tagLoving WivesMaking Him Watch Ch. 02

Making Him Watch Ch. 02


My husband, John, was tired to the wall of our bedroom. His longish blonde hair was disheveled and wild, and his blue eyes reflected both hurt and longing. Sounds came from him that didn't quite make full words, as he was gagged. His body, fit but not overly so was sweaty, and his six inch cock stood at attention. He had watched this man he didn't know, Daniel, enjoy the pleasures of my mouth until the point of orgasm, where he thoroughly coated my tongue and face with his cum. Daniel was a bit taller than John, had very short black hair, and was far more fit. His chest was muscular and hairy, and his cock was just over eight inches (dwarfing John's cock a bit).

And myself? My name is Tiffany. I stand at 5'4, and am thin without being especially muscular. My breasts were only B cups, but for my height and frame they seemed to fit perfectly. My legs and pussy were completely shaved, my lips were tinted just the slightest bit crimson, and my long black hair reaches well past my shoulders. Ah, but Daniel spoke again with that cute British accent.

"A little blow job might be a fun start, but I intended to give you the pleasure of a real man's cock now. Pity, your husband might not be able to satisfy you when I'm finished..."

He roughly pulled me by my hair, still in his firm grip, back to the bed. I lay back and spread my legs wide, using two fingers to spread apart my oh-so-wet pussy. Daniel certainly needed no invitation at this point, but seemed pleased to find one so readily offered. He entered me with one forceful push. I'd had bigger than John before, but in our years of marriage I had become too used to his size. Daniel seemed too big to be allowed inside me, but he wouldn't be denied. As he pushed harder and harder I was overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings. Some pleasure, certainly, from his actions, size and pace...but also some pain. Still, it was a joyous pain. One I welcomed as I felt more full than John had ever managed to make me feel.

Daniel's thrusts were demanding and quick, and my moans were switching more and more from moans of pleasure to a combination of pleasure and pain. Still, he refused to slow his pace. If anything, he seemed to be motivated to increase it. And who am I to lie: I was glad he did. I enjoyed dominating my husband John, but it had been ages since a strong hand had guided me to demands apart from my own. Daniel was willing to fill that void of longing, and I was grateful for it.

Daniel's hands, rough and calloused, reached for my breasts. His touch wasn't gentle and warm, but firm and robust. He squeezed my soft breasts painfully, and pinched my nipples. Honestly- the pain he offered was more than I normally would allow, but the feeling of being at his mercy only drove me to greater lengths in arousal. Especially as John had never dared to take such actions with me. Ah, but Daniel pulled out at last, and I let out an unintentional moan of protest. And...he laughed. Daniel laughed as the sounds I made betrayed the pleasure he was giving. He guided me to bend over, to allow him to enter me from behind. John always thought my ass was my sexiest feature, and as Daniel slapped my ass before pushing inside me I couldn't help but think that Daniel might agree.

His thrusts, already overpowering and painful before, managed to reach still deeper as he continued to enter me. His thrusts were so rapid that each one felt almost like a fresh spanking on my cream colored ass. He wasn't showing any mercy or restraint, and I was glad for it. I was...well, loving it. The feeling of being out of control, and knowing that my husband was watching. It left me heady and overwhelmed with lust. Before long I felt an orgasm approaching. I breathed deeper and more quickly... I moaned louder and more uncontrollably. And, at long last, I felt the pleasure I sought approaching me. One of my hands played with my breasts as Daniel continued his painful thrusting, but played with them gently and lovingly. My other hand was between my legs, only barely rubbing my tiny clit. And finally, I felt my legs quake and the strength leave my body as an orgasm that likes of which I hadn't felt in years overtook my body. Daniel thrust inside my once more, pull out, and coated my ass with his second load of cum produced that night.

I heard Daniel cleaning himself up in the bathroom as I lay on the bed, unwilling (at least initially) to move. Before long Daniel thanked me for a memorable night, laughed at John and his still hard member, and left. When I untied John, I wasn't sure how he'd react, but...his only concern when finally freed was to seek the pleasure he had been denied all night. Still, I'll have to share more about that in my next story...

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by Anonymous01/04/17

Where's the rest? The reconnecting and the returning the unwanted gift?

On the first chapter hubby asks for MFF but wife wants MMF first. He refuses but she decides to enjoy another man while humiliating hubby and taking advantage of his thrust in her. Do you really thinkmore...

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Ah, you are no author you are a sissy faggot!!! MINUS 5*!!!

Only for real perverts or brain sick people!!!

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