tagInterracial LoveMadelyn's Story

Madelyn's Story


My name is Madelyn. My friends call me Maddie, but I like my men to call me Madelyn. I enjoy sucking cock. And, I am good at it, trust me. I'm in my late forties now. I've been married more than once. I've fucked dozens of men, but I've sucked hundreds of cocks. I'm a cocksucker.

Most of the names I have changed. One of the names not being changed is mine. I am Madelyn Suzanne . The last name you don't get. I live in Utah County, near Provo, one of Utah's most Mormon communities. My first marriage ended when my husband caught me sucking the cock of the owner of an antique store. There was an item there I really wanted that exceeded the amount I knew my husband would feel comfortable spending.

I asked the man to come down considerably on the price. He offered it for a little less.

"I don't think you understand. I want this and I know what my husband will let me pay."

"The price is firm. I offered you a discount."

The man seemed a little young to own such a store. I had seen his wife and their kids with him when my husband and I had first gotten there. With them now gone he had turned to help us. Being a good Mormon he had the sense to try to offer his help to my husband rather than me, the wife.

My husband's interest was old tools and devices from the earlier Mormon settlement times. The owner directed him through a back door and into other building. Seeing that the merchandise there would satisfy my husband for a while I returned to the front where I was determined to strike a deal with the proprietor.

What had caught my eye was an old small table. Mormon's don't have a lot of use for a small table unless it is a place to put something until given a chance to put it on a larger table. This bastard was asking $400 for a table that was probably worth, at best, three hundred. I knew my husband wouldn't go more than two hundred so I knew what I would do. I had done it many times in many places before. I'll get him to ask me to suck his cock.

I let him stay behind his counter. Let him think he was more in control. With my husband safely in the back I pointed to the table. "I still want that old table."

"Did you have a special place for it in your home?"

"I have a guest room I'd like to put it in. Your price is way out of order. I've seen tables like that for half the price."

"Well, maybe you should have bought one of them."

I kind of liked the smugness of the bastard. We were probably about the same age, with him being a few years my senior.

"So, what do you really want for the table?" I turned and bent over to look at an item near the floor. My skirt had to be within two inches of my panties. I had convinced my husband in the few first few months of our marriage that I wasn't wearing the Mormon 'Jesus Britches' underwear they expected of a Temple Marriage.

"You now what I want ... and I offered you a discount. What else would you expect me to do?"

"You asked $400 and offered me $375 on a table that on a good day to the right buyer in better condition would hustle to bring $300. I propose you didn't pay more than $200 and probably a lot less. There are not going to be people lining up to buy that table. I'll give you $200 and you are probably still ripping me off at that."

I had turned around again to face him and after telling him what I would pay, leaned enough onto the glass counter top to show him some cleavage. When I had turned around from bending over and showing him almost to my ass I could tell I had his attention. Now the boob shot was starting to work on him.

"If you won't take $200 for the table I'd have to reassess the situation. Would you take something in trade?"

His face went sheet white before it turned beet red. I thought he was going to pass out and fall over backwards.

"I guess you saw my wife and children that I was talking to when you came in?"

"Yes, I did. She is lovely. They are lovely. You are a lucky man to have them. Are you going to take $200 for the table or not?"

"I can't take $200." He steeled himself and asked. "What did you have to trade?"

"Well, like I said your wife is lovely. Does she ever suck you cock?"

"Oh, My Heck! I can't believe you said that!" He looked around for my husband or to see if anyone heard.

"I'm serious. I give you $200 and I'll suck your cock, right here, right now. And, I'll even come back next week and suck it for you again. Have we got a deal, or not?"

He nervously motioned me around the counter to a little office. He ushered me in and started to close the door. I left it open so we could hear anyone that came in the store.

"What do we do now?" He stood there with his hands clasped like he was praying over a dead sister.

I opened his zipper and pulled out his penis. He had a nice one. It was hard as soon as I wrapped my lips around it. I would have fucked him had I not liked to suck cock so much. I liked the taste of a man's cock and loved the taste of cum and the warm feeling of it shooting into my mouth. A lot of women don't like it, but I do. And, it's easier to clean up the mess. Especially if you are ready to swallow.

