tagRomanceMaiden Voyage: The Next Day

Maiden Voyage: The Next Day

byD A Stone©

Woman: I awake the next morning. At first not sure where I am, I stretch and look over to see him sleeping next to me. He looks so peaceful, and I reach out and brush a lock of his hair into place, and remember the passion we shared the night before.

I slip out of bed and pick up the shirt I was wearing last night. I step into the bathroom, take a quick shower, and wash my hair. I put it up in a ponytail, slip on a robe, and quietly open the door. A quick glance at the bed reveals that he is still sleeping.

I tip toe out of the room and go searching for the kitchen. I want to surprise him with my culinary skills and bring him breakfast in bed. I find the kitchen and to my surprise it is well stocked. I pull out some eggs, bacon, green peppers, and onion to make my famous egg bake. Preparing the dish and putting it in the oven, I start a pot of coffee, and have a deliciously wicked thought about how to spend the half an hour before the dish is done.

I walk back into the bedroom and see that he is sleeping on his back and notice that he is hard. I wonder if perhaps he is dreaming of the previous night. I set the timer on my watch for 30 minutes, take off the robe, and slide in next to him. I run my hands up and down his legs, watching his face. Reaching for his erection, I take it in my hands, and start to stroke it. Working my thumbs around the head with a gentle firm pressure, he stirs just a bit. I lean down and let my lips slide over him. I hear him sigh as I begin to slowly move him in and out of my mouth. My hands caress his balls and I feel his hand on my head, stroking my hair.

Man: I am awakened from a beautiful dream by the feel of hands on me and sleepily stir a bit. I then realize that it is not a dream, but the remembrance of the ecstasy that I shared with my angel the night before and that it is her hands on me. I feel exquisite pleasure as I realize that she is there beside me and the sensations as she strokes me are pure heaven. Looking down at her, I gently touch her hair, and think that I must be the luckiest man alive.

Woman: Watching him watching me, I wink and continue to devour him hungrily, feeling him grow. He moans softly and reaches for me, but I push his hands away. Feeling his pleasure and knowing I am the cause makes me wet. Knowing we don't have much time, I won't allow myself to be pleasured, but only to give pleasure. My tongue works the tip of him, and I feel his body tense up. My mouth loves every inch of him.

I stop my assault and looking up at him, I ask, "Would you like to cum in my mouth?"

Man: I look down at her hungrily and she gives me a mischievous wink. The feeling of her mouth on me is driving me insane and I reach for her to give her back a measure of the intense delight I feel as she moves her mouth up and down on me, but she pushes me back. I feel my orgasm rapidly approaching, my body tense, my heart racing, and my breathing labored. I hear her ask if I would like to cum in her mouth, and am only able to nod in answer, the sensation of her mouth and hands on me incredibly intense.

Woman: My mouth curving in an evil grin, I turn my attention back to him, working him fast. Feeling very wicked, I stop and look at him, teasing him a bit. He moans, looking at me in agony. I give a throaty giggle and return to him, working him fast. Pulling him in and out of my mouth, his body spasms. I feel him release with a loud moan, shooting his warm cum into my mouth. I swallow all of it and when his body relaxes, I turn and move up to him.

I give him a kiss and looking into his beautiful eyes say, "Good Morning".

Man: I begin to hyperventilate slightly, feeling a head rush as I approach the point of no return when she suddenly stops. I look at her longingly, wondering what agony she has in store for me, when I hear her wickedly evil giggle and she starts again. The pleasure is so intense that I growl deep in my chest, moaning out my pleasure and cum, throbbing in release. I am panting heavily as she swallows and moves up next to me. Her warm kiss is delightful as she tells me good morning. "I'll good morning you, you vixen," I say as I roll her onto her back, pin her down, and tickle her as revenge for her teasing.

Woman: I start laughing and squirming as he tickles me, when I hear the timer go off. He is very strong and I can't break free of his hold. Laughing so hard I can hardly breath, I try to get him to stop.

I finally manage to gasp out, "Please...stop...I need to go."

Man: Hearing the timer on her watch wondering what she has up her sleeve, I relent as I hear her gasp out between bouts of laughter, asking me to stop.

"What is the timer for," I ask?

Woman: "Breakfast, dear, if you will let me up off of the bed," I reply.

