tagLoving WivesMagic Pills Ch. 05

Magic Pills Ch. 05


Linda had invited Joe and me to dinner at their house tonight. I was looking forward to it. Linda promised that there was going to be great food, good conversation and a lot of teasing. I ask her if I should wear anything special, dress up or something. She told me no, just something that I would be comfortable in. She knows what I'm most comfortable in, my birthday suit.

She had arranged for Judith (everyone calls her Jude) to meet us at her house this morning and that was where I was headed as soon as I sent off an email.

To; Horny Joe

From; Mad Scientist


Things are progressing wonderfully with you and the other test subjects. As I expected the treatment results seem to peak out after about three months and then stabilize. The subject women do not deteriorate into nymphomania, but become more comfortable with their new level of sexuality and much more inclined to take the initiative, not waiting for the suggestions needed in earlier stages. They have also learned by this time what their mates like and enjoy and are eager to offer that for their pleasure. From your reports the subjects appear to enjoy the playfulness as much as you do.

We will continue to study the results and see if there is any deviation as time goes on.

I am in need of another early stage test subject, another case similar to yours or Alan's. If you know any likely candidates please talk to me before approaching them.


I set out the couple of blocks to Linda's, just in time for our meeting with Judith. They were in her living room when I arrived and Jude had already been in tears from what I could see. Her puffy red eyes won my sympathy immediately. I had meet Jude only a few times and we weren't exactly friends, but she was a sister in pain and I had to help her.

I hugged her hello and we all sat down to talk. I was wearing a short denim skirt and a denim vest shirt with white tennies. Linda had on baggy blue shorts and a cut off t-shirt. It was obvious that she wore no bra. Jude was in jeans and western blouse.

Jude is cute, about 5'5" and sort of thin, but not skinny. She has short brown hair and lovely brown eyes. Overall she was about as attractive as either of us. Linda fixed us each an ice tea and we started to talk.

"I understand that Linda has told you most of the story about the pills?" I asked her starting of the conversation.

She sort of smiled and returned, "Well she told me a story, but I'm not real sure just how much of it is true, no offense Linda, it just sounds sort of science fiction to me."
"Funny," Linda cut in, "but when she told me the story I didn't doubt it a bit, but then I had already seen some proof of what she was telling me."

"What kind of proof?" Jude questioned.

"Well Joe and her had invited us over for dinner and she spent the whole night flashing me and Al!" Linda told her.

"You're kidding right?" Jude said looking doubtful, " did you scratch her eyes out?"

"I wanted to scratch Alan's out, they were popped out from staring at her! The next day she told me the story about the Mad Scientist and his magic pills and gave me the choice to join her and maybe make my marriage happier."

"That's why I'm here, you said this would help my marriage, and even if it sounds far out I'm willing to try anything about now."

I joined back in the talk, "If you're really interested, and if I can arrange it somehow, this is what will happen. Your husband will get a shipment of pills from the Doctor and start giving them to you twice a day. You won't notice anything, no dizziness, no tingling, just a slightly sweet taste to whatever he puts them in. In about 3 days they will begin to work. It will be subtle, just a feeling of heightened arousal, maybe some erotic dreams. Did you have sexy dreams?" I directed to Linda.

"Hot dreams!" she replied, "and very vivid!"
"Well anyway, your husband will have instructions from the Doctor about how to help you along. One of the things about the pills is that they make you very subject to suggestion, and he will start to suggest stuff to you."
"Like what?" she asked suspiciously.

"With me the first thing was to suggest I sleep naked," I replied honestly, "what about you Linda?"

"Morning sex is what I remember, I don't know if he suggested it or it just happened, but morning sex is what I remember, and it was great!" she cheerfully added.

"Hah, we haven't had morning, or for that matter any time of the day sex, in months!" Jude blurted out, then blushed.

"Get over being embarrassed," I told her firmly, "being bashful about sex was one of our problems."

"Well you certainly don't look embarrassed!" she said a little sharply, " do you always dress so casually?' She made a motion toward my legs.

I was sitting on the sofa and had one leg pulled up. I had honestly forgotten about my lack of panties, just being my normal self.

