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Making Baby


We were at, or getting close to our wits end. Trying to start a family for five years had really made it difficult to enjoy a normal sex life.

We had tried everything. Diet, changing style of underwear, IVF, the lot, but we came down to one thing and that was that my sperm count was lower than a snakes goolies. So AI by donor was the next and it seemed the only option. We were referred to a clinic and sat down with a consultant, he explained the process in stainless steel clarity of detail and then just as we were about to sign he gave us the list of disclaimers. It was just beyond belief. Basically we could not be sure that we were not going to end up with a mixed race baby.

Please don't get us wrong, we are not racists, but since we were not planning to tell anyone that I cannot father a child, having a coloured baby was not an option and the clinic would not give us any confidence on the issue. In fact the disclaimer basically said "if we screw up then it's your problem." They just seemed interested in taking their fat fee and covering themselves with legal garbage. We felt we could not trust them at all.

We left the clinic very depressed. On the way home we stopped at a nearby pub for a drink. Trying to make light of the situation I jokingly suggested that Wendy seduce the barman. "Well at least we can see him and know roughly what the baby will look like." she responded, moodily.

As she spoke, she looked up as if inspiration had just hit her. She jumped up and grabbed my hand. "Come on, we have to talk and we can't do that here." and with that she dragged me out of the pub.

We got home and Wendy flew around the kitchen like a tornado, getting dinner. She put two bottles of wine on the table and we sat down.

"OK, what is this about?" I asked.

"What kind of baby do we want if it can't be yours?" she grilled me.

"Good looking, fairly clever and one that no-one will realise is not mine." I said after a bit of thought. "And" I added, "from a donor that will never trouble us in the future."

"Good point, so where will we find someone that is clever, handsome and without any sense of responsibility?"

"Oh god I don't know, the only people that I can think of that are like that are all in univer............sity." I stopped as I realised where Wendy was going in this plan. "You mean that we could find a biological father from the local uni?"

"Yes, thats it! Don't you see......? They are perfect. All bright healthy virile young men, the baby would inherit some clever genes and what is the best part is that once we have what we want we need never see them again, in fact they wont know where or who we are!"

"I really doubt that part about the lack of any interest." I said sceptically.

"Look" she reasoned, "What kind of women are out there? Think it through."

"I don't know what you are driving at." I stammered

"Well I think there are probably four kinds - One are the virgins. Men might like a virgin as they know that no-one else has been there, OK?" I nodded.

"Two -- there are unattached females. Men are interested because they are faithful OK?" I nodded again.

"Three -- there are promiscuous women, sluts if you like. Men will fuck them but run a mile afterwards. The less clever men tend to go for them."

"Four -- there are unfaithful wives. Men like them because they are a good safe fuck and if they get pregnant the husband picks up the tab right?" I nodded. I was beginning to see the plan.

I interrupted her -- "OK so if you are planning to go out and fuck a student I presume you are in category four, but don't forget you won't know these guys, one could still be dangerous."

"Well remember that we were told that the chances of conception increase when I hit orgasm?" I nodded, "Well then, I thought that with me somewhere between type 3 and 4, we are a couple that likes to play and you are there to make sure that I orgasm and I will get pregnant for certain, plus if you are there I will be safe as well."

"I need to think about this." I said, and took her hand and led her up to bed, where we made love for ages.

Over the next few days my mind was spinning. I was thrilled that we might actually manage to conceive a child and the idea of watching my wife being fucked was beginning to turn me on big time.

By Friday I felt like I had my head around the concept, so over dinner I raised the subject. "I have been thinking about what you said the night after we went to the clinic."

I saw Wendy's eyes light up, "And?"

"Well I think that there are more reasons to go for it than not go for it, but I still have my doubts."

"What are they darling?" she pouted.

"Well mainly I want to be certain that you won't get a taste for young randy students."

"I promise I wont do that, I am yours forever and I just want us to have a baby, OK?"

"OK, when shall we start?"

She leapt right into it - "This weekend is my most fertile time, so let's go tonight! -- Cambridge isn't far, we can be there in 30 minutes. I have a few things packed ready and in the car, come on, finish dinner and I can be the pudding!"

We burst into hysterical laughter and stopping only to pick up some cash and car keys, we left dinner and ran out to the car.

By eight o'clock we were in Cambridge and looking for a pub with a lot of bicycles outside. With luck there was a Travel Lodge near the centre so we quickly checked in and asked about local pubs. The dopey receptionist said there was a pub just down the street which was frequented by students so after dumping our bags in the room we almost ran down the road to the "Original Oak." We wandered in and saw a group playing bar billiards in the corner. Wendy made a gesture to me to get us both a drink, which I did while she went over to the group gathered around the bar billiards table. "Can I play?" I just about heard her ask as I got the attention of the barmaid and ordered our drinks.

When I had got the drinks I went over to the group, now including my wife and gave Wendy her drink. She took it without a word. "Hey Wendy, it's your turn!" one of them called out, offering her a cue.

