tagMatureMaggie May Ch. 02

Maggie May Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Ch. 01, the same title. Recommend you start your journey there first before reading this chapter. It's hot, I hope!! Enjoy!


"Very good, that was the correct answer. Now, it's story time." Maggie brought her other leg onto the table now, and grabbed her knees at the same time, fully exposing herself to John. She took two of her fingertips and pulled her labia apart, showing John the saturated slickness within her slit. A third finger slithered down and rubbed the hood of her clit, now poking through her folds. John leaned closer, but Maggie playfully shoved his forehead away.

"Behave, at least for the time being. Good things cum to those who wait. Such as, my pussy. But all in good time. Now, listen."

John mustered all the concentration he possibly could to get his auditory senses to focus on Maggie's story as she continued to leisurely caress and stroke her own gleaming pussy inches from John's face.

"Well, first of all, my husband's been having an affair." John was not necessarily surprised by this revelation on one level, but at the same time, wondered if good ol' Dr. Cox must be blind. Maggie's full pouty lips curled in disdain. "Meredith, a twenty-eight-year-old 'receptionist'." Maggie nearly spat the word. "With huge tits, of course." Maggie lifted one of her hands to caress her hardening nipples on her taut tits through her silk blouse.

"After about ten years of trying to convince me to get a boob job, I guess I should have figured he was a closet boob man." John concurred silently that, indeed, the Doc must be a boob to want to suggest altering his gorgeous wife in any way.

"Turns out she wasn't the first, and I doubt it will be the last. We actually haven't had sex for about six months now, ever since I first suspected him. He finally confessed that there had been several other women." Maggie lifted her hands from her breasts and again lowered her hands to her cunt, this time sticking her long index finger inside and wiggling ever so slowly. John was thoroughly enjoying the show while becoming increasingly interested in Maggie's story, and where it was heading.

"I told the bastard to fire Meredith, and he complained that all that would do was make him liable for a sexual harassment suit. He was right, of course, he's always protecting his own ass first and foremost, but I ultimately decided a few weeks ago that I didn't really care. Even if Meredith went bye-bye, there would be others. There always are women looking to get their hands on a physician." Maggie smiled ruefully. "Pardon the pun."

"So, I went through a self-appraisal, which is not to be confused with self-pity. I had a little help from my friend, Charlotte, I think you may remember her?" Maggie looked quizzically at John, who, not surprisingly, was adjusting the massive hard-on not bouncing up and down into the inner lining of his pants pocket, such was the length that Maggie had evoked in him.

Oh, John knew about Charlotte, all right, one of his favorite customers, not only because of the amount of her store purchases, but also because she was the quintessential-looking 'MILF'.

Probably in her late forties, Charlotte Olson kept her voluptuous body firm and her tinted hair blonde and flowing halfway down her back, and was renowned within the store as the commission saleslady's 'bestest' friend. Her fashion sprees, which included generous supplies of the sexiest of lingerie, at least according to the rumors, were almost legendary within the store. Though John generally desperately tried to avoid the store's gossip mills, he couldn't help but to listen when he had heard Charlotte was a divorcee from a Main Line lawyer of one of the most prominent law firms in the area, and enjoying the financial spoils of the recent settlement. Charlotte apparently used to regale the ladies during her sprees with vivid tales of her latest 'revenge boy toys', as Charlotte called her frequent carnal conquests, favoring personal trainers and even, as urban legend had it, two of the rookie power forwards of the 76ers.

Maggie watched John's mouth curl unwittingly into a small smile, and gently shook her head. Was there a man of any age who didn't turn to jelly at the mere mention of Charlotte's name? As sexy as Maggie was herself, she now considered Charlotte her mentor in Maggies' new-found chosen sport of 'cougaring', as Charlotte coined the term. Though Maggie secretly despised the inference, she had to admit that her fledgling explorations into sexual adventures with young men was both invigorating and extremely entertaining. Maggie had been faithful to her husband for almost twenty-thre years before he confessed his philandering, and now she was not above a little 'sport-fucking' herself.

"Yes, I thought you would remember Charlotte." Maggie's words brought John back from his little daydream. "All men seem to remember her." John blushed, hoping that his temporary transgression would not be held against him. Oh, how naive he still was.

"Charlotte was nice enough to lend me her beach house in Hilton Head for a few days." John indeed recalled that Maggie had taken a long weekend about a month ago, and came back tanned and glowing, which John assumed was from the climate and a few days of sunbathing. There were other activities that helped augment Maggie's glow, as John would next discover.

Maggie continued, still absently-mindedly rubbing her folds on the desk, her juices dripping down onto the wood veneer.

"Charlotte was also nice enough to refer me to Sean, the bartender at the Green Parrot." John averted his gaze from Maggie's lap and looked up at her face. Maggie assumed this revelation would duly capture John's attention.

