Maid to Order, Made for More


I heard a noise, so I went to investigate. Gabby's room was empty, which confused me, but not enough to stop me. The source of the noise was coming from my bedroom. Troy must still be awake. I walked towards my room, my heels clicking on the floor as I reached my door.

The scent was the first thing I noticed. The room reeked of sex. As my eyes were able to comprehend the image I was seeing on the bed, I nearly collapsed.

"What the fuck!" I screeched. There on the bed was my husband, naked, with my maid bouncing on top of him. Her huge boobs bouncing, her skin covered in sweat. Her ass was a blur as she bounced. She was like a new woman. They didn't acknowledge my presence. They just kept fucking.

"What's going on?" I screamed out, frozen in place.

"What does it look like, bitch?" Gabriella said, her accent now gone, looking at me, her face covered in cum. "I'm moving in."

This caused both of them to burst out laughing.

"How long has this been going on? Why are you doing this?" I asked, tears in my eyes.

"Oh, just today." Gabriella said. Troy was silent, just going along for the ride. He was driving upward slightly as Gabriella fucked him. But at this point, Gabriella was controlling the action. Riding him hard, rocking his cock, until he couldn't fight the sensation. He just lied there and took it, letting her take full control.

"Troy! Say something!" I begged.

"Let us finish." he said coldly, continuing to drive into our maid. "Then we'll talk."

Confused, frozen, unable to wake up from this nightmare, I backed out of the room. I was in a daze as I sat at the dinner table, waiting for an explanation. I had to listen to the chorus of moans from my bedroom.

"Fuck! I love it! I love it!" Gabriella moaned. I was in a daze. I don't know why I just sat there, but I did. I rested my elbow on the table, until I realized I was resting in a puddle of what I now realized was Gabby's cunt juices. I don't know why it mattered, but I grabbed a napkin and wiped it up. I couldn't stop myself.

"It feels so good. I love your cunt!" Troy moaned, screaming as he came. Then, silence. The silence was deafening. Finally, I heard footsteps approaching. I was shocked to see Gabriella approaching, nude except for her stockings, carrying my favorite blouse. I watched as she took the blouse and wiped her face, cleaning it of his cum. She tossed it aside, as if it was a cheap rag. She sat across the table from me. Our eyes met, wife and mistress.

"Irene, you have no idea how long I have been waiting to do this." Gabriella said, her accent gone.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked. She smiled.

"I'm the slut who stole your man. He's mine now, you know. And you have no one to blame but yourself, you racist, elitist bitch." she responded.

"He loves me. He's my husband." I said.

"I think he still does, which makes this so much better. He loves you, for now, but his love for me is growing. And clearly, he prefers me in the bedroom. That's why I'll be taking over for you on a more permanent basis." Gabriella said.

"What?" I said, shaking my head.

"I have convinced your husband that you do not deserve these blessings. This good life. I do. I deserve it." Gabriella said proudly.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I said, not understanding her, eager for this to be all over.

"It's simple, bitch. I'm taking your place. In your bed. In your life. That ring on your finger. That will be mine soon. This house, this life... is mine now." Gabriella said with an attitude I had never seen from her. I was frozen, listening to this stupid maid taking over my life.

"But me and Troy have come up with an idea. You see, we don't want to just kick you out and leave you in poverty. None of us want that. We have something special planned for you." Gabriella said, smirking evilly.


(6 months later)

I must be a masochist. That must be the reason I put myself through this. That must be the reason I am the maid in my own house. It was torture. Absolute torture. To be outwitted, outsmarted, outfoxed by a stupid Mexican immigrant! It was insanity.

They said it was out of kindness that they made this offer. To let me live here, in the guestroom that Gabriella lived in, while they carried out their affair. But in truth, it was the worst form of torture.

This was my house! I lived here with my husband. But my dreams, my life, was usurped from me by Gabriella, my former maid. That fucking whore.

