tagMind ControlMagic Hands Ch. 01

Magic Hands Ch. 01


Saturday night/Sunday morning, 2:30 a.m.

His hazel eyes wanted to close, but Will knew that he had to keep his wits about him now, especially considering that he was driving home along a stretch of highway renowned for being a speed trap and had, perhaps, had one too many Bombay Sapphire and tonics at the bar.

To some degree, the latter was related to his continued failure to meet "the right girl." Ever since his breakup with Marissa three years previous, Will had been both disillusioned at the thought of being in a romantic relationship and craving such a relationship more and more each day. Or was it simply sex that he wanted?

A not-unattractive young man of 28, his short sandy blonde hair now reeking of cigarette smoke and liquor, Will thought about all of the scantily-clad, desirable young things he had seen tonight. Most of them couldn't have been much older than his 20-year-old sister, so initially, he had rationalized his failure to "score" away by telling himself that they would have found him to be too mature for their needs (i.e., a "don't ask questions, just fuck me" kind of attitude). Still, the thought of turning one of those hot little honeys around, yanking up her short, flimsy skirt, pulling her thong to the side, and taking her right there in the crowded watering hole held a good deal of appeal for the 6'1" junior editor. If only...

Suddenly, straight ahead of him, was an orange traffic cone. Will swerved to the right to avoid it, but in so doing, took his car over the shoulder and violently into the ditch. Although he was wearing his seat and lap belts and the airbag deployed properly, Will's forearms were thrust back with such ferocity that, in the seconds before he lost consciousness, he felt the most searing pain of his life shoot from his fingertips to the nape of his neck.

Sunday afternoon, 5 p.m.

Will tried lifting the spoonful of green Jell-O to his mouth with his left hand, but was finding it difficult. He had awakened from his accident-induced unconsciousness about 9 a.m. to find himself in a nondescript hospital room with a cast around his right wrist. Subsequently, he learned from the harried doctor on rounds that he had broken his wrist, but was otherwise relatively unscathed from the accident. He even found out that his car, save for two bald tires, wouldn't need major repairs.

Not that he would be driving for a while, anyhow. He would be discharged from the hospital Monday morning, but would be in the cast for at least a month, which meant that his day-to-day work and everyday life would be impossible. For that, Will was actually somewhat grateful; his job bored him to tears, so a month off – even if it meant he would be left-handed and somewhat useless – was an enticing prospect.

After he had managed to get through most of his meal and didn't want any more, the pain in his wrist grew and he stretched to hit the "call" button, thinking that he'd get a pain pill or some relief of some kind. In about 45 seconds, a young, petite, dark-haired, olive-skinned nurse – about his age, he figured – walked into his room.

"What do you need?" she asked, somewhat exasperated that she had rushed in here and not found some emergency requiring her immediate attention.

"My wrist is killing me. Have anything to help with that?"

"Let me check," she said as she walked out of Will's room.

About a minute passed before the raven-haired RN came back into the room, this time, cup and painkiller in hand.

"This should do the trick – for a couple of hours, at least," she said as she placed the two items in Will's open left palm. As she leaned nearer to pass him the cup, he could now read her name tag – Natalie Turner.

"Thanks," Will said as he gulped down the lukewarm water and the painkiller.

If she took her hair down out of that ponytail – and stepped out of those awful salmon-colored scrubs – she'd probably be pretty hot, Will thought. Then again, his mind continued, I think pretty much every girl that doesn't look like my mom is hot.

"If you can, once the pain subsides a bit, try to exercise your hand by turning it side to side, making fists, and so on. That should speed the recovery process somewhat. My guess is that you'll still have to do some PT once the cast comes off, but..."

"Will do – thanks again."

With that, Nurse Turner left. In five minutes, Will felt better – a bit loopy, but better. He tried to focus on the baseball game on the TV, but to no avail. He soon fell back asleep.

Sunday evening, 8:15 p.m.

Bit by bit, Will awoke to find the nurse cautiously checking his cast and his swollen right hand. A quick flash on her left hand told him that she was yet another woman his age who was "attached" and, therefore, he assumed, unavailable to him.

He opened his eyes as wide as he could and yawned. At this, Nurse Turner turned to face him and smiled.

"Have a nice nap?"

"I guess. Didn't think about the pain for a while."