"OK, you will have to show me what to do, how do I hold this thing Gareth?" Gareth positioned the cue in her hands and held her hips until she was stood in front of the table. Then he reached around her and guided her hands on the cue. Wendy played up to him and nudged him with a wiggle of her hips.

After a while Wendy was getting into the game and also getting on really well with her new friends. One of them asked where we were staying and Wendy told them about the Travel Lodge. "We have a lovely little room -- you must all come back for a drink later." she said with a twinkle in her eye and giving Gareth a squeeze of his hand. I looked at my watch -- it was nearly ten o'clock.

"But darling", I interrupted her, "it will soon be your bed time."

"Oh yes, you are right. We must go soon, who wants to come with us for a drink before bed time?"

The atmosphere suddenly changed. It was like there was anticipation hanging in the air. All four of the boys watched as Wendy went to the bar and asked if she could buy something to take out and came away with a bottle of Southern Comfort and a bottle of vodka. She held them in the air. "Come on then, who is coming with us?" She marched out of the bar, stopping only to look flirtaceously over her shoulder to make sure that we were all following.

It was only two hundred yards to the hotel and using the key, because the receptionist had now gone off duty, I let us all in and led the way to our room. We were at the very end of a long corridor. When we got to our room I opened the door and Wendy went in. Gareth stopped and spoke to me. "Is she going to er ...... I mean with all of......right now?". I smiled and nodded. He started walking again. By the time we went in she had removed her jacket and had arranged cups and glasses.

She was standing by the bed giggling loudly and had started undoing the buttons on her blouse. Next she removed her earrings. "Pour me a drink would you?" She said to Gareth, "I am going to slip into something more comfortable." She threw her blouse at him and nipped into the bathroom carrying the small overnight bag we had brought.

All of us men stood around drinking Southern Comfort or Vodka. One of them, David I think, asked me if we were married. I told him we were. "Then why are you doing this?"

"It's OK David," I reassured him, "it's just something we need to do, you can enjoy yourself and I promise there won't be any consequences for you, in fact you will probably never see us again."

Conversation was cut short as Wendy came out wearing a very short white cotton nightie. "Sorry it's a bit boring, but it's all I could find in a hurry." She marched up to David, took his teacup still half full of Southern Comfort and drained it. "Now isn't anyone going to give me a kiss?" she said, and promptly reached out and took David's right hand and placed it on her left breast. She looked up at him angled her head slightly and he leaned forward to meet her lips with his. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily. I felt a surge in the groin and my cock grew a powerful erection. She pulled back slightly and smiled. "That's nice" she said softly, taking his hand once more and walking backwards to the bed. She laid back and David climbed on the bed beside her. "These clothes will have to come off you know!" she said, tugging playfully on his shirt. David sprang to his feet and in seconds had stripped and rejoined her on the bed.

He started kissing her and she reached down for his cock, which was smallish but perfectly erect. He kissed and sucked on her breast and she moaned softly "ooo that's nice."

I told the others they should get ready and they stripped off. I did likewise.

David by now had begun to stroke her pussy and inserted a finger to find that she was getting very wet. She looked up at him. "I want you!" she whispered, softly yet we all heard her. David shifted between her legs and his cock pointed straight as an arrow to her cunt. Wendy opened her legs wide and he moved forward, penetrating my wife in one movement. Slowly he started to move to and fro. Wendy was letting out little gasps as his weight pushed the air out of her lungs.

I was wide eyed. Wendy had been a virgin when we met and I knew that she had never ever been with anyone else, yet she was fucking a complete stranger in front of my very eyes. They fucked slowly for about five minutes and then the tempo changed. Her gasps became more urgent. So did David's and they began quicker movements. They were both gasping "Yes Yes Yes!" and I could tell Wendy had just had a small orgasm. David carried on for a few more thrusts then yelled "OOOOO" and I guess that at that moment he had just shot his load into my wife. He let his weight off his elbows and lay panting on top of her. Wendy pulled him close and gave him a hug. She looked into his eyes. "Thank you." she said. I was standing at the bottom of the bed and I saw his now much smaller cock slip out of her. She giggled. "Ooops, I think that you will have to get up now darling."

David got to his feet but then bent down over Wendy, kissed her and said "thank you."

Wendy remained on her back but lifted her head to look around. Her eyes fell on Tom, a tall well built chap. He was still not the biggest one there if you get my drift. She outstretched her hand and he climbed onto the bed beside her. "That's a very nice cock you have there," she said loudly, "can I have it please?" Tom was happy to oblige but kissed and fondled her for several minutes, until she grabbed his cock and pulled it towards her cunt.

"For fucks sake put it in!" I was taken aback. Was that my wife speaking? Tom, however, hesitated no longer and climbed on top of my Wendy immediately entering her. "oooooo that is VERY NICE!" she squealed. Tom lost no time at all and started humping into her. In under two minutes he was gasping and came off. That made two loads in her so I already felt pretty sure that she would get pregnant this weekend.

