tagMind ControlMagician's Assistant Ch. 04

Magician's Assistant Ch. 04


James arrived on time with Alice waiting patiently. Only a few days ago she had been worried what he might do to her next as each visit meant ever greater humiliations. He was demanding ever more outrageous sexual acts far beyond anything she had ever experienced.

When he told her casually to obey him with pleasure, she was committed to do just that. It was a casual remark for him but devastating to her. Being hypnotised so deeply for so long the suggestion would now be impossible to resist. So now she had the indignity of waiting upon him, for whatever awful act he intended, with pleasurable enthusiasm.

His guests arrived while she was in the kitchen readying the dishes of food. When she walked in they were seated around the card table making themselves comfortable in her lounge. All eyes swivelled upon her as though she had made a grand entrance. She had tried to enter unobtrusively and found the attention uncomfortable.

"Come and meet my friends, Alice." James told her.

Each one of them studied her like predatory animals. She had the little black dress on as ordered by James, without the extra's that made it into a French Maid's outfit. Nevertheless it was a tease. It was short and low cut. The hem flared out promising a show of stocking tops, perhaps suspenders too. Her breasts were pushed up into an ample cleavage.

"This is George." She nodded her head at a man who sat comfortably making himself at home. He was the eldest of the trio, about twenty-five and the most self assured. He smiled back at her, flipping a poker chip between his fingers. He had casually tossed an expensive suit jacket over the back a chair and sat nonchalantly studying her.

"Edward." James said. Edward sat on the edge of the chair shuffling cards seeming more eager to start the game and less interested in her cleavage than the others.

"Call me Eddy." He said, eyeing her up. He went back to shuffling the cards. He was a slight built man with pointy features. She took a dislike to him immediately.

"Last but not least, Victor."

"Victor by name, victorious by nature." The small fat man opined, waving his hand across the table in way of explanation. "Not lucky in love though." He added sourly. He was the youngest apart from James. He looked about twenty but his smooth fat face meant it was hard to tell.

"How come you have such a beautiful woman providing the food Jimmy?" George asked. The others nodded their heads still admiring her body rather than the food.

"Alice is looking after me until she's paid back the money she owes. By the way as soon as I get it I'll pay you back." James answered. He swallowed nervously not wanting to get into that subject. He had intended to show off his conquest to George hoping to be taken more seriously and have more time to pay up.

Alice was nervous, feeling very vulnerable with this group of strangers in her home. When she had agreed to have them here it was under orders from James but confronted with the reality of it, wished it had been possible to refuse.

He had prompted her more carefully than usual, telling her to act normally yet still obey him. He didn't intend to reveal she was hypnotised but show her off to these men, and that worried her.

She stood by James waiting to serve them. He slipped his hand up her skirt as a reminder she was his and as ordered she enjoyed the attention. The game went even handed. The drinks flowed and the conversation became more risqué.

"So Alice pays the interest with food and drinks. What else does she have to do?" George asked. The others chuckled at the innuendo.

"Well. Until she pays me back I own her. That's the arrangement." James bragged. "That's right, isn't it Alice." He added.

"Yes Sir." She said. It was just two little words said automatically yet so full of meaning she wished it could have been less evocative. As she said the words she felt her face colouring in embarrassment.

The men chuckled except George. He looked at her seriously. "So you have to do as you're told. You seem to be enjoying it though." He commented.

Alice wondered if he had noticed James touching her for he had become more careless with each drink. They teased him and made the inevitable remarks about having a beautiful woman as a servant. She felt so humiliated she dare not look at them while serving them.

"You're running out of chips Jimmy, and credit too. You sure you want to stay in the game?" George asked. The offhanded remark was said trying to make it sound as though it didn't matter to him one way or the other.

"I'm just starting a winning streak. I'm going to win back what I lost for sure. You've got to let me stay in the game." James pleaded.

"Well you had better put something real in the pot. No more IOU's. The lady here looks good collateral to me. What about you guys?" He asked, looking around the table.

His eyes rested on Alice and she would have shouted at him if she could. 'How dare you make such a loathsome suggestion?' She thought. In trepidation she waited on James to say something. The longer the silence stretched the more her fear mounted.

"Perhaps you were just shooting a line and she isn't as duty bound as you pretend. Perhaps she doesn't owe you anything at all. You owe me though." George chided him.

"She will do as she's told." James said.

He had been goaded and responded as predicted. George watched him write her name on a piece of paper. Then added the words: 'Until midnight.'

