Made Over


Almost in tears, I answer, "I belong to you Sir."

"Its time to show them who you belong to boy, do not disappoint me," he says as he pushes my head off his shoulder and turns me around to face him. "On your knees now boy."

"Please Sir please don't make me do this," I plead.

"On your knees now boy," he commands.

I slowly drop to my knees, glad I don't have to be facing anyone at least. His crotch is eye level to me. I can see his cock outlined in his black leather pants.

"Unzip me," he orders.

My hands shaking, I unzip his pants. I can't believe he is doing this to me.

"Do u want to take it out boy?" he asks.

"Please Sir please don't make me do this here," I plead.

"Next wrong answer, you get a spanking right in front of all these men, now do you want to take it out?" he asks.

Tears in eyes, I nod my head yes.

"Why do you want to take it out boy," he asks.

I see the men on either side of him watching. Know what he expects me to say and don't want to make him mad so reluctantly I answer him. "So I can suck it Sir," I tell him.

"All the men here will know you are a cocksucker boy, is that what you want?" he asks.

I can see that he wants to humiliate me in front of his friends. I nod my head yes.

"Answer me boy, tell me what you want the men to know you are," he tells me in that cold voice.

Tears run down my cheeks as I answer, "I want them to know I'm a cocksucker Sir."

"A cocksucking faggot?" he asks.

"Yes Sir, a cocksucking faggot," I tell him, totally humiliated.

"Take it out faggot," he tells me.

I can't believe he is doing this to me. I am scared what he said about being used by all these guys if Mike leaves me alone. I can't chance it, can I? I lift my hand and reach inside his leather pants with my right hand. I find he isn't wearing underwear and I feel his cock at my fingertips. I stop, can I do this? What will happen if I don't I think, and I move my hand closing it around his cock. Its so warm, not rock hard, but firm and big. I pull it from his pants and it springs out in front of my face. I can't believe how thick it is, my hand doesn't come close to reaching around it. I find myself staring at it when I hear Mike's voice.

"Kiss it faggot," he tells me.

I am too humiliated to look up but know what I must do and I lean forward and kiss his cockhead lightly. It's so smooth and feels so strange. Realize I didn't find the taste to be offensive. I pull back looking at it.

"You want to kiss it again don't you?" he asks me, his voice smoothing but firm.

I look at it and without really thinking, I tell him quietly. "Yes."

"Yes what boy, tell me what you want right now," his voice the only thing I can hear. I can't really tell how many people might be watching.

I look at the cock, a drop of precum leaks to your piss slit. I see it there and find myself wondering what it might taste like. Its wrong, I know, but I have to tell him, don't I? "I want to kiss your cock again Sir, please," I ask him.

"Only faggots want to kiss cock, isn't that right boy?" he asks me.

"Yes Sir," I tell him, not liking where this is going.

"And you want to kiss my cock, isn't that also true boy," he asks in that strange voice.

"Yes Sir," I tell him lowering my head even more.

"So what would that make you Steve?" he asks in a voice that can not be ignored.

Totally humiliated, I do what I must. I tell him, "A faggot Sir."

"What boy? I can't hear you," he commands me to say it.

I break down, tears start pouring as I spew it out, "I'm a faggot Sir."

"Don't cry boy, you have earned my cock," he tells me in a calm voice. "Show my friends how much you need my cock in your mouth. Show them that your only concern is trying to please your Master. Now get on my cock with your faggot mouth boy. Show them or else," he says leaving no doubt the seriousness of his instructions.

I have to do it. He is making me do it. But why do I want to do it. Why do I want to lick up that drop on his cock. My mouth moves forward and my tongue reaches out and licks the precum from your piss slit. I bring my tongue back and taste it, it taste ok, I savor the taste. It tastes good. I lean forward and put my hand around your cock and stroke it, bring another drop of precum to his cockhead. I lick it up. MMMMMM

"You want it don't you boy?" he says, his voice the only sound I hear then realize that I'm kissing his cockhead. My tongue licks all over the head. It so smooth and alive.

"Now boy, show my friend what a cocksucker does," he says. "And boy, you will not stop until you have it all the way into your mouth. This is not open for debate and do not embarrass me in front of my friend. Now suck faggot," he commands.