"Well, let's just say that Sean was very, very nice to me for two days or so. He seemed to get off on the fact that not only was I twice his age, but that I hadn't been with another man for almost twenty-five years. Sean wanted to make up for my lost quarter-century in forty-eight hours." John felt a pang of jealousy deep within, but that was more than offset by the pre-cum now leaking liberally from the tip of his ensconced cock. "He did very well."

Maggie herself was now close to cumming as she not only realized the effect her story was having on John, but also on her own body. She reached down and took off her shoe and inserted the tip of her heel into her slit, the same one that she had used in her stock room a litle earlier, and her vaginal muscles immediately contracted tightly around the tip.

"However," she continued, as John nearly panted for breath now, "Sean was disappointingly unavailable during my last day there, so I decided to go down to Sea Pines and indulge myself with a little shopping at the boutiques. While I was there, I stopped for a mojito or two, and, let's just say the cute maitre'd paid me a lot of extra attention, too. For five fucking hours in his condo above the restaurant."

John looked up at at Maggie, mournfully, expectantly, like a pup begging for his treat. Maggie's hips began to convulse on the table. "But the waiter was VERY old," Maggie gasped. "Almost thirty." With that, Maggie's cunt lips opened and a small flood of nectar spilled out from the gap above shoe tip. Her face contorted and it took every bit of her self-control not to cry out in bliss, as she came and came.

John hadn't ejaculated without any physical contact since he rolled around Carol Cherney's back-seat as a skittish seventeen-year-old virgin, but that streak was now over, too. At the site of Maggie's cunt splashing her own cum, the cum erupted from his own cock, splattering his boxers, and seeped onto the crotch of his suit pants. A mutual masturbation session with only one player using hands. Both Maggie and John struggled to catch their breath and regain some semblance of composure. Thank God he always kept a spare pair of suit pants in his office closet, John thought to himself.

Maggie's bronzed countenance had a rosy glow that John now recognized. She hopped up from the table, adjusting and smoothing her skirt.

"But enough about Kathy, and Meredith, and Sean, and aging maitre d's." Maggie dabbed playfully at John's soaked crotch, his throbbing cock still spurting small streams of cum beneath his pants. "Let's talk about us."

John was now in a small panic. He hadn't counted on cumming in his pants minutes before his weekly three o'clock conference call with home office. He glanced at his watch. Two-fifty-one.

"So, John, about us?" Maggie peered at John, amused by his crimson face. "I have a plan. Would you like to hear it?" John nodded nervously, his cock rising again, Maggie noticed.Below The Waist John had instant recovery powers with quite the stamina. Just the way Maggie liked it.

"You know I take most Thursdays off because I work on Saturdays, right, John?" He was vaguely cognizant of Maggie's schedule changing in recent weeks. "Well, I've been working every Saturday so that I would have to spend any time with the good Doctor at home. But, anyway, is there a chance you could free yourself from this office early this Thursday for an off-site, follow-up appointment with me? A late lunch, around two?"

John spoke for the first time in nearly an hour, not counting orgasmic grunts. "I think so, Maggie. Why?"

"Because I've taken the liberty of booking a suite for us at the Great Valley Sheraton. You did say you wanted to fuck me, did you not?"

John could only nod, rendered speechless once more, yet perpetually steel hard at Maggie's idea.

"Splendid. Because you're going to get your first real fuck, John. Thursday then, at two, in the lounge, for starters. I'll be attired accordingly. Plan on keeping your evening free as well, shall we?"

Maggie scooped up her books, papers, and prepared to leave the office looking for all the world as if nothing had transpired, always the cool, calm, sophisticated beauty. John, on the other hand, was trying to decipher a good excuse if anyone noticed the puddle on his lap. After all, sales reviews with department managers aren't usually THAT exciting.

"Oh, I almost forgot, one more thing." Maggie stooped at the door jamb. John lifted his head, almost afraid to look at her directly, such was his embarrassment with his predicament.

"If you're as big as Stephanie used to whine about, and from the looks of things, you sure appear to be." Maggie stared at John's soaked crotch. "Charlotte has expressed an interest in participating in a possible subsequent rendezvous. If I duly recommend your skills. I'm quite confident that I will endorse your performance. So, bring the A-game Thursday, boss man."

"Oh, and I've always wanted to try anal, too. Speaking of A-games." She giggled at her little joke.

Maggie opened the door with a smile and called backwards, "Thanks, John, I really appreciate your time." As she walked down the hall, she heard Maggie call to his assistant, "Thanks, Madeline, he's all yours again."

John scurried to the door and began to close it again so that Madeline could not see him in this condition. "Gotta hop right on the weekly call, Maddie, I'm sequestering myself again."

"Wow!" There's that word again, he thought, as the door shut behind him. "Thursday, huh? Wow."

To be continued...

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