Making a New Fan


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!


As he pulled up in his car, he looked over the expensive house and well kept gardens, getting out into the lovely sunshine before slamming his car door, locking it as he felt the warm day surround him. He'd been sent over as an errand, passed onto him by his friend, a friend of someone else that couldn't do it. Well so they said, it was probably sheer laziness that stopped them from bringing this parcel, whatever it was. It was wrapped and none of his business, so he simply meandered up the driveway towards the front door, looking over the sun drenched grounds. He'd been told he'd be giving this parcel to Jessica Alba, but he didn't believe it. Though he knew the people involved were linked to show business, he figured they were just having a laugh. Looking around, it was quite evident that this was the house of someone pretty successful, and his hopes were raised just a little that maybe they were telling the truth. He reached the door and pressed the doorbell, glancing around at the nearby houses, which were equally lavish. After a minute or so, he heard some footsteps, then the click of the latch and the door opened.

"Hi there," Jessica Alba said in a slightly questioning tone, looking at him a little curiously, evidently wondering who he was. He couldn't speak for a moment, eyeing every inch of the bronzed beauty. Wearing sunglasses, she had a white bikini top holding up her ample breasts, strings running over her slim body and a matching bikini bottom, tightly hugging her underneath a see-through white sarong. He quickly realised he needed to speak, and snapped out of his daze.

"Umm Hi, I got sent over her to give you this," he said, holding up the package as his eyes took in her body. He was glad he had dark glasses on as he admired her lovely tanned legs, so smooth and shapely. She'd evidently been sunbathing given her attire.

"Oh right yeah my friend said he'd get someone to bring that over. Come in," she said with a nonchalant wave of her hand, turning to walk back into the house. He almost groaned when he saw her skimpy bikini bottom was a thong backed one, the strip of white fabric leaving her full, rounded ass on full display under the thin veil of material that made up her sarong. He quickly hopped up the steps into her home and shut the door as she laid her sunglasses down on the counter and turning back to him with a friendly smile on her full pout as he placed her parcel down.

"Nice house," he said politely, still unable to stop eyeing her, loving how her full breasts were contained by the top, offering a lovely view. He wasn't a huge fan of her, but she was certainly a hottie.

"Thanks," she said, taking the package and putting it aside.

"Hey, could I trouble you for a..." he said, returning her smile.
"Autograph?" she said, seeing his evident pleasure to meet her and assuming he'd want her signature to prove he'd done so.

"Well no actually. Was just after a glass of water if you wouldn't mind? It's a hot day and all," he said, not holding her gaze despite his shades.

"Um...sure, why don't you want an autograph then?" she said as she poured him a water.

"Well uh...I think you're hot and all, but I'm not really a fan," he said, hoping she didn't take it the wrong way and throw the glass of water over him.

"Oh you're not huh," she said with a slightly playful smile, "and why is that?" she almost purred, passing him the glass of water and then leaning back on the counter, arching her back and pushing her chest out, her full breasts pushed out for his eyes to completely devour. She slowly slid her right leg up her left, bending it and raising it as much as her light sarong would allow as she eyed him sexily. He managed to keep enough concentration to drink down his glass of water, which was even more needed now as his mind raced for a way to handle her. He could feel his cock swelling in his jeans as she pushed her rack out for him, unable not to let his imagination run through them all.

"Well I dunno, just never really loved any of your work," her stuttered as she wiggled her body a little, stretching with a smirk.

"I dunno, you must like me a little bit," she said with a giggle and a little point to his the bulge at his crotch, completely obvious to her where she leaned against the worktop. He blushed, turning away slightly.

"Well it's your fault for being a tease, and showing off...those," he said with a rival point of his finger.

"You calling me a slut?" she said, leaning off the counter and turning to face him, acting offended but with a slight spark to her that suggested otherwise.