It wasn't something I had to wait long for it to happen. A couple of minutes and I was gulping sperm. He didn't make a lot of noise or bump around like most guys, so he caught me a little off guard. I had to do a little catching up, but I thought I had gotten it all down.

We felt all prim and proper after about five minutes when we heard my husband coming through the back door. We were making small talk. I told him I was Madelyn and he introduced himself as Curtis. He was writing up the bill of sale when my husband stepped up to the counter.

"Honey, Curtis here and I came together on a deal for that little table over there. He started out a little high, but we worked it all out. I want to get it for the guest room."

My husband looked over in the direction of my purchase and back at me.

"Aw Shit, Maddie!"

"Why? What's wrong? It's a nice little table and I like it."

"No, you've done it again, haven't you?

"Why whatever do you mean, dear husband?" He had reason to be suspicious because he had caught me a few times. He has been such a sweetheart to put up with my little indiscretions.

"Damn it, Maddie! You've got a blob of cum on the inside of collar of your blouse."

"No, it's not! Why would you say such as thing as that I have a man's cum on me?"

"Probably because you didn't get it all in your mouth when he started to cum while you were giving him a blowjob. Is this one of your little special deals?"

I guess we were caught. I didn't feel it on the inside of the collar and Curtis didn't see it while we were talking.

"I'm not going to say anymore about. If you want we can pay for the table and leave."

My husband looked at Curtis. I thought Curtis was going to cry. "How much is the fucking table?"

Curtis looked at me and back at my husband. "We got it down to One Seventy Five."

"See, honey." He started out at $400. And, you Mormon men don't think a woman knows anything about commerce."

My husband gave him his credit card and signed the receipt. Curtis and I stood there grinning at each other. I still had plans to go back the next week to finish the deal.

Out on the street I had a husband that was somewhere raving fucking angry me and just plain giving up.

"Madelyn ... you are such a fucking cunt."

"Now, Baby. That just isn't fair. This didn't have anything to do with a cunt, and you know it."

"Well, if I had know what you were up to I would have had you fuck him for that old red railroad lantern sitting on the soda machine."

"That is just plain mean. Would you really want you wife fucking some guy in a musty old store just to get you a free lantern?"

"No, I reckon not. It's just you told me you weren't going to do that any more."

"No, I told you I wasn't going to do it as much. Besides, you've got your turn coming when you get me home. Hell, I could suck you right here in the parking lot if you want. I think the only other car here probably belongs to Curtis. He isn't going to say anything after the job I did on him. Why do you think I couldn't keep it all in my mouth. That man had a load!"

We got the table home and unloaded. My husband, I started to tell you his name, but I don't want you to have an easier time of it if you think you know who I am. And, as fond as the Mormon's are of their internet porn I'm sure a few of you are going to be thinking you know who wrote this story.

My husband had sat on the couch in front of the television. He wasn't happy that I kept him out past the start of the BYU game. It was near the end of the first half. BYU was up by two touchdowns, so his mood had mellowed. When I got his prick in my mouth everything seemed fine. He sat at watched the game, stroking my hair while my head bobbed up and down on his lap.

Part way through half time I had him buried in my throat and he was shooting his cum directly into my belly. I liked in it my mouth, but I also liked to feel in squirt deep in my throat. I learned to deep throat him about the third day of our marriage. I haven't found anyone that gave me any problem on length. When they get so thick though I do have some trouble and try to opt for taking the load all in my mouth. My husband preferred cumming in my mouth.

A lot of wives won't suck did at all. I've mentioned that I like the feel of a cock in my mouth and the taste of the sperm the cock delivers. I got a good match with my marriage. I could suck my husband twice a day. I loved to fuck, but sucking a cock really did it for me.

