Magic Girl Ch. 01


"Your place is so nice Angela," I said, hoping she was having the same problem I was, and wishing it was so, just to get even with her. I mean, what a thing to do to me - on our first--


I glanced this way and that and finally let my eyes glide across her face during one of my little 'pans.' She was staring. She had this look of utter surprise and delight all in one on her face and her eyes were right on my feet! I laughed inside.

Good for you! Serves you right!

But then I saw how close our feet were and my mind went blank. I wondered how it would feel to just do that one thing so without even thinking, I pointed my right foot a little bit - that was the one on top - and it went forward and finally touched the bottom of Angela's foot.

There was no sound. All I could hear my heart throbbing in my chest. I gently pressed a little harder. I could feel how soft the bottom of her foot was. It was as soft and delicate as it looked, as I knew it would be. So warm too. I pointed my toes and used just their tips to continue exploring this wonderful foot.

Then there was a slow inhalation. I was so transfixed I had to consciously check to see if I'd just breathed in but I hadn't; it was Angela. Then the side of my pareo slipped open and I saw her eyes go to my now-bare leg. That was when her leg and foot seemed to come to life. She started pressing hers back against mine, then using her first toe to touch mine and feel it and explore it. For a whole long time that's all that happened, the two of us rubbing our first toe against each other. And just on that one foot.

But then, as my insides oozed out and soaked my panties completely, Angela pulled both her feet off the table and sat forward. She moved so fast I couldn't respond, but then there it was, happening to me. I was looking right at it but couldn't believe it. I could feel it too, and that's the thing that really sent me off - fantasy or not.

Angela was now sucking each of my ten toes singly, going all down the line as she held my feet side by side before her! I felt a twitching feeling deep inside me. It churned, twisted and then got like a knot in my groin. My eyes closed, my mouth fell open and I gasped, and then I had my first-ever orgasm from someone else!

Things just sort of drifted together and melted and swirled after that. For an hour I think but I'm not sure. Time seemed to stop. I was there in this dark room with a beautiful black girl and all my senses were heightened to the point where it was just her and myself, nothing else and nobody else. The world could've ended and I probably wouldn't have noticed it. There were just these incredible waves of pleasure pulsating throughout my entire body, through my entire insides and the pulses were starting right there at my feet, where Angela continued her unhurried enjoyment of my bare feet.

She'd started with my toes but had then gone on to simply licking both of my feet everywhere; the tops the bottoms, the heels and arches, the ankles. The tops though, the insteps, really wrecked me. I'd touched myself there before, had caressed them and basically made love to them, but it was nothing like having someone else doing it. Shivering electric shocks seemed to start from right there and then came blasting up my legs and into my groin and that made the tension in there build up to the next orgasm and then it would hit me, wreck me, and then more tingles would take their place. In what must've been ten minutes my feet were cleaner than they'd ever been, but she just went on and on and on like she was getting nourishment from my feet.

I couldn't move though. I was still sitting on the couch, totally worthless and melted and unable to budge. It was like a fog had come down over me, a net, a weird gasping, breathless sort of hand that held me down and forced me to enjoy. And I was. I was nearing the point where I knew I might pass out or something. I needed a break but I didn't want to disturb that pretty face and those closed eyes and that incredible sucking mouth. Orgasms just went through me one after the other. Eight maybe; maybe 10 or fifteen. Just one after the other, building up in my feet and shooting to my puss and then blowing me to bits. The seat of my panties was hopelessly soaked through, the seat of my pareo, and the seat cushion most likely. It just kept drooling out, oozing down and under me. I halfway thought to reach in my skirt and finger myself but realized I couldn't really orgasm any more or any better than I already was.

Then, after that first hour or so I had enough. I felt like I was meditating or having a lucid dream or something, but I needed to stop now and do something else. I got my legs to move and was finally able to pull them back toward me off the coffee table. Angela let them go too. That surprised me. She'd had like a death grip on the backs of my heels so I couldn't pull away - not that I was trying to, but everything would jerk every once in a while! - but now I pulled them both back, tucked them safely under me in a cross legged position and started to catch my breath. I hadn't until then realized how frazzled I really was. Not until I moved! But I really was. I'd never come that many times all in a row, I'd never come that many times in a string, and I had never come so hard and so completely. The orgasms were like this whole secret part of me was having orgasms and just happened to be coming out through the parts of me I knew. This underlying, 'private to the point of my not being aware of' Kyra, this stranger that looked like me, my horny, unashamed, sexual twin sister had come and I don't think she ever had before!

But now she had!

Angela sat back and looked up at me, and she looked about as frazzled as I must have.

"Girl," she whispered dryly. "You've got some magic shit goin' on with your feet? Is that it? Or are you some sort of alien-girl with radioactive fuck-me pheromones pouring off you everywhere? Like especially from your toes or something. God! I've never had it so bad for a pair of feet and ten toes before in my life! It's like the more I kissed them, the more I wanted to lick them and the more I licked them, the more I wanted to suck them, and then it was just on and on. I can't believe I just made love to your feet for an hour and twenty minutes! I mean, I'm sorry, girl. You got all the rest of your shit up there and here I've been just working your feet, but damned if I couldn't stop myself. I mean, you wearing some sort of special scent or musk or perfume that I can't smell and that just makes me wild?"

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