I made no move to cover up as I replied calmly, "No I prefer to be naked, but I kept my clothes on this morning out of deference to you."

She turned to Linda with a look of disbelief on her face, Linda nodded and added, "Oh yeah, she usually strips as soon as she get through the door!"

"You mean she just runs around your house naked?'

"Yeah, but I do too, here and at her house, you should try it, it's very comfortable." Linda said without shame.

"I don't think I'm going to be running around naked," she said.

"I thought you would do anything to help your marriage?" I asked her.

"What's this got to do with it?" she questioned

"You'll see later, but don't worry about it right now, I mean you don't have to strip off and go through some sorority initiation to join us." I kidded her.

Linda cut back into the talk, "The first thing you're going to notice is Mike being a lot nicer to you. He will start actually paying attention to you again."

"What does giving me pills have to do with making him more attentive?" she asked wisely.

"That's part of the instructions that the Doctor will give him, that he needs to reinforce the pills with attention, that and I think they feel guilty about drugging us." I informed her.

We talked for about another hour, going over some of the things to expect and the progression of the effects of the pills. I made sure she understood that her hubby could never know that she knew about the pills. Finally she asked me how we would get the ball rolling.

"The first thing we need to do is make Mike convinced he wants the results of the pills. That's what we did when Joe invited Al and Linda to our house for that dinner."

"You mean that you're going to invite us over and then the two of you are going to flash my husband!" she blurted.

"No, Linda is his sister, that wouldn't be right, but I will. Linda will just look sexier and happier than he can ever remember seeing her," I explained.

"So I'm suppose to let my Mike look at your bare sex, and then he is going to want to drug me so he can look at mine, is that it?" she asked.

"Yep, that's it." I answered.

"Well I guess he would enjoy looking at you, but I doubt he would want me to do that!" she said smugly.

"He will understand that he is pretty much in charge of what you do under the influence of the pills, it's pretty much based on the suggestions that he makes to you once this begins." I replied.

"Well Mike's pretty damn conservative, so I shouldn't have to worry about that." She told us.

We set up the date for dinner and parted company. When I got back home I stripped off and went out on the deck with my laptop to work on a project and enjoy the sun. Damn I like being naked!

I dressed for dinner at Linda's in a wrap skirt and loose cut off t-shirt. Linda had asked me to wear white heels for some reason, so I did. The shirt fell to the middle of my belly, and the skirt stopped at mid-thigh, I thought I looked cute enough to eat.

Alan met us at the door and led us to the living room to sit while we had drinks "Linda is in the Kitchen," he informed us, smiling a funny little smirk. I headed for the kitchen to help Linda, stopping on the way to admire the dinner table.

The table was draped with a fine linen table clothe and topped with an Irish lace cover, the place settings were gold trimmed china and the flatware was sterling. There was a freshly cut flower in a cut crystal vase at each setting, and two fresh tapers in silver candlesticks on the table. Very nice I thought, very romantic.

When I entered the kitchen I stopped dead in my tracks. Linda stood there in white heels and the shortest skirt I had ever seen her wear. Her back was bare, making me think she was topless. She turned to great me and I saw that she was wearing an apron.

"My God!" I exclaimed, "where did you get that?"

"One of the ladies at church is a seamstress and I had her make it for me, do you like?" she asked as she made a full models turn for me.

"Hell yes! That's hot!" I told her.

There were two straps about three inches wide that hung from her neck and dropped across her tits covering her nipples and a very small part of her breasts. Just under the breasts began the bib part of the apron and it ran down to a level with her hips. Attached to the bottom of the bib was the skirt. Including the lace trimmed edges the skirt couldn't have been more that eight inches long. It wrapped around her waist and fastened with a single button on the left hip, leaving her thigh bare to her waist. I thought it was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen!

"I had two made," she told me, "mine is blue and white and yours is pink and white."

She reached under the counter and handed me the soft cotton creation. I quickly shed the two pieces I was wearing and donned the apron. Now I understood why she asked me to wear the heels.

If I stood perfectly still with my arms at my side it covered all the vital areas, but if I moved about any at all, it became a continuous and varied peek-a-boo show of nipples, pussy, and butt cheeks. Linda and I were giggling like a couple of kids.

