tagIncest/TabooMaking Mom Happy Ch. 08

Making Mom Happy Ch. 08


I have had a number of requests to continue this story, so a few more chapters for you to cum...

"That was great," I said, after recovering from the high of the orgasm.

Mom, who had collapsed on the bed and was lying next to dad, smiled at me in pleasure. "Thanks son, I enjoyed it too."

"So did I," added dad, also smiling and looking at me at the end of the bed. "I get much joy watching you pleasure your mom, and it does help get me excited as well," he added. "If I was a younger man, I'm sure I would be joining in more often, but all the same, watching you both is spurring my lust. Rasheed, I give you permission to have sex with your mom whenever you like, even when I am not here, but especially when I am here, and in front of me. Feel free to do whatever takes your fancy, as long as your mom is happy with your activities, and you can be as dirty and adventurous as you like. I'm sure it will add to our sexual pleasure, as well as your's."

It was music to my ears hearing dad talk like that, and although I didn't realise just how perverted we would all become in time, I just said "Thanks dad, I'm sure we'll have lots of fun."

Mom who had been grinning at us both added, "You can be as free as you like with me Rasheed. You may touch me and feel my body any time you wish, and I will take great pleasure in sucking your cock and drinking your hot cum at any time you can give it to me. I will fuck with you at any time, anywhere in the flat, and in any position you like. Your dad and I can also now indulge ourselves freely without having to close doors. In fact, having threesomes will be most pleasurable at any time!" she added, laughing out loud. "You must promise to satisfy me regularly, everyday, Rasheed," she continued.

"Sure mom" I replied, "Nothing would give me more pleasure."

"Now, let's all get back to our usual activities for the day" said mom. "We've done enough this morning, and I have housework to do. Your dad has to go into the office, and I'm sure you would like to see some of your friends. But remember, Rasheed, whatever we do at home must never be discussed outside the house, and it must be a firm secret between us all."

"Sure, mom," I replied, without hesitation. "I would never dream of talking about this to anyone."

"Good," added dad, "We'll have some more fun later this evening."

We went our separate ways for the day. I phoned a couple of friends and we met up at a local shopping mall for coffee and a chat. They were around the same age as me and also between school and going to college, with time to kill.

I felt a little strange at first talking to them, thinking about what I had done at home, but kept my composure and they didn't seem to notice anything unusual in my behaviour. I did look at the girls walking around a little differently though, as having had an education in the pleasures of sex now, made me feel attracted to them even more.

I got home at about 6.30pm. Dad was home from the office and mom was cooking. I casually said 'hi' to them both and went off to shower. After getting dressed, I decided to sit at the kitchen table and watch mom cook. Dad was in the living room, reading his paper as usual. I looked over at mom, now dressed quite normally and fully clothed, and my dick stirred thinking about the sex we had.

I had often wanted to squeeze mom's butt cheeks when she was cooking in the past, and I decided to find out if it would be ok now, based on our conversation this morning. She was wearing a white blouse and beige skirt and had her back turned to me and as she chatted away nonchalantly about her day. I moved behind her and placed both my hands on her butt cheeks, one on each and gave them a firm squeeze.

"Ooh, that feels nice," she said, after a slight startle.

"I've always wanted to do this whilst you were cooking mom" I replied, now grinding my crotch into her butt whilst at the same time moving my hands to her front and cupping her boobs, squeezing them through her blouse. I got a surprise, she wasn't wearing a bra. And come to think of it, when I had felt her ass cheeks, I hadn't felt any panty fabric! Wow!

"Aren't you wearing any underwear mom?" I asked.

"I didn't see any point" she replied, with a giggle. "I think we'll have more fun around the place if I don't now," she said, and then turned around and gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips. As I responded to her kiss, with our tongues lapping at each other, I again felt her glorious full ass, squeezing and mauling at the flesh there with my hands.

"You do like my ass don't you son?" said mom, breaking off our kiss for a moment and hugging me.

I was getting worked up now and said softly into her ear, "I love your ass mom, I could spend hours looking at it, feeling it and playing with it, especially with you sucking my dick at the same time. I'd love to stick my tongue up your asshole and then my cock." The words had flowed easily as I spoke, and it almost felt therapeutic to say it to mom like that.