She was pure evil. She loved the fact that she stole my man. She rubbed it in my face. She marched around my house, showing off her hot little body, her big tits, her perfect ass. She had my man addicted. I was confronted by my nightmare, my man fucking another woman, in front of me, with no shame. And I had to clean up after them.

The worst part was the things she said. Gabriella was filthy. She was evil. She taunted me with her words, screaming out how much better she was, how much hotter she was, how much Troy liked her more than me. The nastiest thing she said was her intentions to have babies. Lots of babies with my soul mate. She told me she couldn't wait. Gabriella demanded that I would be there to help them out. I would help her with her Lamaze classes. I would be her birthing coach. I would be there when their children were born. And part of my responsibilities as maid would be to be their nanny, taking care of the child, late-night diaper changes, late night bottle feedings, day care when they were gone. I dreaded the day when her belly would be swollen with children, her face glowing in joy, her belly full of my man's children.

But I couldn't just leave. I had to again wonder why did I put myself through this? But it was simple: I had no choice.

They offered to let me live here. In exchange, Gabriella offered to let me keep going out, working on the board, keeping up appearances like I still belonged in high-society. Gabriella didn't care about any of that stuff, but someone had to do it. So it was on me. I couldn't just leave. All the money's was Troy's, and if I left, I would have no money, no home, no place to go. My parents were poorer than I am, and I had pushed them out of my life. This arrangement gave me food, shelter, and it allowed me to at least act like I was still a member of high-society, even if it was a lie. But in return, I had to cook and clean for my husband and his whore. Gabriella laughed at me as I agreed, saying I deserved this for looking down at her, treating her like shit. That maybe if I wasn't so elitist, this wouldn't have happened.

I had to watch them being intimate. I had to watch them in the pool, pawing at each other, her in her slutty thong bikini, my husband obviously smitten. I had to listen to their marathon fuck sessions. I had to watch as my husband doubled his wealth with some big business deal. I had to watch my husband swing a deal so he could work from home, doing for her what he never would do for me. He treated me coldly, laughing at my predicament, as if it was a hilarious joke. I had to wonder what Gabriella did to my husband. But he was not my husband anymore.

The only trump card I could have played was to get Gabriella deported. But as soon as my divorce was final, she had a ring on her finger. She was Troy's bride now.

The worst part of this whole deal was cleaning up for them after they had sex. I would have to help Gabriella clean the cum off of her.

"Bitch! Get in here!" she would scream, laying on her back in a sweaty heap on the bed, next to my ex-husband. I knew the routine. I walked into the bedroom. Troy never bothered acknowledging me. I carried a cool rag to the bed and wiped it across Gabriella's sweaty skin, cooling her, pleasuring her. Her nipples would get hard, as if this power she had over me turned her on. I was a tool in this bitch's sex life, whether I like it or not. I had to bath this bitch, wiping down her perfect form. She would splash soap onto me uncaringly, soaking the bulky, unflattering maid outfit she made me wear.

Gabriella would yell and scream at me, and I had to just fucking take it. She bossed me around, told me what to do, planned out my day. She lorded her position over me.

She love to make my job harder. She would make me clean off the sweat and smudges off the glass table after her and Troy had sex on top of it. She made me sit under the table as Troy pounded his cock into her. I had to watch her sweaty body pressed into the glass. I had to watch the smudges and sweat from her ass and tits fall to the glass. I had to watch her hot body pressed roughly into the glass, looking unbelievably sexy.

Gabriella would walk around the house, soaked with cum, dripping off of her onto the carpets, or the sheets. And cum stains are really hard to get out! But I never had that problem, because there were never cum stains on my sheets. Except for the times they would fuck in my bed and make me sleep there on the soaked sheets. I couldn't ever hope to land a guy like Troy again. At this point, I couldn't land a guy period. No one would rescue me like Troy had. So I was stuck in a house listening to my husband experience bliss-like pleasure, while I was miserable and frustrated.