Man: "Great," I say, "I'm famished. Why don't I clean up and clear the table while you go fetch the vittles, wench?"

As I jump out of bed, I reach over and playfully smack her on the butt and run towards the bathroom before she can retaliate.

Woman: Feeling the sting of his hand, I turn my head and say, "Just who told you to get out of bed? I'm not done with you yet."

He stops in his tracks and looks at me with a raised eyebrow and walks back to the bed. I'm now standing, ready to run and block the door if I have to. Laughing I tell him to get back into bed. He looks at me, his eyes full of surprise, but gets back into bed and sits up.

Man: I am almost to the bathroom door when I hear her commanding voice telling me to stop. Momentarily stunned by the tone of her voice, I turn and look at her quizzically.

"Oh, really?" I respond, wondering what she means by 'not done with me yet'.

I walk back over to the bed and hearing her laughter, I slide back into the bed at her request and adjust the pillows so that I am sitting up.

Woman: "Stay put," I admonish him "I'll be back in a minute."

I leave the room, running to get to the oven. I pull out the dish, set it on the counter, and prepare the rest of the breakfast, placing it on a tray retrieved from one of the cabinets. I then pick up the tray and return to the bedroom.

As he sees me walk in, he smiles. I walk over to his side and pull the legs down on the serving tray, setting it in front of him.

"My way of thanking you for all of the wonderful surprises you've given me on this trip," I say.

Moving to the side of the bed, I crawl up and sit cross-legged next to him, waiting for him to take the first bite.

Man: Seeing that she is waiting for me to take a bite, I reach for a fork and taste a bit of the egg dish. It is delicious and a moan of delight escapes my lips, causing her to smile.

"This is wonderful dear. I had no idea you were such a good cook."

Ravenous, I take another bite and say, "Please join me, dear, so that I don't feel like a total pig here."

Woman: His 'mmmmm' as he takes a bite delights me and I relax when he asks me to join him. I am rather hungry myself and dig in. Sitting there with him feels so natural; I am at peace as we eat.

"I really hate having to leave. This has been so wonderful."

He smiles at me with a playful look in his eyes.

Man: I have to grin and say to her, "Well, the trip isn't over yet...and won't be for at least three days."

I look at her expectantly, waiting for her response to this bombshell.

Woman: I can't believe what I've just heard.

"Three more days?" I say, a frown crossing my face.

The only thing I have to wear is the black dress I came in.

Tilting my head to the left, I say, "Ummm, you might have warned me. I don't have any other clothes."

In a sarcastic tone, part of me wanting the answer to be yes, I say, "Unless it was your plan to keep me naked for those three days?"

Man: I wolf down the remainder of the delicious breakfast and move the tray aside.

"Au contraire, ma chere", I say as I pull on my boxers and cross the room.

From a closet, I retrieve a handful of bags and boxes. I bring them back to the bed and open them, laying out a selection of beach wraps, swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts that I have purchased. They are in what I hope is close to her size.

Woman: I'm astonished that he took the time to pick out clothes for me. I pull out a bathing suit and glance at the size. He has hit it dead on the mark. Smiling at him, I wonder how this can get any better. I run my hands through all the clothes in shock.

I reach out and take him in his arms. Looking up at your smiling eyes, I lower his head and kiss him with all of the desire that I have been holding back. He pulls me off the bed and holds me in his arms, kissing me. Man: I sense her desire for me in her kiss and her hug tells me that she is happy with the clothes I bought for her. I kiss her back with equal passion, holding her close to me.

Pulling back a bit, I say, "I need to take a shower, dear."

Woman: My head is spinning from his kiss, my arms still around him, and I have a wicked idea.

Looking at him with desire in my eyes, I say, "Let me start the shower for you."

Man: As she looks at me and offers to start the shower for me, I realize that it is likely to be more than just the water that gets turned on.

Woman: Pulling free of him, I lead him to the bathroom. I step into the shower and start the water, pulling him in after me. As the water rains down on us, I begin bathing him, washing his hair and sensuously caressing his head. My hands move to his neck kneading the muscles in a slow massage to relax him. I begin rinsing the soap from his hair and take up a cloth to wash his back and sexy butt. I press my body against his as I reach around and wash his chest, stomach and thighs. Moving to wash his arms and torso, I turn him around and caress away the soap. He is now facing me and I can see that he is aroused again. I reach down and taking his cock in my hands, I begin to gently wash it. Finishing up, I wash his legs and feet, my touch communicating just how much I want him.

