tagNonHumanMadelyn Ch. 04

Madelyn Ch. 04


Dear Readers,

I hope you've enjoyed the story, in its original form and in the revised form, thus far. Thank you for being so patient with me as I've gone through so many changes in my life over the past years since I started this story. As I have said many times, Madelyn will be complete. I just cannot promise a time frame for when it will be complete.

Until the day the story is complete, though, I hope you find enjoyment in what is submitted.




Madelyn paced back and forth across her living room floor. She'd returned to her house and nearly threw herself, naked, dirty, and terrified, into Brian's and Ulric's arms. They told her to go inside and stay there until Connor returns for her. Then they shifted and took off at a fast run. She went inside as she'd been told. After a moment of waiting at the window, she'd become conscious of exactly how filthy she really was and ran to the bathroom to get a quick shower.

She didn't stay in the shower long. She was too preoccupied with what might be happening to be able to concentrate on much, but she made certain to wash her hair, then lathered her entire body with body wash, shaved her underarms, legs and pussy more quickly than she thought she ever could, then rinsed and stepped out of the shower. Nobody had returned yet when she came out of the bathroom, so she took to pacing the floor.

A few minutes later, she heard the eerie sound of howling coming from the wood. First two wolves, then another joined the cry. More and more took up the mournful sound. Gasping, she knew one of the two were dead. 'But...which one?' she thought. Moving to the window, she stared out toward the edge of the wood, wishing she'd see something -- someone - moving there...wishing she'd see Connor. As she stood waiting, it took her mind back to a time when she was, once before, waiting anxiously while standing in front of these windows.

The phone rang, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Maddy?" the voice on the other end said. It was Brian.

"Yes?" she said, anxious for some news. They'd been gone so long. The weather report told her they would have snow soon. They needed to come home. Why weren't they home yet?

"I'm sorry, Maddy," Brian said. "They've not been found yet."

"When will we have some news, Brian?" Tears streamed down her face...again. It seemed like all she'd been doing was crying lately. It was all supposed to have gone just fine. They'd get on the plane, a chartered one since there were no commercial planes that serviced that part of the Rockies, they'd arrive and start searching for the creature. Then they'd come home in time for Christmas, and everything would be normal again.

"Please, darling, please try to stay calm..." he paused. "I'm sending my assistant, David to get you, Maddy. He's going to bring you here, to my apartment in San Francisco, until we learn more. Now, please don't be alarmed. I've spoken with social services about this. They wanted to take custody of you until we learned more, but I've talked them out of it. Madelyn, we must begin planning for the worst case scenario. I have faith that we won't need those plans, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?"

"Yes, Brian," she replied, unsure of anything anymore. Something told her everything was going to change...

The memories of standing here at this very spot, staring into the woods so long ago faded again. She watched the edge, thinking. "...begin planning for the worst case scenario...it's better to be safe than sorry," Brian had said back then. Nodding, she went to the kitchen and selected a knife. Whatever happened, she'd be ready to do what she felt necessary.

"Please," she whispered. "Let Connor be alright." She said this several times as she waited, watching out the window for signs of movement at the edge of the wood. She held the knife in her hand, unsure what she'd do if he hadn't made it out of the fight.

"I'll die before I let Rolf take me," she whispered as she moved away from the window to pace the floor again.

The minutes ticked by, feeling more like hours. After a moment, she noticed the howling seemed to be moving closer. Before long, it ceased altogether. Looking out the window, scanning the edge of the wood frantically, she wondered what it could mean.

Taking a chance, she went to the back door and opened it. Stepping onto the patio, she looked around then stood at the rail of the porch that wrapped around the entire house. She stood there, watching, waiting.

Her eyes scanned the forest across the lawn from the house. Her house was situated in the largest opening in the trees for several miles. The forest was thick in this part of Northern California, and the area where her parents had bought this land was seldom visited by anybody that didn't belong here. Foresters didn't come up here, as her parents owned much of the land, and Brian owned a larger chunk that nearly completely surrounded her property.

All was quiet in the wood...too quiet. It reminded her of another day long enough ago to warrant it being called an old memory, but recent enough that it was still fresh in her memory. She'd stood in this very spot...

