream of air at her pussy. She opened her blouse and exposed one long, hard red nipple. He directed another vent of air at her chest. He knew she liked the hot/cold contrast on her sensitive parts, it would enhance her pleasure and sometimes even send her over the edge.

She did like this, pulling her nipple, then her pussy lips, squeezing and stroking his cock in his pants. Too much he thought, and he had to reach a hand down. He quickly flicked her clit, then rolled it hard down onto her pubic bone. That did it, she came with a little scream and rolled her eyes back. But not for long.

"That one doesn't count," she said. He knew what she meant. Shirley is one of those fortunate women who could cum easily and often. Being multi-orgasmic was something she discovered at an obscenely young age, and it remains a driving reality of her life decades later. The blessing was also a curse. The recurring gnawing in her gut, heightened sensitivities, and tingling in her nerves was something she lived with on a daily basis. She once said she was "always horny," and when questioned about that, had replied "what part of 'always' don't you understand?"

Timothy's inside knowledge was that she had to cum five times before she could relax. She wasn't giving him credit for this orgasm.

"Guess I've got some more work to do," he replied, as they swung into the hotel parking lot.

Part IV

Shirley still wasn't exactly happy or relaxed, but she began to breathe a little easier, knowing that a soft hotel bed and her warm lover were just minutes away. Sexual frustration has a cure, and she was moving towards it with all deliberate speed.

Watching Timothy check in at the reception desk slowed things down. He was chatting up the pretty girl at the desk again. "Damn flirt," she thought to herself, "I gotta get this boy to focus on the business at hand."

Finally he got the key and they started off down a long hall, watching the room numbers, searching for nirvana, or at least a bed that could get them there. She was surprised when he stopped at the door reading "Ice & Vending." He reached into his briefcase, pulled out a sheet of paper and a roll of duct tape, and then taped it on the door: "Out of Service." He then quickly pulled her inside and shut the door. Reaching into his briefcase again, he pulled out a rubber wedge and jammed it into the door next to the lock, effectively sealing the door from the inside.

"Always the Boy Scout, always prepared," she said to him. "What are we doing in here?"

"Working on Number One," he said. "You, my dear."

He dropped to his knees and pulled her skirt and slip up. Nothing but very warm wet pussy here. Now Timothy is basically a good man. A true liberal, he can't stand to see people suffer, especially when it isn't their fault or was something they were born with. His mission in life is to alleviate that suffering, and stop the discrimination against people just because of who they are.

Timothy saw a suffering woman in front of him. She couldn't help it she was born sexual. She shouldn't have to suffer just because she was. And he had to do something about it. It was just part of who he was. There are many things a man like Timothy can do in life to help people, but he had a special skill in these situations. This poor woman needed a good clit licking, and she needed it now.

Usually he's a bit of a tease and makes her wait, but he knew she was already pissed off at him and playing around wasn't in the cards. Using both hands, he used his thumbs to spread her pussy lips, and pressed his fingers down hard onto her public mound. Her clit was now fully exposed. From all the prior stimulation it was red and extended. When his lips circled and then sucked her clit, it was all Shirley could do to keep from cumming in one second. She fell back into the ice machine. Timothy pushed forward, never losing contact as this tongue now began working on her clit, circling, pushing, pulling, and then a little nibble with his teeth.

The ice machine. "Stimulation city," thought Timothy, and pressed the button. Ice cubes crashed out, spilling on the floor. Timothy grabbed a few in the air. Shirley saw it coming: he put three ice cubes into his mouth, then leaned into her pussy. His two thumbs pulled her lips apart and exposed her insides, and he slid two cubes into her. The third cube he held in his teeth and rubbed on her clit. That did it. Ice cold, lips and tongues, little bites. No woman can stand that without cumming hard, and she did. She came, and came again, and it seemed she kept coming for nearly thirty seconds, waves of pleasure convulsing her pussy.

They rested for a minute, a sticky mess, her own juices and melting ice. Her stockings and slip were smeared, his face was soaked. She was gasping, Timothy was smiling and enjoying her pleasure. Always prepared, Timothy reached into his briefcase again and took out a towel, and lovingly wiped her legs and pussy and his face clean.

"Do I get credit for that one?" he asked with a wink.

"Okay, one for you," she said, but she was looking at his pants as he stood up. It looked like a large snake was trying to get down his pants leg or bust out through his zipper. It had to hurt, and when she looked at him, it was clear he was in pain. She knew that for some reason, licking a women's pussy was not only great for the woman, it was the thing that made him the hardest fastest.

