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Mailbox Delights


It has been days since we'd had any contact at all, even cyber. I arrive at your apartment, bottle of Pinot Noir in hand, just as you find time to sit at your computer and log in to read your email. "Here we are, finally together and you want to tinker on your computer," I bemoan. I think I know what you are thinking, wanting, but I can't resist playing the jilted lover.

"Oh honey, I haven't checked my email in days and my box may be full," you say with a sultry glare. "I never know what sweet surprises I might find in my box."

"Go ahead," I suggest, knowing that one of your newest messages would be a porn story I wrote based on our last apartment rendezvous. I enjoyed reliving the moment with writing and you enjoy reliving through reading.

As I pour a glass of wine for each of us, you squeal with delight. I know you have seen the message that I wrote. "Ooh, I do have a message!" you coo, "A message from the man who always sends the sexiest messages."

"Make room for me; I want to see," I say. You are sitting on the edge of the chair, so I lift my leg over the back of the chair and slide behind you into the back half of the seat. "Mmm, baby." I snuggle in then reach around you, offering your glass of wine. Your head tilts back and I smell your hair. You take a slow sip of wine as you click on the message. I can see your face reflected in the computer monitor, your eyes intent on the screen.

You begin reading aloud the story I wrote about our last meeting. How you had come home to your apartment to find me naked on your couch with a hard cock watching porn on your computer. I had discovered your stash of stripper vids. You love them for the way a woman brazenly or mysteriously reveals her body for to the world and gets to indulge in fantastic sexy fashions at the same time.

You stepped in front of the computer and began providing the entertainment. Slowly you removed your blouse, tracing your fingers down the swell of your breasts, button by button, revealing skin and shadows, and then lace and satin. Dropping the blouse off your shoulders, stepping closer, you leaned over toward me offering your satin clad breasts. "Isn't this better than a computer screen, baby?" you chided me. I told you how exciting it is to watch you undress. You told me how hot you are getting watching my hand on my cock as I watched you.

"Mmmm, I see what you mean," I chuckle, "this stuff is hot."

Your breathing is getting heavy and you read more slowly. My lips explore the downy nape of your neck and up into your hair. My breath there makes you lean against me and presses my hardening cock between us. As you read my hands wander down your back, down your thighs. You unbutton your blouse, then take my hands from your thighs and lifts them to each of your breasts. Slowly my hands rove and stroke and make your nipples hard.

You read on... Now stripped naked you dance closer and ask for the oil I had lubed my cock with. Offering your cupped hands, I pour in a small amount. You brought your hands together, rubbing them till both were gloved with oil, and then you slowly wrapped your fingers around my twitching cock. You rubbed the oil up the length and down and then over the head, working a rhythm and talking to me, telling me how it was making your cunt so hot you couldn't wait to fuck me. I moaned, my body tightening, till I gasped out. "I'm going to cum." Grinning, you snuggled your breasts up between my legs and increased your hand action, moving faster till a jet of cum spurted, landing on your neck, then another, and then one onto your chest. Final spasms shot drops to each breast and you rubbed those all around your nipples.

At this point we are getting quite hot ourselves. Your voice growing more sultry by the sentence. My cock swelling against your back. My hands find their way into your panties, my fingertips rub your clit and lips. You are hot there. My fingers are quickly moist. Pressing further my fingers enter you, exploring inside, along the walls of your vagina. I move them in and out, first one, then two while my thumb rubs outside. My left hand moves back to your breast and with a soft tug in my fingers, a twist of your nipple and you cum with a loud gasp. Wow. Getting your breath back, you sign out of your Hotmail, turn and kiss me.

"Oh that felt good," you gush.

"Let me check my mail," I say, "Maybe I have a sexy message."

"Sure." you reply with an impish grin. "But first take off your pants and let's swap places."

Not one to refuse an imp, I do as you suggest and then settle my hands on your keyboard. Your hands settle on my back where they begin a gentle massage as your lips kiss my shoulders and neck.

"Hey, I do have a new message!" I exclaim, "from the alluring "C". Her messages always make me hard."

"Looks like that is not an issue at the moment," you say reaching your right hand around my waist and down to find my firm prick, "but let's read anyway and see what happens."

I begin reading a message that imagines me arriving to find you sitting on your kitchen counter, completely nude but for red leather heels, working a vibrator in and out of your pussy, eyes closed in pleasure. What a vision! I watch you from across the room.

When you see my smile and you beckon me. I immediately go to you and run my hands along your legs. Your hand on the vibrator pushes against my cock as you slowly work your pussy. My mouth goes to the bud of your hardened nipple, sucking it in, my lips pulling it, my hot breath on it. My cock is rapidly swelling. You remove the vibrator and place it on my lips. I suck it in and savor your taste. I take it from your hand and rub it between your legs while kissing you deeply and sharing your juices, then I slide it back inside you and move it in and out and around slowly while you rapidly finger your clit. You come once, twice and then, panting, beg me to fuck you.

"Ahggh," I gurgle as I try to maintain my composure while reading, but the virtual heat of your email and the very real heat of your hand stroking my cock and your lips and breath dancing on my neck are too much. My cock begins to jerk and I shoot cum up and all over your hand and my thighs, followed by another. Your hand slows but continues sliding up and down my cock, now slick with cum. Another short spurt signals the end of my orgasm and I lay back into your arms my head falling next to yours against your shoulder.

"You best sign out now and let me clean you up," you say.

"Yes, please, that would be sweet of you, C."

I see you reflected in the computer monitor as you clean my thighs with a towel. Smiling warmly, you say, "Doesn't it feel good to have read your email, baby?"

All I can do is smile.

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