tagRomanceMaddy Ch. 02

Maddy Ch. 02


Just color me one lucky bastard. I just finished a very successful week in London, having accomplished all my company set out for me to do and then some. Our company negotiated a favorable supply agreement thanks in no small part to a conversation I had overheard. Add in a very steamy romantic encounter with an incredible yet down-to-earth Aussie girl, and I'd have to say it's been pretty good being me the last few days.

The company thought enough of what I'd done to fly me directly from London down to Sydney, Australia, for kind of a last minute evaluation of a potential business partner we'd been looking at. I was supposed to fly on back to the States, but it seemed my personal stock was beginning to rise. Coincidentally, I'd been doing some heavy flirting online with another great looking young Aussie lady, "juicyjessie" (hey, I didn't pick her name!), and when I told her I was on my way "down under", she said she'd be happy to finally meet me. Believe me, that feeling was mutual!

I had just finished off a drink at the BA lounge at Heathrow after scanning through my emails that of course had a way of piling up while I was away, when I heard the boarding call for what I sensed would feel like about a 300 hour flight to Australia! How civilized is it anyway to be leaving on a Friday night and not even get there until Sunday?

I boarded the plane without incident. Nice to have been able to keep my shoes on when I'd gone through security earlier, unlike in the States. As I was fiddling with my bags, trying to wedge it in amongst everyone else's crap (ever notice how it's your "stuff", but other people's "crap"?), I heard a very familiar voice behind me.

"Are you following me?"

I turned around and my jaw dropped open as I saw Maddy sitting in what would be the seat right next to mine. What was she doing here, on this flight, in business class right next to me? The string of good fortune started to give me pause. Just how long might it continue?

"Why didn't I see you in the BA lounge?" I asked. I surprised myself with my reaction. Rather than ask the obvious "what brings you here?" I instead asked a more mundane question, as if I'd almost expected her sexy self to be there.

"Not a big fan of complications. Drop off, security, baggage check, head to gate. Here I am. So how're you, Doll?"

"Heading back home I take it?" I asked, finally getting back to basics.

"Jerome and I are on hols at the moment, as he would say. He's already down there, had some quick business to sort out. He's spending three weeks down there with me. Never been. Should be good fun."

I never ceased to be amazed at how the Europeans could just drop everything and truly "vacate" for weeks on end. To me a long weekend was a luxury. I did have a couple days break at least when I'd get to Australia before my first meeting. "Yeah, I've got some business there myself," I said as I settled into my seat. "But I'm gonna take a couple days to…you know, I can't believe I'm sitting here next to you…you look great by the way!" I started sounding a little giddy, convinced the pitch of my voice was starting to rise like Michael Jackson's after he'd just inhaled helium.

"And so do you. You know, you never did call me…"

"Oh I had meant to, I just…"

"I'm sure you did, Sparky", she said with a wink. "I completely understand. Besides, I can tell there's more to your little junket than just business. You're going to see a girl down there aren't you?"

"Errmmm, no," I protested. "I mean, uh, why do you say that?"

"What was it you said the other day? You're as easy to read as a children's book? Quite true, you're a bit transparent. I hope you gave your arse a good scrubbing!"

"I beg your pardon?"

"My phone number, silly!"

"Oh right, that. I kinda doubt Jessica will see my ass anyway. She's meeting me at some outdoor café near that opera house by the harbor. You know, if I appear to be some kinda axe murderer she can vamoose pretty easy."

"So you ARE seeing someone? How does this, JESSSSS-ica, look like anyway?" Maddy was being a bit catty, but in a playful way. Turned me on, actually.

"OK, guilty as charged. A real looker. Red hair, great body, writes really long messages though, almost as bad as mine, but seems to like all the attention I've been heaping on her. I admit I am a little excited about it."

"You look a little more than excited judging from that lump in your undies."

"Must be the company," I retorted, slowly getting back my game after being caught so off-guard.

I was going to pop a sleeping pill after dinner but decided against it. I really did like the company of course. Maddy and I chatted and laughed for a long time, and when Little Miss Sunshine popped up on the screen, we decided we'd watch it together rather than try to sleep. Seemed a bit more fitting than my porn DVD I coulda played on my laptop, but anyway I'd have had to take the privacy screen off so she could see and I didn't want the whole of business class to see it anyway. Besides, what says "Impress the Lady" any worse than "Hey, wanna watch some porn?"

"I'm a little cold," Maddy said, "why don't you raise up the armrest and let's get under these blankets?"

"Great idea. There, here we go…comfy?" Comfy? I thought you had to have loofahed a woman's stretch marks before using words like "comfy".

"More than, ermm, comfy, thanks!"

The movie was pretty amusing. I'd heard it was funny, but the long week was starting to get the better of me and I was fading fast. Just as I was about to nod off I heard a zip. Or was than an "unzip"?