"Miss Randell, are you ready?"

Madelyn stood at the railing of the porch. She was looking at everything...committing it to her memory. She was certain she'd never return here. A tear trailed down her cheek as she looked toward the picnic table that sat under a single white oak tree in the yard. The tree stood, its' branches spread out over a huge area. The table sat near the trunk. Daddy had built it the year they moved to this house. She could still remember holding the nails and bolts for him, watching with big violet eyes as he took all of those pieces and built the beautiful table from scratch.

The aspen lining their drive stood bare. Thinking back, she smiled as she remembered how she and Daddy had walked the entire length of the drive, and she'd given each tree a name. Later, he made wooden plaques bearing the names of each tree and drove stakes into the ground a foot from the base of each, the plaques screwed onto each stake. They still stood there.

"Miss Randell?" She ignored the voice of the annoying young man who'd come to collect her and take her to live in the city and moved down the steps into the garden. Glancing to her left, another tear rolled down her cheek. She and Mother had covered each flower bed with thick layers of moss and straw not long before the first signs of winter made their appearance, to protect their precious bulbs during the frozen months. The rose bushes were pruned and made ready for winter the same week they'd prepared their bulb beds.

Walking slowly around the house, she stopped at each place that held meaning for her. There were many: the small pet cemetery where her cat Lucy and her lovebirds had been laid to rest. Each had a grave marker. Mother's puppy Roxy's grave had a marker as well. The pup had come to them when she was 10 years old, but wasn't long for this world. At 9 months, she'd fallen victim to parvo. Even with good veterinary care, she was too young to survive it. They didn't get another dog after Roxy died. It was too painful for Maddy.

"Please, Miss Randell, we must go soon if we're to catch the plane out," Mr. Annoying, as she'd quietly nicknamed him, said in his nasal voice. Whenever he talked, it sounded like a whiny child who wasn't getting his way. It annoyed Madelyn to no end.

"We'll go when I'm ready, David," Madelyn replied and said no more to the irritating man.

Moving toward the wood, she took a few steps along the path toward her meadow, but stopped. The tears began to flow free now. Turning around, she returned to the house and collected the few things she hadn't allowed David to touch and left with him.

"Where could he be?" she whispered to herself as her mind again slipped back out of the past and into the present. The wood surrounding the house was quiet...almost too quiet. Her eyes scanned the wood once more, hoping she'd catch a glimpse...growing just a little more nervous, she turned to go back inside. She'd only just reached the door when she heard something behind her. Holding the knife ready, she turned around. Her fear was quickly replaced with delight and she dropped to her knees, tears of joy running down her face. Tossing the knife aside, she opened her arms and flung them round the neck of the wolf sitting there.

"Connor!" she breathed, holding him tight, digging her fingers into his thick coat. Nuzzling her, he whispered soothing words into her ear. "I was so afraid for you, Connor. I hid in the grass, and when he came into the meadow behind you, my heart skipped a beat. I didn't know what to do, other than to get out of there as quickly as possible."

"You did the right thing, Madelyn." Connor sighed, enjoying the moment. He didn't bother to tell her what happened after she'd fled. It didn't matter now. What mattered was his mating with her. He'd been challenged for her once already and after what happened to that challenger, he was certain nobody would challenge him for her again.

She pulled back, looking him over.

"You're not hurt, are you?" she asked softly.

"No, love," he responded, "I'm fine."

"Well, then, in that case..." she said, a coy smile playing across her lips. "I said if you could catch me, I'd be yours, Connor," she said to him.

"Aye, love, you did," he replied.

"I think you have an unfair advantage now, though, don't you?" she said.

"Oh no, Madelyn, I don't think there is any unfairness. I have caught you, no doubt about it. And there is no escape, darling." He watched as her breath quickened. She thought she saw what could be a smile spread across his wolf face. "However, we can't do this here, in the doorway. Run, Maddy," he said to her. He smiled slyly before continuing, "but don't expect to get too far."