"Do you agree?" George asked her.

Before she could reply James told her. "You will do as you're told. Who ever has the piece of paper will tell you what to do. You will do as they tell you. Do you understand?" he demanded.

"Yes Sir. I will do as I'm told by whoever has the piece of paper." Her voice trembled but she managed to answer. Her emotions swung from anger to fear. Her knees wobbled almost giving way. So mortified, she felt as though she might fall in a feint. She brought herself under control by reasoning that nothing too bad could happen in just a couple of hours.

Victor won the pot and the piece of paper: such an insignificant thing yet it held such power. He beckoned her over and asked. "So, you'll do as I say now?"

"Yes sir." She said, trying to sound confident as though she had some free will left. That she might say 'No', if he went too far. In truth she wondered what too far meant after being hypnotised for so long and for so many heavy sessions. James had pushed her beyond her limits so often she felt totally helpless to resist anything.

With a laugh he patted her bottom. Unable to run away she stood beside him trying to remain calm. The cards were being dealt and thankfully he needed both hands. She hoped upon hope James would win that damn piece of paper back, and soon.

With the cards on the table he had a free hand and she felt it wander up her dress. Unable to protest she could only hope he behaved himself before his friends. A finger delved into her panties. She suppressed a shudder not wanting to react at all, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

A thick finger slithered across her lips and she winced on feeling how wet she had become. She had been told to be pleased at pleasuring James but not this stranger. It was daunting to find she had become excited.

"You're doing something right, Victor." George dryly commented. They had all noticed her reaction and guessed what he was up to.

'They must think I'm a kinky housewife getting her thrills with strangers.' She thought in disgust.

"Damn. You held the Ace. What a time to lose." Victor told his friend.

Edward leered at her as she moved to stand by him. He licked his lips nervously. "I need a drink. Put extra ice in mine." He told her.

"Trust you to think of alcohol." George chided him.

To prove a point he pushed his hand up her dress. She felt his bony fingers cup her sex. He gripped her there and squeezed. The humiliation was heaped upon her shoulders making them slump with its weight. All she could do was wish for midnight to arrive quickly before she came and made a complete disgrace of herself.

For the two hours to midnight the three strangers took turns in winning her body. James looked on in disgust at how obviously aroused she had become. He was angry, dismissing the fact it was his responsibility to protect her.

Midnight arrived and James snatched the note away from George. Alice walked around the table as best she could. The panties had been rolled to one side in a sodden mess. Her lips were swollen and sore from their manipulation of her poor pussy.

James winning streak hadn't materialised and he was in a huff.

The others had left except George who looked at the two of them. "So she owes you the money you owe me."

James nodded not wanting to get into a discussion over this debt. Not now, not tonight. He had too much to drink and was angry with the world for his bad luck.

"I'll take the piece of paper with me then. That will cancel your debt. She can pay me back direct." George said.

Alice looked at James with a look clearly pleading for him not to give into the man.

James tossed the piece of paper across the table. Alice watched George pick it up and casually slide it into his pocket. Her eyes were riveted upon that pocket so terribly afraid of what it symbolised.

"Just do as you're told." James stated clearly. The idea came to mind that he no longer owed George anything; his debt had been wiped off the slate. He relaxed knowing he was off the hook not caring about Alice. Not at that moment anyway. Perhaps tomorrow he could think it through more clearly.

James had meant for her to obey George but he hadn't been specific. It struck Alice immediately she had merely been ordered to do as she was told. This had all the makings of a living nightmare.


At least he had a nice apartment. She tried to be positive about the situation. There was little to commend it but she would try. If she broke down and cried he was sure to ask what the matter was. She would tell him she was hypnotised and under a deep seated influence to do anything he wanted. She would be in even greater danger then. At the moment he just thought she was a kinky housewife getting a kick out of being submissive.

"You're very quiet. You didn't even delay leaving that house to get some clothes. The perfect woman! I don't mind if you never repay the debt." He told her.

'That was the way out of this dreadful situation.' She thought. She would have to find some way to get away from him and send a cheque. She had plenty of money but how would she escape him?

There must be a way otherwise she might belong to him until he became fed up with her. If the same happened as with James she could end up being passed from stranger to stranger. The prospect of being a malleable slave for the rest of her life was so unbearable she dare not think of it.