Natalie went back to studying the cast and Will's hand for any abnormalities beyond that which was to be expected only 18 hours or so since a pretty major break.

"That's good. As the doctor said earlier, you'll be out..."

She stopped mid-sentence, laid Will's hand gently on the bed, turned, slowly walked to the armchair to the right of Will's bed, and sat down.

"You okay? Or should I ask, 'Am I okay?'"

The nurse said nothing, but seemed to be staring straight ahead.

"Hey, um, Nurse – Natalie, right...you okay?"

Will was, to say the least, perplexed. One minute, she's going over my cast and the next, she's a fuckin' zombie, he thought.

"Do you want me to call the nurse's station?"

"No," the nurse said. It sounded like she had been drugged.

"What do you need then?"

"I'm not sure. I...I..."

"You what?"

A look of true fear shown through in the young nurse's eyes.

"I need to be told what to do."


"I...I need to be told what to do."

"Aren't you trained to handle broken wrists?"

"Yes, but...I mean..."

Holy shit, Will thought. This chick is in some kind of trance. I don't know how or why, but it's cool as hell.

"You want me to tell you what to do – is that it?"

"I...think so," the scared nurse said meekly.

It's like Christmas in July. Will's internal monologue was proceeding at a mile a minute.

"Tell me your full name."

"Natalie Christine Turner." This voice was much more self-assured. Must be because there's someone "in control" now, Will mused.

"How old are you?"


"Are you married?"




"Why do wear that big rock on your left hand then?"

"To keep creepy guys from hitting on me."

What a bitch – a bitch getting more attractive by the second, but a bitch nevertheless, Will thought.

"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Two weeks ago."

"With who?"

"My ex."

"Did you have an orgasm?"

"Yes, but not from intercourse. He..." She bit her lower lip.

"He what?"


Will noticed that he was getting aroused at this quasi-conversation and rubbed his dick under the covers. It was difficult seeing that he wasn't used to doing that with his left hand.


"He licked me and stuck a finger in my butt at the same time," Natalie blurted out. At this admission, her previous timidity seemed to reassert itself.

"Does talking like that embarrass you?"


"What if I told you that you don't have to be embarrassed?"

At that comment, Nurse Turner sat up straight in her chair and smiled suggestively at Will.

"It doesn't embarrass me any more," she said confidently.

"That's good."

How far can I go with this? the patient wondered.

"You enjoy sex, don't you, Natalie?"

"Yes, very, very much."

"From now on, when you answer me, call me 'Sir.' Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," she said, still smiling.

"What is your best physical feature?"

"My butt, sir"

"You mean your ass, don't you?"

"Yes, sir – my ass, sir."

"You are to be as explicit as possible when you speak of sexual things to me, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

"Take your hair out of that ponytail and shake it loose."

Without another word, the nurse did as she was told. Unbound, her locks fell just beyond her shoulders.

"Now, stand up." She complied.

"Close the door, lock it, turn that chair around, and pull those scrubs down so I may see if you are right to be proud of that ass."

Without hesitation, Natalie jumped to her feet turned the Scandinavian-style chair around. Then, she grabbed at the waistband of her scrubs with both hands.

"Do it slowly – like you're trying to seduce me."

The nurse glanced lasciviously over her shoulder as she leisurely wiggled her way out of the loose-fitting pants. She was somewhat clumsy in getting them over her sneakers, but she made it through that ordeal without falling over. She then removed her shoes and white athletic socks, rested her waist on the back of the chair, and bent over.

What Will saw was truly a sight to behold. The pliant woman was wearing ivory-colored boy shorts that hugged a backside that defied description. It was plump yet firm and Will began to wonder if the old joke about bouncing a quarter off of a tight rear was, in fact, a possibility in this instance.

Then, there were her legs. It was obvious that she worked out – probably running – on a regular basis because her bronze-tinted lower limbs were toned and curved in all the right places...not a depression or blemish to be found.

"That's very nice, Natalie."

"Thank you, sir."

"How do you feel right now?"

"Really horny," Natalie said, a new husky lustfulness in her voice.


"Because I'm sticking my ass out at you, sir, and thinking about something being stuck up it."

Will couldn't believe what he was hearing and seeing. It seemed he had some sort of power over this hot piece of ass and he was enjoying it more and more with each passing moment.

"Like what?"