Her eyes went big, her mouth opening in a silent protest, but he growled. Gasping, she complied, springing to her feet, and ran across the porch then down the stairs onto the lawn below. Running toward the wall of trees ahead of her, she skidded to a stop when three wolves stepped calmly from the wood. Turning quickly, she ran toward the path to her meadow. More wolves emerged from the trees. All were excited, some howled, others growled when she ran toward them.

Tripping over her own feet, she rolled across the grass, and before she knew it, he was atop her. She lay on her back beneath him, chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Before she could say or do anything, he flipped her over. Wrapping his forelegs round her waist, he reached down with his head and whispered a soft apology into her ear then sank his teeth into her shoulder, the taste of her blood flooding his mouth, he plunged his cock into his mate.

She screamed in pain, both from the bite on her shoulder, and from the invasion of his cock into her body. Through the pain, she heard the sound of a wolf howl. After a moment, another took up the cry. More joined in, until more wolves than she could count were howling in unison. She didn't yet know it, but it was their way of acknowledging the mating.

Connor's initial thrust got him as far as her hymen, it slowed his entrance into his mate's body, but Connor was not to be denied. Biting slightly deeper, he thrust again, harder, and tore through her maidenhead, causing her to cry out in pain once more. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to keep from crying, but the tears came anyway. She felt as though she were on fire, the searing pain in her pussy and shoulder nearly overtaking her. Connor, sensing her distress, paused, keeping her pinned beneath him.

It wasn't long before the pain lessened and she felt a glimmer of something else bubbling inside her. She moaned as the feeling spread over her, warm and welcome. It built, slowly but steadily, as Connor thrust, a knot in his wolf cock pressing against her entrance as he mated with his female for the first time. She began trembling, thinking him to be way too big for her. She feared he'd tear her before he was done with her. He stopped thrusting as his knot grew slowly, and began pushing gently against her flesh. She cried out and closed her eyes as her sex began stretching around him. Just as his knot slipped all the way in, her muscles clenched around him and she screamed as the first of a series of orgasms overtook her.

Her cries were now cries of pleasure, the pain but a faint memory. Muscles deep inside her spasmed again and she came around his cock once more, this time another sensation built up in her, one even more foreign than the one before, and she heard a sound in her head she'd never heard before. Something, somewhere inside her began growling. Wildly, it snarled as it demanded freedom. It was overtaking her. Her body shook, pleasure and this new sensation overwhelming her. During this moment, nothing existed but Madelyn and Connor.

Connor held still within his mate as he watched her begin her transformation. The muscles deep inside her sex did the work of pulling him toward his pleasure. He watched in awe as she experienced her first shift beneath him. Fur the color of spun gold grew as the rest of her body rearranged itself. Before long, he howled as his own orgasm finally took over his senses, his seed surging forth from his hard shaft to be planted deep inside his golden-furred mate. She didn't know it yet, but this would be the first, but not the last, time she would shift into wolf form.

Panting, his head lowered to rest gently on her back, his cock still buried deep inside her, his knot preventing them from separating for a time. Panting heavily from the exertion of both the mating and her first shift, she lowered herself to the ground, her mate moving with her, but he didn't allow his weight to rest on her. He knew he was too heavy for her, so he supported himself with his long front legs to await the reduction of the knot that prevented them from separating until his seed had a chance to finish spilling from his body and move deeper into her womb.

A moment later, he pulled out and moved to her side, licking her newly-formed muzzle.

Her eyes were closed, lips slightly parted, and she panted heavily from the events of the evening.

Hearing someone approach, he raised his head then quickly moved to ready position. His head dipped low as the other wolf approached them. He began growling low, a gentle warning that this was his mate, and he wouldn't relinquish her calmly but quieted quickly as he realized it was Ulric, their Alpha Male.

Madelyn's eyes opened as she smelled something she'd never smelled before. Looking up, she saw Ulric standing before them. She looked to Connor a moment before her eyes crossed, opening wide, as she looked down her muzzle for the first time. Her mouth dropped open from the shock of it. Gasping softly, she scrambled to stand, head moving frantically as she looked herself over.

Both males watched, amused, as she stumbled over her own paws. She took a few tumbles as she looked herself over, amazed, yet also confused.