I helped her get the rest of dinner ready as she outlined her plan to "soften" the boys up over desert and get them ready to take a few hints about Mike and Judith.

As the sauce simmered we walked into the living room. Joe spit a mouthful of his drink out when he saw us.

"Dinner will be ready soon," Linda told them as I walked across the room to fix her a drink. "Why don't you guys come sit at the table. Al you sit at the head by the wine bucket and Joe you take the other end. We'll have the food out in a jiffy."

After the guys were seated I watched Linda walk back to the kitchen, damn I hoped I looked half as good!

We made a great show of serving the boy's meal, bending over, wiggling, and turning to reveal flashes of our bodies. Linda's fuzzy little bush and my bare pussy were just above tabletop and we took great advantage of the line of sight provided. Finally we sat down to our meal.

The conversation was fun and relaxed; movies, politics and the upcoming summer vacation were all discussed. Once the entrée was done Linda looked at me and I gave a quick nod of my head.

"Ready for desert?" she asked.

As Linda and I stood up and slid our chairs back Joe said, "I don't know if I could swallow another bite."

"Oh, don't worry," I told him, "you don't get to swallow this desert, I do!"

We ducked under the table in unison like trained precision swimmers in a routine. Linda called out as her head fell below the table, "I'll race you to the finish, loser does the dishes."

I was on my knees under the table, the long linen hiding me. Fortunately the table was long enough that Linda and I both fit without bumping butts. I grabbed Joe's belt and jerked it lose, quickly following with his zipper and snap. I tugged and he raised up enough to allow his pants to slide down. I swallowed his hard cock in one motion, taking as much as I could in me.

I pumped on his cock with mouth and hand, the image in my head of him and Al sitting there looking at one another as their wives sucked their dicks. I can imagine the looks that passed between them. For all they knew it might not even be their wife, but I hoped Joe recognized my cock sucking style by now.

"I Love a nice cream filled desert!" I teased, taking my mouth off Joe for a moment.

"Mumfum," came the reply from across the table as Linda was unwilling to empty her mouth.

Joe's hands slipped beneath the table and held my head as I worked furiously on him. The moans from above were growing louder and more constant as Linda and I competed in our race to finish our man first.

I heard a loud grunt and an "Oh my God!" from behind me and I knew that Al was delivering first place to Linda's mouth at that moment. The thrusts, shakes and grunts from my Joe told me he was only seconds behind. He filled my mouth while Al was still moaning in pleasure.

Linda and I rose from under the table together, licking our lips and smiling in great satisfaction. I took a sip of wine to clear my palette as I sat down again.

"Anyone for a second helping?" I asked laughing.

The victor was a good sport and helped me clear the table and load the dishwasher, then we adjourned to the den to play bridge. We were all in a terrific mood and the play was fast and furious. About thirty minutes into the game Linda spoke up.

"Jude came by today," she started. "She really is having a hard time."

"What's going on?" Al asked solicitously, "money problems?"

"No, money doesn't seem to be a problem for them. She claims that Mike and her have become more like roommates than a married couple."
"Yeah," I jumped in, "and I opened my big mouth and told her how great things were for Joe and me and she burst into tears!"

"You were just trying to help," Linda said coming to my defense. "I felt so sorry for her, all the pizzazz is gone from their relationship."

"Me too," I added, "she looked so miserable. I invited them over for dinner next week.'

"I just don't know what to do to help her,' Linda said, dropping a hint as big as a boulder.

The game continued. The attitude was joyous and happy.

Another hour and Linda asked Al, "Say, do you think you could maybe talk to Mike, see if you can give him some advice? You're so good at this marriage thing maybe you can help him."

"I don't know," Al replied, I mean I don't want to stick my nose in someplace I'm not wanted."

"I think it might be a good idea," Joe chimed in. "I don't know them very well, but I have always like Mike and Judith. Maybe we can call him and go have a beer together."

Gotya! I thought.

When we finally broke up for the night I walked right out the door in my wonderful new apron. I honestly forgot all about my other clothes until I was almost in the car, then decided to hell with it.