Starting to forgive him, and now feeling sorry for the pain she was causing, she reached out for his cock. He let her feel it for a minute, smiling at her, knowing she was proud of the reaction she elicited from him. She wanted to free that poor thing and then suck on it until it felt better. She really did like him and his cock, even though she was still just a bit mad at him.

"No," he said. "I want you completely now. No more playing around. We're going to the room now."

Part V

There is a time in every hot couple's life when it's time to quite screwing around in cars and ice machine rooms. Seriously, that may be hot, and the pretty woman has cum several times, but there is a time to get down to business. Now they need a couple hours of serious sex.

As he opened the hotel room door, she knew he was hurting. His ball sack was so full it felt like it would explode. She had nicely cum several times now, although he only got credit for one of them, but he was like a 16 year old boy with blue balls. The hotel room was their safe spot, their escape from the world and their release. They needed each other. She was not angry anymore. Just annoyed and needed to be sexually satisfied. She knew that he would take care of that need immediately. He was nice guy, he got a hard on at the very sight of her, you couldn't argue with that. She knew the instant dependable erection was a wonderful quality to have.

So in the hotel room, she took command, sat down on the bed, and told him to drop his pants. He wasn't fast enough getting his belt off, but the zipper came down quickly, and as usual when he was with her, there were no underpants to get in the way. His cock was so hard, her mouth was so wet, they were a match made in some erotic heaven as she took him in her mouth. He relaxed a little, feeling her wet warm mouth moving up and down his cock. Looking in her eyes, he saw the twinkle of a tease but incredibly sexy woman who was having a good time and knew she was giving a good time. This licking and sucking went on for a bit, but there also comes a time when a hot sexy couple knows it is time to just do it.

"Stand up baby, and sit on the desk." he says.

"What, what's with the desk?", she asks

He says "Seriously babe, this is a great desk. I measured it, it's exactly 32 inches from floor to desk top. Then we put this nice pillow under your pretty ass, and it's another 3 inches from desktop to the entrance to you pussy. And I'm exactly 35 inches from floor to extended cock. I think this will be perfect."

She was laughing at the precision of this maneuver, but always game for a new position. She climbed up, put one foot on the desk chair, and lifted the other leg to his shoulder as he moved in. Sure enough, his cock slid straight into her pussy. He was fully erect in both back and cock, and his cock was fully extended deep into her pussy. It felt great! She has missed this cock inside her.

Then she discovered the real beauty of this desk. The desk was up against the window (were there any voyeurs out there getting off on this?). The hotel room's air conditioner vent also came up next to the desk and wall. As she lay back, she could feel the blast of cold air on her neck and shoulders, ruffling her hair, and the desk top felt cool. The contrast of cold air on her head, back and arms combined with his hot cock thrusting into her hot, wet pussy was too much. She started cumming immediately. The first wave started at her pussy and moved through her whole body, caused her to moan, and to raise up to pull him deeper into her demanding pussy.

She was getting hers, and wanted to make this sweet guy who was fucking her got what he needed too. "Come on baby, give it to me now!" He usually holds back, wanting to prolong her pleasure, but also wanting to build the load of cum in his balls that would make a mind blowing orgasm. But there really wasn't any need to hold back now. She wanted him, he desperately needed to cum. He started thrusting hard and deliberately, feeling the warmth of her pussy walls, her cervix that was starting to open up as he thrust deeply. She smiled knowing what was coming and enjoying every stroke.

When he came it nearly knocked him off his feet. Repeated convulsions of his cock rocked him as he emptied into her. She loved the feeling of hot cum splashing into her pussy. She liked watching him orgasm. It was a long one, waves of hot cum shooting into her. Felt like a hot water machine gun filling her up. After several minutes his cock had one last spasm and he looked relaxed and happy. She lifted up and he bent down to give her a kiss. That's what relief felt like. They were satisfied for the moment. That was great make up sex! Maybe she should get mad more often she thought.

Part VI

Shirley wasn't mad anymore. Timothy was feeling good and satisfied. The screaming animals in their bodies had been soothed. A nice dinner, just enjoying each other's company. Then, before bed, Shirley had a nice long ride on top of him. Her number one favorite position, she liked to be able to control the rhythm and depth of penetration. She liked getting her nipples bit and being able to orgasm fast on top. He liked watching her ride, watching her bouncing breasts or holding them in his hands and sucking her nipples. It was late, and he probably wouldn't cum again, but a nice hit of Viagra kept him hard. He was a happy man to have this girl just want to slide up and down his pole and grind her pussy into his crotch. Nipples are very sensitive, especially when engorged, but she did like little bites. He would extend her nipples with his teeth and gently bite. Shirley was in heaven, just riding the roller coaster of her orgasms, until they finally fell asleep exhausted.

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