"Madelyn," Connor said in calm, quiet voice after the two watched her for several minutes. "It is time for you to come meet your new Pack and our Leader."

Awkwardly, Madelyn walked over to them, settling herself close to Connor.

"Madelyn, meet the Alpha of the Pack, Ulric." He looked to Madelyn and urged her forward, whispering into her ear, "It is time to learn your place in the pack, my love...go to him and roll onto your back, baring both your neck and belly to him." She looked at Connor quizzically, but did as she was told.

Ulric's head lowered to sniff her before gently taking her neck between his teeth. She trembled softly as he did so, unknowing his intentions. When he released her neck, she thought she saw a smile on his lips as he instructed her to do the same with every other wolf present. She started uneasily when she noticed the circle of wolves sitting around them.

Looking to Connor, she saw him nod gently and whisper to her, "Go on, my love, it's ok. You'll be fine."

She moved from wolf to wolf, crouching low as she approached each one. By the time she'd approached all of the members of the Pack, the fur on her neck was soaked from the saliva of the wolves who'd accepted her into the Pack.

As she approached her new mate, she realized she hadn't done this with him, and though he'd not instructed her to, she did so anyway. Crouching low, she approached him, rolling onto her back, moving her head so that her neck was exposed to him. Gently, he took her neck between his jaws, biting down ever so softly, then released her and licked her muzzle.

Regaining her feet, she moved beside him as the pack gathered round. Ulric howled, his voice deep and...joyful? Madelyn listened in awe as she heard emotion in the wolf's howl. One by one, other wolves took up the happy sound, until every wolf present was howling in celebration of the new addition to the Pack. It was only a moment before she succumbed to the urge to howl, as well.

One by one, the wolves began to shift to their human forms, starting with Ulric. They came over to the couple, offering wishes of happiness to them. A few of the females looked at Madelyn almost jealously, but the majority seemed genuinely happy for them, and a couple even offered to help her adjust to her new life. She laid there quietly, still in wolf form, her golden fur shining in the midday sun.

Connor shifted, as well, and went to talk with a few of the other males. They were clapping him on the back good-naturedly, congratulating him on his new mating. Before long, though, he started feeling something he hadn't a moment before. Fear.

Turning, he noticed Madelyn remained in the same spot she'd been. Softly cursing himself for leaving her there, he returned to her side. She hadn't yet shifted back to her human form. As he pressed close, he felt what nobody else could see. She was trembling softly. Her head moved toward him and he was sure he heard a faint whine.

"Madelyn?" he said softly. "What's wrong, my love?"

Her eyes opened and she looked up at him. Connor blinked and looked into her eyes, surprised they'd remained violet. He hadn't noticed that until now. Her golden fur and violet eyes would make her stand out among the other pack members, whose fur ranged from jet black all the way down to tawny and blue.

She didn't say a word, but he heard her nonetheless. 'What has happened to me, Connor?' He smiled softly to her, stroking her fur gently. He was again surprised as his hand ran down the back of her neck. The texture of her fur wasn't coarse and almost rough like his and the rest of the pack's. It was soft, almost silky, to the touch. Shaking his head almost imperceptibly, he resolved to ask Vela about this. Madelyn was an oddity, for certain, but that didn't matter to him. What mattered was he loved her and she was finally his, after all his years of waiting for her to appear and mature.

'Don't be afraid, my love,' he said in her head. She jumped as she heard his voice, but his lips didn't move, and he smiled soothingly to her. 'It's ok, love. This is one way mates can communicate. You won't be able to do this with any other wolf, and neither will I. We can only do it with one another.' He felt her relax slightly at his words, apparently reassured by his words.

'How do I get back?' she asked him, laying her head in his lap.

'Think of a happy moment in your life, my love,' he told her silently. 'Now, grab onto that thought, remember what it felt like to be human during that moment.'

With Connor's patient coaching, she finally shifted back to human form. The other Garou of the pack already shifted hours before she did, and most had left the area, eager to return home. They were all aroused from having watched the mating and while matings were usually very public, most of the Pack was somewhat private about their sex life, though nobody thought twice if they came upon mates enjoying one another in full sight.

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