I close my eyes as I listen to him and know what is expected of me. I imagine how it will feel to have a cock in my mouth. How will I ever take it all. As I think about it, I feel my mouth opening and sliding his cock into my mouth. I have to stretch my lips as his cock thickens. My mouth fills so full. Then I slowly slide it out of my mouth. My lips trying to hold it as I pull my mouth off it. Its so hard, its so soft, its so thick, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then back into my mouth, slowly I suck it in, my cheeks hollowing as I suck on it, pulling it into my mouth. It goes deeper this time and I feel like I'm going to gag, but I pull back a little and suppress the gag reflex. It fills my mouth. I imagine what I must look like as I feel you grab my long hair and slowly pull me off your cock. My mouth still open my tongue reaching for it as its pulled from my mouth.

"You want more boy?" he asks of me as he pulls my hair keeping my lips an inch from his cock.

"Yes please Sir, please?" I plead, I must get it back into my mouth.

"Only if you take it all for me this time can you do that faggot?" he asks.

I think about gagging last time and wondering if I can do it. If I can relax my throat and just do it, I'm sure I can, I want to suck his cock some more so I will do it. "I can do it Sir."

"Put your hands behind your back boy," he commands and when I do I feel metal handcuffs being snapped on my wrists. I feel his hand come to the sides of my head, wrapping around to the back of my head. "No boy, I don't think you can, but I know I can boy," he tells me in that cold piercing voice.

I take a breathe as I feel him start pulling my head onto his cock. It stretches my mouth and slowly slides in, very slowly, very steady, deeper and deeper. It fills my mouth and I feel it nearing my throat and I gag a little. He doesn't stop but forces it into my throat, holding my head tightly as I gag and strangle on his cock.

"Breathe through your nose faggot," he tells me.

I try to do it and realize that I can breathe. Thinking about that, I had forgot about my throat and realized that his cock was inside my throat. I could feel his hand rubbing his throat and passing over my cock. He would rub it like he was stroking me, it felt so strange, and he kept feeding my more of his cock. Realized that it was deep in my throat and that I could handle it. I feel his pubes against my lips and know that I have taken it all. I say flashes of light through my closed eyes. Realize pictures are being taken of me.

"I knew what a faggot cocksucker you were the first time I say you boy," he tells me with his cock buried in my throat. "I just needed to show you what you really are. That is a flaming fagboy. You know the type, the ones everyone turns and looks at after passing and thinking what a fucking queer. That is what you are my boy," his voice commanding.

He pulls his cock from my mouth, I start gasping for air, trying to get a breathe, as he continues.

"Soon everyone will know boy, the people in your classes, your professors," he lectures me. "Might even help, lot of faggot professors out there ready to give out grades for hot fag ass. Take it faggot," he commands as he starts feeding me his cock, slow but steady till it buried down my throat again. "Gets easier, doesn't it faggot. We just have to get you more practice," he tells me seriously. "Maybe we can send a picture to your family of us together, of course, you would be on your knees with my cock in your mouth, but that would be ok wouldn't it boy."

I struggle on his cock some as he holds my tightly on it and starts short stroking my throat.

"We won't have to send those pics to your family as long as you behave boy," he says as he pushes his cock as deep as he can get it. He has to hold me tightly to keep my from pulling myself off as I feel I can't get a breathe. Just as the panic is on me, he pulls his cock from my mouth.

I gasp for air as he pulls my face up so I have to look at him. "Now faggot," he tells me, "you fuck your face for me without my help. You will take it all each time, fuck yourself with it till you suck the cum from my cock. Do you understand cocksucker?" he asks me, his face so intense, it scares me.

"Yes Sir," I tell him quietlly.

SLAP!!! He slaps my face hard. "WHAT ARE YOU BOY?"

Before I can answer, he backhands my other cheek. Tears run from my eyes as I answer, "I'm a faggot Sir."


Tears flow down my cheeks when suddenly he slaps me again. SLAP!!! Opening crying now as I sob out loudly, "I'm a cocksucking faggot Sir."

"Turn around boy, tell my friends what you are," he commands.

I turn around and everyone is gathered around watching. Some are mastubating, I can see a couple younger looking boys sucking on a cock Realize they are all looking at me. "I'm a cocksucking faggot," I tell them lowering my head.

