tagErotic PoetryMaking Love

Making Love


Making love (in all its glorious reality)

Love, I want to feel your lips
On mine, your undulating hips,
and stroking, searching fingertips...
how I long to hear you gasp,
and feel your clenching pussy grasp--
how I long to feel your skin,
and hear you moan, as I slide in;
Give me, dear, what I expect;
Feel my cock--YOUR cock-- erect!
coat me with your pungent scent,
touch my cock with lewd intent;
mount my manhood, Dear, and ride,
and slide, and hold me deep inside...
let your passion be inflamed,
let your lust be unashamed.
Reach between your thighs and play,
Masturbate for my display;
Let me feast between your legs,
Until you moan, and cry and beg!
Let your luscious nectar flow,
and coat my cock and balls, below.
Feel my pulsing, spurting dick
Explode within you, warm and slick!
Milk my manhood; grip it, seize it:
Cum upon it, and hold and squeeze it,
Let your inhibitions go,
And let your musky nectar flow...
Collapse on me, and hold me near
As you and I are One, my dear.

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