tagGroup SexMadamefifi's Ch. 04

Madamefifi's Ch. 04


Sophie, technically, wasn’t one of my girls, but in exchange for a room and some food, she would take some of my better looking customers for me. I never really knew her background, except that she had come from Manchester and I never really thought to ask. I wish now that I had.

It was a cold Thursday afternoon and Sophie and I were in the study on the ground floor. I had initially designed it as somewhere where the men could relax either before or afterwards, but it soon came to be my favourite room. The floor to ceiling bookcases were full with books ranging from Mills and Boon to Shakespeare, back to contemporary classics before finishing with Dickens. The large leather sofas dominated the room, and today I had the wood fire burning, giving the room a hazy heat that would melt the coldest of hearts. On top of this was the view across the road of the sea, grey and angry, making it hard to find where the sky ended and the sea began.

Talking to Sophie about everything and nothing I noticed her attention had left me and was focused outside. Turning around, I didn’t see much, but then my attention was drawn to a tall blonde haired man lingering outside. It was his face that grabbed my attention. He had large brown eyes, a bit like chocolate buttons, just better, about two days worth of beard growth, and the fullest lips I’ve ever seen on a white man. I knew what those lips were capable of, but I also knew from experience that the owners of such lips could be very sulky. But aside from this, his face looked angry. I wasn’t sure who or what he was angry with, but as I turned to make some comment to Sophie I found the seat next to me empty and the door clicking shut.

Moving out into the hall Sophie was nowhere to be seen, and just as I turned to go up to her room I felt a strong draught from the front door as the mysterious stranger walked in. Turning fully to face him, I jumped slightly as the heavy front door banged shut.

“Can I help you sir?” I asked in my most demure voice “Anything in particular you’re after?” with my usual wink and a smile I could relax most of my customers, but not this one.

“Where is she? I want to see her. Now” was his reply.


“You know who. Sophie, my bitch of a girlfriend who thinks it’s ok to sleep around behind my back”

“Oh.” I really needed to think quickly but I wasn’t quick enough, and there was no point lying to a man who thought he knew the truth. He would never have believed me. “I’m not sure. She left me a few minutes ago and I’m not sure where she went. She can’t have left, so if you want to wait in there I’ll send her to you when I find her”

“You lying bitch! You know where she is, and if you don’t tell me I’m going to search this place from top to bottom”

“I really don’t kno…”, but before I could finish he pushed past me and went bounding to the top of the hotel, determined to find his girlfriend, even if he had to search every room one by one. I quickly followed him.

Barging into the top room, I could see that he was shocked by what he saw. Kate and Gemma were in full swing with a couple of young women who had wanted to explore their lesbian sides. From the door he could see Gemma lying back on the bed with her head hanging over the edge as one of the girls was busy licking her out, and the other girl was standing above her head having the favour returned. Kate was out of site, but from the moans I could only assume that she was obliging the first girl with her fingers from behind as she took care of her self. I could almost picture her lying back with one hand in a stranger’s pussy as she pumped her own. No one was aware that we were there so we shut the door quietly and left.

“You can’t go on like this” I yelled as he stormed off down the corridor “I don’t even know your name!”

“Jack. It’s Jack Fitzroy.” was the only reply I got as he burst into another room. Thankfully it was a quiet afternoon and there were only three rooms occupied. He barged into 4 more rooms before he found one that was being used again. But this time I could tell that he was enjoying what he was seeing.

This room had a big hot-tub in the centre and the room was full of steam. In the bath was an average looking guy, but on top of him was Joey, my Irish beauty. She had long flowing auburn hair and a body to die for. As we watched her she rode her clients cock, all the while pinching her perfect little tits until it made her moan. Moving her hands down as she gyrated I could tell that she was squeezing his cock even more, talking dirty to him as he did.

“Mmmmm, do you like it when I squeeze that cock of yours. I know I do. It makes it throb inside me and fill me completely” At this she was temporarily quietened as he took one of her breasts in his mouth as his hands worked wonders under the water.

“Oh I love it when you do that. When you touch my clit like that I don’t think I can control myself” And with that she began rocking harder on his cock, her breasts jiggling and she rode her way to a climax, taking him right with her.

Again I pushed Jack out and closed the door. “Look we can’t carry on like this. It isn’t fair on my customers or my girls. I don’t know where Sophie is and you aren’t going to find her this way” He shot me a scathing look “I’m gonna find that bitch, and when I do she’ll pay. I wont be treated like a fool forever”

My only other room that was being used was in the basement and it was where Beth was taking care of Paul and John, two regulars. But when Jack and I reached the ground floor again, Beth was there reading a book.

“I thought you were with Paul and John this afternoon?” I asked shooting her a quizzical look.

“Yeah I was, but Sophie owed me one so she agreed to do it for me”

I could almost feel Jack burst beside me. “Where is she?” he asked in a worryingly quiet voice.

“Downstairs, third door on the left” Beth replied quickly before I had a chance to intervene. “Shit” was all I was capable of.

Racing after Jack down the stairs, we could both hear the screams from the room. I, being used to this sound knew that she was definitely OK, thought nothing of it, but I assume Jack suspected she was being hurt and barged in.

Even I was shocked by what I saw. I knew Sophie was quite ‘straight’ when it came to sex. Nothing kinky, nothing anal, just straight vaginal penetrative sex. But that wasn’t what faced me.

The floor in this room was a mattress, to accommodate up to 10 people (we often have ‘swingers’ parties here) and boy was she using it.

