tagIllustratedMagic Girls 01: Revelations (Illustrated)

Magic Girls 01: Revelations (Illustrated)


NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS/ARTISTS - The Magic Girls is a modern series about a group of college girls who have discovered that they possess magical powers (levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and a whole heck of a lot more). They in turn use their powers to have amazing sexual adventures with various partners as well as each other. This series has many parts, but we like to think that each story can stand alone just fine.

While the 'magical' aspect of things mostly sets up the scenarios the girls enjoy, there are various times where the girls do use their magical powers to enhance their sex. The sex mainly found in this series is that of the lesbian nature, but expect to occasionally find heterosexual and group sex. If you do not believe that is in your interest, we advise you to look elsewhere. If you are open to this idea, enjoy.


It had been over a year since Cindy saw Hannah, and she would be there at any minute.

Cindy lived alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. She had moved there with her former boyfriend after she left college, and almost forgot all about her crazy party-girl dorm life. Cindy was notorious for being outgoing, sleeping around, and staggering back to her room drunk. It was that dorm room that she had shared with Hannah. Now Hannah wasn't the hottest girl or much of a party girl. Cindy always caught her simply reading or sleeping, if she ever saw Hannah at all. For a while, Cindy felt as though she lived in that dorm room alone due to Hannah's constant absence. Cindy always assumed that Hannah was out with some boyfriend she never met.

However, it wasn't until the last month of her school-career that she found out something different about Hannah. It wasn't until that last month when Cindy came home drunk one night after partying and found Hannah standing in the middle of their room in sexy white lingerie. It was that night that Cindy realized just how sexy Hannah's body really was. Before, Cindy hadn't even caught her roommate changing or in her bra and panties. She always seemed to hide herself under a sweatshirt and loose jeans, but at that moment, with Hannah's young breasts tucked under a tiny white bra; her long legs covered in thin white stockings; her figure and amazing curves barely hidden beneath a thin long white robe, Cindy was in awe.

With her inhibitions tossed aside and her unknown-to-be-so-sexy roommate seductively dressed just for her, Cindy easily allowed Hannah to take her. That night had been forever engraved into Cindy's memory as Hannah peeled off Cindy's clothes, tossed her on her bed, stripped her own lingerie off her body, and gave her the most amazing sexual experience that Cindy had ever been lucky enough to be a part of.

Cindy could remember Hannah pressing her firm young breasts against her own as she lie naked on top of her in her bed. She remembers Hannah's lips sucking on her nipples as Cindy pushed them further upward into her mouth. She can remember Hannah's tongue digging into her pussy and sucking on her clit. She can remember Hannah's own perfectly shaven pussy in her own face as she tasted her juices and sucked her pussy until she came into her mouth. Cindy vaguely remembers tossing her leg over Hannah's as they rubbed their pussies together while on the floor of their shared room. She even thinks she remembers Hannah wearing a large black strap-on dildo, and fucking her from behind. It was indeed a hazy intoxicated moment in Cindy's memory, but still an amazing one.

It had been over a year since Cindy saw Hannah, and Cindy still couldn't get the fireplace started.

Cindy never told a soul of that night. She had kept secret from her boyfriend for the last year, unaware what he would do if he found out the best sex Cindy ever had wasn't with him, but with another girl she had cheated on him with. Cindy lost contact with Hannah, as they never shared much else other than that one experience. Cindy never knew what become of Hannah, but it seemed as though Hannah had found Cindy, and was on her way for a reunion.

Her timing was too perfect. No more than a week had passed since Cindy broke up with her boyfriend when she got a call from Hannah. Single again, Cindy wanted to see Hannah again without fear. She hoped that although they weren't the best of friends during that last school year on campus, that they could have a repeat of that one amazing night. She wanted to impress Hannah. She wanted to show her that she was wanting more.

It had been over a year since Cindy saw Hannah, and Cindy was running out of time to prepare.

She gave up on setting the mood, and decided to give herself one more look-over in her bathroom mirror. She wondered how she looked as she checked herself out. She looked at her hair, and it looked great. It was long and brown, with a slight curl to it. Cindy tried to give herself the same look she had in college, but she wasn't sure which look was better for her.