Man: Allowing her to lead me to the shower, I step in after her and she begins to wash me. My body tingles with delight as she pampers me, washing me slowly, sensually and by the time she reaches down to wash between my legs, I have a raging hard on for her. I feel like a king and unable to resist the urge to kiss her any longer, I squeeze her in a passionate embrace and with her help, thrust my hard cock into her and we make love there against the shower wall.

Woman: He reaches to embrace me, my heart races, and I am overcome with desire. Kisses and caresses rain down on me like the water from the showerhead and I feel like a wild animal in the throes of passion. His touch, our bodies pressed together, the coolness of the shower walls, all of these sensations combining erotically making me want more of him. Hands about his neck and legs around his waist, I match his energetic thrusts. Moaning in delight as my orgasm builds; I lose all thoughts except for the desire for us to cum together in an explosive release of joy.

Man: Moving with her in rhythm, I am a little surprised at the wild abandon with which she responds. Her quickening breath, her arched back and the trembling of her body communicates her need and I move forcefully, thrusting hard and deep. Panting with exertion as I get close to cumming, I tighten my embrace and I soon feel her body tensing and trembling.

I whisper to her huskily, "Cum for me dear."

Woman: Feeling the warmth of his breath on my neck and hearing him ask me to cum, I let my orgasm carry me away, screaming out "Yes, yes, NOW".

Back arching, legs tightening, my head thrown back, I feel my orgasm wash over me.

Man: Her pussy tightening on my cock as her body tenses and she cries out, I explode, growling deep in my chest, my second release of the morning. I hold her tightly to me; her large firm breasts pressed against my chest as our shared orgasms rock us.

Leaning heavily against the wall of the shower following our shared orgasm, I whisper to her, "You are going to be the death of me."

I am exhausted, but the euphoria I feel is exquisite. I kiss her gently as I stand to rinse under the warm water.

Woman: Spent from the intensity of our lovemaking, I watch him rinsing himself. He turns to see me slipping down the wall slowly and pulls me to him and rinses me as well. The water pouring over me breathes some life back into me and I gaze up at him and smile. With a tender kiss, he steps from the shower, pulling me after him and starts to towel me dry. Still rocked by the after effects of our passion, I reach out to steady myself against the door of the shower.

Man: Seeing her as weak as a kitten, I dry her off, holding her close to me, loving the warmth and softness of her skin. Kneeling down in front of her, I hug her waist and worship at the feet of my goddess. Kissing her gently on the stomach, I am tempted to start again by licking her pussy. Instead, I wrap her up tightly in the towel and sweep her into my arms, carrying her back into the bedroom. Her arms are draped around my neck as I carry her and I set her down on the love seat. I move to clear a space for her on the bed and transfer her from the love seat to that space.

"Rest a bit dear, while I clean up and then we can plan the afternoon."

Lightly kissing her on the forehead, I stand and start clearing away the dishes and the other things on the bed. Seeing her there sleepily watching me, I smile at her. Never have I known such warmth from another person. I carry the dishes to the galley, where I wash and put them away.

Making my way back to the cabin, I put away her clothes and see her watching me as I move about the room. It suddenly dawns on me that I am stark naked and I blush, although why being naked in front of her after the events of the morning should invoke such a response is beyond me. I slip into a robe and gather the rest of the debris from last night and take it away to the galley.

Woman: It is my turn to feel pampered as he lays me down on the bed and cleans up a bit. I watch him for a while and then doze off as my exhaustion overtakes me.

A little while later, I hear a sound, open my eyes, and smile as I see him blushing. He puts on a robe and leaves the room. Getting up, I feel a little sore from the activities of the morning. Moving to the dresser, I dress in a pair of white jean shorts and a light blue tee shirt. Crossing to the bathroom, I enter and notice in the mirror how flushed I am. No one has ever made me feel the way he has. After touching up my hair and make-up, I set out in search of where he has gone.

Man: I am just finishing up the dishes and drying my hands as she enters the galley. I pull her to me in a warm embrace and see that she has put on some of he clothes I bought for her. She looks very cute in her shorts and tee shirt and I give her a pat of the bottom as I hold her in my arms, rocking slowly side to side.

