There must be magic in the air...

He sees her from across the dance floor, and as he does, his groin tingles and he begins to anticipate possibilities.

She is easily the most beautiful woman in the room, with a mature sensuality that a younger woman can't match. She is tall, a full six feet, and slender, but not thin, with narrow hips topping long, tapered legs that peek out from the long slit in her floor-length dress. Her plump, pendulous breasts hang perfectly on her chest, and her strapless gown reveals enough of her cleavage to hold promise without being showy. She has a narrow nose, dazzling hazel eyes, perfect teeth and a thick, rich brunette mane that is arranged perfectly atop her head.

Their eyes lock, and he notices a shy smile play across the woman's face. She's talking with friends, but her attention has been drawn to the handsome man on the other side of the room.

In but a second, she gives him a quick mental appraisal. He is tall, but not too tall, maybe 6-foot-2, and he is lean, well-built. He has a ready smile, twinkling blue eyes, and a head full of brown hair cut short, liberally flecked with gray. He looks dashing in his black tuxedo, with the starched white collarless shirt buttoned to his neck, stylish without tie or ascot.

She feels the wet heat begin to build between her legs as she too contemplates possibilities. She blushes and turns away as she feels his hot gaze upon her.

A minute later, she senses a presense next to her, and she turns to find herself looking into the man's deep blue eyes.

"Would you care to dance?" he asks in a rich tenor voice.

"Why certainly," she replies. "Excuse me," she says to the friends she has been chatting with. The touch of his hand on her arm is electric, and she knows her friends are envious, perhaps even jealous, and the thought amuses her. She laughs, and it has the peal of a fork on fine crystal. The man shivers as a wave of passion slithers up his spine from the sound.

The dance floor is moderately crowded, and they quickly assume their positions, gliding effortlessly across the floor as one. The music is cool and jazzy, the kind of dance music that hasn't been popular for generations, but has never gone out of style.

As they dance, they exchange small talk, but it is a mere mask, hiding the lust that is building. Their closeness is intoxicating, and they drink in the wonderful sensations of incipient passion.

After a couple of songs, they migrate to a table, and he deftly takes two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter. They talk amiably, but their eyes are locked on each other, communicating wordlessly their smoldering desire.

When their glasses are drained, they go back onto the dance floor, and this time the number is slow, seductive. Their bodies press close together, and they each feel the heat radiating from the other's body.

The woman's thin demi-bra cannot possibly hide the evidence of her arousal, the fat nipples stiff and aching to be touched as they push into the material of her bra, and thus to her dress. And the man's pants can't conceal the urgency of his need, the hard bulge that bores into her abdomen, as if searching for what it wants.

As the woman loses herself in the dance, she sees the ring on her left hand, and she rolls it around with her thumb in contemplation. She notices, too, the ring on the man's hand, and muses on that as well. But then the man speaks, and all thought of home and family are pushed aside.

"Would you like to get some air?" he asks smoothly. She can only nod, afraid that if she speaks, she will break the spell that has been woven around them.

He offers his arm, and she takes it as they float out of the ballroom to the long hall, panelled in glass, which affords them a view of the city that surrounds them in every direction. They find a quiet place, and gaze for a moment out one of the windows at the display of lights that make up the pulse of the city.

As if thinking alike, they turn toward each other, their eyes locking in an exchange of sultry looks. Their lips move together, then she closes her eyes and they kiss, softly at first, but soon they are urgent, their tongues finding each other, their open mouths straining at each other, fueling their arousal.

When they break, their eyes are sparkling with a barely-restrained lust, a want that surpasses anything they can imagine.

"Take me, please?" she asks softly. "I want you."

Then they kiss again, still urgent, but at a more measured pace. Their desire is out in the open now, and they can let it run at whatever pace they choose.

Their hands are clasped together as they stroll to the elevator. Soon they are descending to a floor about halfway from the penthouse ballroom to the ground. The doors open and they emerge, arms wrapped around each other's shoulder.

He produces a key card, and they enter the room. Once the door is closed and a lamp turned on, they are on each other with a burning passion. They've played it cool long enough. Their mouths meet in a frenzy of fiery passion, lips and tongues working as if they intend to devour the other.

