Making Dad Cum in My Mouth


Dawn cracked up, which was a hard thing to do right then. "That's right; he has two women to satisfy now."

Keri turn to her husband, "Speaking of which, it's time for you to fuck your daughter and on purpose this time."

Dan positioned himself between the legs of his daughter. Guiding his cock with his hand, he put his cock just at her pussy and then stopped.

Keri saw the same look on both father and daughter. "Dawn what's wrong?"

"He only went in a little before, he's huge." The talk she'd had earlier with her mom had included a brief description of her sex life. She had told her mom she had made the boy use protection. She was reassured that her dad had a vasectomy a long time ago.

Keri smiled, "Relax, I promise you'll love it." She looked at her husband, "So what's stopping you?" She looked at his face and couldn't believe what she saw. "You're nervous."

He gave his wife a half smile, "You see babe...ah, I mean...there has... oh hell. I haven't done anything with anyone but you."

Keri knew she had been his first; he had been her first too. They were both clumsy and nervous but they loved each other and it had turned out all right, not like Dawn's experience. But after that she had only her faith in her husband to reassure her that there was no one else. Now she had proof he had been faithful. She kissed him, "Thank you that is the nicest present you have ever given to me. Your daughter wants this and I don't have a problem with it."

"I'm afraid I will hurt her."

Keri laughed, "That's why I want her to go first. Later on when you get going, you're going to have less control and be rougher. That's O.K., I like it that way. So now you have control and will be gentle." She kissed her husband.

Dawn saw her dad put his cock to her pussy and she felt the head slip in. That felt as good this time as the last. Her eyes got wide as she felt him going in farther. He kept going and going and going! How fucking long was he?

Keri knew that Dan was all the way in. She saw her daughter face and knew exactly what she was feeling, "Well, what do you think?"

Dawn stared at her mom, "Damn!"

Dan couldn't help but compare Dawn's pussy to Keri's. Dawn was only 18 and had never given birth and was small anyway so naturally she was tighter, but he was amazed at just how tight. He thought, 'Yes honey, damn is the right thing to say,' but he loved his wife too much to say it out loud.

Keri watched her husband start to slowly bring his cock almost all of the way out and then push it all the way back in. He knew this is what was needed by her daughter. Dawn was feeling guilty because her dad had accidentally fucked her and she had enjoyed it. It had to be for real and somehow Keri knew that, so she had made it happen. She loved the two of them too much to see something so silly mess things up.

Dawn realized immediately that there was no comparison between what she had done with her boyfriend and what she was doing with her dad. This was definitely what it was supposed to feel like. Her dad was sliding his cock into her and completely filling her up.

Keri saw Dan leaned over and for a kiss, she returned his kiss and they started getting into it. She moved her hand down his body until she could feel his cock sliding in and out of her daughter's body. She knew the heat Dawn was experiencing.

Dawn was moaning and every few seconds a soft "Yeah" escaped from her. She felt her mom's mouth near her ear. When did she get there? The last she saw, when she could remember to open her eyes, was her mom and dad kissing.

"I know you are almost there, your father likes to hear me tell him when I'm getting off. If you can, you might want to do that for him. Keri saw her daughter nod. She knew it would be hard for her because her daughter was experiencing a tremendous amount of pleasure for the first time. Her first real orgasm with a hard cock would be devastating and drain every bit of energy from her young body.

Dan saw Keri put her arm around Dawn. He knew mother and daughter were very close and wondered if this three way love making bring them even closer. His daughter's 18 year old pussy was incredible. If she put out any more heat he was afraid his cock would melt.

He couldn't restrain himself any longer. On his next thrust he slammed into her pussy.

Dawn arched her back off of the bed, "AAgghhh, do it harder dad!

Dan rammed it hard and picked her off of the bed to ram it again.

Dawn screamed and her body exploded in orgasm. Her head rolled back and forth and her hands beat the bed. Wave after wave of pleasure tortured her young body.

Dan realized his daughter was in no condition to continue so he took himself out of her.

Keri saw her husband's massive cock slick with the juices from her daughter's pussy. She had gotten so hot watching them she could almost feel his cock as he fucked Dawn. She got on her hands and knees and turned so that her butt was pointed to her husband. "I want it, now!"

Dan used his hands to guide his cock to his wife's pussy and let it slide all of the way in. He had liked the difference his daughter gave him but he loved being inside of his wife.

Keri started making her own noises as she felt his hard cock inside of her.

Dawn had never even fantasized about fucking like that! If she compared those boys to her dad now, they didn't stand a chance. She smiled at her mom as her dad was attacking her from behind. "Mom there was no way I could have told him I was going to cum."

Keri just nodded, "I think he knew honey." She closed her eyes and just enjoyed her husband being so rough. She knew the difference was him fucking Dawn so slowly. He had been afraid of hurting her and that had made his own sexual desire build up to an agonizing level with no release. Now she was being the person he let loose on.