"Up or down?" She said out loud in her tiny bathroom, staring at her long hair in the mirror. She thought if she put her hair up, not only could Hannah be more attracted to her, but it would make things seem just a little more casual. Maybe Hannah wasn't as promiscuous as she was before. Cindy really needed to tone things down. This wasn't a date, it was just seeing an old roommate she hadn't seen in a while.

She fixed her pink top around her breasts, which had grown a little since she last saw Hannah. They were now a C-cup. She pinched her waist and pulled at a small layer of fat and thought that maybe that was why her cup size had grown. It had been a while since she worked out and she had lost a bit of her young figure. But with her hair up and her top and jeans looking as good as they could, Cindy decided she was ready. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time.

"Okay, now I just need to wait for Hannah." Cindy sighed, and not a second went by when there was a knock at the door. Cindy stepped out of the bathroom, and found her way to the front door. She opened the door, and there stood Hannah.

"Hannah!" Cindy shouted as she saw her friend.

"Cindy! Good to see you!" They hugged, and there was a brief second of silence. Cindy looked over Hannah, and saw that Hannah was still a fairly cute blonde girl. She had short hair, just barely to her shoulders. She was wearing a white tank-top with a white jacket, and dark jeans. She didn't seem to be made up much at all, and was dressed more to just hang out. She had a similar build to Cindy, only Cindy noticed that Hannah probably weighed just a little bit more than her. Cindy remembered Hannah to be hotter, but oh well. Cindy wasn't after Hannah for her looks. She just wanted to get Hannah in her bed. That's what made Hannah so magical to Cindy.

"Come in!" Cindy said, to break up the silence. "Did you want a drink or something?" Cindy asked.

"Sure!" Hannah said.

"Okay, go ahead and make yourself at home." Cindy said as she presented her small living room to Hannah. Hannah seemed awkward standing alone in Cindy's living room, but Cindy just smiled and ducked into the kitchen. She already had a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses ready to go. She knew the alcohol would help loosen things up. She hoped that Hannah had stopped by for 'something more' and not just a random reunion.

"So what have you been up to?" Cindy asked, trying to make things less awkward. "Oh. Not much." Hannah responded.

"Just traveling a lot, really. Seeing the world."

"That's cool. Land a job after college yet?" Cindy asked, still trying to keep the conversation going.

"Not really looking." Hannah almost snapped back. "Just ... experiencing things for now."

Cindy finished grabbing everything she needed from the kitchen and stepped back into the living room. She noticed that Hannah was standing by her small gas fireplace, a fireplace that was now roaring.

"Oh wow. You got the fire started." Cindy commented as she sat down on the couch, placing the two glasses and the bottle of wine on her small coffee table.

"Yeah. It just needed my 'magic touch'." Hannah answered in a laugh. Cindy shrugged it off, and Hannah walked over and joined her on the couch.

"Well, what's up?" Cindy said as she dove right in. "I haven't heard from you in a while. Why'd you call?" Cindy. "I don't mean to be blunt, but ..."

"Look," Hannah started as Cindy poured her a glass of red wine. Cindy rose her own glass to her lips and took a sip while Hannah remained hesitant. Hannah was definitely having a hard time talking to Cindy. "I called you because, well, I didn't want to scare you but I know you broke up with your boyfriend recently, and ..."

"How do you know that we broke up?" Cindy asked, alarmed. Hannah sat closer to Cindy on the couch. She took Cindy's hand in hers, and looked closely at her. They were alone in a large dark apartment, and Hannah seemed oddly concerned extremely fast.

"Okay. Look. There's something I wanna tell you, but I don't want to freak you out." Hannah said.

"Tell me." Cindy said sternly.

"Well, there's just things about me that I want to tell you, but you have to promise to keep in a secret. You can't tell anyone."

"But we don't really have any mutual friends. It's not like ..."

"Trust me. Some things happened during that last year at college."

"Yeah, they did." Cindy interrupted, referring specifically about that amazing sex she couldn't forget.

"Yeah, but it's more than 'that'. I just need to tell you something about me, and if I didn't make sure my secret was safe, you would probably tell the whole world." Hannah said with absolute certainty. "You have to promise that everything that I tell you tonight remains between us."