I was watching Wendy with Tom still on top of her. "I felt you cum -- it went all warm and lovely, thank you darling." she said, then Tom too slipped out and she said "it's time for Adam now." I thought she meant me for a minute but the other Adam stepped forward. He was bigger than the other two, but as I looked across at Gareth I could see that the biggest was yet to come so to speak.

Adam started kissing my wife before Tom had vacated the bed. He inserted a finger into her cunt and pressed on her clit. Slowly he rubbed it and she started to grunt. Then she pushed him onto his back and climbed onto his erect cock. As she bounced up and down she was rubbing her clit and was clearly going to orgasm again. Adam was miles off though and she came in a great gasp and fell off Adam, who quickly pushed her onto her back and shoved his cock straight back into her cunt.

Wendy was laying exhausted as Adam fucked her long and deep. He carried on for about two minutes, fucking my motionless wife then he too gasped. "Here it comes -- here it comes Yessssss arrrrggghhhh." That made load number three.

Wendy was not only exhausted but full up and there was still Gareth to satisfy. He was certainly ready after seeing the show that she had put on, but she still lay there panting in the middle of the king sized bed.

"Are you ready for me?" he said, bending over my wife.

Wendy was too exhausted to speak, but managed to move her legs apart slightly, which Gareth took as a YES.

God he was a big lad. Must have been nine inches long with a two inch diameter and that monster was about to get pushed into my wife. I was unsure whether or not to try and stop him but while I hesitated he slowly nudged the tip against her dripping opening. "ready?"

"mmmmm". It sounded more like a question than an answer.

With that he pushed his cock into her in one slow but unhesitating movement.

"uuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr ccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh" she gasped as it stretched her in every direction available. "Oh my god it's too uuuuuurrrrrrrrcccccccchhhhhh" as he withdrew and pushed in again.

"big! - oh my god please - uuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr cccccccccchhhhhhhhh."

Gareth fucked her continually, ignoring her pleas and protests, which after the first eight or ten thrusts began to die down to just little whimpers. After I don't know how many more thrusts, not many anyway, I noticed that Wendy had lifted her hands to Adam's shoulders and was looking into his eyes as he fucked her. A moment later she slowly raised her knees and reached down and pulled her knees almost back to her shoulders.

A few minutes ago she was saying it was too big but now she wanted that monster even deeper inside her!

He kept on fucking her, but only for a few minutes before he too succumbed to the soft silky pleasure of my wife's intimate folds and he let out several gasps, arched his back in a final thrust into her and shot his load exactly where we wanted it.

As he withdrew I saw her involuntarily put he hand down to cup her pussy and retain the contents, preventing anything from dribbling out.

After Adam pulled out Wendy just lay there. She had been fucked by all four of them and that last load of Adam's must have gone straight into her ovaries it was so deep.

The lads got dressed and actually came and thanked me for what they had enjoyed. "No - thank YOU" Wendy tried to call out, but she was so exhausted she sounded really weak.

"Hold on," she protested "prop the bed up." I ran into the bathroom and took two thick blocks of wood from the overnight bag.

"We need to raise this end of the bed, she can only sleep this way." I explained, hoping that they would not guess the real reason.

That task done they all kissed Wendy goodnight and shook my hand. As he left Gareth said "If you ever..."

"Thank you, really. We know where we can find you." Thay all left and as I returned my attention to my well fucked wife she held out her arms for a hug. "Do you think it worked?" she asked. I nodded. "We need to make sure - I have to cum again so that the sperm will find it's way past my cervix - my vibrator is in the bag."

I passed her the long black and gold toy and it buzzed into life. Amazingly she really did manage to cum again, but fell asleep immediately after.

I covered her with just a sheet and she was still asleep at nine the next morning, so I left her mobile handy and went to get us some breakfast.

I was in the coffee shop when my phone rang. "One small coffee and a long straw please!" came the order.

I went back to our room with coffee, several straws and croissants and found her still in bed.

"Not going to let any sperm escape. I am staying here another hour then you can take me home."

So that's what we did. One saturday morning a few weeks later she emerged from the bathroom holding a small stick in her hand and with a big beaming smile on her face.

"I am pregnant - I am going to have a baby - you are going to be a daddy - whooppeeeee."

" Well at least we won't have to go to Cambridge again." I teased.

"Oh yes we will you know, we must give our baby a brother or sister surely?"

Twenty years later and we have two great kids, a son and a daughter. I never expected twins.

Wendy is still gorgeous and once in a while we still go to Cambridge or sometimes Oxford sometimes Leeds, anywhere we can find a quiet pub with a few students and a bar billiards table. I was right - she never could give up the idea of fit young students, but now we often plan to meet up with ones we have met before.

Last week life chucked an odd one at us. Our daughter Caroline brought home a young man who looked somehow familiar.

"And guess what daddy? - Gareth's dad is called Adam too!"

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