Madame President


To Heli's consternation, Luisa continued punishing her, even after she had gotten nude. Crying out in pain, Heli begged Luisa to stop, pointing out that she was already nude and had conceded defeat much earlier.

"Who said you were nude." Luisa exclaimed as she pushed Heli from her lap and landed on her back on the floor. "What's that?" Luisa pointed at Heli's groin, and her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. (Turns out Heli was a true blond after all.) "You still aren't totally naked."

Luisa then sat on Heli's face and proceeded to pull all of the naked girl's pubic hair off by the roots. Heli's screams of anguish were effectively muffled by the thick cloth of her own pants.

After Luisa had yanked all of Heli's pubic hair off, she stood up to the thunderous cheers of the crowd. She was embraced with open arms by the Chief slut and congratulated no end by the other Greek heads. Heli was left lying on the floor piteously crying.

The head of the supreme Greek council then made a speech perorating all the Greeks to unite in this monumental battle against Troy, ending his speech with a toast to the next president of the student council, to the accompaniment of "Hail to the Chief" playing in the background.

Luisa kept Heli naked for the rest of the night. In fact she was the only one nude around. To degrade Heli further, Luisa even put on her high heals to complete her outfit, knowing fully well how humiliating this would make the naked girl feel to look up to her rival, all resplendent in all the clothes she had worn earlier.

For the amusement of all, Luisa had Heli masturbate in front of everyone, and even made her fuck herself with a beer bottle, till she involuntarily came, to the jeers of the unruly crowd. The look on Heli's face as she tried to keep herself from orgasming was simply priceless, that it became a favorite wallpaper for most Greek computer screens and cellular phones.

Luisa also gave Heli as a sacrifice to the male Greek gods to do with as they please. After huddling together the lords of the Greeks decided to share the bounty with the rest of the Greeks, symbolically at least.

From around the twenty fraternities present, a champion was chosen from each and everyone, to partake of the sacrificial victim's beautiful charms. For the next two hours Heli was continuously ravished in public by the twenty lust filled college boys, who made her suck, fuck and take it up the ass, in any manner and combination. As a finale, the boys gave Heli a Bukkake, coating her whole body thickly with their semen.

Heli was made to walk home with her sisters as is, barefoot and naked, body all coated with cumm. When she got to the sorority house, she was made to sleep at the floor of Luisa's room, but not till after she was made to pack all her stuff and bring it to Luisa. The perpetual pledge would no longer be entitled to a room in this house.

When Heli woke up the next day, body all stiff and aching from sleeping on the hard floor and from the beating she took last night, she was made to kneel on all fours before Luisa as the comfortably seated girl spelled out Heli's assignments.

First, she should always be nude in the house and may only wear the clothes Luisa has picked for her.

Second, she must always obey what Luisa and the other sluts tells her to do, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating it would be. Third, she will do everything and anything to ensure Luisa's victory, even to the point of dispensing sexual favors, if necessary.

With tears brimming in her eyes Heli agreed to all that Luisa demanded. It was only then that Heli was allowed to finally bathe and wash away the thick coating of dried up semen, all over her body.

For the next weeks the sluts as well as the rest of the Greeks campaigned vigorously for Luisa. Always at the forefront was a slutily clad Helen Martin, blowing kisses in the air and making lewd suggestions, urging all the boys to vote for Luisa. Quite a few none-Greek boys took her up on her offer. Her outfits got skimpier and skimpier as the campaign season drew to an end, and quite a number of none-Greek males shifted their support in favor of Luisa because of this, as well as the sexual favors Heli readily gave out.

Perhaps the thing that contributed most to Luisa's campaign was not the brilliant arguments she made in her one-on-one debate with Troy, but rather a video clip supposedly from Stallion Productions that appeared in youtube, showing the fully clothed Luisa beating on a naked Heli, with a voice over urging the listeners to vote for a president who would be willing to fight for their rights.

Pretty soon word spread and that particular clip took so many hits, that the site had to shut down a few times.

Nevertheless, that little political ad, which incidentally had been thought off by the cheap slut herself who had secretly filmed the fight, did more to boost Luisa's image as a strong willed, determined, fighter, who would do all in her power to protect her constituents. That really signaled the death knell of Troy, as he lost hundreds of votes, on account of this video. When the final results came out, Luisa won by a mere handful of votes.

The sluts had a rousing victory celebration in their house the night of the election. They also planned a more formal dinner in honor of the new president of the student council. On both occasions, Heli attended them absolutely naked, serving food and drinks to the elegantly dressed people in attendance. She was also made to have dinner with the guests, but hers consisted of a bowl of dog food, which she ate on the floor, using only her mouth to slurp her food.

Like a true sister, Luisa did not begrudge the use of her pledge to the other sisters. The other sisters once in awe of Heli, now took great delight in having her tongue service them wherever they wanted. They also found Heli convenient whenever it was their time of the month, as she could now service their boyfriends without fear of any emotional attachment. The guys loved it too whenever Heli was made to take care of them. since they could now do to her all the things they had always fantasized of doing with their girlfriends but were afraid to, lest they be thought of as perverted degenerates.

Things got so bad for Heli, that she was now thought to be a true slut in every sense of the word and she soon became an urban legend as her popularity grew even more. Before the semester ended, Heli made her escape from the Sorority house. She slinked back to her hometown, a broken woman in both body and soul, and enrolled in the small community college there, which could offer her at most a secretarial degree.

As Luisa's term as presidency came to an end, she handed over the reins of government to her successor Troy Cruz who, following his defeat promptly joined a fraternity and kept the tradition of Greek domination still alive at SUCK ASS U.

Luisa planned to spend the semestral break at home with a few sisters, where they had hoped to meet up with an errant pledge, said to be matriculating at the local community college.

The Cheap slut could not help but look at Luisa with pride in her eyes, as her protégé happily walked off with two other sisters, knowing that she would have a bright future in politics and finally be able to achieve what Hillary Rodham Clinton failed in doing. (Go Barak!!! {Sorry couldn't help myself})

The end

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