"A finger, sir, or maybe a tongue?"

Will was rock hard now. He could feel the pre-come sticking to his hospital gown.

"Turn that chair back around, sit down, put your legs over the arms of the chairs, and touch yourself through your panties."

The half-clothed RN did as she was told and soon, the slow pace of her hand across her silk-covered crotch quickened.

"You are not allowed to come."

"Yessss, sir," Natalie panted. It was clear to Will that she would be coming soon if he didn't tell her otherwise.

"That's enough of that for now. I want to see what's under that top. Stand up and strip that off for me – just like you did with those pants."

About 30 seconds later, she was free of that pesky top. Her bra appeared to be of the same material and color as her panties. She didn't have large breasts, but they looked wonderful to Will.

"What size are your breasts?"

"My tits are 34B, sir."

"Do you like it when someone touches them?"

"Oh yes, sir."

"Are your nipples hard now?"

"Yes, sir."

"Show me."

She undid the front clasp, shrugged, and the white bra fell to the floor. Will saw that she was, in fact, telling the truth; they weren't standing up very far, but her areolae were large and much darker than the surrounding skin. He wasn't going to be able to take much more of this.

"Can you lick your own nipple?"

"I've never really tried, sir."

"Sit back down, put your right hand in your panties, use your left hand to push your left nipple toward your mouth so that you can at least try to lick it, and play with yourself."

Natalie shoved her right hand down her pants, began diddling herself, and strained to tongue her breast. After some effort, the latter task was successful and audible moans emanated from her occupied mouth.

"That's good, isn't it?"

She stopped licking for a moment to answer her newfound master. "Yes, sir." Then, she continued masturbating.

As before, Will could tell that she was getting closer and closer to coming, so he told her to stop.

"You're all wet now, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir," the nurse said, trying to catch her breath.

"Good. Now, it's time for me to have a little bit of fun. Pull those panties off."

Natalie remained seated, lifted her legs in unison, and slid her undergarment down her shapely legs. He could see just a small "landing strip" of ebony pubic hair creeping up from her snatch.

"Crawl over to my bed."

It wasn't very far from the chair to the bed, but somehow Natalie "knew" that Will wanted her to crawl very deliberately to him. She remained on all fours upon arriving at the bed.

"Stand up and pull my covers down."

As she did so, she noticed the bulge and tiny wet spot on Will's gown.

"Pull my gown up and worship my cock."

Will wasn't sure how this "command" would manifest itself in the nurse's action, but he soon found out.

When she first saw his bare penis – not very large, mind you (about 6" in length and not particularly thick) – it was as if she had never seen one before but wanted to do all sorts of naughty things with it. She didn't dare touch it, however, without his explicit permission.

"Rub yourself a little more and then let me see if you're still excited."

The instant her hand grazed her loins anew, a fire coursed through her body and she wanted to scream. He had not told her that she could come, though.

"Stop – let me see."

Nurse Natalie held her glistening right hand close to Will's face. He leaned forward and licked it. She definitely ready for something, he thought.

"Get up on the bed, straddle my face, and suck my cock."

Will had never 69ed with a woman before, but thought this the perfect opportunity.

Her lips – both sets – were wrapped around his cock and his fingers, respectively, like vise grips. Natalie's tongue bathed Will's swollen member with her warm saliva and distributed it evenly with her nimble right hand while Will poked her pussy with two, then three, fingers acting as pistons – in and out, in and out – at a fever pitch. It wasn't as good as he could've done with his right hand, but he'd manage. He also flicked his tongue across her hard clitoris from time to time, which brought forth a whimper from the cocksucking nurse.

Time seemed to stand still for Will; he couldn't believe that he hadn't come the second Natalie touched him down there. He now knew she wouldn't come until and unless he told her to.

Between gasps for air, Will virtually shouted, "Natalie, stop blowing me right now!"

He wanted to concentrate on her for a while. Although he probably thought that women would find him insincere at saying so, he was much more interested in making his sexual comrade come than coming himself; after all, he could do that with a dirty movie and his usually agile right hand. It wasn't every day that he could make a woman come.

"Get off of me, but remain on all fours on this bed. Is that clear?"

The disheveled nurse managed a "Yes, sir."

Will now sat up, rubbed her sopping twat a few more times – much to Natalie's apparent delight – and then encircled her asshole with his moistened thumb.