Al and I met Mike for a beer after work the night after Linda asked us to help him. I had already sent an email to the Doctor and got his approval to approach Mike if I did it carefully, not revealing the source of the pills. First I wanted to check him out a little and be sure that he wasn't the type to abuse a good thing.

We talked a little while we waited. I told Al that the Doctor thought that our girls had pretty well peaked out on the treatments and that while they wouldn't get any "hornier" for lack of a better word, they would get better at what they did, more creative and imaginative.

Al's comment was, "If Linda gets any better than that blow-job last night it will kill me!"

"Yeah," I responded, "I thought I had died last night myself, died and gone to heaven.'

I explained that the Doctor was looking for carefully selected new subjects. The first criterion was that the marriage had to be stable, even if it was unhappy. We needed to feel Mike out and see if he was a good candidate.

"What do you think of the girl's idea about Vegas?" He asked me.

"I think it's awesome, but I'll tell you, if Jackie is going to run around with nothing but body paint for clothes I'm not going to let her out of my sight!"

"They were just talking about the tops, painting on a shirt weren't they?" Al asked.

"That's what Linda started out talking about, but you heard Jackie ask if they could do shorts or hot pants too, didn't you?" I reminded him.

"Jackie could do that, she shaved, but Linda would have to shave her bush off to get her bottom painted." Al mused.

"All you would have to do is suggest it to her," I edged him on.

"Na, I kind of like the little fuzzy look!"

Looking just a little embarrassed Al asked me, "Do you think our girls might have something going, you know a girl thing?"

I had wondered about the same thing and told him so, "I'm not real sure, but they do seem pretty friendly and comfortable with each other. Do you think we would even know if it was happening?"

"It's been one of my fantasies for years, too , you know, watch Linda with another woman. I'm not real sure that some fantasies aren't better left as just that, a fantasy."

"So we just adopt the military policy," I asked, "don't ask, don't tell?"

"I think we might be asking for real trouble if we did anything else, but that doesn't mean we can't tease them about it!" Al added.

About that time Mike walked in and we waved him over to us. We made small talk for awhile, sports and such, before getting into the reasons for meeting. At fist Mike was resistant to talking about his relationship, but finally we got through to him and started touching on the real problems.

He didn't feel appreciated, he just didn't feel like he was her hero any more. Judith didn't get dressed up just for him anymore, only when they went to visit someone, or out to a company function. She made love without interest, and he had almost stopped even trying. He sounded unhappy, but resigned to his fate and firmly said that he had no interest in cheating on her. He loved her, even as things were.

"What do you think of our wives?" I asked him.

"Their both fine woman," he answered too fast.

"That's not what I mean," I stated. "What do you think of them as women, I mean are they attractive and sexy? This is not an idle question, there is a reason for it. Tell the truth."

"Well Linda is my sister, but she's gotten kind of frumpy over the last few years. She's sure not the same girl I grew up with, she was almost shocking then. Jackie is pretty, very pretty, but, well she seems to be something of a tight-ass. Is that what you wanted to know?"

"You haven't actually been around either one in a couple of months have you?" I asked.

"No, it's been over three months since I've seen Linda, though we have talked on the phone a couple of times, and I can't remember the last time I saw Jackie," he said.

"What you say about them was true six months ago, but not any longer. Al and I can show you how to put the fire back in your wife and your marriage if you're interested?"

"Hell yes I'm interested!" he said enthusiastically.

"Ok," I went on, "how would you feel about your wife having a much higher interest in sex, becoming much more demonstrative with maybe a touch of exhibitionism thrown in?"

He smiled big, "I've got a beautiful wife and I keep telling her that, but she acts like she's ugly! Yeah, I'd be real interested!"

Now to the tricky part I thought.

"Mike, you and Judith have been invited for dinner at Al's next week. Before we can start this I need you to see what you will end up with for a wife. I'm not going to tell you anything else about how it works until after you've seen Jackie and Linda." I told him.

"After that if you're still interested we can start. In the mean time you can say nothing about this to Jude, that's vital, nothing at all!"

Mike hung around a while longer trying to get more information out of us, but we held firm. Finally we parted and he agreed to see us for dinner in a few days.

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