tagBDSMMaid for her Pleasure

Maid for her Pleasure


It took me all morning to thoroughly clean the house as Mistress desired. It sparkled as the bright sunshine beamed through the windows.

Mistress always preferred me to be properly attired when I do maid work. Mistress was generous enough to allow me to purchase a French maid outfit. The top part of the dress was a form fitting bodice laced up while the skirt portion was a short black skirt with crisp crinoline beneath. Underneath my outfit, I wore a strapless, lace bra with added padding to give me a rounder look on top. Below were tight, pink lace panties which contained my Mistress' unthinking toy she sometimes played with. Matching pink garters held up my white fishnet stockings. 4-inch heeled, pink strapped slip-ons showed my painted red toes. Around my neck as always was my leather collar.

I heard Mistress' car pull into the long, private driveway. I surveyed the room to make sure everything was as she desired, then rushed to greet her at the door with her favourite glass of Chardonnay. As I waited for her, I could feel myself starting to get hard with anticipation. It took all my concentration not to allow myself to get excited.

I opened the door and took her packages from her morning shopping as Mistress took the glass of wine from my tray. I quickly put the packages away.

I found Mistress sitting in her favourite lounger chair. "Gen. Come rub my feet."

I rushed and knelt before her. I carefully slipped of her left shoe and started to massage the sole and toes. Mistress had hiked up her skirt showing me her dark stocking tops and suspender clips to tease me knowing it will get me excited. As normal, she wore no panties. Slight moisture made her pussy lips slightly glisten.

Mistress placed her shoed right foot into my groin and stroked my growing hardness up and down. As I massaged her calf, Mistress put her stocking foot into my face. I accidently purred a moan of enjoyment. Immediately Mistress applied correction as she suddenly pressed her spiked heel into my testicles. I snapped to with a jolt.

"Enough for now, Gen." Mistress instructed my. "Is lunch ready?"

"Yes Mistress." I replied replacing her shoe. "Whenever Mistress would like to eat."

"Good. I'm hungry!" Mistress rose out of the chair and went to sit at the table as I rushed into the kitchen.

I prepared Mistress a poached salmon with dill hollandaise and a salad with a fruit-vinaigrette.

I stood by her side in case Mistress desired anything else. I kept the wine glass filled as Mistress ate.

Mistress finished eating and I cleared the table before returning to her side. As Mistress continued to enjoy her wine, she slipped her free hand under the crinoline and up the back of my leg, stroking my garter strap and playing with the clip. Mistress moved her hand between my legs and coddled my balls as I felt her thumb push between my cheeks and onto my back hole.

I was starting to enjoy the manipulation when Mistress suddenly removed her hand and commanded, "Come Gen. I need some relief."

Mistress walked into her bedroom. I followed behind. Standing in the middle, I waited.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Mistress asked.

I removed my maid outfit and was standing in front of Mistress only in my pink undergarments.

"Get the box!"

I retrieved the box which contained a number of different items Mistress used on me. I opened and offered the contents to her.

"Pull down your panties a bit and put this on."

I pushed them down as far as my suspender straps would allow and took the pink coloured cock-strap from Mistress' palm. It slipped on snuggly over my freshly shaved shaft.

Mistress didn't bother to undress. Instead she pulled up her skirt around her waist as I helped Mistress on with the harness.

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees." Mistress instructed. "Hmmmm. Which one today?"

I tried to turn to look. "Stay there." Mistress commanded. "I just bought a new one to try instead."

I heard the rustling of plastic bags. Then the movement of Mistress getting on the bed behind me. A cool viscous liquid dripped onto my crack. Mistress' massaged it around my hole then slowly but firmly pushed her finger into me. Mistress applied more liquid lube as she pumped it in and out.

"I think it feels ready." Mistress said as she extracted her digit. My empty hole pulsated, wanting to be filled.

I then felt a large, bulbous pressure against my anus. It wasn't one of the usual ones Mistress kept in her toy box which I knew intimately. This one was bigger.

My ass was prodded with slow pumping motion as Mistress pushed her hips forward into me. I tried to ease my entry hole, but I was all tense.

"Mistress, I think you're too big!" I begged which I immediately regretted saying.

"Smack!" The sound echoed in the room after Mistress slapped my ass hard.

"Yes Mistress. I am sorry!" I apologized and I could feel the heat on my cheek.

Then with a slightly more pressure, I felt the head pop through. I was able to relax a bit more as Mistress pushed the length into me. It had to be almost 7-inches long and thick.

Mistress started thrusting her hips with more energy, extracting most of the length before pushing it back in. The strap-on harness scratched my tender ass cheeks with each thrust.

Mistress reached around and started to pinch my nipples hard under my bra. I could not help but start to moan. My eyes closed as I concentrated on the pleasure I was receiving. My cock was a solid as it has ever been. I felt pre-cum leaking out of my piss hole.

"Please Mistress. May I cum?" I begged again.

"Smack!" Another reminder on my sore ass. "When I say!"

Mistress stopped her thrusts. I heard the unclipping of the harness. Mistress moved away leaving her toy still deep inside me.

"Turn over on your back!"

I laid on my back. My ass still filled with the large dildo. My cock was vibrating wanting to explode.

Mistress with her skirt still around her waist mounted me. She greased her slit with my pre-cum although it was unnecessary since I could feel and see her wetness. In one motion, Mistress sat on the full length of my cock. Mistress' eyes rolled as her head fell back. She started humping me harder and deeper. I could feel the head of my cock rub against her g-spot.

"Fuck Gen!" She moaned. "Your cock feels so..o..o.. good! Don't cum yet!"

Mistress reached under my bra again and pinched both nipples hard. "Okay, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! She screamed.

The cock-ring failed to do its job. Without warning, I started to ejaculate, shooting my wads of cream deep into my Mistress' pulsing cunt.

When Mistress recovered slightly, she realized what I had done.

"Did you come?" Mistress asked sternly. "Did you cum in my cunt you bitch? Tell Me!"

"Mistress, I could not help myself. I could no longer control it." I was scared. "Yes, I shot my cum inside Mistress' cunt."

With that Mistress pulled off my still rigid cock and straddled my face.

"Clean me out!" She commanded. "I still need to go out again!"

Liquid poured out, both mine and Mistress', I had no choice but to swallow.

Satisfied, Mistress stood up and adjusted her skirt. She reached for her leash and clipped it around the d-ring on my collar.

"Come on!" Mistress yanked on the strap.

Mistress grabbed her clutch and opened the front door. Mistress yanked again hard, I had no choice but to follow.

In front of the garage door, Mistress dropped the leash and got in her car. Without a word, Mistress started the motor and backed out of the driveway leaving me standing there, dressed in my bra, stockings and garters, my panties half pulled down my legs, a cock-ring still around my still hard cum-covered cock, and a fat dildo still up my ass. The wet cum started to dry and crust on my face.

I dared not move until Mistress' return.

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