"Oooh," cooed the tractable Natalie. "I like that, sir."

"Do you? Good."

With that, he eased his thumb cautiously inside her backdoor and wiggled it around as much as he could, which wasn't much as she was exceptionally tight.

His ass-enveloped digit soon moved more freely within her, so he ventured to put his index finger there as well. As he did so, a banshee's shriek came from Natalie's mouth.

"Aaaaaah! Fuck yes!"

"Keep it down," Will instructed. Her pleasure continued unabated, but was inaudible unless you were within finger-fucking distance.

Will now attempted to repeat the stimulating method he had used on her pussy. Pulling his fingers out of her ass then pushing them gently back in, she inhaled and exhaled sharply in perfect rhythm with his hands movements. His pace quickened and her passion ignited further with each thrust being more forceful than the last.

Though Will's cock had softened somewhat since she stopped blowing him, it still was serviceable for further action and, as such, he stopped fingerfucking her still-fairly-tight asshole and spoke.

"Start sucking my cock again, but don't use your hands – mouth only. And stick your pointer and middle finger up your ass while you're doing it."

Natalie repositioned herself, resting her left elbow on the bed and using her right hand as her instrument of anal pleasure. All the while, Will fucked her mouth with rapidity in an effort to get as hard as he had before.

As Natalie struggled to stay focused – it was difficult to not bite down with two fingers up her ass – Will's cock felt, to him, as it had never felt before. It felt nearly indestructible; that is, it seemed as if he could go on and on without coming. This was a revelation – or was it a hallucination? Upon Will's next command, the hallucinatory hypothesis was thrown out the window.

"Okay, baby – stand up on the bed, turn around so that you're facing away from me, and lower your sweet little asshole onto my cock."

The thought of doing something he had only seen in pornos – reverse cowgirl anal – almost caused Will to lose it right there and then, but he managed to keep himself together as Natalie's perfect rear descended toward his groin.

"Oh...my...God," Natalie whispered hoarsely as every millimeter of Will's dick crept deeper and deeper inside her heretofore unfucked butt. Once all of it was inside of her, she raised her hips slightly as to withdraw it almost completely from her. She relaxed a bit and impaled herself again on his cock. She had never felt this good in her life – not even from that ex who had a full 10 inches. She trembled with pleasure as she leaned back and, with straight arms, pushed forcefully back into the mattress on either side of Will.

Will just laid there and let her fuck him. He reached around with his good hand and was able to locate her slit. As she continued to bounce up and down on his cock, the touch of his fingers on her engorged clit drove her to the brink of collapse.

"You like this, bitch?" Will demanded through clenched teeth.

"Fuck yes, sir. Fuck my ass harder, sir!"

He felt it building up in his cock and knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

"Lay down on your back and hold your legs behind your head," he ordered breathlessly.

The shaft plunged back into Natalie's hole with renewed vigor and he resumed the stimulation of her swollen love button.

"Can...I...come, sir?" she asked quickly as he was in mid-thrust.

"I want to you squirt as you come – do you hear me – and you can't come until I say so!"

"Oooh, yessss, ssssir!"

Then, Will picked up his pace. It would only be a few short seconds before he shot a hot load into her tight little ass.

"Come! Now!"

"Sirrrrrr!" Will felt her asshole grow even more snugly and then a little fountain of clear, somewhat viscous fluid spurted out of Natalie's pussy. Her mouth opened wide, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she shook for what seemed, to Will, like an eternity.

The multiple sensations – seeing her squirt, hearing her come with numerous gasps, watching her body contort so – were too much for Will to bear. His head jerked back as his cock convulsed and blew what felt like a pint of come into Natalie's previously virgin asshole.

After about 30 seconds, his cock stopped pulsing, rapidly shrank to its usual size, and slid out of her anus. They both lay there, wholly spent.

Even while his new "toy" lay there with him, her newly-initiated backside spooning against his still-recovering cock, Will knew that he had to figure out how this happened, but first, he had to make sure that this nurse didn't turn into some mindless nymphomaniac roaming the halls of the city's busiest hospital.

"Natalie, you have to keep what just happened to yourself. When I say so, you will go to the bathroom, clean yourself up, get dressed, leave my room, and for the rest of the world, pretend that none of this has happened. Do you understand?"

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