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Make Me Squirt Daddy


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Compared to most, I happen to have been a relatively young woman when I first experienced a squirting orgasm. Luckily, it happened to be at the hands of my very experienced massage therapist.

He had very strong hands, gave amazing, therapeutic massages and our first few sessions were perfectly legitimate. It was not until our third or fourth session when I first felt him "accidentally" brush up against me. Twenty minutes in and after kneading my sore ass checks for a while, he leaned across the table to massage my upper back. A wave of nervous energy shot through my body when I felt his semi-erect cock press up against my arm. I had initially had a feeling he was getting aroused as he was working on my tight ass but I had absolutely no idea how much nor how much I was in for.

When I first felt him press up against me, I thought he had summoned a third arm to help massage me. It was massive! I could feel my young, innocent pussy tingle and become moist at the thought of what he was (barely) hiding beneath his white massage pants. I nervously responded to his advances by opening up my hand,exposing my palm...and spreading my legs just a bit wider to allow him better access. It wasn't long before his subtle advances became overt, and he began leaning his entire erect penis into my open palm - or at least the part of it that would fit! He did this without saying a word. My heart was racing as he tested the boundaries of what I would let him get away with and my pussy dripped thinking about being fucked by this Adonis of a man, his perfect hands and how they would have their way with me.

As the moistness increased between my legs, I remember complimenting him; I told him how good he felt. As he pressed against my knots, I knew my deep moans of pain turned him on and I didn't hold back a bit as I felt his cock pulse against my hand every time I moaned. Soon enough he started pressing the boundaries and he ultimately asked me if I liked the way everything felt or if I needed it harder. Knowing he was talking about his pulsing cock in my hand and not my massage, I placed one of my fingers between my pussy lips, and drew out a trail of my juices. I reached up and stuck my sopping wet finger in his mouth to reassure him that yes, I was sure. At that point, he knew that I was down for whatever he was going to bring me.

He began by slowly fingering my dripping hot box and almost got me off with his fingers in the first minute he had them in me - he was a pro. I moaned uncontrollably - the build up from the massage had me so incredibly turned on. When he finally did strip down I almost wished that I had changed my mind. I gasped and said "are you kidding me? I can't handle that?!?"

This cock was was bigger than anything that I had ever seen, and to this day remains the standard by which I judge all cocks. Not only was it over 11 inches long, but I couldn't even fit my hand around it because of its girth. I took a moment to collect my breath as I lay on the table; I studied it.

He continued to finger me and soon I released control to him and let him mount me. Oh. My. Fucking. God. I have never felt so painfully pleasured in my entire life. I thought he was going to break my tiny frame in half. Oddly enough I would have let him - I probably would have let him to anything to me at that point.

His cock filled me up like I had never been filled before, and soon I spewed a massive amount of my juices all over his delicious cock while he took me from behind. I was taken aback. My pussy overflowed with sweet juices over and over. Ultimately there was a puddle on the massage table that quickly embarrassed me and yet also intrigued me. I heard about squirting but never believed it until that day.

I was nervous about what he would think...but he quickly reassured me that everything was fine. It was clear to me that this wasn't the first time that he had made a woman squirt. He told me this was natural, and that was all I needed to hear in order to let go. I squirted countless times the first time we were together and I soaked the sheet on the massage table through and through.

Once I got over the initial embarrassment of it all, I began to embrace it. I started to love our episodes where he would punish my tight little pussy with his enormous cock. He loved to get nasty with me and explore just how flexible I could be as he twist my tight frame to make my pussy swallow his massive cock. I always loved to lick my own juices from my fingers when I masturbated, but in one of our favorite sexsescapades he took me from behind, made me gush all over the pretty satin sheets we were fucking on and actually shoved my face down into the sheets, covered in my love juice, so I could lick my juices. I taste so sweet - and there was something so erotic about being forced to lick the sheets where I had cum while he drove his dick deep inside me.

Despite our passion and amazing escapades, life took us in different directions. Sadly, since then I hadn't been with another guy that made me squirt...until I met Daddy. Daddy (as I call him during our lovemaking sessions) is my current lover. And no, he's not as big as my massage therapist. That would be an unfair standard by which to judge most normal men. And don't get me wrong - he's got an amazing cock. I love every single gorgeous inch of it!

As much as Daddy satisfies me, I realized a while ago that not many men would ever be able to get my body to respond the way that my massage therapist's massive cock once did. Or would one?

Whatever Daddy might lack in comparison to my massage therapist, he certainly makes up for in pure, unadulterated filthy passion. Together, we are explosive. His curious mind, freaky nature and obsession with fucking me have taken me to places I never thought possible. And I fucking love it...

Daddy is not threatened by toys and quite enjoys buying new gifts for me. When he bought me a giant purple dildo one day; I knew I was in for some fun. Little did I know that it would be the key to rediscovering my squirting self.

One night, after a particularly erotic visit to a strip club, we went home and began to make love. I was so worked up after several lap dances from a beautiful stripper with luscious tits that I probably would have cum in a strong wind. I was already begging for a hard fucking when Daddy suddenly pulled out the big purple dildo.

He stood by the side of the bed while I lay on my back. He leaned in to kiss me and I grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock. My other hand helped him guide the "purple monster" into my dripping wet pussy and it wasn't long before I took his cock from my hand and guided him to my mouth. I love to swallow his cock with a dildo in my pussy.

He increased the rhythm of the dildo in and out of my cunt and before I knew it he was pumping away furiously. I could feel something different building inside of me but I couldn't quite tell what it was until, lo and behold, I squirted all over him. In true fashion, I don't mean a little, I mean I gushed. I exploded! I left a wet spot on his sheets that covered a quarter of the bed. Maybe it was the "pre-game" at the strip club; maybe it was his cock in my mouth and the nasty fantasies that ran through my head about taking two men at the same time; or maybe it was that massive dildo pounding away at my cervix. I don't know. All I know is that I soaked his fucking sheets.

At first he was taken aback. That was the first time I had ever done such a thing. Luckily it didn't take long for him to warm up to this new found skill he had reawakened in me. And I was thrilled.

Since then, we have explored all kinds of ways and positions in which he can make me squirt. Sometimes he does it with his fingers, sometimes with his cock if we hit the right position, but most of the time it's when he lays my delicate frame on the bed, stands over me with his stiff cock in my mouth and hammers at my wet pussy with that giant dildo. I never fails to get me to squirt all over the sheets...and sometimes he makes me lick it off to remind me of how this all started.

That is what you're about to hear now. It was a good 15-20 minutes of teasing before Daddy pulled out the Purple Monster and started caressing my nipples with his tongue. Before long I lost control and after soaking the sheets, I begged him to pull out that dildo and fuck me hard.

I hope you enjoy this audio as much as I loved telling you the story behind it. It never ceases to get me wet...

Happy listening.


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Such a lovely voice for her lucky daddy...

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