"Okay. I promise." Cindy said. "So what is this huge secret?" Cindy was really confused, but she agreed. Hannah wasn't around much during college, and Cindy knew she wasn't just out studying or classwork heavy because her grades were not that great. Hannah was actually a bit lazy, and Cindy wondered if Hannah could have had some addiction that caused her behavior.

Hannah sat and thought for a few seconds. Cindy could tell she was trying to figure out how to explain herself, her arrival to her house, and the sudden need to spill her guts to her former roommate. Hannah looked around as she thought of the words to describe her secret, but couldn't find them.

"Maybe it's easier to show you." Hannah said. She put her glass of wine on the coffee table, and then stood up from the couch. She walked into the middle of the living room, and simple stood there, presenting herself in front of Cindy.

"Just, promise not to freak out." Hannah said. Cindy nodded, unsure of what was going to happen. Things were getting extremely weird. Hannah smiled, and closed her eyes. She stood up on her tip-toes, and then slowly rose her hands up from her sides. Cindy was confused to no end. Hannah just stood there, on her toes, with her eyes closed and a large smile on her face.

Suddenly, Hannah's toes slowly lifted off the ground about an inch. Cindy didn't realize it at first, but she sat up as soon as she noticed that Hannah was somehow floating in mid-air in the middle of her living room. Cindy stood up and slowly walked around Hannah as she floated there, with her eyes closed and her arms extended. She was easily over a foot off the ground now. Cindy examined all around to see if this was some elaborate trick, but as far as she could tell, Hannah was flying.

Then a flash of light exploded out from Hannah, and blinded Cindy and she covered her eyes. Cindy fell backwards onto the couch from the light blast, afraid for her own safety.

As soon as the light dimmed, Cindy saw a brand new Hannah floating in the middle of her living room. All her normal clothes were nowhere to be found as she was merely floating in mid air, her long legs dangling beneath her. She now wore that sheer white robe that was left open so that Cindy could see that she wore a tiny white thong that barely covered her at all. She also had a tiny bra over her breasts, which were much larger and firmer. They seemed to stress the limits of her top as they pushed out through the sides, top, and the bottom, leaving little to the imagination. Diamonds of amazing sparkle adorned the lines of her bra and panties, as well as her ears and new necklaces which had also been added to her wardrobe. Cindy could see she was wearing millions of dollars of jewelry on a new million dollar body which was much tighter and firm. There was a warm wind blowing from nowhere, blowing her short blonde hair and robe about. Hannah simply floated in front of Cindy in the middle of the living room, beaming light out from her amazingly perfect gorgeous body. She was a whole new person in a whole new body, and Cindy had no idea what to do or say.

Hannah finally opened her eyes, and smiled at Cindy.

"This is the real me, Cindy." Hannah exclaimed as she slowly floated in front of Cindy.

Hannah lifted her finger and motioned Cindy to come to her and Cindy felt invisible hands pull her up off the couch and onto her feet. Hannah then held out her hands so that her robe would open up side for Cindy and herself as they both looked down at Hannah's nearly nude body. With her robe completely out of the way, Cindy took in the amazingly sexy sight. Cindy slowly walked toward this floating beauty, wondering what was happening. She looked over Hannah's body, her sexy new clothes, and finally her face. With Cindy entranced by her new body, Hannah smiled seductively as she levitated before her.

"Remember this lingerie?" Hannah asked, referring to that legendary night.

"How ... how are you ...?" Cindy tried to ask, looking at the two foot gap between Hannah's toes and the ground. Hannah slowly moved up and down in mid air as her flight seemed to be controlled by imperfect thoughts.

"Flying?" Hannah answered. "I just can. Pretty cool, huh?" Hannah asked. She then calmly and slowly turned as she levitated in midair, allowing Cindy to see her from all angles. Hannah ran her hands through her hair as she floated higher in the middle of Cindy's living room. There was so much amazement to take in that Cindy didn't know where to look. Everything about Hannah's body; her clothes, her hair, her face, her breasts, it all screamed of perfection. Hannah allowed the light to beam down from her body onto Cindy as she elegantly flew in Cindy's living room. Finally, she ceased her spin, and stood in the air a few feet above Cindy's coffee table, her toes dangling beneath her.