Woman: "Mmmm," I say as I lay my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes, and enjoying this tender moment.

Softly I say, "I never expected this, but I couldn't be happier than I am at this very moment".

I look up to see him looking down at me smiling. Then feeling myself returning to normal, I say, "What are we going to do now?"

Man: "Dear, it looks like we're where we are supposed to be, but I need to check the instruments on the bridge to make sure," I say. "If we are, then I thought that we could go ashore and enjoy the beach and a swim and then have dinner on shore this evening."

Woman: "That sounds wonderful. I'll need to go put on a bathing suit before we leave. Do you want me to help you prepare dinner before that?"

Man: Looking at her, I reply, "I was planning to grill some fish and have some salad for dinner, dear. If you like, you could load the picnic basket with the dishes and utensils that we'll need and put the vegetables for the salad into the cooler while I check the bridge."

Woman: I reach up and give you a quick kiss on the cheek and a playful squeeze on the butt.

"Sounds good," I say, turning and starting to gather the dinner things.

I double check to make sure I have everything we need then go to the bedroom to pick out one of the bikinis he purchased for me. I laugh to myself thinking, 'This IS what a man would pick out.' There wasn't much to it...a few strings and small pieces of material. Shaking my head and laughing, I put the suit back, opting not to bring one. I return to the galley and pick up the picnic basket then make my way to the bridge.

Man: As she begins gathering things, I run down and throw on a pair of board shorts and a tank top before going to the bridge. Checking the autopilot program, I see that it has run to completion and that we are a few miles south of the U.S. border, anchored off the coast of Mexico. Looking towards shore and seeing the rolling dunes typical of the barrier islands along the Gulf Coast, I set about programming the next part of our journey.

I hear her coming and look up. Crossing to her, I take the picnic basket from her and we head together to the bow of the boat, where the inflatable skiff is stored. Setting the basket down and opening the locker I remove the inflatable skiff, dropping it over the side as I activate the inflation device, holding securely to the rope so it won't drift away. I tie the raft off and taking the small outboard motor from the locker, I climb over the side using a small ladder and climb into the boat and attach the motor to the back of the raft. I then climb back up the side of the yacht.

"Would you hand me the picnic basket, dear?"

Woman: Biting my lip nervously as I realize that I am going to have to climb down into the tiny skiff, I hear him ask me for the picnic basket and hand it to him.

Man: Taking the basket from her, and placing it in the skiff, I notice that she seems a bit nervous. Sensing that she might be afraid of climbing down to it, I climb back up the ladder and I take her in my arms as I say, "Don't be nervous dear. I'll go down the ladder ahead of you so that I can catch you if you start to slip."

Woman: Feeling comforted in his arms, I reach up and kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you so much. I'm afraid of heights and didn't realize until now that I'd have to climb down a ladder. I know it's silly, but I can't help it."

Man: Caressing her tenderly, I say, "I'll keep you safe and it's only a few feet dear. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise."

Rummaging in the locker again, I retrieve the portable grill and screen tent we will want on the beach. Using a length of rope, I lower the items into the skiff and then climb down after them and arrange them so that we have room to sit. The moving up the ladder, I motion to her that it is time to come down the ladder with me.

"Just keep looking at the ladder and I'll be below you to keep you safe," I say as I guide her to the ladder and start down.

Woman: Taking a deep breath and turning around, I take that hardest step, the first one. I follow his advice and look straight ahead as I move down and as I feel his hands on my hips and sliding up my sides, I relax and before I know it, I am in the skiff and in his arms.

Man: Soothing her in my embrace, I whisper to her, "Relax here dear, while I get a few more things."

Helping her to sit down, I go back up one more time. I run to the kitchen, realizing that I have forgotten the main course for dinner. Quickly packing an insulating bag with ice and the fish for dinner, I then head to the bedroom and pack a bag with towels, hair brush and comb, and a few other secrets for later and bringing the bags with me, I return to the skiff and her.

Climbing swiftly down the ladder, I start the outboard and start guiding the boat to shore. The tide is moving in and there is a slight chop to the water. I go slowly so that I don't dump my precious cargo into the surf and we finally reach water shallow enough for me to stand in. I jump over the side of the raft, lift the outboard out of the water and start pulling the raft the final few yards to the beach.

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