"No, if you were you'd have dropped that sarong by now," he said with a smirk, pulling his shades off as he took the plunge and went for it, wanting to know how far she'd go. He could see her nipples pushing out against her white bikini top now and the look on her face, suggesting she was getting a little turned on. In fact she was feeling really horny now, and was just toying with whether she should fuck him or not. He was evidently good for it, and might prove a little bit of a challenge to her at least. A few milliseconds later she'd made her decision, dropping her thin sarong to the tiled floor of her kitchen, watching his eyes widen before she turned away to show off her tight ass and little white thong. Arching her back, she pushed her arse out and softly wiggled from side to side, his eyes following every time movement of her full, firm rear as she shook it for him, glancing back to see him shift a little. She turned back to him with a spin and a cheesy smile that made them both laugh.

"So whatcha think? Am I really that bad?" she purred as she sashayed forwards towards him, giving a slightly innocent look.

"Well, uh I never said..." he started, but was abruptly cut off as she grabbed his hardon through his jeans firmly with her slender hand.

"I wanna meet my fan," she whispered to him, before softly pressing her lips to his and kissing him, her tongue just lightly probing at his. His hands slid up her smooth back slightly as she got both her hands to his crotch, working the belt, button and zipper with ease to release his trousers. She broke away and sunk down to her knees, running her hands down and drawing his jeans down with her to reveal his tented shorts. Licking her full lips lustily, she took hold of them and swiftly pulled them down to free his erection, his thick 8" cock springing up and almost catching her in the face. She couldn't stifle a little gasp, her eyes locking onto his tool as it bounced in front of her. Quickly releasing his underwear, she wrapped her hand round his hard cock, making him jump slightly before she started to stroke him.

"You're a pretty big fan after all then," she said, looking up with a little wink and a sexy smile.

"Thanks," he mumbled with a smile as she jerked steadily up and down his length before letting him go and reaching behind herself.
"Since you're such a big fan, I think you deserve a little something. And since you were looking at these..." she said, smiling up at him with a flick of her eyebrows. He just stared intently as she undid her bikini top, untying the knot and quickly pulling it off over her head, her luscious breasts bouncing free in front of him. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out from her firm, tanned breasts as she knelt up, pushing them together round his cock, the warm, soft skin enveloping him delightfully before she started to bob up and down. Feeling her nipples brushing stiffly against him, he groaned as she pressed her full breasts around him and slid them up and down his 8", moving all the way to the top to envelop his bulbous head before pushing down and planting a kiss on the tip of his cock. He grunted and his hips bucked slightly between her tits, making her giggle a little and pout up at him as she continued to work, picking up her pace a bit.

"See, they're for more than staring at," she said with a sly smile, licking her upper lip teasingly as she moved up and down on her knees, feeling his shaft pressed tightly between her large boobs. She started to shift side to side a little, grazing her nipples against him and sending little shivers of pleasure through herself, giving a little shudder and feeling her clit give a reminding throb as her little bikini bottom became a little wet. They fell into a rhythm, just working perfectly with each other without any words spoken, the sexy brunette rising up and down as he softly thrust up between her magnificent breasts, her soft skin stroking and stimulating his tool beautifully.

"God that's great," he mumbled, looking down to watch her as she just flicked and kissed at the tip of his cock as it slipped up over her tanned skin. They built up the pace more, Jessica now simply jiggling her tits round him as he thrust quite hard between them, already feeling himself heading for climax. Suddenly she let her breasts drop and pulled back from him, making him lurch forwards slightly as he went to push up against her chest before he looked down confusedly. She grabbed his cock round the base, eyeing it lustily, every contour and curve, squeezing to feel his incredibly hard he was, and it was all for her.

"God this thing must be angry," she said huskily, breathing hotly all over his cock, making him tingle in anticipation as she just brushed her full lips over him, barely making contact.

"All those times it's seen me pouting on TV," she murmured, running his tip more positively around her lips before giving it the slightest caress of her tongue.

"Bet it'd just love to take out its frustration between these lips," she breathed, her hot breath spreading down over his balls as he lips again bumped him and he could no longer stop his hands from taking control. In another almost synchronised moment, she opened wide and slid her hot mouth over him as he took hold of her head, his fingers pressing into her hair as she pushed her tongue up over the underside of his head and onto his shaft. He gave a groan as she started to suck, closing her eyes and sliding her mouth slowly up and down him, her tongue just tickling and teasing at him in random places, giving a good strong swirl round his head as she pulled back. She seemed completely comfortable with him holding her head, knelt on her kitchen floor in just a thong bikini bottom sucking on his hardon and showing off some skills. Taking just over half his thick 8" cock into her velvet smooth mouth, she rocked back and forth a little on her knees as she bobbed her head to blow him.

