tagNovels and NovellasMaking it with Sir Hubert Ch. 03

Making it with Sir Hubert Ch. 03


Chapter Three...

Finger licking good!

I had to tread carefully. Huby's wife obviously wanted to make her fantasies come true. That's what she said when boldly, she announced that my presence in her bedroom would do just that.

When I queried about her husband she said not to worry about him, and anyway they don't sleep together, except maybe the occasional rant which doesn't happen much anymore, and they had separate bedrooms. That is why she is hungry for gratification, she declared and I knew, the way she was looking at me, her wicked ways were focused on me.

So I started to get the picture. Sir Huby told me about their dissolving sex life and that is why he turned to a diverse opportunity with me. It seemed to me that I was the guy who would serve to gratify them both, but I had my job to take into consideration and also my position with her husband as my employer - if I got on the wrong side of him I would surely be out in the cold - and anyway I enjoyed his sex.

But what about a bit of totty on the side, first the main course with \Sir Huby and then the sweet dessert with Franchesca?

I won't say that the idea of having sex with both of them was not appealing because it certainly was - not at the same time of course (although perhaps that would be nice) but how could I let go with her feeling that Huby would find out; and what then?

Perhaps it wasn't a good idea no matter how much the invitation aroused me, and I didn't wish to upset the apple cart when things were going so frightfully well with 'Hubykins' (My new found nickname for him)

However, Franchesca was mature and instinctive - and determined and you know what they say about a woman scorned, so what could I do? I wanted to please her and when she placed herself neatly on the settee beside me, when we were taking a coffee break after returning from delivering her husband to the Commons.

Whether is was a very atmospheric perfume she was wearing or just her perseverance and utter charm, I felt myself hopelessly succumbing to the so gentle teasing touch of her lips brushing the nape of my neck.

"You are the most delightful chauffeur I have ever known, Alex.

May I call you Alex?" she whispered so very seductively and, feeling that familiar quiver in my groin I said that would be nice, but all the time I was fighting with the idea of how I could avoid that which seemed imminent.

It was like I was in a veritable trap because, of course, what she was doing to me, and the auto suggestion in her words made it very clear what she had in mind. I fancied her to the balls and I felt ignoring her advances were a hopeless task.

Although she said she would be the most prudent woman possible and this was going to be a secret between her and I - she could not have known about her husband's relationship with me - but those persistent and kisses and the utter feel of her fingers walking up the inside of my thigh were more than any red blooded guy, bisexual or other, could take; and |I simply melted into her arms` and I was hers.

"OMG! I have always wanted a toy boy!" she cried out and I knew then there was no way back, this woman was determined to have her way no matter what and when her lips reached mine, opening them with hers to enjoy a very deep French kiss, and then the method she used to undo my chauffeurs tunic - releasing each button with a defined sensuality - and a whispery promise of what was to come.

Her hand was soon inside my shirt, tinkering across my chest and nipples and already I was fully swollen and she sighed the sigh of a woman who cried out for gratification - the warmth of her breath was tantalising my masculinity and when she opened up my trousers, like it was an everyday thing, teased me back I felt her tongue masquerading there - her long delicious red hair hiding my new found erection, lavishing me like a hungry animal. I was in for the most warm and adorable promise with a woman, something that had not happened before, but not all what one would think, because. without my knowing, because I was in the depths of a sexual frenzy, enjoying her exploitation of me, it seemed, she had somehow managed to don a strap- on penis and balls; and all at once, there was me thinking; like husband, like his wife - she wanted my ass - and then, showing me what she had done she said quietly again that she hoped I wouldn't be disappointed, but if I wanted I could fuck her afterwards.

She then chatted on like most women do, talking about how some of her friends take on toy boys to ease the drudgery of a failing marriage and how beautiful it can be using sex toys.

She seemed to know I was bisexual the way she talked; saying that I had the most enticing bum a girl could wish for and words like that, she said perhaps I would like to feel it the vibrating penis, perhaps imagine it was real; and there was the suggestion that perhaps she knew about me and my sexuality. Then passing through my mind the question, did her husband know and was it planned? and then flashing in my mind , images of a bi-sexual threesome.

But the imaginative stirrings dissolved when Franchesca, without hesitation, smothered me in a lubricant which smelt of roses, commenting that it looked as though someone had been there before, because it was so very pliable but very lovely.

Enticing me upstairs to her bedroom she took me with gusto, and I was immersed in the sheer pleasure of having a very sexually orientated woman fuck me with a substitute cock!

I was having a veritable ball and so was Franchesca.

She liked me sitting on the edge of her bed, legs wide apart, knees over her shoulders as she thrust that vibrating penis with bouncing rubber balls into my being, all the time yelling; "fuck, fuck, fuck" which sounded very alluring with her refined accent - until something happened, she made one final thrusting movement and Bingo! She was there. Out she came and descended with a plop on the carpet leaving me with a very well worked and numb orifice and a half mast cock.

After a pause she uttered I was gorgeous and we would definitely have to make a habit of this.

"Awe! But look at poor cocky, all drooping and forlorn; I think Franchesca will have to do something about that."

And then; the feel of her mouth sucking the hell out of me and soon my drooping cock was strong again, wedged neatly in the depth of her throat, simply enjoying the all Franchesca was giving with long sumptuous and very hungry sucking motions which gave me the most wonderful vibrations, and I laid there simply enjoying the moment with sweet, sweet Franchesca. And her sweet fuck was the perfect end to out very satisfying morning together, the feel of her squeezing me inside her, the feel of her pulse swallowing my stalk into her for the most rapturous deep prolonged fuck all the way, until the perfect waterloo came like a proverbial gush of a volcano and the deed was done.

There was No going back now.

And when it was all over, my mind was back to how would it be if Huby found out - and for the moment I was hoping that they were both in it together, then there would be problem, I could well be the subject of their desire either one to one or a really beautifully orchestrated threesome which I had once imagine, two men and one girl of vice versa with homosexual and lesbian trends. That would be so nice. But could it happen

But for a while she wanted me simply to hug her as we sunk into the beautiful world of a post sexual extravaganza, she so gently felt me still, teasing her small finger there, around and around, then she sucked it, pushed it to my lips urging me to do the same.

"Finger licking good!" she chuckled and thanked me for the most beautiful happening a woman could wish for.

Then would you believe, Huby wanted me in the evening. But his wife was home. He usually chose to have me when she was out or away.

But he seemed not concerned, the sexual urge was too great he confessed leading me to his bedroom, and then he fucked me with complete oblivion over the edge of the bottom bed frame, a cushion suitable placed to give him the perfect access to my still ripe and ready fuck hole, that is what he was calling it as he commenced to fuck me.

"That's so good after a hard day in the Commons - and you are so lucid tonight, almost as if you have prepared yourself for this, Alex!"

My lips were sealed thinking to myself if only he knew I had fucked his wife the same day and she me, taking the exact same route and me presenting myself for service. I was thinking that, it felt good that I was capable of giving them both perfection.

Soon Huby cried out Allah! As always he did on reaching a climax and I immediately felt a release - where there had been warmth and activity all was silent, and yet it felt he was still there inside me and it was so very beautiful.

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