I'd learned all the tricks to giving a blowjob. He, in turn, was pretty good about offsetting some of the things I could do. On our wedding day we lied to everyone where we were going because we didn't want to have try to follow us. We had agreed we weren't going to wait to fuck each other. As soon as we left the Temple everyone else was heading to a reception at the meeting house. We decided not to wait. I knew where there were some bushes that would hide a car along one of the streets.

I had his cock out before we ever got there and my face was in his lap. We didn't care what the Prophet said about getting married and having children. That load of sperm went down my chin. Something told me it would be polite to lick what I could with my tongue and push the rest in with my fingers. I was hooked on the taste and feel of cum in my mouth.

I let him play with my tits and I stroked him until he was hard again. Rather that trying to fuck in the car I sucked the second load down my throat. The love of a man cumming in my mouth was imprinted into me forever and I couldn't get enough of it.

Every time my new husband could get hard I was going down on this cock. We were married almost a week before he got the chance to fuck me. Not that I was afraid it would hurt or anything. I liked it all right. I better liked taking his load deep in my cunt. He seemed to be okay with whatever got his rocks off.

After the BYU game ended my husband said we needed to have a talk.

"Madelyn, I don't want to be that guy where his wife sucks everybody's cock. It's not the same as you fucking a guy and I know why you do it. I thought you promised me you would quit and now you tell me you promised to slow down. I want my wife to myself."

"Now is a poor time to get out of shape about it. How do you think we paid the rent on a nice apartment when we got married? How do you think we got a loan for the down payment on a house? When the roof leaked how do you think we got such a cheap price on a new roof? There were eight of those roofers, for Christ's sake. There were three guys laying the new carpet you thought was on sale."

"I suspected, but I didn't want to think you were fucking all those people."

"I wasn't fucking all those people. There was a lot of sucking cock. Sure, I had to fuck some of them. Getting the loan for the house down payment was almost impossible. We would have frozen several times if I hadn't offered a blow to the furnace repairman that came out. There was no way we would have gotten that new water heater. Why is it bothering you now? Do you think I liked it with two plumbers fucking me for three days while they re-piped the utility room?"

"Are you trying to tell me you didn't have some fun doing all that?"

"Actually it iwas fun. I'd just as soon suck off or fuck a stranger than my own husband. When you were making ten dollars and hour and the boss promoted you to one that paid twenty and then twenty five, how do you think that happened? Surprise Mister! That still goes on a couple of times a month. Didn't you want me to make you a vice-president at work?"

Maybe I was a little extreme to throw this all at him. Now is a poor time for him to get fucking self righteous. I made what I did sound like a sacrifice. Yet, I enjoyed all of it. I think the three days of fucking plumbers was my favorite. Their boss had some sweet tasting cum and a nice fat cock.

Everything seemed to have cooled down by Sunday afternoon. Something still made me go back to the antique shop. Curtis finished with a customer and we slipped into that little back office. Curtis was more ready for me this time. I got to him when he realized that he had just got deep throated. None got spilled this time.

"Wow! You are good. Do you need some more antiques?"

I don't know what made me giggle. I liked Curtis and sucking him off again sounded good to me. We worked out a deal that he would sell me things at cost. It was my favorite antique store. I even ended up fucking him a couple of times.

"Yes, Curtis. I do think I will need some more antiques. I might just come in for some more of that." I pointed at this crotch.

"While I'm here I think I'll take that lantern."

"Cash or charge?"

"Tell you what ... put it back for me. I come for it tomorrow."

The next evening my husband had his red lantern. He knew how I got it. After that he had to pay full price everywhere. He moved out a couple of weeks later. He helped me with money, but I still needed a job or a new husband.

One would wonder how this ended up this way. I guess it is a family tradition. Handed down from mother to daughter. My mother told me about it as did her mother to her, and so on.

When I was about five years of age I saw my mother suck a guy's cock. I remember there were lawn mowers there and cast metal farm toys. Some big enough to ride. I remember my mother and this man discussing money and mom sending me to play on a toy tractor with pedals. I was riding it around the showroom in and out of the mowers and equipment on display. When I got bored and went to find mom I found her on her knees with one hand on this guy's cock and the most of it in her mouth. Something slick was running off her chin. Mom pulled her mouth off it and told me to go back to play.