"Oh man," he breathed, leaning his head back and closing his eyes as she rubbed him into the hollow of her cheek with a hum, sending a lovely vibration through his cock that intensified as she slid him back onto her tongue and to the back of her throat. Taking a little more, she took almost 6" of him and just touched the back of her throat, the head of his manhood now receiving more attention as she sucked him. He gripped her head a little more firmly, starting to rock his hips in time with her bobs on his crotch, just helping to push his organ into her willing mouth. She picked up her pace drastically, putting all she had into it now, throwing any last caution to the wind as she started to drive her mouth down on him. Drooling all over him, she pushed him all the way down into her throat so only an inch or so remained before yanking back out to the tip, bobbing her head hard and slurping like a slut, simply going for it.

"Goddamn!" he gasped, feeling his hips buck harder involuntarily, pushing himself into her hot mouth, eliciting a mumble from her, incoherent round her delicious mouthful. His fingers pushed into her hair, hands gripping her head strongly as she energetically gave him a blowjob, acting more like a porn star than a respectable actress. Unable to refrain, her started to pump into her mouth, meeting her as she came down onto him, his cock pushing all the way into her throat so her nose pressed against his groin. She gagged slightly, taking a couple of strokes to control herself before continuing as she had been, now being helped by his thrusting. His balls hit her chin on every thrust as he vigorously pumped into her mouth. Jessica Alba didn't seem the least bit concerned by his rather degrading use of her mouth, simply sucking and working her tongue as much as she could do on him as his cock drove in and out of her full pout.

"Oh god!" he groaned, unable to take any more. With a loud, undignified slurp he yanked his cock out of her mouth and grabbed hold of it, jerking it fiercely. She took a loud gasp of breath as she opened her watering eyes and looked up at him, seeing exactly what he had in mind. Squeezing her eyes shut again just in time, he came loudly with a groan, pumping his fist on his cock as he unloaded over her pretty face. She breathed heavily, her beautiful breasts heaving as he shot his come over her face, the hot, thick load landing across her nose, lips and cheeks, with a spurt even making it into her hair. He couldn't resist pushing his luck just a little more, pressing his cock against her face and slowly, almost taunting rubbing the head over her lips and cheek through the slick come now covering them.

"I'll never understand guys fascination with coming on a girls face," she breathily moaned, her tongue just flicking up to clean some of his load from her lips.

"God I bet you wish you had a camera," she purred with a smile, standing up and opening her eyes. She grabbed a towel and wiped her face thoroughly, cleaning off his messy cumshot before flashing him a smile.

"Come with me," she said, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the door. In just her little white thong bikini bottoms and him with his trousers down, near hardon fully exposed, she pulled him out the door and round the front of the house. Looking around and keeping low, she hurried to the garage, pulling him behind her as he tried not to trip over, hoping nobody saw them. The curvy beauty pulled the doors open, flipping the lights as she pulled him inside and slammed the door. He blinked in the dimmer light compared to the bright sunshine outside, looking around the spacious garage. Her SUV was parked over towards one wall, and the other side was space and a weight bench, weights still on and around it. She walked wavily over to it, turning back to him and then sitting down with a sultry smile.

"My ex left this here," she said idly, giving a slight wave to indicate the weight bench she reclined on.