I felt like I was losing my mind. I was cleaning all the time, because I could not get this house clean. It was never clean enough.

I had to cook their meals (Gabriella's recipes, of course). I had to clean, dust, vacuum, iron. I fucking hated cleaning. It was the seventh circle of hell for me. The cleaning spray smelled toxic to me. I can't say how many times I was on my hands and knees cleaning as their moans echoed throughout the house.

And this was my life. My nightmare. They played pranks on me, and I just had to take it. I had no choice.

I had to watch this bitch I hated live the life I always wanted. The life I loved. I watched her cling to Troy, so in love they were. I watched them holding hands in public. I watched him take her on his business trips, not wanting to be away from her. I watched her parade herself in the circles I used to occupy, people in the know knowing what had happened to me. They knew what happened, and they laughed at me. They liked Gabriella far more than she liked me. She fit right in to high society.

Gabriella was more than happy to spend money like crazy. She had already bought two new sports cars, tons of new clothes that showed off her body, and a new house close-by for her parents. She was far more free-wheeling with cash than I ever was.

Gabriella had one other requirement for our deal. Our arrangement. If anyone ever asked me about getting a maid, I would give Gabriella a glowing recommendation, and offer one of her friends as a prospective maid. Gabriella said she has a lot of cousins who were single and looking for a good man. It made me wonder if I was not the first one to fall for this trap. It made me wonder if Agnes, the woman who recommended Gabriella, was in the same situation as I was.

The time came where I had to follow through on this promise. One of Gabriella's sister's had come to visit. She was an older, trashier version of Gabriella. Trashy, but infuriatingly gorgeous, with infuriatingly big boobs. I had to be a nanny to this bitch's kid while I helped her get work. I had to recommended her to one of my closest friends. I had to say this bitch I didn't know would be a great maid. I had to send one of my best friend's into the inevitable hell I was currently in. Cause her hubby was just as hot as Troy, and I knew Gabriella's older sister was just as nasty as Gabriella was.

I paused to think when I was out at one of these benefits I used to love. I looked around at all the wives there. They always joked that their hubby's always tried to avoid these gatherings. I had to wonder if all these women had been beaten like I had. I wondered if all their hubbies were banging their maid's like mine was. I wondered if all of us had been rendered inferior and redundant by these stupid immigrant sluts!

Had we all made the same mistake? Had we all been outsmarted and replaced by these Mexican whores? Were all our husband's fucking hot Latina girls while we wasted our time hob-nobbing? It felt like I was one of many victims of some sinister plot, as were all these women I associated with. Me and all my friends were apparently the losers when it came to locking down men, falling victim to these apparently more desirable, sexy, Latina sluts.

So this was my life. Troy and Gabriella now extremely wealthy, leaving me behind, making me clean up for them, making their lives better. Listening to the man of my dreams fucking a slut and forcing me to clean up after them. I hated cleaning, but that's all I now did. Part of me hoped that some part of Troy would come to his senses and realize what he had done to me. But he had changed. Gabriella had changed him. He was selfish. Arrogant. A sex-crazed asshole. He was not the man I married any more. In a way, in a twisted sense, he had met his match. An evil, sex-crazed bitch.

As much as I hated to admit it, Troy and Gabriella were a perfect match.

(Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait. Thanks again for your patience and the awesome feedback. The wait for the next one shouldn't be too long, and trust me, it'll be worth it.)

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by Anonymous02/24/18

Hey, I would MUCH rather say fuck my cunt than fuck my vagina

Troy sucks, Gabriela is sadistic and Irene is motherfuckin UNBELIEVABLE. Zero stars. I hated this story soooo much. I didn't even masturbate, THAT is how much I hated it. Troy deserves his Dick cut offmore...

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by Harmonys_angel02/10/18

Loved it!!

Wife never saw it coming as a girl reading this its fun to imagen being the maid!!

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