Madeline had gotten divorced three years ago and she hadn't been with a man since. She always told herself that she didn't need another man that her dildo worked just fine. She lied to herself on that subject. She really wanted to feel needed again. She wanted to feel attractive and sexy. She really wanted to feel a dick in her that was attached to a body. Most days she didn't think about it. Her three daughters lived with her still though they were all over twenty and work always got in the way too but at night when she lay down was the worse. She would lay there horny, pussy dripping, and her toys never seemed to take care of her anymore. She went through her days miserable to say the most.

One night after an extremely hard day at work, she decided to lay on the couch and watch some porn. Something she had not done in a while since her daughters always stayed up late and she grew tired before they did. She lucked out that night. Sheri, Katie, and Mary were out and she was home by herself. She popped in the tape, undressed, and began to watch. About half way into the first scene she thought about getting one of her toys then thought against it. Maybe watching the film and using her hand would actually satisfy her this time. She began to play with her tits, taking her nipples in between her fingers and pinching them hard while imagining that it was the man in the movie that was doing it. The guy wasn't very attractive, they usually never were in porn, but he had a huge cock and that is all that was needed. She didn't much care about looking at his face but focused only on his big throbbing dick thrusting in and out of the girl.

She moved her hand down and began to rub her clit, her fingers working fast. She wanted to cum as quickly as possible since she really had no idea what time the girls would be waltzing in. She moved her hand down and placed four fingers inside her. She started to fuck herself fast, her hand becoming soaked with her juices. She felt herself begin to cum, her body tensing and shaking uncontrollably. She sat up a bit to watch her own juices shoot out of her pussy. Just then the front door opened and the girls walked in. Madeline couldn't stop herself now. She had to keep going and finish herself off. As the girls watched she came harder then she had ever cum in three years. As the last wave of her orgasm came over her she screamed. She fell back on the couch exhausted. Her soaked hand falling limply on her belly. As she tried to catch her breath and tell the girls how sorry she was that they had seen her display, she saw them whispering to each other and began to walk over to their mother.

She wasn't sure what was going on. She looked at them surprised, for she thought that they would run into their rooms. Katie turned off the fuck show on the TV and then they all silently undressed. She watched in amazement. She was still a little out of it and was confused as to what was about to happen. She watched as they all came down on their knees in front of her. Sheri whispered in her ear how much it had turned them on to watch her cum. She then understood what was about to happen. Her daughters were about to fuck her. She tried to protest, to tell them it wasn't right but when she went to open her mouth Katie came down and kissed her deeply while Mary's fingers found her still sensitive clit and began to rub it. She watched as Sheri's mouth went around her erect nipple. She lost control of herself.

Her daughters were making her feel way to good to stop them now. She gave into them. Mary bent down and began to lap at her mother's pussy. The feeling of her tongue was going to send Madeline into another orgasm soon. She began to moan, but they were muffled by Katie's lips. Her hips came up and Mary began to lick harder and faster, knowing that Madeline would cum soon. She lifted her head up and rubbed at her clit while telling her mother to cum for her, that she wanted to taste it. This drove Madeline even deeper into passion and she yelled out that she was going to cum for her baby. After she could take no more she pushed her daughter's head away from her. Mary looked up, her chin wet with her mother's juices and she smiled.

Sheri told her to hang on a minute and left to go to her room. Madeline wasn't sure what was going to happen next but she was happy that it wasn't ending yet. When she came back she had a strap on in her hand. Madeline had the urge to ask her where the hell she had gotten that from but didn't want to spoil anything. She watched as Sheri put it on and then trade places with Mary. She came in between her mother's legs and spread them wide. She held on to the fake dick as she entered it into her mother. Madeline gasped at the feel of it going into her all to willing pussy. Katie stood up and straddled her mother's face. Madeline brought her hands up to the girl's hips and guided her down to her mouth. Her daughter's pussy was so sweet that she could have spent a lifetime licking it. She moved her tongue slowly over her clit not wanting her to cum to fast. She heard Mary's moans and could only imagine that the girl was pleasing herself. Sheri began to fuck her mother faster with the strap on and Madeline felt another orgasm coming over her body. Her tongue started moving faster over Katie's clit. She wanted them both to cum at the same time. Katie's hands came down into her mother's hair and she pulled hard at it as she told her that she was going to cum. Sheri yelled out "come on Mom, cum all over my big dick!" With that Madeline lost it, her juices splashed out all over the dick and her daughter's legs as Katie's juices shot into her mouth.

Sheri pulled the dick out and Mary came and sat herself down on her mother's pussy. She began to rock back and forth both of their clits rubbing together. Madeline loved the feel of her daughter's clit rubbing so hard against hers. She watched as Katie took the strap on off of Sheri and put it on herself. Then Sheri bent over placing her hands on the coffee table and Katie inserted the cock into her. She began to fuck her hard, driving the toy deep inside Sheri's pussy. It made Madeline so hot to watch her daughter's fuck each other. She looked at Mary and told her to move faster, she was going to cum again. Mary smiled and said "Anything for you Mom," and began to move her hips as fast as she could. Mary's own moans became louder and Madeline knew she would be cumming soon too. Again her and her daughters came together. Mary's and her juice mingling together while Sheri's went all over the toy Katie was fucking her with.

Madeline told the girls she couldn't handle anymore. She had to quite but they wouldn't take no for an answer. The strap on was once again passed and Mary took possession of it. She turned Madeline around and put her on her knees. She asked her mother if she'd ever been fucked in the ass before. Madeline couldn't deny the fact that she had not.

"Then take a deep breath Mom, this will only hurt for a minute." Madeline felt Sheri's tongue on her clit and the sensation of it was wonderful. She loved to feel her daughter eat her out. Madeline brought her hand to Sheri's pussy and placed two of her long fingers inside of her. She began to finger fuck her daughter slowly, loving to watch them go in and out of Sheri's pretty pussy. Katie come up and sat on the arm of the couch and spread her legs. Madeline stretched her tongue out and began to lick Katie's clit. She was so involved with what she was doing she had forgotten Mary's warning. She felt the cock began to push at her asshole and felt the head of it enter her. There was so much pain that her eyes teared up. She wanted to pull away but Mary grabbed her hips and made her stay.

"Just get use to it Mom, move when you're ready." Madeline wanted to be good for her so, she started to gently rock back on the dick. The longer it was in her ass the better it started to feel. She let more of it enter her and in minutes the full length of it was inside her tight hole. She told Mary to fuck her ass hard. Mary began to slam into her, making the cock go as deep as it could. Madeline loved it. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Sheri had to remind her that her hand had quite moving and Madeline resumed fingering her daughter as she licked Katie. Once again with them all screaming out their passion they came. All of them soaked in each other's juices, they broke away from one another.

Mary came up to her Mom, the toy still attached to her. "Will you clean me off please Mom?" Madeline happily cleaned the toy off, taking it all into her mouth tasting her own juices on the cock. After the toy was properly cleaned Mary took it off. They all went silently to their own rooms. Madeline was happy, she really didn't need another man in her life not with daughters like hers.

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