"We'll have to try that later," she said, almost whispering into my ear. "Your dad often sticks his cock up my ass, and I love it too!"

My dick hardened even more at her words and caused the fabric in my pants to tent up. Mom felt it as she hugged me, and ground her crotch into mine.

"For now it looks like I have something extra to do whilst I'm cooking", she said, and with that, knelt down in front of me, unzipped the flies of my pants, pulled down my boxer shorts and engulphed the entire length of my bursting cock in her mouth in one go.

She started making gobbling and sucking noises as she sucked. I stood there and looked down whilst my mom was giving me a blow job on her knees in the kitchen where I had watched her before for ages in the past, and still almost couldn't believe this was happening! But it was, and I was loving it! My testosterone levels must have been very high, as my lust was now raging. I grabbed her head forcefully as she sucked, and face fucked her mouth in time with her motions.

"Yea mom, fuck...this is good, yea...suck that hard cock, go on, suck it hard."

It felt fucking incredible.

She continued sucking on it, and I watched her lips slowly move up and down the length of my shaft. Then she moved down to my balls and licked them all over. "Call your dad," she said, momentarily breaking off, "I want him to watch."

I shouted out to dad, who was in the other room, whilst mom went back to slurping and sucking on my dick and balls.

As dad came in to the kitchen, he smiled and said, "So you started without me I see?"

I looked up at him for a moment, and then back at mom's head as it bobbed up and down my shaft.

Dad sat himself on a chair at the kitchen table and watched us intently. "I'll save myself for later" he said, "I'm sure we'll be having some after dinner treats as well."

As mom continued sucking on me she looked over at dad, angling her head a little as she did so, so she could make eye contact with him, and as if to say 'enjoy watching your wife suck on our son's dick'.

She continued sucking me, using her tongue to tease me by playing with the tip and then my balls, and letting me face fuck her mouth like it was a pussy, whilst I held onto her head and hair. She was an amazing cock-sucker!

I was getting to the point where I could feel the cum rise in my balls. "I'm gonna cum soon mom" I shouted.

"Wank yourself off on my face and into my mouth" she replied.

She stopped sucking and I started to wank my hard on, pointing it at her open wide mouth and face as she knelt on the kitchen floor in front of me.

"Yea, let's see you spunk all over your mom's face" added dad encouragingly.

I carried on pumping my shaft, and as I did so, slapped my dick over mom's mouth and cheeks a few times, letting her feel my hard on that way.

She stuck her tongue out, and I pointed the tip of my prick there, almost slapping her tongue with it. She held her tongue out firmly inviting me to cum on it. It's warm moist feel on my pisshole felt incredible.

Then, with a final few pumps of my hand I shouted "Ahhh.......Ahhh....Ahhhhhhhhh", as I felt myself cumming, and watched as the waves of cum went over mom's tongue which she lapped into her mouth, and then over her lips, chin and cheeks. She had closed her eyes as I came, which was a good thing, as I seemed to have cum bucket loads. As the initial forceful cum waves subsided, she took my dick into her mouth and swallowed the remaining cum which flowed, and then cleaned up my dick, thoroughly licking it all over, as it became soft again.

As mom let my now limp dick out of her mouth, she looked up at me a smiled, and then teasingly rubbed some of my cum into her face cheeks and licked around her lips, swallowing all she could find there.

"That was fucking great mom," I said, pulling my pants up, and sitting back on one of the chairs next to the kitchen table.

Mom stood up, gabbed a sheet of kitchen paper, and wiped some of my excess cum off her face and smiled back at me, her face glowing with pleasure.

"I hope you'll have some more of that for me after dinner" she said, looking at me. "And you too," she added, looking over at dad. "That was just my very own special first course!"

"Sure mom" I replied "You're so fucking hot, I just can't wait to fuck you in the ass later."

"Yes, son," added dad. "We will indeed have lots of fun later, and your mom will have two hard cocks to feast on at the same time! You have both made me quite excited, but I shall hold off for later. Help your mom with dinner and let us eat soon."

To be continued...

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