"What are you doing?" I whispered at Maddy.

"Shhh, you know what I'm doing." She quickly had my cock in her hand and she was starting to jerk me off right there in our seats.

"What if someone…"

"Hush, they will if you don't be quiet. You know, I'm not wearing any undies. At least, not anymore. You were asleep for a little while and you missed the show."

"I didn't fall…"

"Yes, you did, now hush!" She cocked her head toward her crotch to tell me what she wanted me to do. I reached down between her legs and begin rubbing her slowly to make her wet. She closed her eyes and got a faraway look, never once stopping her motion up and down the shaft of my cock.

We did this for quite some time. I suddenly lost interest in the misadventures in the movie, turning instead to Maddy and giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

"I'm really glad I met you," I said, trying not to sound corny.

"I know. You don't have to say anything. Let's just enjoy this."

Her words were quite seductive. Only a couple minor things like public shame, embarrassment, and an in-air arrest kept me from jumping her bones right then and there. She knew that of course, me being the children's book and all that.

I felt myself about to climax, so Maddy slowed down and said, "So, you think you can last this whole flight?"

"No, I highly doubt it. I don't think I could last the next 30 seconds."

"Well, hang on, Sparky. I need to get up a sec." Maddy easily climbed over me as I was left squirming in my seat. While she was gone, the flight attendant brought by a bottle of champagne.

"Didn't know we had newlyweds on board. No one told us," she said. "Here's something from the airline."

"Thanks, but we're not…"

The flight attendant shot me a knowing look and smiled. "I think I know newlyweds when I see them. I may be old, but I'm not dead." She shot a quick glance at the lump in the blanket, courtesy of my still erect penis.

I gave the old bird a wink, and thanked her for the bubbly. By then, Maddy was back, climbing back over me, still without her Three Lion Panties or whatever she'd had on before.

We quickly resumed our under the blanket play. I was right, I'd calmed down a little but not too much. I tried to hold on by saying making dorky airplane references like "Oooo, baby, we're in the SMOKING section" and "Oooo baby, you've got my tray table in an upright and locked position" but alas, I succumbed and squirted my load, making a general mess of myself, my blanket, and Maddy's hand.

"You liked that, huh…keep massaging my clit," she whispered. "I'm right behind you."

I felt her clit begin to pulse, and her cheeks begin to flush. She was very good as staying silent, but she came pretty hard. Once we both caught our breath, I pulled out the champagne from under the seat in front of me and announced, "For us, courtesy of British Airways".

We enjoyed our champagne and enjoyed pretending to be the new Mr. and Mrs. We Just Jerked Each Other Off Under This Blanket, as we shared a laugh over what we'd just done.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, save for another play while the lights were still low. When the plane landed, it felt like next week (I think it was). Maddy sailed through the Domestic line at Passport Control, and waited for me as I trudged through the "all others" line.

It seemed our second encounter was about to come to a close. We both pouted a bit as we both started realizing it was back to the real world, albeit in some faraway place pretty foreign to me. I was sure it felt good to Maddy to be home.

"So when do you meet up with Jerome?"

"He's sent a car after me, I need to look for the driver with my name on a card."

"Listen, I'm in no hurry, let me help you look."

"That's sweet, thanks."

We went off searching for the Local Aussie Dude in the Tie with the Maddy Sign amongst all the other Local Aussie Dudes in Ties, but to no avail. As each of the Dudes in Ties was claimed, it started to look like Maddy was about to be stood up.

"Bugger! Damn him," a hint of frustration in her voice. "I need to phone him, I think my mobile phone'll work here."

"Y'know," I said, "I got nothing to do all day. Let's just grab a taxi and you can stow all your stuff in my hotel room until you reach him. I need a tour guide for the day! C'mon." (I was bordering on whining but it was working. Sometimes playing the maternal instinct card actually works!)

"Thanks, but that might be a bit dodgy to explain."

"Well I can't just leave you here?"

"Why not, you got what you wanted anyway, right?" she kinda snapped.

I was taken aback by her reply but realized she was just a bit irritated. "Listen," I said, trying to calm her down, "ring up Jerome and tell him you're headed downtown. All you've got is your carryon." (Note to self, Low Maintenance Girl. I was beginning to seriously doubt the point of the whole juicyjessie encounter when I reminded myself that Maddy had a boyfriend.)

"He'll never believe that's what I'm doing."

"Awww, yeah he will. Go on."

Maddy did manage to reach Jerome by phone. Surprisingly, he did seem a bit indifferent and most likely not apologetic enough. He seemed fine just leaving her to fend for herself. She was a city girl after all, in her own city to boot. It was more his screwing up the ride he'd promised that annoyed her. He told her something had come up and they arranged to meet late in the afternoon, giving us about ten hours. They'd be meeting at some Darling Harbour Wharf bar (I forget which one), close to the place Jessie and I were to meet, at just about the same time. It seemed like the kind of coincidence you'd only read about in some cheesy erotica story. Finally, I convinced Maddy to come along with me toting her stuff. Her "crap" had been elevated to her "stuff". This of course had profound significance in my ridiculous little mind.