The woman shudders as his lips and tongue draw a trail down her jawline, down her regal neck, while behind her back, he is skillfully drawing down the zipper of her gown. Once he has it open, she steps back and lets it fall to the floor in a white satin puddle.

The man takes off his jacket and hangs it over a chair, then pulls off his loafers and his socks, all the while drinking in the sight of her. She still has on the strapless bra, thin white silk panties over a pair of stockings that are held up by a scanty garter belt. He notices, too, the slight darkness at the crotch of her panties, evidence of her intense arousal.

As he stares, she reaches up and slowly begins to unpin her hair, and when it is free of obstruction, she shakes the brunette mane over her shoulders, giving her a wild, tousled look that speaks of open invitation.

Still in her white heels, she struts over to where he is standing, staring like a schoolboy. She closes to him and slowly begins to unbutton the shirt, and when she has it open, she pulls it off and tosses it aside.

The woman rakes her manicured fingers through the fur of his chest, and she admires the power apparent in his shoulders. Once again, he crushes her to his body and they kiss again with a white-hot passion.

As they kiss, he reaches around and unhooks her bra, and casts it to the floor. He gasps as he revels in the sight of her magnificent globes. They are perfect, large enough to satisfy any man's dreams, but not too big as to sag or to look fake. They are soft, yet firm, and he can't help but fill his hands with both of them, working his fingers outward to twirl the rock-hard nipples.

But he wants more, and as his hands travel down the woman's back to cup her panty-covered butt, he bends down, takes one of her nipples between his lips and begins to softly suck and lick the hard, light brown flesh.

Now it is her turn to gasp, in pleasure, as the sensations crackle from her breasts to her groin. She is very wet, and very hot, and soon she knows she will need more.

As if reading her mind, the man stands back up and maneuvers her to the bed. He gently pushes her back and she willingly falls on the bed, her breasts heaving with need. The man picks up her legs and runs his hands up and down each one, sending waves of lust cascading through the woman's body.

His tongue quickly follows, and gently licks his way down one leg and back up the other, careful to avoid any contact with the fertile valley that lies between. The woman moans in lust and frustration. The longer he goes without touching her there, the more she wants it. She feels like she is about to explode from the mounting sensations of lust.

Finally, he kneels on the floor in front of her and slides his hands, both of them, over the silk-covered mound. He slides a finger under the material, and is greeted by a flood of juice from her over-heated pussy. A loud moan is wrenched from her lips as the man lightly slips two fingers up her hot furrow to her swollen clit.

Abruptly, he reaches under her butt and pulls her panties up her legs. He pauses as he pulls them past her knees, gazing in wonder at the beautiful wet pussy that is open to his view. It's like the rest of her, full but not excessive. Her pubic bush is dark, but trim; the lips open, but taut.

And those lips are gleaming with the flood of arousal. He bends her impossibly long legs back, and inhales her essense, the scent of her desire. He quickly works two fingers in her soupy slit, and she writhes on the bed as he pumps the fingers in her cunt, while rolling her clit with his thumb.

But that is not enough. He wants to taste her, to devour this treat of a woman. Without warning, he bends his head to her cunt and swipes his tongue up the length of her slot. She cries out in mounting passion, and he presses his assault with his lips, sucking and licking at her hot pink flesh.

As he works his mouth with purpose, he smoothly slides her panties the rest of the way off her legs, tossing them aside, and she responds by opening her legs as wide as possible, giving him the biggest target she can. Her body is thrashing on the bed as her climax begins to quicken.

Faster and harder, he works his mouth at her clenching hole. Her hands grab the back of his head, holding him to her crotch as she begins to tumble off the cliff into an orgasm that dwarfs anything she's experienced in quite some time.

Gasping, crying and squealing, the woman lets it go, her body shuddering as the orgasm crashes over her like the waves on the shore. As the ripples slowly subside, it's now the man's turn to feel the urgent need.

He stands up and starts to unbutton his pants, when the woman lifts herself off the bed and stops him.

"Let me do it," she purrs. She gets up, standing on her heels and kisses the man deeply, getting a good taste of her own arousal. When she breaks the embrace, she reaches back, pulls the covers back from the bed, turns him around and gives him the same gentle push he'd given her earlier.

