tagRomanceMaking Love To You...

Making Love To You...


Making Love To You Is Always So Sweet

Before I even opened my eyes that morning I could hear the gentle sounds of rain hitting the roof. I sighed softly and snuggled closer to you, feeling the comfort of your warm body near me as you smiled in your sleep. I love to watch you sleep, you look so calm and serene as your dreams play out and distant looks of happiness and hope cross your face. I sometimes like to think that it’s me you’re seeing in your dreams, because I know that you tend have a starring role in mine.

Your back was to me that morning, so I slowly snaked my arm around your body to hold you closer to me. Even in your sleep you responded to my touch and held onto the arm that was draped across your body. I fell back asleep like this, with our bodies pressed together and our legs intertwined. I woke up again, but this time not because of the rain. I felt your hand on my thigh, and then felt it slowly start to caress, moving higher and higher on my leg until you were stroking my hip. Since we always sleep naked together, there were no clothes obstructing the path that your hand was slowly tracing on my body. I opened my eyes and was met with the sight of you, propped up on your side, watching me as you met my gaze.

We whispered our “good mornings” as I leaned toward you with my lips slightly parted. Our mouths met in a tender kiss that I gradually deepened by pushing just the very tip of my tongue into your mouth and then pulling it back a little. Teasing you like this drives you crazy, and I know it. I broke the kiss after a few seconds and covered your hand, the one that was still resting on my hip, with my own. Next I tossed the covers off and slid out of bed.

My nipples immediately stiffened because the air was cold in the room, and I was not wearing any clothes. I told you to wait there while I went to the kitchen to make some tea and breakfast. I leaned down and kissed you once again, and then sauntered out of the bedroom and down the hall, all the while knowing that you were watching me since I did not bother with a robe. I returned to the bedroom holding a small tray of food: two mugs of steamy tea, as we did not drink coffee, and peach yogurt in a pretty little dish. I set the tray down next to the bed and climbed back in.

You gently pulled me over to you so that I was sitting in between your legs, the curve of my ass resting lightly against your hardness. I passed you a mug of tea and picked up the dish of yogurt. I had purposefully only brought one spoon from the kitchen, clever me. I fed you the yogurt, spoonful by loving spoonful. I had gotten a little of the pink gooey yogurt on my finger, which you noticed.

You brought my hand to your mouth and gently sucked and cleaned all of my fingers, even the ones that were clean to start with. I replaced the half-empty dish on the tray and turned my face in order to receive your kiss. As we were kissing so tenderly and lovingly, I slowly turned my whole body around until I was facing you, kneeling between your legs.

Your arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me close to you so that you could feel my hard nipples grazing against your skin. My own hands were in your hair and then running along your back and beautiful shoulders, touching and caressing you. Our kisses became more and more passionate as you slowly slid down the bed until you were lying flat and I was lying on top of you. I could feel your hardness pressing against my pelvis, and I began to grind myself on you in response. These movements elicited an approving groan from you, as you could feel my wetness seeping out and starting to cover you.

After a few minutes of this treatment you could not take it anymore and you flipped me over on to my back and gently spread my willing legs. You gently kissed me one more time before slowly starting to make your way down my body, leaving no part unloved. You began with kissing and gently nipping my neck before moving to the valley between my breasts. You kissed the sides of both and then moved to my hard nipples, standing tall and hard waiting for your sweet attention.

As you sucked the hard little nubs into your mouth you looked into my eyes, wanting to see the love and desire reflected back to your own. My hands were knit into your hair, holding your head to my breasts. After a little bit of this wonderful torture, you continued your way down, kissing along my abdomen until you were met with my neatly trimmed pussy. You skipped right over it and moved to my inner thighs, grinning wickedly as you could see me begging with my eyes for you to touch me and lick me and eat me. You slowly and deliberately kissed your way along my thighs, sending chills through my body.

This time, when you once again found yourself near my pussy, you lowered your mouth and lovingly licked the entire length of my wet slit, causing my whole body to writhe and twist on the bed. You placed your hands on my hips to keep me still and gently pushed the tip of your tongue through my inner lips. A series of moans and sighs were escaping from my mouth as you slowly penetrated me with your tongue. Then suddenly you removed your tongue and licked up all the juices; I knew where you were going next. An instant later I felt your tongue as it lapped against my swollen clit, and then your mouth as it closed around the swollen organ.

My hands were twisted into your hair, holding your beautiful face to my pussy while I begged you to never stop. You were looking straight up into my eyes as you ravished my willing body. My moans intensified as my legs tensed and you knew that I was very close to cumming. You gently bit down on my clit and pushed two fingers inside of me, which pushed me over the edge. I came hard on your face, while I was thrashing wildly on the bed, unable to control the enormous orgasm that was ripping through my body. You licked up every drop and then crawled back up my body, kissing me and allowing me to taste myself on your lips.

I looked into your eyes and asked you to make love to me, even as you were already slipping your hard cock in between my ready legs. I was so wet and you were so hard that your whole length slid quite easily into me. I wrapped my legs around your waist as you started making tender, sweet love to me. As you pushed yourself deeper into and then out of me, my hips began to rise to meet your thrusts. You patiently waited for me before you let yourself cum.

With one hand you reached down between us and rubbed my clit, while your hard cock was rubbing me from the inside. You felt my pussy tighten around you and knew that I would cum any second, so you let yourself explode inside of me. I came at that same instant, and as we were cumming together our lips met in a passionate kiss that didn’t end until we were both calming down from our shared ecstasy. We stayed in bed like that for what seemed like hours, cuddling and telling each other how much we loved the other. Making love to you is always so sweet...

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