Sophie’s back was to the door so she didn’t see us. Paul and John were too far gone to care. As Sophie positioned herself over Paul’s cock, John pushed his in her mouth. Temporarily silenced, she rocked on Paul’s cock, used her hand and mouth on John’s, whilst using her other hand on her pussy. Moving her mouth from John’s cock, I heard her speak in a low sultry voice “I’m an anal virgin, but I think it’s time I got over that don’t you?”

Moving off Paul’s cock altogether she turned round. But despite being shocked at seeing us she stared straight into Jack’s eyes “I don’t belong to you. Now go or stay, I don’t care, but this is what I do, like it or not”. And with that she knelt down and started to suck her juices off Paul’s cock. I could see that Jack was seething, but also mightily aroused, and as such he never said a word, just continued to watch.

Coming back from the cupboard at the side of the room I could see John’s cock and fingers glistening with lube. Moving behind Sophie he spread her butt cheeks and started massaging her pussy before spreading his hand to her arse. Rubbing it to thoroughly cover it with lube I could see Sophie squirming under his touch, before gasping as he slid one finger gently up her arse. Paul had reached up by now and was massaging her pussy. Just as she came John slid another finger in her arse stretching her a bit more.

By this point she was pushing back on John’s hand and I could see that she was ready for the real thing. As John had a slightly smaller penis that Paul he was the one with the pleasure to take her anal virginity. Taking his hand away he pushed his cock forward in an inch or two, pausing to let her get used to the intrusion. As he felt her relax he pushed forward a bit more and soon had his cock firmly in her arse. Again he gave her time, but as she murmured her approval he began to pump her slowly.

She was enjoying this. I could see it in her face and wasn’t surprised to see her whisper to Paul. I wasn’t sure what she said but a second later I knew as Paul slid himself beneath her. Pausing in what he was doing to allow her to reposition herself, I could see that the pause was killing John, and as soon as he felt Paul’s cock push into Sophie’s pussy it proved too much and he shot his load.

As he pulled away Sophie carried on pumping Paul, but before I knew what was happening Jack had removed his trousers and was positioned behind her. He didn’t give a damn about her comfort and just ploughed his cock into her ass as deep as he could get it. Sophie’s scream was not of pain alone as she quivered her way through another orgasm. Paul shot his load as her clenching pussy pushed him over the edge.

As he inched from beneath her Jack pulled out and turned her round.

“Why are you doing this to me? You know I love you. Its only you I want. No one else” he said as he held her

“I know, but I’m scared. You know why, you know about my past. I just can’t get close to men”

“But I’m not men. I’m Jack, and I’ll look after you forever”

As the tears streamed down her face she held on to him as he kissed her deep and hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as if to try to punish her. Her hand moved in less of a hugging way into more of a caress. As her hands moved down his back to his arse, his did the same. “I can’t believe I did that” she whispered “it was wonderful. Did you like it?” His reply came in the form of his fingers starting to probe her arse again.

She squirmed under his touch “Make love to me Jack. Then fuck me” I knew I should leave then but I couldn’t. Neither could Paul and John and we stood there transfixed.

Pushing her down he spread her legs and began to gently kiss his way up her body, pausing at her pussy. Even I could see Paul’s cum, but Jack appeared not to care and began to gently lick the lips of her pussy, moving his tongue around her clit before pushing it in. Her back arched as his fingers found her arse again. But before she could cum he pulled away.

Moving up he teased her nipples, licking them, then blowing on them, making them stand to attention. She giggled slightly, making her sound embarrassed, I wasn’t sure why she was after earlier, but as he caressed her breasts, squeezing them her giggles turned to moans, and taking his cue his pushed his cock into her.

Moving slowly to begin with he soon increased his pace pushing her harder and harder until she was moaning so loud I’m sure the whole of Blackpool heard. “Oh god Jack, no one does this like you do. No one completes me like you. Push me harder Jack, Push me……Ahhhhhhh!” she screamed as she came. She smiled and kissed Jack and held him for a while just where he was, feeling his seed slip between her legs.

“Oh no, you won’t get any rest now. I won’t go back on what you asked. Now get up” Sophie wanted nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep, but seeing Jacks hard cock she didn’t resist. Getting on her knee’s she began to touch herself, squeezing her breasts and pushing her hand between her legs before licking the resulting mixture off her fingers.

Pulling her to her feet Jack pushed her over to the wall where he raised one of her legs before ramming his cock as hard as he could into her dripping pussy. He pinched her nipples with his teeth, kissed and bit her neck, pulled her hair and fucked her hard. I could feel the walls vibrate, and heard her moan as she was assaulted by another orgasm.

Letting her go, she fell on the floor, but he was right behind her “No Jack, no more. I’m sore” she pled

“Oh I’m not planning on using your cunt again, that really has seen enough action today. No, I want to finish what I started with that arse of yours”

She didn’t protest and even raised herself onto her hands and knees, pushing her arse high into the air. With a deep guttural moan he spread her cheeks even further and pushed hard into her ass. She screamed, he screamed and then they both set into a furious pace. Pumping her hard in the ass he reached round and grabbed her tits pinching them hard before pulling her up and ploughing his fingers into her pussy. Her clit was throbbing and the slightest touch pushed her over the edge.

Her orgasm was intense and lasted over a minute. His followed soon after and they both collapsed on the floor.

Curling behind her in a spoon position, the last thing I heard Jack say as I closed the door was

“I love you Sophie, I always have. Will you…..” Click.

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