She squats on the floor in front of him, letting him get a full frontal view of her dripping-wet pussy, as she unbuttons his pants. She coos as she sees the rock-hard cock, encased in his jockey shorts. She can see the evidence of his acute arousal, the damp cloth where it's come in contact with his profusely-leaking cock.

She massages the rock-hard ridge for just a few seconds, then pulls the cloth away from his cock, and it springs up hard and ready. It is a nice piece of meat, fully 7 inches and quite thick. She slides his shorts off his legs, then gazes down at the beautiful cock that is soon to be at her disposal. Her eyes sparkle as she slides her hands up between his legs, pulling his cock and balls up to reveal the dark crevasse below.

The woman nearly swoons as she takes in his manly aroma, the scent of passion. Her tongue flicks out and slides over his balls, as she sucks each one tenderly into her mouth, one after the other, while her fist closes around the base of his cock.

She needs more, and she takes what she needs, moving her tongue up the shaft, circling his girth with her mouth. With her index finger, she smears the flow of pre-cum over the head of his cock, then opens her mouth and dives on the purple meat.

Humming, she sucks fully half of him into her mouth before she starts working back up, slowly. Her tongue rolls around his shaft as she sucks up and down on his twitching member. She smiles inwardly as he moans in rampant lust, and feels her super-hot pussy lurch as he pushes up with his hips to drive more of his cock into her hot mouth.

At last, the man can't take any more. He needs to feel her body on his, so he gently pulls the woman's head off his cock, and gets a crackle of lust at the way strands of spittle and pre-cum linger, maintaining the connection between her mouth and his cock even after it comes free.

The woman climbs onto the bed and squats over the man's stiff, upturned cock. Grabbing it by the base, she fits the head to her juicy slot, then slowly - very, very slowly - she relaxes and lets him fill her.

They both groan in white-hot passion as she feels his hot spear enter her flooded canal. This is the moment they have both been waiting for, the moment when the seed of seduction bears its fruit.

As they move in a slow, sultry rhythm, they exchange endearments, encouraging each other to climb ever higher up the mountain of lust.

The woman's hips work up and down in a circular motion, corkscrewing her pulsing pussy around his iron rod, while the man steadily pumps his hips up and down, up and down, always pushing his cock up to fill the woman's hot, horny hole as deeply as possible.

The woman throws her hair back and closes her eyes in mounting ecstasy. The man stares as her magnificent breasts shake in time with their hard fucking rhythm.

He can't resist. He pulls her down so that her sweat-covered globes are dangling over his face, and he reaches up with both hands to fondle them. He gently caresses the soft flesh of her tits, paying extra attention to the rock-hard nipples that jut invitingly out of the generous areoles.

Bending his head slightly, he brings one nipple to his mouth and begins to lightly lick and suck the stiff flesh, and the woman groans in appreciation. She braces herself on his shoulders as she offers him her plump orbs.

And all the time their hips are working smoothly, steadily increasing the friction of their coupling. As they do, they can feel the urgency begin to build. The man can feel the tingle beginning to mount in his scrotum, and he knows it is time to bring their dance to a crescendo.

He wraps his arms around the woman's back and pulls her to him for a kiss of wild, unbridled passion. As they are molded together, he deftly rolls her over onto her back, never breaking the contact between his cock and her pussy. She looks up at him with smoky eyes, smiling wickedly.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, baby, fuck me hard," she pants, as she wraps her stocking-clad legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, bringing him into the circle of her lust.

The man just grunts as he begins to fuck the woman harder, faster, the intensity rising to a fever pitch. The woman's eyes roll back in her head as her orgasm comes to a head. She is rocking and rolling under the man's lean body, willing him to come with her.

He screws his eyes shut and blocks out everything but the sizzling feeling of his cock jackhammering the woman's spastic pussy.

The woman is close - almost... there - and with a sharp gasp and a long moan, her orgasm tumbles to a climax, and seconds later, the man drives his cock ever deeper before surrendering an awesome load of pent-up cum deep in her clenching hole.