"I could tell you a long and involved story of how I am able to fly and do other magical things, but that would waste too much time tonight." Hannah explained. She looked down at the ground below her, and she slowly lowered her feet back to it. As her toes landed gently back onto Cindy's living room floor, she looked back up to Cindy and slowly started to walk seductively towards her.

"Just know that I want to have that amazing sex with you again, but now, I want you to get to experience what sex is like with the REAL me." Hannah now stood face to face with Cindy. She knew she had control over Cindy, and was going to slowly reel her in. With Cindy's eyes locked on Hannah's own, Hannah held her hand out towards her glass of wine that sat on the coffee table. The glass of wine immediately floated up off the coffee table and into the air before the two girls. Cindy watched in awe as Hannah opened her fingers to allow the stem of the wine glass to glide softly into her hands. Hannah slowly took a sip of the wine, and smiled back at Cindy. She then promptly pulled the glass from her lips and held it aside. Cindy's shock of the evening's events continued for as Hannah let go of the glass, it merely stayed in midair, waiting to be sipped from again.

Hannah wrapped her free arms around Cindy's neck, and pulled her in close. With her new large breasts brushing Cindy's own, Hannah leaned in to kiss Cindy, but stopped just outside of her lips.

"And let me tell you," Hannah started to whisper into Cindy's lips. "When you are as powerful as I am, the only thing you really want anymore is pleasure. The only thing you want to spend you time doing is having amazing sex. Tonight, the only thing I want is you."

Hannah slowly pulled back and broke her embrace. She then quickly snatched the floating wine glass from its levitation and looked up at Cindy's hair that was held up with a few metal pins.

"Oh, and just so you know," Hannah said. "You were wrong about your hair." I like it down."

She simply flicked her hand through the air at Cindy, and the pins that held Cindy's hair up popped out and fell to the ground. Cindy felt her brown hair fall down around her shoulders, and she shook it out before Hannah.

As Hannah slowly started to walk around her friend, she sipped from her wine glass once more. Cindy couldn't talk her eyes off of Hannah's sexy body tucked under that sheer robe. Her perfect ass was in plain sight as her tiny white thong did little to cover her up.

"Were you ... listening to me in the bathroom?" Cindy asked as she glanced back over her shoulder at her friend.

"Just your thoughts ..." Hannah said as she too was checking out Cindy's body. "I have been looking into your mind since I met you." Cindy heard, but this time Hannah's voice was different. It echoed softly. Cindy looked back at Hannah who was calmly still walking around her, smiling, and holding her glass of wine.

"What?" Cindy heard again. Hannah's lips still didn't move as Hannah merely had a puzzled look on her face. "Obviously reading your mind and speaking to you with mine is just one of my many favorite magical powers." Cindy heard in her mind again. Hannah could read her thoughts as well as project her own thoughts directly into the minds of others; yet another amazing ability she seemed to possess. Cindy realized that it was with this magical power that Hannah knew about her break up; that's how she got the fireplace started; that's even how Hannah knew when to knock on the door. She also realized something else.

"You ... you could do this before ..." Cindy started to utter as she tried to step away from Hannah.

"... before we met?" Hannah said with her own lips as she slowly walked towards Cindy who was still slowly trying to back away. "Of course. I've been able to do all sorts of magical things for quite some time now. Why do you think I wasn't around much in college? While you were out partying and studying and doing all sorts of school related activities, I was ... well, out and about. But please, baby, just relax. Don't think so much about why I can do these magical things. I just want to please you."

Cindy turned away from Hannah and tried to stop looking at Hannah's body. She tried to convince herself that this wasn't real. She tried to rid herself of her desires as the evening had taken such a weird turn. But as Hannah stepped up behind Cindy, and suddenly started to caress Cindy shoulders with both hands, Cindy closed her eyes and moaned softly. It felt so warm and soothing that Cindy's mind and body were having a hard time not simply just falling into Hannah's touch. Cindy could feel Hannah beautiful body pressed against her back, and her worries slowly started to fade. As Hannah's fingers dug into Cindy's shoulders, the same wine glass that was once in Hannah's hand floated around Cindy and stopped before her eyes.

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