Maid in China


The chauffeur opened the door for him and Phil climbed out of the limo into the humid air of the Chinese province of Guangdong. The villa was the same one he'd stayed in before and was rented for him by the owners of the local factory he'd come to inspect. He'd been to Guangzhou many times for such visits and his friends here knew him well, including his tastes in many matters.

Reaching the door he pulled out the electronic key and waived it at the plate until he heard the click of the locking mechanism releasing and the oak door swung open a fraction. Taking his bags from the driver, Phil stepped inside onto the fake-marble flooring of the villa's foyer. The place was expansive, with several rooms running off the main entranceway on both sides. Jumbo-sixed pot plants were a feature in most of the rooms, Phil recalled, and light, colourful watercolours in theatrical frames breathed life into the whitewashed walls. An indoor balcony ran around the inside of the property, the upper level accessed by a staircase off to the left. The doors just visible over the railings led to the chalet's three bedrooms, all of which were en suite. Built into the modest garden in the rear of the villa was a 20m pool that Phil had used more than once before; the heat in this part of the world could be quite oppressive. From the lobby, Phil could faintly hear the gentle purr of the AC-unit currently working to keep the temperature inside the villa within the comfortable range.

Dropping his bags at the foot of the stairs, Phil shrugged his jacket off and draped it over the staircase banister before strolling into the living room to look for the maid -- as his hosts and taken to calling the girls they sent for him -- that he knew would be waiting.

It was a different woman from last time but this one was just as striking. Her hair was dark and cut short just above the shoulders. She was slender by Western standards and Phil put her aged in the mid-twenties. Her cheekbones revealed a touch of Caucasian decent that blended nicely with her local heritage and gave her a lighter air. Her skin was perfectly tanned and Phil noted with satisfaction that her head was bowed with eyes cast down to avoid his gaze. Dressed in a highly revealing one-piece maid's uniform, the girl was knelt on the floor with knees apart and hands clasped behind her back which had the effect of thrusting out her pert, rounded breasts, the tops of which were already easily visible. She would have been instructed to wait in this position, Phil knew, but she wouldn't have been told anything yet about his rules. The hem of her black skirt fell only a few inches down her thigh, clearly revealing the black-laced panties she wore underneath, while the V-neck of the garment plunged between her breasts advertising her nakedness beneath the uniform. As Phil watched, her chest rose and fell faster, belying her nervousness. This wasn't something she was used too. Good. Phil liked them inexperienced with his brand of fun. In the wall above her head hung a handwritten sign:

"Dear Mr Phil, This worker was caught stealing goods from my factory two days ago. She is now yours to do as you see fit with for your stay with us. Please make good use of her. Yours, Tony Yu"

Smiling to himself, Phil lifted the chin of the knelt woman before him so that he was looking directly into her eyes as he spoke. "Stand up," he instructed, and the girl clambered to her feet. "You are mine for the next few days. You will do what I tell you without hesitation or you will be punished. Do you understand?" Before him, the girl nodded consent and Phil smacked her hard on her ass. "You will answer me verbally when I ask you a question," he admonished, as the woman gave a little wimper of shock. "Do you understand?"

"Yes." the girl replied in a halting voice.

"Have you ever been submissive to a dominant before?" Phil asked as he slowly walked around the trembling girl. He already knew the answer by her body language -- fear and uncertainty being portraying in equal measure -- but he wanted her to say it.

"No..I," she was interrupted again as Phil slapped her ass a second time, delighting in way her delicate flesh felt under his hand even through the token skirt she was wearing. "You will address me as Sir at all times," Phil told the quivering woman, making sure to look directly into her eyes to hammer home the message. Then suddenly, "Put your hands above your head," as the girl started rubbing her buttocks. Slowly she reached up and placed her hands on her head, tears of shame already starting to well up in her eyes. "That is twice already I've had to correct you," Phil said sternly. I am going to punish you now so that you learn what the price of disobedience will be. After that I will explain to you how you will serve me for the rest of my visit."

With that, Phil grabbed the girl by the scruff of her neck and marched her to the edge of the coffee table in the centre of the lounge. Releasing his grasp but staying behind the Asian, he ran his hands up her trembling thighs and under her skirt before tucking his fingers into the waistband of her panties, peeling them down her thighs slowly in order to increase the humiliation of being bared completely. Kneeling down to draw the panties all the way to the floor, he tapped her ankle to signal the girl to step out of them, which she demurely did. Running his hands back up her naked calves and thighs, Phil gently bit one of her buttocks as he stood and trailed his right hand round her front to her stomach, gratifying in feeling the muscles underneath tighten in protest at his touch. Opening the top button of her maid's blouse, he slid his hands inside and cupped both breasts completely with his hands, massaging the nipples to points. Once he judged them to be fully erect, he took both nipples between him thumb and forefingers and twisted them sharply so that the girl screamed out in pain and surprise. "Bend over and support your weight on the table," Phil demanded, stepping back and slapping her ass hard for emphasis. Hesitantly the woman lowered her arms from her hair and bent forward at the waist until her back was flat and her fingers gripped the table for support.