Their sweaty bodies writhe together as their climax consumes them, and they kiss frantically, desperately, their mutual cries of lust muffled by their straining mouths and tongues.

At last, the man has emptied himself of every last drop of sperm, and the woman can feel the copious load as it oozes out from around his still semi-hard cock, which is still churning in her soupy cunt.

With a visible shudder, the man finally relaxes and he rolls off the woman, gathering her in his arms as he lies back in sweaty contentment.

They talk in soft whispers about what they've experienced, what the night has brought them. The woman cradles her head in the crook of his shoulder, utterly captivated by the events of the evening. They can each sense that there is more in store for them, that the night is still young.

At length, the woman arises and walks to the bathroom, and when she emerges, she has removed her stockings and garter belt, leaving her naked except for the light cross necklace that she hardly ever takes off. The man just stares at the sexy, confident way she walks across the room, before lying back on the bed.

They embrace again, and they kiss in a relaxed way, their tongues languidly touching. They can feel renewed arousal coursing through their bodies, the need building again.

Abruptly, the man tells the woman to roll onto her stomach, and she does so without hesitation. Taking some scented oil from the night stand, he squeezes a little into one hand and begins to rub her back, slowly and sensually. She moans in approval as his hands play a concerto on her nerve endings. He works his hands in ever-widening circles, until the oil is evenly spread over her back.

He takes more, and hovers over her body, working the aromatic oil under her body, caressing her breasts and stomach. Another, more urgent, groan is ripped from her lips, and the man can smell the slight whiff of her juices building between her legs.

His cock is almost fully hard, needing only a little priming to be ready, but he waits. The woman's eyes are closed as she drinks in the sensations crackling through her body. The man's hands now venture lower, to her firm buttocks, and he kneads them like bread dough.

As he massages her butt, he works both thumbs down the crack of her ass, to her pink, puckered hole. He lightly brushes her anus, and ever so slightly presses his thumbs around the opening, teasing, but not penetrating. The woman's groan now is more intense, more urgent.

"God, you make me feel so dirty," she pants, then she chuckles in a husky voice. The man has visions of perhaps using the hole he is playing with, but decides against it. He wants more of the woman's steaming-hot pussy, and will leave her ass alone for another time.

The man works his slick hands between her legs, up the insides of her thighs, and with his fingers he opens up her gushing pussy. The woman's hips lurch involuntarily as his fingers play along her labia, and she jerks hard as his middle fingers circle her clit for just a few delicious seconds.

Working his hands around to her waist, he gently guides the woman up onto her knees, and she spreads her legs to expose her dripping, angry-pink pussy, fat and swollen with desire. She reaches a hand under her body, opens her lips to emphasize her need.

"Fuck me!" she gasps, any lingering decorum drowned by her lust. "Please, baby, I need you to put your cock in me and fuck me."

The man works his oily hands up and down his cock several times, and it responds immediately, stiffening into a rigid piece of rock-hard flesh. He places his right hand on the woman's hip to steady himself, while holding his cock firmly in his left hand. He presses the purple head of his dick to her hot hole, pushes forward with his hips and drives himself all the way to the hilt in one long thrust.

"Ahhhhh, yesssss!" the woman squeals in delight as the man quickly works his cock in a steady rhythm in her sloppy cunt. Her head lolls in wondrous pleasure as another intense climax gathers steam in her groin.

The woman's hips are working back in time to meet the man's inward thrusts, as she hurtles on a fast track to nirvana.

But the man is in no hurry now. Just as he senses the woman is about to come, he pulls his cock completely out of her pussy, saws it between her butt cheeks a few times, and the moment passes.

The woman groans in frustration, but she also chuckles sardonically. She knows the game he is playing, and she likes it. She's experienced enough to know that the longer she can hold off her orgasm, the more powerful it will be when she finally does let it go.

Satisfied, the man replaces his cock in her clenching hole and resumes leisurely fucking her. They are quickly in an easy, rollicking motion, their bodies working as one. As he pumps his cock back and forth in her cunt, he leans in, reaches around her body and grips her dangling tits. He squeezes them firmly, and lightly pinches the stiff nipples, sending spasms of pleasure racing through her body.

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