We got a cab and checked into the hotel. The guy at the front desk happily agreed to stow Maddy's bag in the Place Where They Stow People's Bags, which kept us from having drag it up to my room. Before grabbing the elevator and reminiscing over our last encounter on a lift, I asked Maddy, "So interested in showing me the sights? If so, what's there to see?"

"Hmmmm, how about the ceiling of your room?" she said with an evil smile.

"Well, that sounds pretty good to me. I'm half dead from the trip, so fine with me if you want to go ahead and kill me properly!"

So, up we went, Maddy's pretty thigh back in my clutches once again as we rode up to my room. Once there it was déjà vu as the clothes went a-flying, and the boy and the girl started a-fucking. I had idea where I was, when it was, and for a moment, who I even was. We just had each other, and nothing else seemed to matter.

At some point she remarked at how well I HAD in fact cleaned up my bum. Maybe I had designs on juicyjessie seeing it after all. Of course I did, but at this point I coulda cared less.

A few hours later, it seemed like a good time to rejoin the living. We each had a good doze and a bath, but we were about all fucked out. The Meeting Place for both of us, which all of a sudden started seeming like a place for the damned rather than a Place of Tingly Excitement and Anticipation as it shoulda been, was a short walk from the hotel. We decided to walk there together, with me playing the chivalrous Guy From the Plane escorting our Damsel in Distress.

Maddy pointed out the acclaimed Sydney Opera House, looking, well pretty much like the acclaimed Sydney Opera House, and saw the entire area surrounding it teeming with tourists. Maddy tried to hail Jerome on her phone but she'd lost her signal. We both looked around, me for some red-haired lady I'd never seen before, and Maddy for Jerome.

I saw them first. Jerome was sitting at some café table making goo-goo faces while a largish (that's being kind) redhead (who looked vaguely familiar) appeared to be eating one of his fingers. He was clearly enjoying himself. Eager to out m'man Romie, I nudged Maddy, trying to suppress a smile and said, "There he is," as I pointed to Jerome and his Finger Fellatio Friend.

Furious, Maddy marched right over to their table. "Jerome," she demanded, "what the HELL are you doing?" I was a bit hurt she was so mad.

"I, I…M-M-Maddy?! I mean, what are you…this is…oh dear." He had all the composure of the Great and Powerful Oz being outed as a humbug.

"Jerome", Maddy said, suddenly gaining her composure. "Jerome, why is this, ermmm, lady applying saliva to the palm of your hands?" Finger Fellatio had since moved on and was evidently working her way up Jerome's arm.

"It isn't what you think, I just, let me explain…I…I…I…"

"Jerome, I'll save you the trouble. Girly, he's all yours. Good luck, he's a dud root, and my gosh, I'm so glad I'll never have to hear that tired stuttering EVER AGAIN!!"

Just as I was about to simultaneously leap into the air, pump my fist, and shout "Yessss!!", as if I just drained the winning three-pointer in a basketball game, I remembered I was there for a reason, too. I eyed Jerome's talented new friend a bit more closely and then asked, "You're name's not JESSICA, is it?"

She looked at me suspiciously and replied, "You're an American."

She had a firm grasp of the obvious, indeed. I persisted, "Are you Jessica?"

"No I'm not, I'm Emma. I have a sister named Jessie, though. What's it to you?"

Suddenly it was all quite clear. "Hmmm, so you're the jealous older sister, huh?"

"Excuse me?"

"Hey Romie, you may wanna Google juicyjessie to get a load of this girl's sister. Half the size but twice the suck power. At least according to Emma here."

"You, dickhead!"

I twirled quickly with my arm in Maddy's, feeling the daggers shooting from Emma's eyes. It's no fun to be accused of posting your sister's pictures on the Internet, especially when it was true. And while our little getaway was a bit awkward, what with me, Maddy, AND her carryon we had retrieved earlier, we didn't sense anyone was coming after us. I looked over my shoulder and shot Jerome a "say-something-and-I'll-just-have-to-kick-your-ass" look. I wasn't too worried about him. But the thought of Emma viciously wrestling me to the ground did give me pause!

All's well that ended well. Emma and Jerome would always have other. I had another bitchin' business week in Sydney, and best of all, I'd found myself a new sweetheart. Sexy, smart, resourceful, and now finally, unencumbered by the Romester! I never did see a wallaby in Australia, nor do I know what vegemite tastes like, but hey, just ask me about the ceiling of my hotel room, and I'll give you all the details!

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