She sat on the sofa watching him fix drinks for them. He was tall with a strong physique but he was definitely not her type. There again nor was James ordinarily. She hoped he didn't have some bizarre fetish that he would expect her to satisfy.

"It's late and I have an early start tomorrow. So to bed with you wench. You've nothing to wear so you're going to have to sleep with me naked. What do you say to that?" He asked.

'Damn. Why did everything they say come out as an order? He had just ordered me to sleep with him naked.' She thought. There was only one thing she could say. "Yes sir." Being taken to his bed was of course expected but now the moment had arrived she felt overwhelmed with shame.

Keeping her head low and hidden in her long hair only reinforced his opinion she wanted to be a submissive.

He shucked off his clothes and climbed into bed with just a sheet covering him. She had turned away too shy to look.

Alice was self-consciously removing the dress while he watched. In consternation she hesitated wondering which was more modest, removing the bra or panties first. She was undressing in a stranger's bedroom providing a private strip show. She wanted to scream and run but continued slowly, methodically obeying the command.

She slid a stocking down a shapely leg and thought he would applaud from his enthusiastic grunts. His breathing was certainly heavier. With her fingers tucked into the edge of her panties she hesitated. Not meaning to make a show of it; just so very nervous before this stranger.

'Damn it! They had all fingered her like naughty school-boys and he knew it. He was waiting for her knowing she was so very much available.' She thought with anger.

"Come on in, the bed is warm and I'm hot. No. Climb in at the end." He said, pointing to the end of the bed and lifting the sheet with a foot.

Slowly she climbed between his splayed legs knowing exactly what to do having perfected the technique with James. 'I'm a professional cock sucker.' She thought in disgust. 'How did I come to this after having such a quiet life? If my husband could see me now he would be furious after all those times I refused him.' She wondered, trying to delay the inevitable.

She kissed and sucked on his balls then gently manipulated them in one hand while licking the length of his penis. She spit saliva over its head and pouted her lips into a caress, flicking it with her tongue. In one swoop she sucked his cock into her mouth pushing down hard to take it fully into her throat. On the up stroke she was thankful his cock was the usual six inches and not some monster thing that would choke her.

She had learnt with James to swallow a penis and breathe in a steady rhythm. It was so infuriating that this stranger had the full benefit of her experience. He lay back stretched out letting her get on with the task thoroughly enjoying it. It meant nothing to her. Balancing her forehead on his belly she had its full length buried in her face.

Supported this way she felt between her legs. She was wetter than she had been all evening. The dreadful truth was she was very near to an orgasm. This causal abuse of her body was turning her on! She had blocked it out but now couldn't deny her own state of excitement. But then, who was abusing her body? He was just lying there. It was she who was using her face to fuck him.

He came in shuddering gasps racking his legs until they stiffened out straight. For a moment she thought he might be having a heart attack. She lifted the sheet to look up at him from under the tent. After some moments of doubt she watched him open his eyes.

Eventually he focused on her and smiled. "Wow! Shit! That was really something."

She opened her mouth as trained by James to show the stranger his sperm.

He looked at her in surprise. "Go ahead. Swallow it." He said.

She made a show of gulping it down as though he were the most virile of men and had spurted a bucket full into her mouth. Leaning over his shrunken penis she whimpered knowing it was not her night to cum. So close but so far she felt so frustrated it hurt.

Misinterpreting her sounds he told her. "Go on, suck on it, and enjoy it. When I wake up I want to see you still there with it in your mouth." He chuckled, satisfied with her work.

In dismay she settled herself between his legs and sucked his flaccid member into her mouth. Gently she teased its eye with the tip of her tongue but it was no good he began snoring. There would be no satisfaction for her tonight. 'How much more humiliating can it get.' She thought.

For the rest of the night she would have to suckle his cock like a dummy. It added insult to injury to be told to enjoy it. 'Damn! Why did he have to tell her to enjoy it?' Was this all he thought of her; a cock sucker, a convenient accessory to his cock?

Perhaps it would be better to resign herself to being a cock slave and avoid the anguish of reason. The hypnotic state she was in meant it might be possible to clear her mind of everything until she thought of nothing but pleasuring a penis.

Drifting off to sleep her thoughts revolved around the penis in her mouth. It was so enjoyable and relaxing sucking a cock. It was pleasant having no worries or stress with just one thing to do. It was enjoyable. She enjoyed it. She fell asleep with a hand between her legs while gently sucking him. A pleasant smile formed upon her face and she dropped into a deep sleep.

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