tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMail Clerk with Oral Duties

Mail Clerk with Oral Duties


My first day on the new job, and I was pleased as punch. I never thought I would be working at a hospital, nor with so many good looking women around.

The Human Resource Lady took me around to introduce me to the Head Nurses in the various departments that I would be delivering mail to, and whatever else needed to be delivered.

Everyone was very nice, and explained what procedures I was to follow.

At the Doctors offices The Nurse in charge told me to be sure to knock on the office door of any doctor I was delivering to before entering in case they were seeing a patient.

After getting a tour to familiarize myself where each department was, I reported to the mail room to get my cart loaded and start delivering.

When I got back to the Doctors office area the Head Nurse welcomed me again and asked me about myself. I told her that I had recently moved into town and was renting a room not far from the hospital. Not having gone to college I worked various jobs, but this was going to be my favorite. I really was glad to have it and needed it as I did not want to work at a fast food chain for minimum wage.

She said that She was sure I would do well, and would Love working there.

The next day I was making my rounds and stopped to deliver some mail into one of the Doctors offices. I knocked but no one answered so I opened the door and went in.

I was taken aback upon seeing one of the nurses standing by the desk in just her underwear, high heels and Hose held up by Garters. I stammered that I was sorry and started to leave, but She angrily said that I was supposed to knock before entering and She was going to see to it that I was fired. I immediately started pleading with her not to say anything, and that I would never do it again.

She said it was too late, I had seen her undressed, and I saw her looking at my crotch. I couldn't help it but I was getting an erection seeing her standing there in her Bikini underpants and Bra. She said that it did not look like I was sorry. I pleaded that I would do anything to keep my job.

She then said Hmm! Anything? I immediately said Yes!

She told me to come over to where she was standing and get on my knees. I did as she suggested, and My erection got bigger and harder. She then told me to take it out so she could see it. I did as she instructed, and then she put one leg up on a chair next to the desk and told me to come closer.

With one hand she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her pussy, and with other pulled her pants aside and told me to start kissing and licking. I thought this not so bad and was enjoying myself when I heard the door open and the Head Nurse asking "what in the world was going on". The nurse told me to keep on licking and I saw a flash go off, and realized that a picture was taken with me on my knees sucking pussy. Then I was told to grab my Prick and start playing with it. The flash went off again, and now a picture was taken with me masturbating while sucking the nurses pussy.

I had to keep sucking as they talked about what to do. It was decided that I would have to become their Pussy Slave at work and service them whenever they wanted to or they would have me fired. They asked me if I understood, and as I had no alternative I agreed.

I was thinking that, how often at work would there be time for me to do as they were suggesting. Little did I know what they had in mind.

The Head Nurse Sat on the couch in the office and told me to crawl over in front of her. She lifted her skirt put a towel under her seat and proceeded to take off her underpants before she sat back down. She pulled my face in between her thighs and told me to get busy as this was going to be an integral part of my job from now on. I sucked and licked as she instructed ,until she came.

They told me to be back into another office which I was told was empty by 12:00. I told them that was my lunch hour, and they laughed and said I would be eating them for my lunch. If I did not show up they would take the photos to Human Resource and have me fired.

I told them I would do as they wanted, only not to have me fired.

I reported to the office on time and they were both waiting for me. They were sitting at a table, and told me to get under it. I did and then they took turns pulling my face into their pussies and suck them off until they came. By then my lunch hour was over and I had to wash up before I went back to delivering mail.

A couple of hours later I was told to report to the Head Nurse before I took my afternoon break. When I got there she told me to come with her. She took me back into the empty office and sat on the couch and I had to lick and suck her until he came.

She told me to come back at the end of the day as the other nurse wanted to see me before I went home.

When I returned, she led me into the empty office, sat down, and told me to go to work pleasing her. She told me to take my time, and had me stop several times to delay her Orgasm. She finally came, and told me to have a good night, and rest my tongue as she loved to start her day being sucked off.

They kept me busy all week, and asked me what plans I had for the weekend? I told them that not knowing anyone in town, that I had no plans. They said that now I did, and gave me their address saying that I should be there by 7:30 that night. They also said not to be late or I would regret it.

Not knowing what else to do I went to the address as instructed, and rang the bell. When the door opened I could see that she just had a robe on. I thought it strange until I got inside and saw the other nurse with two other women and all of them had on just robes.