"Tell them what you are going to do for me now faggot," he commands.

Looking down, I tell them, "I'm going to suck his cock till I suck the cum from his cock."

"And when you feel me start to cum, you are to pull my cock from your mouth, and make me spray your face with my hot cum," he commands. "You haven't earned the right to drink my cum yet fagboy."

Lift your face and look at me boy," he commands. When I do, he slaps my cheek hard. It brings tears. "Beg for my cock boy."

Wishing I could rub my face, it really stings from all the slaps. "Please let me suck your cock Master, please," I beg of him. "I really want to suck it and make you cum Master."

"Lift your face, look at me boy," he commands and when I do he slaps my other cheek hard. "You understand how its going to be boy?" he asks. "Do you realize that I own you now and that you will do whatever I say?" he asks of me.

When I hesitate to answer, he slaps me again. I start crying hard in front of all the men.

"Lift your head and look at me boy," and when I do he slaps my other cheeks so hard. The tears flow. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW???"

"YES, I understand Master," I sob through the big sobs.

"Then get on my cock faggot and show me you understand," he commands.

I turn and take his cock in my mouth and shove my head down on it till my lips hit his pubes then I pull almost all the way out then shove my head down all the way again. Over and over, I take his cock hard into my throat, showing him I understand that I must serve in the extreme. I suck it like it's the most important thing in the world, to make him cum.

I feel his cock start to swell and his hands grip my head and pull it off his cock. His cock explodes all over my face. Stream after stream of hot cum, coat my face, can feel it on my cheeks, my lips, my chin, can feel some hitting my long hair.

"Keep your faggot mouth shut bitch," he tells me, "I will let you know when you have earned the right to eat my cum."

Feel him stroke his cock and milk the last few drops out, landing them on my forehead.

"Very good, faggot, turn and show my friends," he commands.

I turn and face them. See them looking at my face, streaked with strings of white cum, a couple drops dripping from my chin. I feel his foot on my handcuffs pushing them down to my legs, making me lean back, my head facing the ceiling. Shortly a man moves forward, I can see his cock in his hand. He moves up beside me and when I look see his cock aimed at my face. I hear his moan, then feel his cum shooting onto my face. I close my eyes as I see others start forward. One after another, they cover my face with cum. No one says a word. Through my closed eyes I can see the flashes go off as pictures of my degradation continue. My face now thick with cum.

I feel someone pulling my tshirt off and start wiping the cum off my face. Its so thick and sticky but someone cleans my face pretty well with it till I open my eyes and see a pretty girl standing there beside me in a bra and panties, her makeup so pretty. Then I see the cock between her legs as she smiles at me.

"Time to take you home boy. Thank Tammy for cleaning you up," he tells me, "I think a nice kiss would be appropriate."

I look at him then at her. She looks cute the way she is made up. Figure he is probably 20 or so but looks like about a 14 year old girl. She smiles at me and come forward and kisses me. Her lips are so soft and we kiss passionately.

"That's enough, faggot, time to take you home," he says as he grabs my hand, pulling me from her. "You still have a long night ahead of you boy," he says menacingly. We leave the bar and head back to our new life. Mike is thinking about the drugs he put in your beer. One of his best deals, its amazing how it takes free will from the faggots.

When we get to his car, he stops and opens the trunk. He picks up a leather collar and places it around my throat, fastening it, then I hear a padlock closing. Then he picks up a chain leash and attaches it to my collar. Then he reaches down and starts adjusting my cock. I squirm, my hands still cuffed behind me then realize he has adjusted my cock to where it is hanging below the leg of my cutoffs. Anyone who looks will be able to see it easy. Imagine what I look like in only short cutoffs, white socks and boots.

"I need some cigarettes bitch," he says looking at a liquor store down the block.

He starts leading me down the street, not many people around and most of them gay or into some kind of weird shit. See them staring at me, some wink, some say things under their breathe and others just stare. He stops by a parking meter and hooks my leash to it. He pushes me back against the meter pole, exposing myself to whoever walks by.

"Don't move bitch and no talking," he commands. He goes into store.