Dawn watched her dad put his hands on her mom's hip and pull her back toward him as he thrust forward as hard as he could. Over and over he went harder and faster and deeper. She was afraid he would hurt her mom doing it so hard and deep. To her amazement, her mom loved it!

She reached up each hand grabbing one of her mom's breasts. Her mom opened her eyes but was only able to make sounds because her breath was escaping from her each time her dad rammed into her.

Keri had never felt Dan like this. She had never felt anything like this. Instead of the pleasure building slowly inside and intensifying until she had an orgasm, she had practically started at that level and the pleasure had gone up from there. Her body was rocketing toward her own release and the pleasure had built until she was on fire!

Keri body had never had him so deep before. She couldn't understand how that was possible. She screamed and her body exploded into the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Wave after wave of intense pleasure radiated through her.

Dawn watched as her mom was actually bucking against her dad trying to get all of his cock she could. He mom's face was flushed and her eyes were closed. A steady stream of "Yeah" were coming out of her. He dad wasn't stopping he kept it up. The whole bed was bouncing and all three people with it.

Keri's mind took control of her body because her body couldn't deal with any more. She just collapsed on the bed next to Dawn and concentrated on trying to breath.

Dan also collapsed on the bed. He was worn out and needed a release of his own. "I believe someone want to suck me?

Dawn was overwhelmed by her own orgasm and now her mom's. "Mom what should I do?"

Keri eyes refused to open but she had heard the question over her own desperate breathing. "Go -- and -- start -- I- will -- be -- there -- in -- a -- minute."

Dawn made her way around her mom and over to her dad. He was breathing hard too, his chest rising and falling as he tried to get air in his lungs. His cock was still standing up hard as a rock so she grasp it at the head and let her hand slide down its length. She had done this with him earlier and somehow it was different now.

Her hand slowly stroked him. She had cum with it in her and her mom had cum with it in her and it was coated from both of them. She bent over it and put her lips to the head. She licked and continued to stroke.

Keri drug herself to her daughter, "Put his head in your mouth, just his head. Then just run your tongue over it while it's inside your mouth."

Dawn opened her mouth wide and closed her lips around the cockhead. Her tongue explored until she was comfortable with it.

Keri continued to instruct her daughter even as she started to feel the effects of her orgasm subside. "Now, while breathing through your nose, let him go into your mouth just a little. Hold it for a few seconds and then let it back out."

Dawn lowered her head and her dad's cock slid in farther, she stayed with it that way and started to gag so she let it back out.

"Keep doing it, over and over, trying letting it go in a little deeper when you can." Keri joined her daughter and started to lick Dan's balls.

Dan was in heaven. His teenage daughter was sucking him and his wife was licking his balls and this was after he had fucked them both. He never thought he would be experiencing anything like this.

Dawn had been able to get her dad's hard cock in until it was hitting the back of her throat. She breathed through her nose which helped to avoid the gagging reflex.

Keri was impressed, "You're doing great honey for your first time." She could tell by her husband's breathing he would soon cum, "Dan are you close?"

"Yeah, real close." He had a hard time keeping his eyes open and he wanted to see his daughter finish him.

"Dawn you are going to have to try to swallow and suck at the same time, if you can. Don't worry if you can't this first time, I'll be here to help you."

Dan arched his back and moaned, "I'm cumming!"

Dawn had thought she was ready but she wasn't. Suddenly a huge amount of white hot sperm exploded from his cock. It filled her mouth and coated her throat causing her to take her mouth away and start coughing.

Keri was still licking his balls when Dawn took her mouth away from her father's cock. Another shot exploded out of his cock and onto her face. She quickly got up and accepted her husband's cock into her mouth in time to get a several more shots of sperm in her mouth. She saw that Dawn was still coughing so she took her mouth off and used her hand to stroke him. "Are you O.K., baby? What did you think of making your dad to cum in your mouth?"

Dawn shook her head yes, she still couldn't talk. She looked at the cum still streaming out of his cock and flowing down her mom's fingers. Damn! She finally recovered enough to answer her mom, "It was a little salty, does he always cum this much."

Keri just shook her head, "I'm not sure what the hell has gotten into him. He has never been like this."

Dawn was afraid, "It's because of me. Mom is that bad?"

Keri had just had the most intense orgasm in her life on top of being fucked like never before. "Oh hell no, I loved it! Now get down her and help me clean him off."

Dan saw that Dawn had cum on her face hanging down in strings. He looked at Keri and her face had the same thing. The women took turns licking each other's face.

Dawn got down to her dad's now soft cock with her mom and realized just how much her dad had cum. "Damn." She smiled at her mom, "A popsicle."

"Yeah a cum flavored one," both mother and daughter laughed as they started to lick the cum off of his cock, balls and pubic hair. Soon the two had him clean. All three just lay in each other's arms. This was something they would do again, just not tonight.

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