There were more times I had seen mom do it to other men. I don't think she ever did it to dad. I don't know why. That was just what I thought.

At about age fifteen I walked in on Mom and some man full on from about three feet away. I could hear her gurgling on the cock as I approached the door. I didn't think it would be mom, but there she was. Getting it all down her throat. Pulled out about seven inches and took it down all the way several more times before they saw me. The guy must have unloaded a month's worth into her mouth.

"Maddie ... let me finish here and you and I will have a little talk to explain what this is all about."

Maybe I was supposed to leave, but I just stood there. Mom cleaned the guy up with her lips and wiped the rest on a cloth. The man's dick was going soft and he put it it back in his pants. After he zipped up his pants Mom patted him on the front of his crotch and spoke.

"I think I needed that as much as you did. Give me a call when they are going to deliver."

Mom stayed on the floor after the man left. She looked up at me with spots of fresh cum on each corner of her mouth. He it either squirted on her or it leaked out from her lips. I'd heard some jokes at school, but it didn't seem right that my mother was doing this. I was fifteen, so Mom was just thirty four.

"It's time you learned what this is all about and some things you can do to be a good wife when you marry. You've seen me do this before, haven't you. Several times I imagine. Probably sometimes you didn't know what I was doing and when you did know you probably didn't know why."

"The first time I remember I was about five, somewhere they sold mowers and toys."

"I didn't think you would remember that."

"I did. I saw you doing it. I thought if you were doing there must be a good reason."

"We can start there. Your father had bought an old used lawn mower from a buddy. It was pretty well worn out when he got it. Your father worked so hard all the time that getting a riding mower would make summers easier on him. He kept it running through most problems, but one day he hit an old root or stump next to the house."

"I remember Dad on that old mower."

"It was so tore up it was going to cost ten times to fix it over what he paid for it. The man told me we might as well buy a new one. Your father needed a mower he didn't have to push. I asked about the price and the man suggested a payment plan. He offered more on the trade in than your father paid for it. I told him the payment was more than we could afford."

"Isn't it the mower Dad has now?"

"Yes, the man said he would put it on a personal account he would carry himself. He would stop by to collect once or twice a month and if I didn't have the cash we could work something out. The payments were $41 per month. I wasn't stupid. Most months we wouldn't have the money. I knew what he meant. I already had dealt to get the car fixed and to buy a freezer for food storage under that kind of plan and was still paying them off."

"So, that's how you paid for the mower?"

"Yes, found I enjoyed not being able to make the payments. To get the mower for your father all I had to do was make a down payment. That's what you saw me doing when you walked in on us when you were five."

"So, you were paying for a freezer, car repairs, and a lawn mower with sexual favors?"

"I was sucking cock, Honey. Sucking cock."

"Dad wasn't suspicious of this?"

"You think he would have to have had some idea. He always controlled the money and he never gave me any to pay for any of it. You've probably seen more than that. It seems something was always breaking or needing replaced around here."

"What were you doing when I just now walked in on you?"

"I wanted a new refrigerator. Nothing to do with your Dad. I had just about everything paid off except for the television. Like I said, I looked forward to making those payments."

"That's what you do? If you want something just find somebody that wants their penis in your mouth in exchange for paying for it?"

"Your Grandmother is worse about it than me. She would get alone with a man for a moment and the next thing you knew she had his cock in her mouth. She loved it more than me, but your curiosity makes me think you will be like her. The family legend goes back to before the Mormon's started the trek to Utah with our women and the determination to get our way. It's not a long story, but one it is time for me to tell."

I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to hear it. Mom got started with her story.

"This is it as passed down to me from back in a time before the 1847 journey. I can't promise you how much is truth and how much is legend. When it was announced about the first wagons west our distant grandmother and her husband wanted to be in the group. At the time they did not have a good wagon. One well to do man had three wagons and no one to drive the third one. Grandfather wanted to buy that wagon, but did not have the cash. The wagon was in demand."

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