I stand terrified. Would like to run but he took my wallet when he cut off my jeans. Thinking about all the pictures of me sucking cock and being covered with cum. Who would ever believe my story. No one, I realize. A couple guys are walking up the street toward me, holding hands. When they get to me, they slow down and look at me. One is older than the other and quite a bit bigger. See them look at my cock, its not very hard and looks rather small.

"I'm glad you don't have a cock like that Daddy," the smaller one guy says to the other one.

"I'm sure you are baby," the older man replies. "I think he is even smaller than you. Its like I've always told you baby. If God wanted you to be a real man, he would have given you a man's cock."

"Yes Daddy, he really does look like a faggot," the small man says. "Why is he leashed up like that?" he asks.

"He probably isn't man enough to take care of himself sweetie, and has to have a man take control of him and tell him what to do," he answers. "They are the worst kind of faggot, their slutty behavior makes us all look bad."

"I'm not like that, am I Daddy," he asks.

"No sweetie, you are a perfect little boy," he answers as they walk away.

Its so embarrassing to have to stand there and let people look at me like this. And the things they say, if they only knew. I'm no fag I think to myself but think about what has happened tonight, I'm not, am I?

As I stand there, a big black man comes across the street when he sees me. He looks to be in mid 30's, 6"3", muscular and very black.

"What do we have here," he says stopping in front of me. "You looking for a man, boy?"

I don't answer, Master told me not too talk and I don't know when he might come out of the store.

"Can't talk boy?" he asks. "Your Master in the store?"

I nod my head a little.

"You're a cute little fucker. Bet you can really suck cock, you have that look about you boy," he says as he stands there staring at me. "You ever suck a black cock? I bet you want to. I love turning little white faggots like you into whores for black cock. Could use a cute boy like you in my stable," he says, his look, cold and hard.

As he says this, I see you come from the store and walk over to us.

"He yours?" the black man asks.

"Yes, I own him," Master replies.

"Cute little faggot, I really like little white fuckers like him," the black man tells you, "nothing like fucking those tight little asses. I bet he is a great fuck."

"Don't know yet, just took control of the faggot tonight," Master answers. "Was just on my way to my house to start his training."

"He's fucking cherry, you're kidding?" the black man states.

"Yes, pretty sure no cocks have been up his ass, don't know about toys but really don't think the boy's done much," Master tells him.

"$5000 if you let me bust his cherry," the black man tell him, "don't mind if you want to watch. I could break him for you, then you can put him back together however you want, guarantee he will never be the same again. Or, if you are interested in selling him..." He hands Master a business card. "Call me anytime."

"Your skin would look good against his, wouldn't it?" Master says, smiling as he takes the card. "I will keep that in mind but first the boy must learn a few things," he tells him, "and I'm starting that tonight and we must go. Take it easy,' he says as the two men shake hands.

We walk back to the car and get in he drives off.

"I have a place in the country I want to show you boy," he tells me as he drives out of town and up a dirt road. He didn't say anything else until we came upon a stone house. "I only keep the apartment for convenience, this is where I really live." We pull into his garage and he shuts the door and gets out and comes over to my door.

"Out boy," he commands.

I can't believe what is happening. He makes no pretenses of trying to be nice to me at all. I don't know why I just don't tell him to fuck off and get the hell out of there. I have no ideas that my will power has been taken by pills he gives me without my knowledge.

I get up and stand next to him. Suddenly he slaps my face hard.

"You do not stand in my house boy without permission, do not forget that," he tells me in that cold voice.

As I rub my face, I slowly go to my knees then onto my hands as I'm on all fours beside him. Can feel him reach down and grab the leash on my collar and start pulling it as he walks away. I follow along on hands and knees as he makes me crawl fast. The concrete floor is so hard on my knees. I follow him into his house and find relief on soft carpet.

He doesn't stop but leads me directly to another door. Opening it he tells me to stand. which I do, then he leads me down some steep steps into his basement. He leads me towards the other end of basement, going to a wall but he reaches down and moves a board and a secret door opens. He leads me in and it's a total dungeon. Have seen a lot of the things in the room when I mess around on internet. There is a leather cover table, a leather padded bench, X-cross against one wall and various other things around the room. Against another way is a small barred cage. Whips, chains and rope is everywhere, the lighting is very subtle.

"Its soundproof too boy," he tells you watching you looking around the room. He leads me further into the room and stops me in center of room. He takes the leash off.

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