"Please.." she began, but Phil interrupted her immediately.

"I am going to give you six strokes with my belt" he told the girl bent double before him. "You will count each stoke and at the end you will thank me. If you slip up at any time we will start again. Is that clear?" he asked while taking the opportunity to lift her skirt, resting the hem on her lower back so that her ass was fully exposed.

"Yes, sir," she sobbed, her head bent and tears clearly in evidence as Phil widened her stance by kicking apart the insides of her ankles. Behind her, the girl could hear the man removing his belt and she braced herself for the first blow. With no frame of reference to compare this to, she had no idea what kind of pain to expect, but when the blow came it bit into her flesh like nothing she had imagined and the line of fire lifted her onto her toes and forced a strangled cry from her lips.

"Remember to count," Phil reminded his maid as her first scream subsided. Bent before him, the girl managed to pant out the first number before Phil lifted his arm and brought the belt down a second time onto her unprotected rump. Again the leather struck hard and Phil watched with pleasure as the ripples cascaded over the Asian girl's buttocks and thighs while the girl exhailed sharply with the sting before remembering to count the second time, her knuckles turning white as they gripped the table edge. The third time the belt landed, the maid buckled slightly at the knee and Phil had to slap her on the side of her thigh to encourage her to resume her position. Angry red lines were already appearing across her ass and her whole behind was shaking from the pain and the humiliation.

"Six," the girl sobbed eventually as the sting of the final stroke began to fade began instead to contribute to the painful throbbing of her behind. Letting go of the table with one hand she, reached to rub herself but Phil grabbed her wrist and set it back down on the glass.

"No," he told her firmly, and she forced herself to ignore the pain and stay bent as his hands grabbed her hips and started stroking her flanks. Barely concealed by her ridiculous uniform from the start, one of her breasts had escaped over the top of the outfit during her beating and hung below her. One of Phil's hands roamed under her to cup that one is his palm, squeezing it gently, while the other pulled down the top of her blouse revealing the second breast and taking that into his grasp also. Leaning forward slightly to improve his grip, Phil allowed his erection to push into the crack of her ass through his trousers, pulling back on the girl's breasts when she tried to move her body away from him.

"You forgot to thank me," Phil said plainly.

"What? I, no, thank you!" the girl burst suddenly, realising her error. She attempted again to stand but Phil pushed her back down by her neck so that her head was close to resting on surface of the table in front of her.

"I told you to thank me afterward," he stated again. "Clearly you need more teaching," and used his other hand to open the button of his trousers and free his erection from inside. "Hold onto the table and do not let go," he instructed. "If you do, you will regret it."

Slowly, he released her neck to test her reaction and was pleased when she made no move to break from her position. Running his hands over the small of her back and over her reddened backside he eventually held her hips and kicked her legs out a little further to expose her to him more fully. Holding her in place, he gently moved forward, guiding the head of his member into the soft folds of her sex, making sure it was lined perfectly before thrusting forward in one solid movement, burying himself completely inside of her and eliciting a loud cry from beneath him.

Forced forward over the table by the penetration, the girl had no choice but to push back onto him to try and regain her balance, shutting her eyes with humiliation as she heard Phil groan with pleasure. Holding her hips tightly, he developed a rhythm, his hips slapping into her ass with each thrust, completely mindless of the welts already appearing on her young flesh. Increasing his pace, he dropped his right hand to his side before starting to spank the girl on the side of her buttocks, timing the blows to wait until the meat of her bum was as available as possible to his palm. To the Asian, the pain was no longer so bad compared to the whipping she'd already sustained, but the shame of being treated in such fashion had her whimpering and caused her more distress than the rape.

Not dropping pace, Phil used his free hand to draw back the material of the girl's uniform, pulling it roughly away from her breasts and down her back until it bunched in a ring around her waist. Running his hands along her back and between her shoulders, he playfully ran his nails down her spine causing her to shiver in silent protest despite the treatment she was already receiving. Smiling to himself, he bent further forward, allowing some of his weight to transfer to the girl through his hips and gently intertwined his fingers with her hair. Without warning, he balled his hands to a fist and pulled back violently, jerking her head up but keeping her bent over the table, rocking forward with each of his thrusts and unforgiving slaps of the palm.

Crying out as her hair was drawn back, the girl was pushed forward again as his hips drove her forward and his hand delivered another stinging blow to her abused ass. She could feel the heat of her skin radiating from her behind like never before and the pain started to build again under this new position with her chin raised. Just as she thought she couldn't take any more, she felt the man begin to climax behind her. Holding her hips tight, he pulled her onto him while thrusting forward as hard as he could manage, spilling his seed deep inside of her.

As desperate grunts subsided, the maid felt his hand reappear on her neck, forcing her head down toward the table once more, as he ground himself into her making sure that he was tapped completely before withdrawing. As he did so, he spanked her once more on the ass and told her to stand.

Pulling herself away from the table he turned her to face him and raised his eyebrows at her in reminder. She demurred: "Thank you, Sir," she whispered.

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