After the door was closed they all took their robes off and I could see that they wore nothing but underpants. I immediately started to get hard, and they all started to laugh. They went to a long couch that had towels on the seat

and sat down next to each other. They told me to come over and get on my knees in front of them. I was told that my weekend would be spent pleasing each of them as often as they wanted for the entire weekend.

I hesitated, but as soon as the Head Nurse saw my reticence, she flashed several photos that had been taken during the week sucking them off and playing with myself. I was getting so horny during the suck sessions that I actually masturbated until I came, and they had a picture of that also.

I got on my knees and proceeded to suck each of them off while they watched television and talked. One of the women I was not sucking would get up from time to time and get refreshments for everyone.

Each one gave me specific instructions on how to suck them off, and I was told to be sure to remember. They each smelled and tasted different, and a couple of them had me lick their cracks. It took a couple of hours for them all to come. and they discussed sleeping arrangements.

I was to sleep under the covers with two of them one night and the other two the next night. Sunday I would be allowed to leave and rest up for the work week.

In bed with the first two I had to lie on my stomach with my face in between their legs and suck each of them off until they came again. After they both came I was told to go to sleep down there, so I would be there in the morning when they woke up and wanted to be sucked off again.

I did fall asleep and did not get up until I could not breathe. My face was being held so tightly into one of their pussies I was smothering. I immediately started licking, and the hands on the back of my head relaxed and I could get air through my nose. I licked and sucked as though my life depended on it, and I remembered how she liked it by her smell and taste. She came real good, and I was pulled over to the other one. I licked and sucked her until she came.

The covers were pulled back as they both got out of bed, and the other two got in.

I had to start licking and sucking immediately, and one tasted different. I realized that she must have pissed and did not wipe herself, but left it for me to do with my tongue. It did not take too long for her to come, and then it was over I was pulled to the other.

I sucked and licked her as she liked, but to delay her orgasm she had me lick her anus. Then it was back to her pussy for a while, then she would push be lower and told me to see how far I could push my tongue up her ass hole. After about a half hour she finally came.

They took me into the shower and commenced to wash me and themselves. I was told to get on my knees and they took turns putting one leg over my shoulder while tipping my head back so they could piss in my face and mouth. This really amused them, and said that I really was a good pussy slave.

We all went into the kitchen where they seated themselves and instructed me to get under the table. I was told I would be eating their pussies in addition to bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Two of them made breakfast and I had to keep my face in between the thighs of one of the two still sitting at the table waiting for breakfast to be served. I was told that I would get my breakfast after I had sucked them all off again as they did not want eggs on or in their pussies.

After they all came they put my food in a bowl, and told me to eat on my knees .

After I ate they told me I could have a drink now, and one of them proceeded to put a funnel in my mouth. I almost gagged as it went in, and then proceeded to piss into it. It went in so far that I had no choice but to swallow it all. This also amused them, and they agreed that they would all have to try it.

I could not help thinking that this was just Saturday, and they were not going to let me leave until Sunday afternoon. I spent the rest of the day on my knees in the Living room pleasing them all as they watched television or read.

During the meals I was back under the table with my face in between their thighs. They each did take turns pissing into the funnel forced into my mouth. I did not know what to do. They took pictures of everything they had me do. Sucking their pussies, licking their cracks, pissing into the funnel in my mouth, and assuring me that the pictures would be shown around with their faces blacked out, unless I did exactly as I was told.

That night I slept under the covers of the other two, and had to please them both before they went to sleep. One of them passed gas right in my nose as I was pushed down in between their behinds. I heard them giggle at this, and the other one did the same thing. They told me not to squirm as it disturbed them, and to take it like a man. This made them both laugh also.

Sunday started just like Saturday. I had to suck and lick both of the women that slept with me, and then the other two got into bed for their turn to be sucked off.

They all had breakfast with me under the table of course, and my face pressed into one or the other of their pussies. I had to suck each of them off once again before they let me go that afternoon. They each pissed into my mouth once more before it was over and then they told me I could leave.

When I got to work on Monday, my first chore was to suck each of the Nurses off in the empty office, but a new twist was coming. That will be for the next chapter. Week Two of the mail clerk with oral duties.

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