"Maybe he thought he was gonna come back or something," he replied, not really sure what else he could say in this situation.
"Right, well you gotta get me going now," she purred, lying back along the weight bench and spreading her smooth legs slightly. It was obvious to anybody what she was asking of him, and totally fair given what she'd just done for him. He kicked off his trousers and shorts, yanking off his shoes and shirt to go with them as he approached, stepping up and sinking to his knees before her. Her hot, swollen pussy lay under just a thin covering of white material, the dampness already obvious. Reaching up, he hooked her waistband and pulled her little bikini bottoms down, sliding the thong from her rounded ass and down her thighs. He pulled it down to her ankles, not bothering to get it off her feet as he spread her legs with his hands, Jessica spreading them whilst keeping her ankles together since, despite how hot she felt, she liked this bikini and didn't want to rip it.
"Yeah come on," she mumbled as he leaned down, breathing in the sweet scent of her bald pussy, freshly shaven and already puffy and in need. Her juices glistened along her slit as he leaned in and planted a kiss on her pussy, his tongue just pushing in a little to caress her clit. She gave a moan, her hips pushing up slightly as he gave soft, wet kisses all up her entrance, his own lips teasing hers as she was getting to the brink of begging him to eat her, having been horny for a good while now. She didn't need to beg though, as he got on with it, dipping his tongue into her pussy, just wiggling a little before pulling back and causing her to gasp slightly. Seeing she'd enjoyed just a taste of that, he started to rapidly dip the tip of his tongue in and out of her slit, moving from the bottom of her swollen lips up towards her clit as she gasped and moaned, her thighs twitching and feet shuffling a little as he did.

"Yeah that's more like it," she breathed, laying her head back on the padding and closing her eyes as he started to properly eat her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. He pushed his tongue fully between her vulva and over her throbbing clit, making her give a deep grunt and buck her hips slightly as he assaulted her hard nub, the rough surface of his tongue making her shiver as it pushed and rolled over it. A little squeal escaped her throat as his swirled the tip of his tongue round it rapidly before sensually pulling the smooth, slick underside of his tongue back over it and off, her breath leaving in a deep sigh of pleasure. Her hands automatically found their way to his head, ruffling his hair as he forced his tongue as deep as he possibly could into her juicy snatch. She gripped his head quite tightly with a moan as he started to move his tongue, wiggling and rippling it along her soft walls, which conjured up the most delightful sensations in her.

"God yeah, work that tongue!" she gasped, arching her back off the bench as he withdrew, pulling out to tickle and stroke at her soft inner lips with the tip of his tongue. A mix of growls and groans escaped her throat as he worked his way up, teasing and flicking at her clit hood before giving another stiff massage of her clit. He dove in and attached his lips, sucking strongly at her hardened point as his tongue dabbed at the tip, making her writhe underneath him with whimpers of pleasure. He raised a hand to her hot pussy, just teasing at her entrance before easily sinking two digits into her velvet haven. She squeezed at them as he slid them in, grunting and moaning as he now worked his tongue and fingers in unison.

"Oh god, stop!" she gasped, pushing his head away. He leaned up, looking a bit confused as he licked her juices from his lips.

"What?" he asked, raising his eyebrows in genuine bemusement.
"You've got me horny as hell, you gotta fuck me," she said, breathing heavily as she sat up with a naughty smile. He gave a smile in return as he stood up, his cock completely rock hard again and ready for her. She quickly flicked her thong off, pulled her legs back and stood from the bench, hopping over it to the front of her car.

"Come get me," she taunted cheekily, before stepping daintily on the bumper and climbing onto the large bonnet of the SUV, arching her back on all fours and making his breath catch in his throat as her peachy rear was presented to him, pussy just peeking between her thighs. He immediately followed, hardon bouncing as he almost jumped past the weight bench, reaching the front of the large four wheel drive as she rolled over onto her back, sexily waving the come-on to him. He pulled himself up onto the vehicle, suspension jiggling a little with the movement, which caused Jessica Alba's luscious breasts to follow suit. He slid onto the bonnet on his knees as she pulled herself back against the windscreen, leaning back with a gasp as the cold glass pressed against her naked back. She gave a little shiver as she pulled her knees up slightly, spreading her sexy legs and licking her lips as she awaited him.

"Ever done it on a bonnet before?" he said with a slight laugh.

"More than once," she said with a wink, sitting up again and kissing him hard. As their tongues danced, she rolled him down onto the bonnet, and slid on top of him, sliding her smooth inner thigh over his upper leg, her bronze skin glistening slightly. Pushing him back against the screen, she broke their kiss and settled herself over him properly on her knees, straddling his thighs. She grabbed his cock aggressively, making him shudder slightly as she jerked him hard a couple of times before moving forwards and lifting herself up, pressing him at her entrance. Leaning down to kiss him again, she let her weight drop and sunk his full length into her, his 8" cock stretching her out and filling her completely.

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